2021-04-30 - Hot Topics over Hot Pot

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Title: Hot Topics over Hot Pot

Niramo invites Fumiko over to her house for a warm meal during a chilly November day. Disasterous dishes and praise for magical girls of all sorts are the topics shared in a cozy home.


Fumiko Inoue, Niramo Umokeshi


Shitmachi Low City - Umokeshi Residence

OOC - IC Date:

2021-4-30 - 2015-11-21

.**************************** Shitamachi Low City *****************************.
*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* Shitamachi Low City +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*
 The traditions that the Shitamachi cultural region keeps alive were ancient   
 long before the Shogun turned the fishing town of Edo into Tokyo, "Eastern    
 Capital." The area has evolved greatly since then, but though Shitamachi is   
 a highly modernized metropolis, its traditions somehow coexist with bullet    
 trains, research universities, and electronics markets. The occasional        
 person in kimono and sandals will wait at the crossing alongside salarymen    
 in business suits. Compared to Yamanote, there are more bicycles, family      
 businesses, and food carts, and fewer scooters, corporations, and             
 convenience stores. Certain wards in Shitamachi can be just as dense and      
 urbanized as anything in Yamanote, but there's a tendency toward low-rise     
 apartment complexes in the residential areas, and office buildings rather     
 than office towers in the commercial.                                         
 The distinction between Shitamachi and Yamanote is messy, both                
 geographically and demographically, but significant enough that it remains    
 the most significant cultural divide in Tokyo. Shitamachi people, as a        
 whole, take themselves less seriously, and have a stronger sense of           
 community that feeds upon their active street culture of markets, shops, and  
 festivals. They may not be fashionable, but they are /fun/. The Juuban        
 public schools, undistinguished but in some ways better off for it,           
 exemplify this plebeian joie de vivre quite well. The Shitamachi dialect is   
 less distinct than it used to be, but it is still a force to be reckoned      
 with, with a broader, less refined, and more energetic sound to it than       
 standard Japanese.                                                            
<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

A canvas of dull gray blocks the sight of a clear blue sky from the people of Tokyo, and was drenching the city below in a steady but light drizzle. If you didn't have a watch on hand, you wouldn't even be able to guess if it was morning or the late afternoon on this dreary November day. It's the perfect kind of weather to stay indoors and lazily watch something on television.

It's also the perfect kind of weather for hot food.

The wearisome weather may be making the exterior of the Umokeshi household look bland, the red tiled roof not standing out as vividly and the iron gate out front looking like it was 5 minutes away from rusting. The inside of the house is thankfully much more lively.

The large TV off to one side was currently playing a commercial for a shopping center with a catchy tune. A gaming console several generations old was still plugged into the front, a game cart inside it well known for destroying friendships in a colorful party game of luck and chance. Most importantly, there was a smell flooding the entire house that was orginating from the kitchen, a promise of a filling meal only minutes away.

Niramo was in the kitchen and using a small footstool to check up on the small crockpot on the counter. Lifting the lid off and setting the knob on the front to heat, Niramo takes a quick sniff of the steam and nods. "The sukiyaki is ready, Fumiko-chan!"

Niramo scoops out large amounts of the hot pot into two seperate bowls before covering the crock pot back up. Taking the bowls out to the living room, Niramo slides one one of the bowls over to the friend across the low table and smiles. "Smells fine, so I think I did the hot pot right."

<Pose Tracker> Fumiko Inoue [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Once again, Fumiko's puffy black coat was useful, as was her new umbrella. The bright pink umbrella with a simple yet familliar snake pattern swirled around it protected her from the cold rain, much like her coat protected her from the cold air.

Now they both rest in her friend's house - coat on the coat rack, umbrella in the umbrella stand. And she herself rests in the living room, eagerly awaiting a warm serving of...

"What's that smell," Fumiko asks, sniffing the air. "It smells quite good! And not at all like something's on fire!" Sukiyaki was ready, and so was she. After giving thanks, she carefully manipulates the chopsticks to feed herself a small amount, and...

..bends over as if sick. "Ugh.. you think you got it right? Really? No you didn't... you got it..." She then leans in, her 'disgusted' expression softening and turning into a smile. "....perfect. You are quite the chef~"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Fumiko's new umbrella certainly caught Niramo's attention when she first saw her friend arrive with it. A snake-themed parasol does stand out, and the ravenette knows one person who uses such a thing all the time in the magical community. It's likely just one big coincidence though! Just because someone buys snake-themed doesn't mean they're a snake person.

Niramo is completely ignoring the fact that she may have more mouse-themed purchased in the last six months.

Niramo raises an eyebrow from the kitchen and shakes her head, a concerned look on her face. "Please don't tell me you set things on fire all the time...then again, I seen someone put octopus ink in spaghetti..." Niramo trails off after that, not wanting to remember that horrid memory more vividly.

Everything certainly seems fine and Niramo eagerly watch her friend/guinea pig test the sukiyaki for her reaction, but her instantly curling up on herself had Niramo getting a horrified look on her face. She was halfway up to go get a waste basket for Fumiko to get sick in it before the prankster came clean. Relief flooded her face for a moment before Niramo pouts and sticks her tounge out at the brown-haired girl. "Geeze...I was afraid we were going have to go take our chances with takeout!"

Taking apart her own chopsticks, Niramo samples a bit of the cooked beef first just to make sure, and nods in appreciation at her own cooking. "Whew...thanks, but flattery won't get you dessert, you know! Besides, i'm not that great, I only started cooking meals a few months ago. Usually I just do sweets."

<Pose Tracker> Fumiko Inoue [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Fumiko tries and fails to stifle a blush at Niramo worrying about her setting things on fire. "I...um... am not the greatest cook. My talents lie elsewhere." She then subtly tilts her head and looks at Niramo with curiosity. "Octopus ink... in spaghetti? I heard there was some dish like that but... is that wrong? Is it a different type of noodle, or is it squid ink not octopus ink?"

A quiet laugh, a cross between a chuckle and a giggle, leaves Fumiko's mouth after she reveals that food would not. "I'm sorry, but I had to tease you. That's..." She freezes for a half a second, face scrunching slightly. "Huh... I guess that's what I do with people I like, but... it does seem kinda mean at times. And I'm trying to get better about that." A bit of noodles, a bit of meat, a little bit of everything is carefully picked up with the chopsticks, and carefully eaten. "Mmm. Mhm. If you aren't that great, you will be, I'm sure! But yeah... your desserts are better. But desserts usually are."

Fumiko's eyes widen, and her head whips around towards the house's entrance. "Oh! I forgot to show you! I got a new umbrella! I don't know whether it is a knockoff of Serpentina's or just a coincidence, but after our shopping trip getting that figurine, I had to buy it!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Niramo shudders a little before nodding her head. "I remember hearing there's a dish like that too, but we were supposed to be making classic spaghetti for a class. The group I was paired up with had spicy peppers in the noodles too, and the class before, another group made exploding pancakes that covered the whole room. You just burning things is an improvement, trust me."

Niramo rolls her eyes and waves Fumiko off as she starts to get onto herself before delivering her friend a fond smile. "It's all in good fun, and you're fine! Besides, if I really thought it was that bad, I wouldn't hang out with you all the time, right?" Niramo enjoys some of her noodles after shoving aside the offending pickle slice away. "You're doing great, just keep at it!"

Niramo does blush at hearing the praise coming from Fumiko, and looks at her friend gratefully. "Thanks, really. Food always taste better when you share it with someone, so I just think that's the case here. And you just want to butter me up for some cookies later, huh?"

"And here I thought you were a Sourisi fan! I'm starting to think you just like magical girls with animal themes!" Niramo calls out to Fumiko as she goes to retrieve the umbrella from earlier. "You really know where to find good deals though!" Yeah, Fumiko is likely just a fan girl for magical girls. Makes total sense!

<Pose Tracker> Fumiko Inoue [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

"Exploding. Pancakes." Just the thought of those two words together makes Fumiko go blank. "...how. That... should not be a thing." Frozen in place, her hand hovers above the bowl, chopsticks in hand. A bit of food falls off back into the bowl.

The conversation about her humor has a better reaction. Fumiko relaxes and smiles. "Thanks. I'm glad I'm not hurting any feelings here. It is something I always worry about." She picks up speed in her eating, not wanting any of the food to go cold. "I'm trying my best, thank you. Not always easy."

"JUST want the cookies? Well, yeah I would love you to make some, but every word I said was true. I am envious of you. Cooking is kinda scary."

Sourisi fan? Fumiko is definitely a Sourisi fan, but not for the reasons Niramo thinks... or maybe... She shakes her head. "No, I'm a huge fan of Sourisi. She's so cool, and talented, and amazing. But Serpentina is pretty cool too, and that bootleg toy looks like me a little. So I thought I'd get the umbrella to go with. Maybe I could cosplay as her too, some time. You could totally see me as Serpentina, couldn't you? But I think you'd be a better Serpentina... maybe you really are her?" She looks suspiciously at Niramo, as if trying to glare into her very soul and read her very heart. "Hm... are you?" She then smiles and winks. "Nah, just kidding."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Niramo gestures wildly with her chopsticks as Fumiko can only imagine the horrors she has faced. "I. Don't. Know! All I know is that Usagi Tsukino was one of the members of the group, so I try not to be around if I see her near a stove. But! In her defense, there wasn't any labels on the ingredients."

Niramo just smiles as she enjoys a bit more of the hot pot, this time banishing a slice of carrot to the same 'corner' in her bowl as the pickle. "Just take it one step at a time! You'll do good as long as you keep at it, and I can get onto you if you take it too far, if you want. Just...don't try the exploding pancake idea."

Niramo's blush grows more visible as it's apparent that Fumiko wasn't just trying to get some extra snacks with some kind words. She's worked hard to get where she is, and hearing someone really compliment her for her efforts is making the ravenette quite flustered. "I-I mean, it's not really 'that' special. I just follow the recipe, anyone can do that..."

Hearing all this praise for Sourisi is only making Niramo's face a bright beet red. She doesn't take on monsters or Akuma for fame! Hopefully Fumiko just think that she's just overreacting to the cooking praise.

Fumiko's suggestion that she could cosplay as the Scalebound Heroine does make Niramo think about the possible connection. And Fumiko has been alluding that she knows the ravenette is the magical community for a while now...wait a minute, Niramo sees it now! 'She wants to make it seem like she's a magical girl to make me spill the beans! Nu-uh, no way. Fumiko would be in danger since she can not defend herself.' "I like green, but not that much! Besides, I don't know the first thing about William 'Snake'speare."

<Pose Tracker> Fumiko Inoue [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

It seems that there is a mysterious Youma in the house. After all, how else could you explain Fumiko's rapidly-vanishing sukiyaki? "Thank you. Thank you for the meal, for the help, for... lots of stuff. Mostly for being my friend. I've never been good at that, and now I've got one who is both nice and good at cooking! If I 'just followed the recipe', it would probably come to life and eat us instead of the other way around!" Despite always being fast with a quip, this feels honest and heartfelt. She really was opening herself to Niramo.

And now the games begin. "Hahaha, 'snake'speare, good one. You are quite clever! But maybe you're right. Maybe you'd be a better Sourisi. You have the s...skill for it! We could totally be a cool villain-fighting duo! But..." She rubs her head in thought. "...what do you like about them? You seem to be a fan too. Maybe for the same reasons as me, maybe for others? I'd love to know what you're thinking."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Hearing Fumiko stumble a little as she thanks Niramo several times about simply being there has the ravenette wishing that more at Juuban would give Fumiko a chance to know her. She really has acted out in the past with some pranks, but Fumiko was really trying to shed that reputation of being a wild prankster. "Well, if you really are serious about learning how to cook, i'll be more than happy to help you out. I don't want you living on instant ramen all your life!"

Niramo's clever attempt to distract Fumiko with a pun fell flat, but as Fumiko starts to question why she knows so much, the ravenette feels herself relax a little. She's absolutely terrible at telling a lie, but this wouldn't be keeping the truth a secret! "Honestly? I'm a big fan of magical girls in general, both the real and fictional ones. Detective Lovelace is one of my favorite shows! And...well, take Serpentina for example. She's pretty cool, stylish, stays calm in the face of danger, and she kicks total butt with a parasol of all things! You see magical girls and boys with swords, staffs, or even their bare fists. Serpentina kicks monster butt with a stylish weapon that stands out!"

Niramo reaches around for the end of her ponytail and tugs on the end once or twice. "It's why I collect magical girl figurines, because they're all so inspiring."

<Pose Tracker> Fumiko Inoue [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Fumiko listens intently with a knowing grin on her face, which slowly fades as a blush spreads across her cheek and over her whole face. Perhaps asking what Niramo liked about Serpentina wasn't the best question. "I-I see. Yes. I agree. She's... pretty cool. I do like my...umbrella. B- but I doubt I can fight with it like she can. Serpentina is super cool and stylish, like Sourisi is awesome and kicks butt with a wildness that is an inspiration. So they are a couple of my favorites." She glances away, trying to hide her embarrassment of both Niramo's unknowing praise of her and having to compliment herself. "I.. um... also collect a few figurines and stuff, but nothing too serious. Because they are inspiring. To me. A-anyways, I seem to have run out of food."

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Niramo notices the blush and raises an eyebrow in surprise, but doesn't try to interupt Fumiko. With how much Fumiko is praising her so much about how she fights as Sourisi, it's a wonder she hasn't burst into flames! It feels a little weird talking about herself in third person. "So we're both in agreement that the Mouse and Snake are our favorites, then? They may not throw out rainbow shots or beams of magic, but they really are something."

Niramo's blush dies down some, and she gives an embarrased smile towards Fumiko. "Well, if it makes you feel any better, I been collecting figurines for over a year now! I have an old Sailor V one that is my first one, and I have several more of her since then!" She's not trying to brag about being a bigger magical girl nerd, but wanting to make Fumiko feel a bit more at ease.

Oh right! The sukiyaki! "Good news, then! I made extra for when mom and dad come home tonight, you're more than free to have some more if you want! But then you might not have room for ice cream~"

<Pose Tracker> Fumiko Inoue [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Fumiko lets out a sigh after all that talk, her face returning to its original color. "Yeah, Mouse and Snake. One of the reasons they are cool is because they don't throw out rainbow shots or beams of magic. They are a little more relatable." The talk of figurines cools things down even more. "Sailor V? Nice. She's got a widespread appeal. I wooonder what her connection to Sailor Venus could be, maybe they're sisters~" She giggles at that thought, but then another curious thought arrived. "Wonder what's with the Sailor theme. None of them seem to use boats, and only one uses water."

More sukiyaki? Ice cream? "Noooo.... why did you have to make me make such a difficult choice? I don't knooowww!" Being part of the Drama Club doesn't seem to be paying off this time, as her despair was incredibly cheesy. "Hm. What kind of ice cream? And what about your parents? I don't want to steal their food!"

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Niramo lets out a small sigh of relief as Fumiko changes the topic to something further away from personal details. And someone who likes that the Miraculous Ninja isn't flashy?...is this what having a die hard fan is like? "...you know? I been wondering about that for ages! They look nothing like sailing outfits! They're very colorful and shows they work together, but...they're not sailing anything!"

The Sailor Scouts are well known for a reason, but the fact they don't sail or rarely scout boggles the mind!

It seems the fate of the hot pot lies in the next few seconds, and it all hinges on one flavor. "Ooh, triple chocolate. You know, little bits of fudge and chocolate chip in chocolate ice cream? I usually keep it all for myself, but...I can spare some for a friend!"

The question about her parents does have Niramo somber a bit, a small smile on her lips. "Usually i'm in bed by the time mom gets home, and dad starts to sleep just before I wake up for school, so I usually try to make extra so they have something to eat before I call it a night." It's clear that while Niramo does love her parents, she does wish they would spend more time with her. "Dad's a detective, so he works weird hours."

<Pose Tracker> Fumiko Inoue [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

"Yeah, that is interesting." Fumiko ponders the question they both share. "Why sailors? Perhaps it is the only uniform they had available? Maybe we should ask them next time we're with them. Oh wait." Fumiko sticks out her tongue at Niramo. "Like that would ever happen." A more important matter needs to be dealt with. "Triple chocolate... yeah, as much as I loved dinner, I think triple chocolate anything always wins out. Next time, I'll get you something, to repay your ice cream sacrifice."

So... Niramo's parents are on a different schedule than her... Fumiko nods understandingly. "It sounds like they work hard. Must be difficult, but at least they are good. Some parents are always there but... never there, you know? My mom..." She swallows. "My mom has gotten better. Not that we need to talk about this." She covers her face with her hands and frowns. "I go from keeping all kinds of secrets to completely opening up and oversharing. I need to keep SOME secrets and can't share EVERY detail of my personal life. I mean, admitting my weirdness, my collections and interests in certain magical girls, I'm going overboard. Guess its because I never had a friend to share things like this."

Wow, that was heavy. Fumiko decides to fix that. "What toppings do we have for the ice cream? Ever try dipping strawberries in chocolate and adding them to ice cream? What is your opinion on sprinkles?" And so on and so forth, starting an onslaught ice cream questions. And it stopped being about a distraction; now she's really into it. After all...

Dessert is a serious topic.