2020-03-19 - Park Retreat

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Park Retreat

Cousins Ai and Mio plan a meet up with different people


Niramo Umokeshi, Kozue Kaoru, Ai Yamamoto, Mio Suzuki (NPC)


Seaside Park

OOC - IC Date:

03-19-2020 - 08/15/2015

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

It's a lovely day out, with the birds chirping and a tall blonde slumbering shamelessly on one of the benches, with her feet hanging off the end. Ai snores softly while a dark haired girl sits on the grass beside her tapping away on her phone. Those that know her would recognise her as Mio Suzuki, a high school student from Juuban. There's a picnic basket nearby

Niramo would get a message first from Mio. It reads:

@park with cousin.
Super bored.
Come down!

Kozue would have received a message on social media from Ai a couple of hours ago:

found u!

asked lifeguard out. too tall :( :(
Going 2 tokyo park with cuz

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [None] has posed.

An Infinity Fashion Club girl approaches Kozue, who currently has her earbuds in at a table near the window, in 4-4-4, foot tapping to classical music, as she keeps time with the rhythm.


Kozue seems to realize she's there, and glances at her, tapping a button, and pulling her earbuds out with a sigh. "What?"

She says, trying to prevent herself from snapping her head off simply because she interrupted Dvorak.

"Well on your Aohime account. I know you told me that you didn't want me to bother you with fan messages... but she's acting pretty familiar."

Kozue lofts an eyebrow.

"Who is it?"

As the other girl turns around the phone, Kozue's eyelashes flutter. "Shame. A date would have been good for her."

Rising up, she puts a hand on her shoulder as she walks by. "Thanks for bringing this to my attention." The hand she slowly slides off as she walks on by, leaving the other girl stunned.


On the beach, a girl adjusts her sunglasses, flicking a glance towards the taller girl sitting beside the slumbering girl. She's currently wearing a one piece suit, similar in style but different in substance from earlier. Dark black with a blue hem one piece, with a kimono patterned that's asymmetrical, only slightly longer than a mini-skirt. On her head is a blue sun visor made of a straw like material, with the underside sharing a similar pattern to the sarong.

"Just look at you. One second you're saying you're too busy. And the next saying you're too bored..."

There's a smirk on her expression, as she removes her sunglasses, folding them together, and placing them in a bag over her shoulder. "If being bored prompts you to be bold... then maybe you should bore yourself more often..."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

There's something that can be said to sleeping in during the summer break. Dozing away after most people were out and about for hours is just what is needed to recharge the battery after a long night, and is a luxury rarely found during the rest of the year for any school student.

Unfortunately for Niramo, she's just happen to be the one who has a mouse Kwami that doesn't (or choses not to) recognize the benefits of sleeping in.

What would have normally been a lazy and boring day reading an old favorite novel for must be the 5th time is thankfully interviened by a stray message by Mio Suzuki, an upperclassman at Juuban High School. "Huh? I think Mio-san mentioned her cousin a few times..." Getting out in the sun to meet up with someone and maybe meet someone new is much better than skimming through a book she already knows by heart. She responds quickly on her phone, like so:

Sure. Super bored 2.

Be there shortly!

A short train ride later, Niramo is making her down the sunny stretches of sand in Tokyo Bay, a plain dark beige two-piece swimsuit, a short straw hat perfect for napping under and sandles being worn, along with her trusty bookbag now filled with a towel and other beach supplies. A plain looking silver anklet finishes the look of someone more than ready to have some fun.

Some sun that might be needed, if her somewhat pale skin was any indication.

Spotting Mio easily enough from a distance, she waves a hand overhead as she nears to catch the upperclassman's attention. "Hey Mio-san! Sorry if i'm late, trains were kinda delayed in my area. Besides, this beats being bored and hiding indoors again."

Kozue Kaoru draws a curious glance from Niramo, and it takes her a few moments to try to place the woman. "Didn't we...go on a camping trip a while back for the schools? I remember you wearing a kimono in the woods on the way to the lake. Oh, i'm Niramo Umokeshi, by the way!" Maybe they have talked before, but like the woods of that trip, her memory was a little foggy.

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

It's the dark haired Mio that first notices the model approaching, who reaches back to shake Ai in an attempt to wake her. She freezes when Kozue speaks and turns bright red. "I was the one who accidentally sent that," Mio mutters sheepishly. "Ai and myself have the same phones, and I sent that accidentally and, and I'm really sorry for sending it to you! I was trying to send it to my friend Niramo and I thought it was my phone!"

Mio hears a familiar voice and stands, waving to Niramo as she approaches. "Niramouse!" she cheerfully greets. "Oh, it's great that you've come, and I think she's one of Ai's friends." She then peeks towards the model again, looking curious.

HoweverAi continues to snore softly, grumbling as she rolls onto her side. She tries to find a comfortable position and wakes with a start as she slips off the edge and onto the ground with a thud.
"Don't worry, she usually lands on her head," Mio comments as she glances towards her younger cousin.

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [None] has posed.

Kozue puts a finger to her mouth as Mio seems to apologize. "There's no need to apologize..." Kozue says quietly. "Maybe I don't mind getting mismessaged by a good looking girl." She says flirtatiously, before she flicks a glance at Ai on the bench, "She's pretty out."

Then doesn't so much as wince as she rolls onto her face. "Maybe it's because she's so tall... center of gravity you know..." She quips, without a care.

Kozue Kaoru looks at Niramo like she might have sprouted a second head for a moment there. Just staring uncomfortably at her, for one, two, three...

"That'd be difficult, since I'm an expelled delinquent and can't attend school events. But a girl in a Kimono - you probably met Tsuru-san, my designer." She smirks at the smaller girl. "She created Aohime, I'm the headline model for the line, Kozue Kaoru."

There's a lengthy pause.

"You really went camping with her though..." Kozue suddenly leans closer to Niramo, with a knowing smile. "... did she frighten you overmuch - Umokeshi-chan?"

Kozue then regards Ai again, "She's a pretty sound sleeper..."

Digging into her bag, she grabs a pen which looks like it's reserved for autograph boards.

"... I could put it to the test..."

Kozue says, with a sense of shameless mischief, and will... unless someone stops her.

COIN FLIP: Niramo Umokeshi flips a coin. It lands on tails!

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The casual and silly nickname that Mio graces the ravenette with is met with a glare but with little heat in that stare. "Mio-san, you know I don't like it when you call me that! I know you want to just add some flavor to your life, but they're not all that grate." Not exactly the best of cheese puns, but not bad for something made up on the fly!

Mio and her cousin has the same phones, huh? This might be a good idea for a prank later, but it'll have to be something she gets the mysterious sleeping cousin in on as well.

Oh! Wait. Did she just confuse this person for someone completely different? Aah, she did! Why did the kimono stick out in her memory but not the actual person wearing it?! Sporting an embarrassing blush that wasn't hidden at all by her straw hat, Niramo rubs the back of her neck with her left hand and winces. "Sorry about that then, Kozue-san! I just thought you looked familiar and something about how well you dress just made me think of Tsuru-san." And another model? It honestly seems like fashion in general was only becoming more noticeable as time goes on.

She shakes her head in the negative but has a smile appearing once more on her lips. "Not exactly, I was on the other side of the campgrounds but a boy from Ohtori did seemed to be intentionally keeping his distance away from her. I don't think anyone could be that scary though..."

Ai rolling over and waking herself up from a summertime nap can't have been enjoyable. The marker Kozue pulls out gets a stare and a growing smile, but it wasn't exactly the best time for it now. "Maybe you should use it if Mio-san gets too bored being around us, Kozue-san."

Bending over, she offers a hands towards Ai...and blinks in shock as she realizes just how big Ai is, and that's with her being on the ground. Just how tall was she?! Some people get all the luck, but...no, don't be jealous, Niramo! "Hello! I'm Niramo Umokeshi, a sometimes friend of Mio-san over there."

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Mio turns bright red at the teasing from Kozue, even giggling a little bit, she then clears her throat and smiles. "Ahem. I am flattered. Oh, she's like that after she's been training." She then laughs again at the model's comment about her cousin. "I always said it was because she was so dense." She pokes the sleeping blonde with her foot, like its a normal every day thing for her to fall off something.

She looks between the two as they talk about the school camp she missed out on because of a stomach bug. "You people are lucky. I missed that camp. It's soooo unfair!" she whines next. Of course, at Niramo's protest about the name, she pokes her tongue out at the shorter girl. "Awww. I thought you liked it. Us two, Cheese and Mouse! The divine duo!"
Ai finally starts to stir, though with a slightly pained groan. "Why'd you pull me off the chair Mio?" she grubmles, as she slowly pulls her legs off the bench, and then slowly gets to her feet and stands to her full 5'6". She rubs her forehead and then stretches out with her arms over her head. She blinks in surprise as she spots Kozue and then the ravenette who gives an introduction. "Oh, hello Umokehsi-san. I am Ai Yamamoto, unfortunate cousin of Mio."
"Yeah, she's the baby!" Mio points out.

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [None] has posed.

"Mmm. No that can't be it. She floats very well." Kozue says in a deadpan tone to Mio, which will likely prevent anyone from taking her too seriously.

"You might be surprised." Kozue says immediately to Niramo's indication that she doesn't think anyone could be that frightening.

And indeed, Kozue leans in, uncapping her pen like she's going to draw something on Ai, but then Ai rouses.

And Kozue caps the pen back, as if she realizes a missed opportunity.

"My sympathies."

Kozue says smoothly to Mio's declaration that Ai is the baby.

"I'm 'the baby' too." Kozue says to Ai, "Though only by a few minutes." She says coyly, though the answer is given freely not long after. "Twins."

Kozue puts a hand to her chin, as she changes the subject shamelessly, "Did that guy at the pool really turn you down because you were too tall?"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

A wavy hand goes up and down when Mio complains about missing the camp trip. "Eeeh, you didn't miss too much, actually. Some of our 'tents' were missing supplies and they all had this rather funky smell about them." And Mio saying they were a perfect pair gets a roll of the eyes from Niramo, like she heard this before. "If you really are a big hunk of cheese, that would explain the stink~"

A tongue sticking out is mirrored in kind. Mio really is a lot of fun to hang around with, but if someone she isn't used to wasn't around, they could be overwhelmed with her personality.

A raised eyebrow is all the comment Niramo has at the moment, but she's mentally placing Tsuru on the 'be cautious around' list. After all, a kimono isn't normal camping gear anyways...

"Mio just does things her way. Maybe she thought you needed to be more grounded?" As Ai stands up though, Niramo does her best to keep her grumbling to a minimum. 'Not fair' and 'height hogger' could be heard by those who are perceptive enough. "My condolences to you, Ai-san. Anyone who has to deal with Mio-san constantly have my sympathy."

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"More like she's that aerodynamic that she doesn't have much drag in the water because she doesn't have..." Mio never finishes what she's going to say, noticing Ai glaring at her. The pair continue to stare at each other for a few moments more.

"Oh, twins? That's pretty cool. Mio's a year older than me. We were born the same day, just a year apart. Mio's mother is my dad's sister," Ai explains to Kozue, as she offers a shrug. "Is your twin a swimmer as well? Oh, and why did you have a pen out?"
A nod is then given by Ai about the question about the guy at the pool. "Yeah, he said that he wanted to go out with someone shorter than himself. Meh, there's plenty more cute guys around."
Mio on the other hand, being called a chunk of cheese playfully acts like she's going to lunge at Niramo. "Hold still then Niramouse, let me rub my smell all over you!" she calls out laughingly, before wrinkling her nose and giggling. "Actually don't. Because that just sounds wrong."
Ai gives Mio a strange look, and then a smile to Niramo. "It is fine Niramo-san. I am used to her by now." She actually looks amused by something that she heard, and she offers a bright smile. "Height hogger? Oh, ouch Niramo-san. Do you know how hard it is to get cute shirts when you're this tall? I'll remember that if you ever get something stuck on a high shelf."

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [None] has posed.

"Being expelled apparently has its advantages. Like not being compelled to leave civilization." Kozue smirks at Niramo's description of the trip.

"Cool." Kozue echoes, then with a shrug, "It was for a while."

She answers quickly though. "He's a concert Pianist. Look up Miki Kaoru online - you'll get plenty of hits without even really searching."

Kozue holds up her hand, as if she were checking her nails, "Because I was going to put the character for 'Available' on your forehead, if the fall didn't wake you up."

Kozue though seems delighted by the explanation, "My my - not long ago you were saying you're too busy. Now you're acting like finding a boyfriend is definitely on your mind." She pesters, before saying arrogantly... "Guess I do have that effect on people."

Before she then looks at Niramo and Mio's antics, "What about the two of you? There someone you have your eye on?" She says, in a blatant attempt to embarrass both Mio and Niramo simultaneously.

Before she then eyes Ai again, "It's not that difficult. You've just gotta know what corners of Harajuku to look in... I can't blame you for that. You're new to town right?"

Kozue says as she eyes Ai speculatively.

"Well if cute is what you're going for - I could have a whole wardrobe for you in... an hour flat, I bet."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The staring contest between Ai and Mio doesn't go unnoticed, and the ravenette looks between the two for a few moments. What was she...oh. Oooooh. Right, a classic moment from Mio to insert her foot into her own mouth. "Eh, i'm sure she's a great swimmer! I...can keep myself afloat, but that's about it. Swimming isn't my strongsuit."

Mio's failed search for love in the summer sun was going get a kind-hearted pun directed her way about fish and the sea, but of course she has to ruin any chance of that. The threat of Chatu du Mio is enough for have Niramo back up a few steps and hurriedly swing her hands hurriedly in front of her. "Uh nuh, no way! I thought there were laws against bio-hazard threats like that!"

Kozue is yet another person who sees civilization for the wonder that it truly was! "That is a huge benefit indeed, Kozue-san. There's just too much going on in Tokyo for me to enjoy being away for so long. I coudn't sleep the first night because it was too quiet."

The plan for that small marker is sadly something that wouldn't be seen, but the mental image of it is enough to give Niramo a good giggle. "If you're feeling kind enough, would you grace Mio-san with your penmanship? I think she could use the help at this rate."

Poking fun at someone's love life is completely fair, but it feels bizarre when Niramo is the one being asked a question of her own...or lack thereof. "Uh...honestly? I haven't met anyone who I would like to date, and it's a little hard to stand out of the crowd when I can't afford anything fancy, even if I did get a card for Aohime or Akai Mirai."

Then again, she hasn't exactly looked into it herself. AoAka just had to be too expensive to be true.

Oops. Ai certainly heard that one, but she seems to have some of Mio's humor, at least! "Maybe so, but i'll keep that in mind if you ever have trouble getting anything off the bottom shelf."

"Huh? You're new to Tokyo, Ai-san?" Now she feels silly for missing something so obvious. There has to be reason Ai is in town. Maybe she moved here with her parents? If she was from a small town, then she might be out of her depth.

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"Oh, I'll have to look your brother up, Kaoru-san! If he plays like you swim, it should be great music," Ai comments cheerfully to the blue haired girl. She clasps her hands in front of herself, and tilts her head slightly to the side as she thinks. A bright smile then forms on her lips, and she nods, causing her ponytail to bounce with the motion.

She spends a few moments to reflect on the earlier conversation. "Oh, I know. I wasn't all that confident and being worried about a couple of things. I'm actually glad we talked earlier."
A soft, nervous laugh is given by Ai at the mention of a wardrobe of cute clothes. "I am new to Tokyo, and I know I'm an Ohtori girl, but until I get a job, I'm broke. I've had to go out to try to get a job, because I can't touch anything held in trust until I'm older." She sighs, and folds her arms over her stomach. "I can only offer payment in fish and wild mountain vegetables at the moment."
"Niramo-chan, my love!" Mio teases, as she siddles a bit closer to the tiny girl. "Do not be shy!" She then laughs and shakes her head. "Oh, ummm. No one really..." She then trails off at the threat of the pen, shakes her head and turns on her heel to run. "No! I don't think so!" she then sprints a short distance away, and pokes her tongue out at Niramo again.
Ai glances towards Niramo and nods. "That is correct. I've been here about four months now. I'm from Matsonou village. It's very small and rural compared to here." She sighs softly. "I miss the beach there."

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [None] has posed.

"I understand. I used to attend summer camp when I was a kid. Always hated it." Kozue relates with a certain casualness. "Mmm, mostly hated it." She amends, without saying why...

"You won't be disappointed, unless you don't like classical music."

Kozue smile contrasts with the look in her eyes. As if it were both affectionate and sad in equal measure.

"You don't need a fancy wardrobe to get a date, Umokeshi-chan. Just the confidence to put yourself out there."

Kozue shrugs, then with a smile notes, "And - maybe not anything 'fancy', but I think you'll find that card makes it more affordable than you think. Even if you have to make do with just a little pocket change - it's enough."

Kozue then gives Ai a long look as she says she needs a job. "Hmmm. Well - if that's the case, I can find you work... can't promise the pay will be better than flipping patties at Dark Burger for someone still in middle school but..."

Putting a hand into her purse, she digs out a card, and writes something on the back of it.

The address on it is 4-4-4 Shibuya.

"...I wouldn't tell the other girls you're getting hourly work though. Many of them are doing it as..."

She trails off, with a little touch of a smirk on her expression, "... extracurricular club work."

That certainly sounds like the school equivalent of 'unpaid internship.'

The card she then slips over to Ai.

It says on it 4-4-4. And 'Tetsu' on the back. A name. Beside it is also the word 'Tuners' which is circled, with a smaller message jotted down. 'Second job'

"Tokyo isn't going to give you back your beach." She says mildly, not truly admonishing, just offering what advice she can without actual condolences "As contrasts go - You've been thrown in the deep end Yamamoto-chan. Sink or swim."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

The mention of fish and wild greens gives the mental image of a tribal cavewoman Ai armed with an oversized club, vivid enough to give Niramo something to giggle at something only she would see. "Freshly caught fish can be used in quite a few dishes, even if it's only as something as simple as sashimi. I never tried fishing before, but I think it's something only someone patient could successfully do."

That small siddle isn't unnoticed, and Niramo gingerlly scoots a little closer to Kozue to even out the distance again. The few times that she has been caught by Mio's hands had ended in relentless and embarrasing tickling, and not an experience she wanted to have on such a public beach. The power of the pen, however, is enough to get an appricating smile upon. "...I need to start carrying around one of those."

Dating advice about how it's not the clothes one wears but just having the courage to go out there and search for yourself is surprising truthful. Niramo had honestly thought that Kozue would have said Aohime was the cure for all her problems and the fact that she didn't is enough to earn a good amount of respect. Niramo may have started this meeting out awkwardly, but Kozue seems to be someone she can certainly look up to! "Right, i'll have to look into applying for a card then!"

Kozue's advice may seems harsh on the surface, but Niramo could see the wisdom in it too. "Kozue-san is right, actually. But just because you been thrown in the 'deep end' doesn't mean you can't get some help if needed."

So, relatively new to Tokyo, but still new! It may hurt her savings, but... "I'll get us some lemonaid real quick, to celebrate you surviving so long in the big city. I know there's a good booth somewhere around here..." Niramos mumbles to herself with that, already mentally tracing her steps back to a small kiosk she saw on the way in. She remember it having the Steven Universe Seal of Approval (tm).

<Pose Tracker> Ai Yamamoto [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

With the look that Kozue has, Ai frowns softly for a moment, and then offers a bright smile again. However she doesn't press or ask about it. "I pretty much like all music. There's always something new to hear, no matter what type it is.

With the card being produced by the model, she looks on curiously and tilts her head a little to the side. "Oh, I won't tell anyone at all. Thank you so much, I almost had to work as a maid in one of those maid cafes." She turns bright red. "A catgirl maid at that."
She takes the card in both hands when offered, and also gives a small bow, too. A surprised look forms on her face when she sees the word Tuner high lighted. "Oh, I've been doing some gardening for them. I mightn't be much good in the city, but I'm pretty useful in the more rural areas."
She considers what both Kozue and Niramo have to say and then offers a formal bow to them both. "Thank you very much, both of you! I am having a lot of trouble adjusting, and it's nice that someone's willing to help me. I plan to swim, not sink."
She watches as Niramo wanders away, being joined by Mio as she goes to find the lemonade stand.

"I really should have started coming out sooner," she admits mostly to herself. "I was worried that everyone was going to be mean and huffy."