2018-04-29 - Gone Fishing

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Title: Gone Fishing

Kasagami Araki invites some friends to go fishing. Family and kind words are given all around.


Fuu Hououji, Kasagami Araki, Niramo Umokeshi, Setsuna Meioh


Tama River

OOC - IC Date:

4/29/18 - 4/14/15

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed. <SoundTracker> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyEj0E794XQ

Despite the many visitors as of late and the insistance that she sleeps, it just wouldn't come for Kasagami. And so when she finally couldn't sleep, Kasagami Araki threw on her clothes again, grabbed a cooler, and snagged a ride.

A few phone calls to trusted friends, and she's out on a pier overlooking the Tama river. A set of durable fishing rods, extra fishing line, a big tackle box, bait knife and boat, and of course that cooler is ready with iced drinks with plenty of room for fish. Kasagami is wearing a pair of jeans, and an AC/DC shirt. And a straw fishing hat on her head, breaking the rocker look. Legs are crossed, a few pvc pipes are on the pier to let rods set while waiting.

She knows at least one person will show up.

It won't be long before night begins to fall. Just enough time for a good few casts. Kasagami smiles to those that arrive and come with her.

"Did I ever tell you about my Father?" It's addressed to one at first but no doubt is soon offered to the rest. Orange light casts Kasagami's face in burning reds. Her expression is one of thoughtful nostalgia. GAME: Save complete.

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

On the list of people that Fuu Hououji hardly expected would call *her*, Kasagami's name was surprisingly close to the top. Granted, she's been the recipient of Kasagami's unexpected invitations before - the most recent one being one of the most surprising - so maybe it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise.

Whether Kasagami expected Fuu to *accept* the invitation is another question. The school year is still newly-started but homework is already piling up ... but Fuu, diligent student that she is, has been doing her best to keep up and even try to get ahead on the reading. And it's not like she has to go terribly far; Tama is more or less her part of Tokyo.

So here she is. "I don't believe I've heard you speak much of him, no," Fuu replies. Truthfully, she was hoping for a chance to visit Kasagami and talk with her about recent events ... but she'd also figured on it being a more private conversation. So letting her start the conversation seems more than adequate.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Setsuna Meioh's hands rest across her lap, and her hair flows freely in the breeze. Her trim aqua tank top would leave her arms and shoulders free, except that she wears a black meshwork top over it, loose and swingy. She sits with her legs tucked to one side, and shares a smile with Kasagami.

"Some," she replies. "Enough that I want to know more. You've spoken more of your mother to me, I think."

She isn't fishing yet, herself. Instead she orients herself to Kasagami and alternates between watching her fish, and looking out over the water. It's peaceful here, in this moment, with this company, and she feels a content calm.

She gives Fuu a small wave as she arrives, polite and friendly, by way of greeting. "Houoji-san, it is good to see you again."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. Freshly cleaned kitchen utensils and a pot are set over on a towel to dry as Niramo puts the finishing touches on her and Takk's dinner. Homemade tuna sushi, the white rice a little too sticky but still fresh is cut into appropate pieces and put on two seperate plates, and they were just being set down on a small kitchen table before Niramo's cell phone starts to ring. A few minutes later, and only a slight delay caused by Takk not wanting to give up so quickly on his dinner, and the sushi is set into the fridge with a note for her parents. Friends come first, and convenience stores are always open, no matter the time.

A short-sleeved white tee-shirt with an faded image of a shrine maiden fighting a demonic crow, knee-length denim shorts and a pair of worn tennis shoes are worn to this meeting with Kasagami, one quite different from what's normally expected to wear whenever Kasagami is involved, but tonight is not quite the other nights, is it? Her brown book bag is slung over one shoulder, and while she is a tad surprised to see Fuu here, seeing her and Setsuna here to be here for Kasagami fills the ravenette with comforting feelings. Kasagami must really trust them to have them come out like this, right?

Opening her mouth to say something, Niramo pauses before closing and shaking her head in the negative. That light falling upon her friend's scarred face makes the contracts stand out starkly, but only makes her inner beauty shine even more than when she stands in the spotlight and is the center of attention of a crowd.

That, and Niramo was examining a borrowed fishing rod carefully, not quite sure where to start, but afraid to say a word about this being her first time fishing. It's obvious the Ohtori student needed to say something to them, or at least to vent, and she would not disturb the mood for that.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Fuu gets a smile that's warm, but still holding the preoccupied look of someone grappling with severe issues. A small nod, and she offers a drink over to the young woman after popping off the cap with her fishing knife. Cursed Duelists and their skill with all things sharp and pointy!

It is, luckily, Odoul's. Mixed with sparkling cider. Some would say it's an acquired taste. Others would say it's a rancid abomination against beveragekind.

Kasagami downs one in a single pull.

Ahhhh. That is /awful/!

Setsuna of course, is here. And her reply and frankly wonderful choice of attire allows Kasagami to occasionally find a smile as she looks at the young woman that she loves so very much. And a subtle brush of one of Setsuna's locks teasingly. The fresh river air and natural beauty are a far cry from the growing problems and decay of her home. It's doing her some good to be out here.

Niramo gets a small little wave, and seeing how lost she looks? Well, Kasagami can't help but put her rod into the pipe, and walk over. She cuts up more bait, and silently shows Niramo first how to bait a rod, then how to cast. She needs the time to formulate her words.

"Well, being a Diet makes for a busy man. I'm...not going to say I never resented him for it. But I know he loved me, and he always came home. And he loved my mother with all of his heart. My Mother was the burning fire, the raging wind. He was the cooling river and the bending branch amidst the storm. When Mom and I fought, he'd bring us back together. When I was being a hardheaded little brat? He knew just how to not just make me repent, but to see /reason/. He taught me how to think under pressure. One of the most valuable skills a swordsman or a politician can have."

A sigh. "The night before the fire, he told me something: that I'm just like my Mother. I will always burn brightly, hate strongly, and love three times as much. But if I don't learn how to reign in my passions at the right times, then it will be my downfall."

A bitter chuckle. "Doesn't it suck when your parents are right?"

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"It's good to see you again as well, Meioh-san," Fuu replies, bowing politely to her upperclassman. "I trust your business and studies continue to go well?" She waves to Niramo as well, smiling at the Juuban student.

The bottle of O'Doul's gets a somewhat wary look - one might even call it suspicious - but Fuu accepts the bottle. She does not, however, start drinking from it right away, instead looking over the label, dividing her attention as Kasagami talks about her father. Reminisces, from the sound of it, and from Kasagami's choice in tense. "Only when you didn't want them to be," Fuu replies, a soft trace of amusement detectable in her voice.

She finally takes a sip of the beverage, as cautious as the look she first gave the bottle .. but she's polite enough to largely suppress a grimace at the taste. Clearly, anyone who drinks beer - actual beer, not this non-alcoholic substitute - does *not* do so for the taste, if this is any indication.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

"Umokeshi-san, hello again." Setsuna nods to the girl as she walks up, her voice warm. "I hope you have been well." She does not forget, this Guardian, and there will ever be gratitude in her for the way Niramo came to Rinji's aid in a time of dire need.

Fuu asks about her business and studies. After only a moment: "They keep me quite busy, indeed," with a polite nod. "And yours?"

All she's wanted to see, these past few days, is this easing of strain and pain in her love. It is in turn the balm Setsuna finds she has needed. Worries recede, and the teasing touch coaxes another curving smile from her.

The senshi-at-rest spends so much of her time looking at Kasagami, following the way she fishes and sometimes simply gazing at her for long spans, that it would take a very observant eye to catch that she absolutely /never/ looks at what she's drinking. The avoidance is studious and complete.

Some things, even the Guardian of Time cannot face.

"You're good at that," she says as Kasagami assists Niramo. And listens, with that warm and enveloping totality of focus, as she starts talking about her father.

"He sounds very wise, Kassie. And strong. No wonder you miss him so." She brushes a thumb across the other's shoulder for a moment. "Thank you for sharing this with us. They are both part of you, your parents. I am thankful to them, in my way." A small smile.

"It also sounds to me like you have learned a great deal from them." To that bitterness, she squeezes before releasing that shoulder. "And he was right, you are such a bright soul, Kassie." I love you so for it, her voice says, though she does not voice it, not here and now and in company. "It gives you the strength to face this, and learn whatever lessons you need to, to move forward. I know it."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. A slight blush tints Niramo's cheeks when Kasagami still took the time and effort needed to show her how to bait a fishing rod. Even when she was the one who needs someone to listen to, it still doesn't change the fact that Kasagami will set aside time from her own schedule to help those in need. Dark rumors that form around the Ohtori Student Council or no, the memory of the Council member sticking her head out of a broken oven was the first clue that you can never believe in rumors.

Waving over at Fuu and Setsuna, she rubs the back of her neck in slight embarrasment at others seeing just how inexperienced she was with fishing, but it didn't really bothered her like it would be with strangers. She knows Fuu well, and while she hasn't been around Setsuna often, her kind nature and the fact she is obviously a pillar of support for Kasagami, among other things, tells the Juuban student that their relationship can grow in the future. "Good to see you too, Fuu-san, Meioh-san. I always been curious if you were able to keep the painting from the art show."

Listening to Kasagami mention what her father taught her right before 'the fire' reminds Niramo of another memory shortly after the oven being fixed, of Kasagami staring at a small oven flame and being frozen as if a raging inferno was about to consume her. Turning her head towards the calm river, the ravenette shakes her head at the words of the crimson-haired woman. "I...can understand having a father who is constantly busy with his work, and my mother as well. It's more often than not that I have to make dinner for myself, with my mom not returning home until I go to bed, and my father barely around often enough to say that he loves me, and that's if i'm lucky. It's selfish of me wanting them to spend more time with me when they are already sacrificing so much already just so I can go to school, but at the time time, it's also the same reason why I treasure the time I spend with them."

Niramo looks over the edge of the pier at her line and frowns at the lack of ripples around her line. "But, after I completely failed a test for social studies, several years ago, my dad actually took the time to come and walk home with me when I stressed over it. Instead of getting mad at me, to my surprise, he decided to give me some sound advice. 'There are many times that we fall, and feel that no matter what effort we put forward, that it would be better to just give up and walk away. Instead of surrendering to our fears, take that failure and turn it into determination. Learn what you have down wrong, and find a new path to your goal, for you are never a failure until you no longer try.'"

Turning her head, she nods at Kasagami, a ghost of a smile on her lips. "Maybe I still don't quite have the strength needed to learn from my mistakes like that, but I know you, Kasagami-san. Besides, i'm always here for you and try to help the best I can. I mean, that's what friends do for each other, right?"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kasagami turns and watches as Fuu takes a sip! And nearly snorts as she manages to not wince. "Well, someone likes it. I'll get you two cases for your birthday, Fuu-chan~."

Siiiigh. "Once, Father made me eat a pie a day for a week after he caught me eating an entire pie in one sitting from the shelf that he'd made. That man was terrifying when he wanted to be!"

Kassie, similarly, can't help but keep looking back to Setsuna with glances of fondness and love. Just being here amidst the light breeze and setting sun and the smells of the river has her wanting to curl up against Setsuna. Yet, she manages to relent. Mostly. Her shoulder has a habit of leaning against the other girl whenever there's an excuse.

Kassie, meanwhile, takes every opportunity to flaunt the horror that she's drinking. Kind of like someone drinking super hot hot sauce, only with trash NA bev.

Smile. "Dad taught me."

Goodness and then Setsuna is thankful to them, and Kasagami looks caught between a blush and a tear down her cheek. She recomposes herself quickly before she gives into her instinct to hug this beautiful Senshi for such a touching statement.

"I can only hope so. I find myself thinking more and more of him during times like these."

Kasagami nods as Nira explains about her own family. So familiar to Kasagami, this kind of home life. "They both sound wonderful, Nira-chan. I wish they could've met. Yes, treasure every single moment you have with them. They leave you all too quickly." High praise from Kasagami!

"We'll only know if I'm strong if I can manage it. Thank you, all of you. When you get too caught up in your own self-image, you lose track of what's important." She starts.

And then her rod tugs! Kasagami is on her feet, yanking and leaning back hard! "Come to Kassie you fried sandwhich on fins!" Gives Kasagami in a proper fishing war cry!

RrrrrRrrrrrrrrrRrrrr goes the reel!

A glance over to Fuu. "What about you Fuu-chan?" Rrrrrr!

"I'd like to know more about you, if...you feel like sharing." It's almost gentle, if she weren't fighting a fish battle!

<Pose Tracker> Fuu Hououji [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

No amount of good manners can stop a grimace from crossing Fuu's face at that. "Please, you needn't go to *that* much trouble," she protests as genteely as she can. "This looks like it was imported, I'd hate for you to go to that kind of expense on my behalf ..."

Not that money ever seems like an object that stops Kasagami. She answers Setsuna, "Classes are going well enough so far, and the archery team has gotten back up and running respectably well after spring break. We did rather well at the tournament in Asakusa a few days ago, despite ..." She makes a face. "... somebody's ill behavior."

She hasn't tried casting a line of her own yet, although she was watching intently as Niramo got her lesson in hook-baiting. "I'm not sure if there's a great deal to say about my family," Fuu admits. "My father works for a software company; I get a certain amount of my interest in computers from him. Mother doesn't hold down a particular job the way Father does, but she's still active both in and out of the home - there are several different charitable organizations she contributes to, fiscally or physically if not both ... She's always believed that the best investments are the ones which pay off in a form other than monetary, whether the rewards - or rather, the harvest - come to you, or to those whose need is greater."

She pauses briefly, watching Kasagami wrestle with her hooked fish. "Mother's taken quite an interest in the campaign for replanting the burned forests on Southern Cross Island," she adds - preferably at a moment when a distraction hopefully won't be as costly to Kasagami's progress. "That alone might tell you where her priorities lie."

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

"The portrait is in the very best of hands, I believe: it is with its creator. Thank you for asking after it, Umokeshi-san. Yumi-chan's talent is amazing, isn't it? I am still so honored."

That gleam on that cheek and the rosy hue it crosses steal the senshi's attention wholly, and her words too. She leans in, pressing shoulder to shoulder, as her pulse skips off its clockwork rhythm for a moment.

After Kassie speaks about strength and self-image she nods and finds her voice: "Show us, then, Kassie." There is only belief in her eyes for the other girl. "You see the friends who still stand by you. You're not alone." The last has fresh layers of meaning between them.

Possible dinner makes a splash out at the end of Kasagami's line, redirecting conversation and attention! Setsuna gets to her feet too, not nearly as animated as Kassie but showing excitement in her own quiet ways: the flash in garnet eyes, the crinkling at their corners.

"You have this...!" As she ever will, the tall young woman cheers Kasagami on. Setsuna does not pump a fist -- that would be undignified. She's light on her feet though, almost bouncing on the balls of them, long hair dancing with the motion.

And listening, as Fuu tells her tale. "The forests could use that aid, it seems. There have been so many fundraisers." Setsuna Meioh follows this news, and all other sources she can regarding Ohtori Academy -- has for months, now... "Yet there is still so much work to be done. I admire your mother's priorities."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed. The drink that Fuu had to be drinking couldn't be all that great, if the visible effort needed by the Infinity Institute student was clear. Makes her feel really glad that she wasn't offered one, and to stay away from those drinks in the future. Then again, Kasagami seems to be enjoying her bottle, so maybe it was an aquired taste?

The pie story is enough to have Niramo giggling halfway through the telling, with it sounding so much like Kasagami. Though the image of a mini Kasagami trying to eat a pie in one go is almost impossible to imagine. "Please tell me he wasn't mean enough to have it be the same flavor every time, at least! Varity keeps things like that interesting!"

Kasagami's warning about her own recent learning experience does make Niramo think on her own current situation, and her lack of strength to face it. It wasn't a weakness to know that you have to improve yourself and stop dragging down those that depend on you...right? The sound of the mortal combat between Duelist and Fish breaks the silence for a moment, and Niramo takes the chance to check her own line. Calm and still, but a quick examination of the hook shows that a sneaky fish has claimed the prize under her very nose. Grumbling, Niramo sticks another piece of bait onto the end of her hook and cast the line back out manually, by hand. She gets the feeling that trying to cast it out by swinging the pole over her head is just going to result in hair being pulled.

The mention of the archery contest sends a shudder down Niramo's spine, hopefully unseen by anyone. The proto-daimon still exists, at least in her dreams, and sometimes it's assisted by the dream reaper, courtsy of Northa. Maybe that's why she tends to break so many more bottles during 'training'.

With the struggles against the watery fiend only intensifying, Niramo walks away from her own pole to cheer Kasagami on. While Setsuna may be too dignified to make any hand motions, Niramo picks up the slack by thrusting an arm over her head and cupping the other around her mouth. "Come on, Kasagami-san, you got this! Oh, and I like sashimi, so don't fry all of it!"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

The mere word 'expense' has Kassie's brow twitching, but she steamrolls right into the committment. "Why, I doth think the Lady protest too much!" She adds in her best faux-Shakespearian. Sorry Fuu-chan. You're doomed.

"Well, anyone who wants to rebuild Ohtori's forests is a friend of..." She pauses. Another twitch. ONe fist clenches.

"Of the Ohtori student body." An awkard moment and she laughs.

"Well, I hope I can meet them both one day! One could always learn more about other disciplines outside of your wheelhouse." Shrug.

Leeeeean. Yup, Kassie is shameless in the moment. Only doubly so as Setsuna only encourages her!

"...No. I guess I'm not." It's quiet, a moment of renewed realization.

Fiiiish! And as Setsuna gets up and cheers her on? That hair dancing and light on her feet? Confidence surges with Setsuna cheers! Up goes the rod, and the trout flies into the air! Wreeeeench!

She'll show everyone! For now, by reeling in fish!

A glance to Niramo. "Worse. Alternating flavors. There is no great punishment than teasing the tastebuds!"

Yoink! Finally up comes the fish. It's a large trout! A good three feet of fish, in fact, as she turns to her friends and love.

She smiles. "Sashimi and fried fish for everyone tonight then. Come on. There has to be at least three more in there..."

That's one way to get some free food.