2019-02-28 - TIMELINE 3: Scavenging In The Presence Of Royalty

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Title: TIMELINE 3: Scavenging In The Presence Of Royalty

Niramo manages to sneak out of her classroom and searches for some food before attempting to escape. She's cornered by Ye-jin Song under the guise of White Queen, but the bond between Kohai and Senpai can lead to surprising events.


Niramo Umokeshi, Ye-jin Song


Ohtori Academy

OOC - IC Date:

9/14/2014 - 2/28/2019

.******************** Yamanote High City - Ohtori Academy *********************.
*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Ohtori Academy +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*
 The ivory crown on the brow of Southern Cross Island, Ohtori Academy is       
 separated from the world by more than just water. Outside, education can be   
 a luxury. Within this white-walled compound, education is /luxurious/.        
 Marble colonnades spring up like fountain spouts, scarlet flowers drench      
 every free surface. The architecture is at once daringly art deco and         
 austerely Classical, white marble lending an angelic weightlessness to        
 pillars and fences that can seem more woven than carved.                      
 At the center of campus is the Chairman's Tower, a dizzyingly tall spire in   
 the center of a manicured grassy field. Radiating around this field are the   
 lecture halls, dormitories, art buildings, and other facilities by which the  
 chosen few receive education, with small class sizes in large buildings.      
 It's common for students to refer to a building's location as if the hour     
 hand of a great clock extended from the central tower. At twelve o'clock,     
 for instance, the Duel Arena looms like a jade stormcloud, a great forest     
 forming a living pagoda of leaves that reminds even longtime students that    
 their school keeps many secrets.                                              
 The rose is the emblem of Ohtori, and campus is decorated with a profusion    
 of them, both living and frozen in frieze. Poppies are favored as well, and   
 thick carpets of either flower can be found wherever the loosest excuse is    
 available. Only the most bitter of winters seems able to fully erase the      
 faint fragrance from the air, and students who leave the island via quick,    
 convenient bridge or ferry can often find a memory of it on their clothing.   
<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

When it comes to anything occuring on Ohtori, you can always trust it on always being much more than the normal affair. Though this is a bit much even for Niramo's expectations.

The bridge connecting Souther Cross Island to the rest of Japan has been destroyed by a massive energy cannon in space, and with the gathered magical fighters of Tokyo exhausted from the distraction that was an oversized robot, they are unable to stop Ohtori Academy from falling under the control of an organizaed occupation force of mundane soldiers.

This was only a few days ago, and Niramo Umokeshi is getting tired of just waiting, but it has been worth it. Feigning sleep to keep notes of when the soldiers change guard, placing the few makeshift cameras she had made in her classroom prison and waiting for the perfect time to escape has been worth it. She didn't want to leave Wakatsuki Makiko behind and alone, but...she had to if she was to figure out what exactly is the real reason for this invasion.

After all, the people that Niramo could trust completely could be counted on one hand, and half of those is her parents.

Due to her frequent visits to Ohtori over the past year, be it to meet her mentor or join in whatever extravagant event the Academy was hosting, the young Juubanite knows the layout of these marble halls nearly as well as their plastic tiled counterpart. That and with Takk acting as an incorporeal scout is her saving grace in moving through the hallways unseen, though the longer she's in the school, the more she risks being caught.

...that, and walking around barefoot to make less noise is keeping her feet cold.

But if she needs to escape to figure out what she might be up against, she needs supplies, with food being the most important. The main kitchen seems like the best way to be caught, but surely one of the smaller kitchenettes have food still. The soldiers couldn't keep all the food in one place, otherwise it would make feeding the students very time consuming.

This brings Niramo to the present, hurriedly searching for food fit for the woods in a small pantry. Sugary snacks is ignored for water and trail mix, but it's only going to be so long before she's discovered. "...really, does there need to be so many coffee cakes?"

She's muttering to herself to keep herself focused in her fear, but this might be a mistake.

<Pose Tracker> Ye-jin Song [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Ye-jin Song has been notably absent from the proceedings after the explosion of the bridge. She made a brief appearance at the ball beforehand, appearing with her typical showmanship before vanishing amidst the chaos of the Golden Age takeover. Though she's not a member of the Student Council, rumor has it that she's being cordoned off for making trouble, or that she's already used her obscene wealth to buy her freedom from Ohtori.

In reality she roams the halls of the Academy in the guide of the White Queen, ballgown discarded and golden mask protecting her identity. She's kept an eye out these past few days for signs of opposition, seeking out HiME and allies across the spacious grounds of the academy.

Normally she wouldn't spare the time for a lone student--there are Golden Age soldiers to keep the masses corralled and her task is more important. Niramo, however, is not an ordinary student to Ye- jin Song. So when the girl was spotted sneaking through the halls, Ye-jin deemed in worth her time to follow.

Her presence is announced by the click of the small kitchen's door shutting behind her, a faint but easily audible noise in the otherwise quiet. She's removed her mask by the time she makes herself known, the golden domino hidden away to reveal her familiar face.

"Niramo-chan." She says, dark eyes considering the other girl speculatively. "Are you hungry?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Ye-jin Song has been first and foremost on Niramo's mind once the reality of the Golden Age PMC invasion has dawned on her. Despite being one of Ohtori's elite in both social status and money, the older student has taken an interest in Niramo and not look down on her just for being from Juuban. She has encouraged and help mold Niramo from the sheltered and anxious young girl to a self- confident and focused young woman. In moments of doubt, the heiress always seems to have a way to let Niramo see through her problems.

It's why she's one of those fingers on the hand of people she can fully trust.

When she hears the door click shut, the short Juuban student's mind immediately turns to the worst possible outcome. A soldier squad has cornered her, and all her effort is wasted! It's not the possible pain upcoming that worries her, but the fact she's going to be watched and making escape all the harder now.

As she turns around to see Ye-jin and hear her words, though...panic turns to relief in an instant. Shaking her head, she walks forward to meet her mentor, even as she keeps her voice lowered. "Ye-jin- senpai, you're okay! I assumed the worst when I didn't hear anything about you besides you made some trouble, but...you're here. But...wait, it's dangerous to be out in the halls right now!"

Despite that is exactly what Niramo is doing right now is discarded.

Her senpai's question has Niramo open up her bookbag and show the contents, which was only several bottles of water, crackers and trail mix. "Um...not me, exactly. It's Wakatsuki-chan. Everyone is getting the same food, but she needs to watch her sugar levels and has been feeling a little faint. I know it's really risky, but the soldiers don't care, so...I had to sneak out and look for something for her."

Fingers drumming on her bookbag is a sign she might not be telling the truth there, but the concern for her younger friend is real enough. There's no need to fake that when she's going to leave her behind.

Green eyes flicker past Ye-jin for a moment, trying to see if a patrol might be visable, but nothing yet. "Anyways, have you heard anything about what's going on? They're...checking everyone for something, but...it doesn't seem like a quarantine to me." Niramo rubs a spot on her arm where blood was drawn for testing before, a noticable bruise forming. Doesn't look like the Golden Age PMC was gentle doing it, either.

<Pose Tracker> Ye-jin Song [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"I'm fine." Ye-jin acknowledges. And she seems to be that way, unblemished and looking as much herself as usual. No sign of dishevel, fatigue, or any sort of paranoia about her. "There's nobody around," She assures the smaller girl after, "Don't worry." And she does seem quite unconcerned.

Ye-jin wrinkles her nose as she glances at the contents of the bag, decidedly unimpressed. "Oh?" She asks, adding after, "That's kind of you. But you're going to get yourself in trouble, running around here."

She reaches to pinch Niramo's wrist between her fingers when the girl shows her bruise, nudging her arm so that Ye-jin can get a proper look. She frowns briefly before she gently releases the other girl's arm, noting, "They said they're here to catch the terrorists that blew up the bridge. Do you not believe them?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Ye-jin does look well enough, so at least she isn't being hurt. Maybe she's treated well by proving her innocence somehow? But the soldiers seem to be treating everyone roughly...well, maybe they managed to exclude Ye-jin from whatever they were searching for, then!

It's true, but not the quite the way she's thinking of.

Ye-jin might be turning her nose up at her humble supplies, but Niramo is trying to think pratical. As much as she wants to fill it with sweets, there's no telling when she might be able to sneak in and get more food. There's no telling how long the siege might last. "It's not exactly honey toast, but...it's food that she can hide away if she need to. And I won't get in trouble if I don't get caught, right?" Even if this isn't a joking matter, Niramo does smile a little. 'Only the opinion of those that matter to her truly matters', right?

Wincing a little as her arm is pulled forward, she lets Ye-jin examine it without complaint, but a part of her notices Ye-jin doesn't seem to have blood drawn from her arms at all. Maybe a benefit of being excluded from the examination?

As much as Niramo trusts Ye-jin, there's just some topics you don't bring up. Being a magical girl based on a mouse and knowing it wasn't just as simple as a terrorist attack isn't one of them. Why would they be checking everyone's blood if that's the case? And there's the whispers of 'valkyries' and keeping the Ohtori Student Council secluded...something's up, big time. "I do, but...surely there's a better way of doing it, right? I never heard of telling terrorists by mass screening everyone's blood. Usually there's fingerprints or hair samples..."

Niramo's father is a detective, so it's bound that she knows of the more common way to tell people apart...

<Pose Tracker> Ye-jin Song [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Ye-jin's lips curl into a slight smile at Niramo's mention of toast, recalling the favored treat shared between the two. She's quiet again for a moment, before giving a short nod of her head. "You're very smart, Niramo-chan." She agrees.

"It does seem strange," Ye-jin agrees. "But I'm sure they have a good reason for what they're doing. They must just want to keep all of us safe." Ye-jin's reassurance is false, of course. Still, she makes a token effort to convince her small protege that this is the case.

Ye-jin's hands rise, swinging up in one abrupt motion and landing with a solid clap on Niramo's shoulders. Her grip is loose enough to be unthreatening, and her expression is one of concern. "Niramo-chan." She says, Ye-jin's dark eyes locked with the raven-haired girl's. "You and your friend aren't going to try and run away, are you?"

It's something she has to consider, after all. That her small friend might be one of her targets is unlikely, but even normal students can make ill-fated escape attempts.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The compliment is enough to have her nervous smile turn into the genuine article, memories of their favorite snack coming to mind. Be it at the fancy French restaurant in Harajuku or Niramo's own attempts to recreate the recipe herself, it's enough to almost make it feel normal again. "Only because I have someone there helping me, Ye-jin-senpai."

Frowning slightly, the undersized Juubanite lets out a sigh. Maybe Ye-jin believes that, but...the soldiers of the PMC are willing to beat up students if they try to resist with little warning, and while no one has been hurt more than a few bruises...suspected criminals or terrorists would never be treated like this back on the mainland while in custody. whatever is the truth going on here... she has to find out.

Now if only Ye-jin wasn't making it so difficult. That familiar clap on her shoulders is enough to make Niramo look up to meet her senpai's gaze. Ye-jin has never led her wrong before since they met, but...she was being treated seperatedly from the others. If she's being treated so fairly and was being excluded from the search...was she being misled by the PMC to assist in the search? Her senpai didn't say why she came in here, and she wasn't interested in the food when it was being rationed out...

That realization that she can't even trust her mentor right now is like a knife to her stomach, even as Niramo knows it isn't Ye-jin's fault. She...needs to find proof of what is really going on here, and somehow convince Ye-jin of the truth. Things can go back to normal then. They have to.

"Of course not, Senpai. I promise you I nor Wakatsuki-chan are going to run away! Hopefully the terrorists are found and brought to justice, and then we can go back home. Right?" After all, trying to run away from Southern Cross Island isn't going to fix anything. Finding out the truth is the first step to stopping the siege, she's sure of it, and the truth won't be found in prison.

A steely resolve settles in dark green orbs even as Niramo makes her promise. She was already going to save everyone she could from this nightmare, and she's going to make sure her senpai is one of them.

<Pose Tracker> Ye-jin Song [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Ye-jin retains her grip on Niramo for a few moments more, her eyes scanning the other girl's gaze for some sign of the veracity of her claim. Eventually, she seems to decide that she's seen enough. Her hands fall away from Niramo's shoulders, Ye-jin making a short inclination of her head. "If you promise," She agrees.

"Go back to your classroom, Niramo-chan. I'll make sure you're safe there." The words are sincere despite any suspicion that may linger. Ye-jin would rather Niramo stay put for her own safety, regardless of anything else.

"I'll take you out to eat when this is all over." She assures, shuffling aside to give Niramo clearance to the door beyond. Ye-jin too must want to eat, because as she waits for Niramo to exist she too riffles briefly through a cabinet to find a small carton of sweet left behind. +ooc Sounds good then. Thanks for doing this scene with me, Song. You been amazing tonight.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Several tense moments pass as Ye-jin's grip remains on her shoulders...and it's a herculean effort to not let out a sigh of relief. The Niramo of a year ago would be sweating buckets before, but the experience of fighting all sorts of strange and magical threats and making a few friends she fully trusts is enough to let her keep her cool. Barely.

"I promise, Ye-jin-senpai. And you be safe as well, okay?" Even if Ye-jin might be misled at the moment, the PMC and the blockade is still very serious and is willing to harm innocents. As long as her mentor is careful, she won't let herself be used too harshly.

Niramo's head nods in confirmation, causing her long hair to dance with the movement. Letting it flow freely instead of being in a ponytail does look good on her. "It's a date, then. I'll make you something for you to take home afterwards. Promise!" A split-second glance towards the unopened cabinets makes her wish she could still collect more food, but this was a close enough call. She isn't going to misplace Ye-jin's trust in her, even if she has to be even more careful now.

Peeking her head out in the hallway and looking around quickly, the short ravenette starts to tiptoe down the hallway, back towards the classroom she is supposed to be in. She's going have to take a different way out, but...she can still make it outside if she plays it carefully.

'I promise, Ye-jin-senpai. I will help set everyone free from this.'

<Pose Tracker> Ye-jin Song [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"I'll be fine." Ye-jin assures Niramo as the girl exits, head bobbing briefly at her offer of a future treat. Brown eyes follow her small friend as she disappears, the door soon swinging shut again to leave her alone in the kitchen.

She produces a small radio once a second has passed, raising it to her lips and speaking...

And in the hall, as Niramo returns to her designated classroom, a patrol of soldiers are making their rounds.

"East squads, report to point 4. Escape in progress." A short, crackly command pipes from their walkie talkies.

The soldiers some to attention abruptly, breaking into a sprint toward Niramo--but past. Off down hallway and out of sight, vanishing from view at a quick jog. Others go to meet them, and Niramo finds her path back to class-and beyond, should she desire-suddenly and fortuitously clear.

Back in the kitchen Ye-jin Song's teeth snap off a brittle chunk of a discovered cookie. Afterward, the radio is lowered and the mask is donned once more. Back to work.