2019-01-03 - TIMELINE 1: My Dinner With Chat

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Title: TIMELINE 1: My Dinner With Chat

Tom and Sabine Dupain-Cheng discover Marinette alone one night with Chat Noir and immediately get the wrong idea! They invite Chat Noir to have a date with Marinette at their home, and Marinette drags in Niramo for support.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agreste, Niramo Umokeshi


Shitamachi Low City - Dupain-Cheng Residence

OOC - IC Date:

01-03-2019 - 08-05-2014

<Pose Tracker> Marinette Dupain-Cheng [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

It should have been a bright sunny August day. In every non-metaphysical way, in fact, it is; the days stretch on, cicadas cry in the distance, and there's just enough heat in the air that ice cream vendors are making a killing. Juuban's classrooms are a bastion of monotonous lectures and glaring sunlight, and every student's mind was wont to wander to fun activities waiting when classes came to an end.

Well. Almost every student.

"Niramo-chan. My friend. Why did classes have to end today? Why couldn't this school day have stretched on into some endless purgatory of education from which we could never escape?!" Marinette's feet plod on the familiar walk towards her home as her eyes search for any kind of escape. The skies, treacherously bereft of the stormclouds the day warrants, continue to be bright and blue. "This is it. My life as a teenager has come to an end, and there's no hope of salvation for me. Tell my story."

That walk is home to some amenities, though, like the aforementioned ice cream vendors. A frozen treat later, and with the relative privacy of a quiet road, Marinette explains in detail. "Okay. So - you remember that Akuma the other day, the gargantuan rampaging toddler? Thanks to...one thing and another, I wound up with his toy while I was Marinette. Chat Noir went to tidy up, dropped by my place - and then Papa saw him on my balcony, assumed I'd been hiding a superhero boyfriend, and /invited him to dinner tonight/."

She gestures wildly with her ice cream bar, droplets of coffee-cream flicking out as she verbally flails. "I didn't even get a chance to explain - that stupid stray cat accepted cheerfully! So now I'm stuck trying to explain a relationship, and desperately trying to find a way to have it not seem like wedding bells are on the horizon, and I need moral support and any kind of hope of not becoming a cat bride! Niramo-chan, is there any chance you can join us for supper, and maybe help me explain?"

Briefly, sheepishly, she holds up her phone. "I tried asking Adrien-kun too, but apparently he has 'plans' tonight. Treachery, base treachery..."


And then there's the bakery. Warm, inviting, with the shop portion closed for the evening. Even though the sun is still high, the hour of supper looms close...and the bakers of this little patisserie have more important things to do than stay open another hour. There's a light on in the window, and delicious smells emanating from within...for those brave enough to introduce themselves to Tom Dupain.

<Pose Tracker> Chat Noir [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Despite being a famous fashion model, Chat did feel nervous about his outfit. Going on a 'date' in his super identity did make things rather tricky. He currently wore his regular outfit, but he put on the best silk black tie to go around his neck, and then found a gold belt to go around his waist. He had a feeling his father wouldn't have approved his fashion choice in this case, but frankly Chat had other issues on his mind.

He jumped over the rooftops as he pondered. On the one hand, a girl confessed to him! That had never happened to him. On the other, it had been his friend Marinette. She was a great friend, but Chat wasn't certain how he felt about her as a potential girlfriend. Besides, it felt wrong to be considering it when his heart already belong to his ladybug.

What to do, what to do? He had called Niramo to get her advice about the situation.

"Be calm, courteous, be yourself and try to keep the puns to a minimum if you can. One or two is fine, but you want to have a 'paw'isititve relationship, right?"

It made sense, it was going to be hard to hold back the puns considering Marinette's parents were bakers, but he would do it. He stood at the building that was in front of the bakery and took a deep breath as he landed on the ground. "Just relax, no pressure and we'll see how this goes," he mutters to himself as he adjusts his tie and ran his claws through his hair to straighten them. Everything would be just fine.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Despite how bright and cheerful the day outside is, it doesn't change the fact that Niramo was inside Juuban for extra classes. No, not for bad grades or the like, but in a moment of twisted evil, Takk had actually forged her parent's signature to sign her up for a bit of classes in the middle of the summer break. "A little more knowledge is worth your free time. Stop acting like you're suffering!"

Niramo is still impressed the tiny mouse did such a good job on the signatures. Not that she's going to let Takk know.

Back in the present, Niramo is honestly starting to get worried about Marrinette. She's used to her friend's quirks by now, but the way she has been acting today...it was more like she wished Hawkmoth would attack them directly then face her troubles at home. "You mean the toddler that swung me around by my tail like I was a rattle? I wish I could forget that." The news that Chat Noir had met Marinette and...actually been invited to dinner was a shock. Not for the first time, Niramo fights the urge to just tell Marinette who Chat Noir was under the mask, but...hey, things can't be that bad, right?

Oh, how little did Niramo knew.

"Wait, they think Chat Noir is your boyfriend? Um...well, real life is nowhere near as crazy as some manga plotlines. There's no chance they're going to enforce marriage onto you two...y-yeah, i'm sure of it." The remains of a strawberry-flavored popsicle is dispose strawberry-flavored popsicle is disposed of in the trash, and Niramo turns to give Marinette a comforting one-armed hug. "And of course i'll be there! I'm not going to leave you alone on the battlefield of love, even if it's sort of misguided!"

Arriving a little early this evening and with butterflies in her stomach, Niramo was dressed up a nice thin-strap blue dress that comes to her knees and just a touch of makeup on her face. It was the best she could do on such short notice, but she's not going to leave two friends in need. They both needed support, even if they both didn't seem to realize it. So many things could go wrong tonight, but if things go well enough...well, maybe the Ladybug could finally have a date with a black cat. It's clear the two have feelings for each other, even if it happens to be on the opposite sides of the masks.

Knocking on the bakery door, Niramo waits to be greeted with that warm-hearted father of Marinette.

<Pose Tracker> Marinette Dupain-Cheng [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

"...you're sure there's no Akuma, Tikki? No weird giant monsters? No challenge from a resurrected ancient queen bent on revenging herself on a reincarnated-"

In her room, Marinette receives a firm bop on the nose from her partnered Kwami. "Don't try to dodge away from this! I keep telling you that honesty is the best policy - apart from keeping a secret identity, that is. I'm sure if you patiently explain things, your parents will understand!"

Marinette's response is to roll over and scream into her pillow. "Papa and Maman are both just so...enthusiastic! It's like they've been waiting all year for me to declare interest in someone, and now that they think I have they're going into four million percent approval!" With a sigh, she flips herself out of bed and onto her feet. "At least Niramo's going to try to help out. I just need to get dressed - I think the white blouse? It's a bit warm for my usual cardigan." She hems and haws until the door opens downstairs, at which point there's a flurry of panic.


"Good evening! You must be - oh, you're Marinette's friend. Right, she said you'd be dropping by..." Tom Dupain, as ever, is a towering barrel of a man. He's dressed up a little bit, breaking out his good chef's smock and giving the buttons a good polish. White and silver, with just a faint dusting of flour visible in his moustache.

He scratches his head for a moment, but steps aside to let Niramo in. Once the doorway is clear, though, he sticks his head outside to look up at the skies above. "I guess teenagers today bring friends along on their dates? How quickly times change..."

Clearing his throat as he closes the door, he smiles beneath his moustache. "Welcome to our home! Sabine is finishing up the hors d'oeuvres, so you can wait in the living room if you like, or go up to see-"

Footsteps interrupt him as Marinette races down the stairs three at a time. She arrives in the foyer short of breath, wearing a nice blouse with a pink pencil skirt - slightly dressed up, but still semi-casual. "Oh thank god you're here. I mean - good evening! I guess Chat Noir isn't here after all, oh well, such a shame we'll-"

And then there's a knock on the door, as Chat appears to have made his arrival. Tom throws open the door with palpable glee, voice booming out. "Good evening! You must be the nice young man Marinette's been hiding from us - come in, come in! It smells like the goat cheese canapes are almost ready - make yourself at home!"

So that's the entryway, with Marinette looking like a startled deer.

<Pose Tracker> Chat Noir [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Chat gave the biggest grin as he was greeted at the door and tried not to flinch from the enthuisatic grip Tom had as he shook his hands. Who knew baker's hands could be so strong? "Thank you for having me," Chat greeted and sniffs the air. "Yum, they smell delicious. I am a fan of both fish and cheese!"

He resists the urge to make a fish related pun as spots Niramo and moves towards her. "Glad to see you're here," he whispers to her. "I'm a bit nervous." He looks over her outfit. "You look nice by the way."

Then Marientte appears in the door. Chat clears his throat, takes a bow and presents the single rose had had been hiding. "Here, a rose for a rose," he said as he winked, "although you are far less thorny in my experience," he said with a wink and prays Marientte smiles in reaction.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The door opens wide as Tom Dupain greets Niramo enthusiastically at first, but that enthusiasm dies down quickly when he realizes that it was only Niramo at the door and not a certain black cat. "Oh, it's quite alright, Tom-san. Marinette wanted me to come and give her support. She's, um..., well, a little nervous about having you meet Chat Noir in person, so here I am!" Letting herself in quickly, the fact that she's here to support two friends on a date doesn't change the fact that Sabine's cooking is filling the air. It's almost enough to make up for how stressful this night is going to be!


Marinette arrives down the stairs almost at a fall, and Niramo waves a hand in greeting, not trusting her smile this evening. "Marinette-chan, thanks again for inviting me over. I-I'm sure he's only a little late!" Oh dear, Marinette is already in full panic mode, and Chat isn't even here yet-

Another knock at the door introduces Chat Noir into the doorway, and Niramo can't help but find it so surreal on how Chat Noir looks in a tie. The gold belt fits well with his suit, however! "Of course, i'm sure things are going to go great tonight! And I actually pictured you wearing a bow tie for some reason..." A conspiratory whisper is shared, and a quick wink is passed along to help cheer Chat Noir up. Giant rampaging toddlers barely bother the Miraculous Cat, but a date with a friend is almost too much!

Looking back over at Marinette has Niramo climbing up the stairs to help reboot her friend. Marinette.exe is not going to have a fatal error tonight! "Marinette-chan, I know it's a little hard, but keep calm, okay? You'll do fine tonight! And look, he even brought a flower. He really is a charmer." One hand gives Marinette a gentle push forward, and Niramo is praying to whatever gods that may be listening that tonight wouldn't end catastrophically. Was that too much to ask for?

<Pose Tracker> Marinette Dupain-Cheng [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

He's here. Chat Noir, the obnoxious stray cat, actually followed through and showed up and he has flowers what even is this reality?!

Swaying like a flower in a spring breeze, Marinette takes the flower, staring at the bloom dumbfounded. "You...even brought a flower." Echoing Niramo, she slowly looks up from the single rose to the single rose-bearer. The joke finally sinks in, and there is a smile in response - although the laughter definitely has a touch of nervousness. "I...try not to be? I mean, better to get things going on the right petal - I mean root - I mean foot!"

There's a glance to Niramo, as if to say 'SAVE ME', but there's little hope of Marinette staying calm.

Fortunately, Tom is an excellent host. "Well, I'm sure you're used to not having this much of an audience - shall we retire to the dining room? Sabine and I have been hard at work!"

They have. And it shows. The first course, at least, has something of a French edge to it - mostly comprised of pastries. The star of the show is the 'vol au vent' - a puff-pastry cup filled with a creamy goat-cheese filling and topped with a thin slice of fish. There's a couple of fruitier options, as well, and Tom busies himself pouring drinks for all.

Sabine - a shorter woman, also dressed as a professional chef - leans forward, resting her chin on folded hands. "Welcome, Chat Noir. We've certainly heard a lot about you - but only third-hand, at best. It's a pleasure to have a hero here in our home - tell me, how did you and our dear Marinette meet?"

She's smiling. That's a good thing, right?

In her seat next to Chat Noir - because of course her parents arranged seating accordingly - Marinette tries to shrink down as much as possible, as if it's possible to hide behind a wineglass of water. It...really isn't.

<Pose Tracker> Chat Noir [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Chat smiles, happy with the response and Chat is finding Marientte to be rather adorable at the moment. His eyes widened at the sight of food.

"Goodness, Sir, this is a feast fit for a king," he exclaims and sincerely means it. "I feel honored to just gaze upon it." Chat hope his stomach wouldn't rumble at the sight. Granted, he knew Marienette's family were highly regarded when it came to food. The few times Adrien had come here to study, her parents were always presenting glorious snacks. For Chat, who was always on a strict model style diet, they were a treat in this. But this...this felt like a dream.

However, his eye the food candy in front of him is stopped short as Tom asks a question. Chat laughs nervously as he tucked his hand behind his head. "Uh well, it's an interesting story," the truth was in class, but Chat couldn't say that without giving himself away, then his brain clicked, "it was during one of my first adventures!" He patted Marientte's shoulder. "There was an Akuma that was in love with Marinette and I had to act as her personal bodyguard, and I was more than happy to do so." He nodded proudly. "I was very impressed by her bravely back then.

He looks to Niramo for encouragement. That was a good answer, right? There was nothing wrong with that, right?

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

It takes a powerful surge of willpower not to bury her head into her hands as Marinette stumbles over her words, but somehow Niramo resists the urge to do so. Marinette always seems to know what to do when Ladybug was on center stage, but her secret identity has trouble with the most normal of situations! Then again, this isn't exactly a normal situation, was it?

All Niramo could do was shift her shoulders slightly in apology to Marinette before she is whisked away with Tom. But at least Chat Noir was doing his best to be polite.

When Marinette had mentioned that her parents were giving it their all now that she had a 'boyfriend', Niramo understandably thought that Marinette was simply overreacting. It's what she's prone to do, after all. But seeing the first course that Sabine has prepared...well, it's safe to say that one butterfly in Niramo's stomach has just multiplied. 'Uh oh...they're really serious about this!' Quietly taking her seat across the table from Marinette and Chat Noir, she tries her best to smile at both of her friends.

And Chat Noir is able to make a great story on the spot! Maybe if she can add in a few details... "That's right! Chat Noir-san jumped in right away once he realized that Marinette-chan was in trouble, but it turned out to be more focused on her talents as a fashion designer than true love. But he's been nothing but a gentleman to her whenever he meets up with her!"

Hopefully that story can be good for both of her friends, to downlplay their relationship but help Chat Noir feel at ease!

<Pose Tracker> Marinette Dupain-Cheng [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Secretly, Marinette had been hoping - just a bit - that Chat Noir would be blunt about them only being seen as together due to that most recent of Akuma. Instead...

Instead he brings up an older adventure, one Marinette had nearly forgotten. She turns to Chat, mouth opening slightly in protest, as he describes that 'first' encounter in a fashion that has both Sabine's and Tom's eyes practically sparkling.

Then Niramo jumps in, describing the stray cat as a gentleman, and the sparkling intensifies. Distantly, wedding bells begin to ring, echoing across time into Marinette's hearing.

There's only one thing for it. Desperately try to clarify and de-escalate.

"I mean - it wasn't that dangerous! Sure it was the fashion thing, or maybe me stepping in due to some bullies in class, but Chat was just being a bit overprotective! He really didn't have to keep that close a watch on me then - or that other time, or the other night - it was more than he really had to do! I guess that...might be gentlemanly?" A thoughtful look crosses her face.

A pointed look glints into Sabine's eyes as Marinette's attempt utterly fails.

Tom - towering, broad, cheerful Tom Dupain - bellows in laughter. "Quite the adventure! Maybe not quite the same as how Sabine and I met, but quite the story all the same!" He finishes a little tartlet, a thoughtful expression crossing his face at Niramo's explanation. "So what is it you found interesting about Marinette, young man? The fashion interest, like Umokeshi-chan here suggested, or something else entirely?"

Marinette nearly chokes on her sip of water. "Papa! You can't just ask-" She's left in a bit of a coughing fit, though - perhaps someone should help?"

<Pose Tracker> Chat Noir [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Chat blushes slightly as Mariette gives her side of the story. He wasn't being that over protective was he? However, then Tom asks a question he had never expected to answer. "What do I like about Marinette?"

He paused in thought, but then found several suggestions entered his mind. "Well, she's a hard worker, and she's so creative. Some of her designs just amaze me, and would put some professional fashion designers to shame." He then started to count on his fingers. "She's also kind, loyal and very brave. I swear she had a glare that could scare off any akuma..."

He froze as it suddenly dawned on him that these were answers that he would be giving as Adiren, not as Chat Noir. Correcting his error, he cough into his hang and then laid back in the chair. "She is just paws-itively charming! And is just Purrrfect in everything."

He gave a forced smile and pray no one caught on to his earlier mistake.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Niramo's attempt to defuse the situation while helping Chat Noir was more akin to adding bottles of gasoline to a massive bonfire in an attempt to put it out. Was Marinette cursed somehow when she was a child to live an interesting life? 'There's no way this could get any worse!'...and Niramo mentally slaps herself for thinking that. Now things are going to escalate even more!

Why did two of her best friends need to have such complex lives?!

Forcing water through a tight throat, Niramo tries to shoot Chat Noir a discreet look to find some way to make Tom and Sabine somehow lose interest. She may have never gone on a date before, but Marinette's parents were looking like they have already found the ideal man for their daughter! No one needs to be married before they get into high school!

Unfortunately, Chat Noir is rather truthful about his answers...and gives away answers that Chat Noir shouldn't know. Using the pretense of wiping her lips with a napkin to facepalm at the disaster before her, Niramo takes a calming breath. Her thoughts are racing faster than Plagg's mouth as she tries to come up some way to discredit Chat Noir, when he fortunately does it for her!

Latching onto that single thread, Niramo tugs on before that wedding kimono can be woven onto her friend. "As kind as Chat Noir is, he has absolutely the worst humor in the world. Telling puns is a good way to atagonize an Akuma, but Marinette-chan absolutely hates that kind of humor. It would never work out, and maybe they should just be friends?"

Each word is a punch in the stomach for this pun lover, but for the sake of friendship, no sacrifice is too great!

<Pose Tracker> Marinette Dupain-Cheng [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

As Chat Noir lists positive trait after positive trait, Marinette's face turns redder and redder. It hits the point that she could practically be wearing a red mask, and once again she tries - and fails - to hide behind her water.

There's a stray thought in the back of her mind, trying to recall when she showed Chat Noir her fashion designs...but surely she must have, right?

Fortunately for Plagg's secret-keeping skills, the pun utterly derails her train of thought. All she can do is groan, bury her face in her arms, and mutter aloud. "As terrible as ever, kitten..."

Marinette's mother's ears practically perk up at that little nickname - but mercifully, the oven timer dings. There's a brief exchange of glances between her and Tom, before she gets up with a sigh. "I'd better get the main course finished; I'm sure Tom can entertain our guests for a few minutes. Right, Marinette dear?"

There's another groan from Buried In Arms Town.

Tom harrumphs, frowning for a moment at Niramo's little break-up suggestion...but then a broad smile returns to his face, lifting even his bushy moustache. "Oh, I'm sure that kind of mismatch could work out. Sabine and I are both bakers, but she usually avoids that kind of joke...whereas I'm always ready to rise to the occasion. It might be a bit of a pain - " Pronounced as the French word for bread. " - but I'd wager they'll just knead to kiss and bake up." His eyes glint, practically challenging Chat to pun right back.

Marinette's groans of agony just get all the louder.

<Pose Tracker> Chat Noir [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Niramo's comments about him and Marinette causes him to pause. Did he go too far? He clears his throat and flicks his hair back. "Frankly, if we decide to be just friends I would forever be grateful to have that. She is someone you would want to have in your corner when enemies have their claws out."

Then Tom's makes his puns and Chat's ears both perk up as if he'd been given a large portion of cream. "Oh, those were simply delicious puns," he commented with a purr and waved a hand. "I do promise that I would never dessert Marinette if she was ever in a jam." He continued to grin. "As long as I am alive and cake-ing, I will never hesitate to lend her a paw." He snickered and hoped Tom appreciate the puns.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Things are only getting worse, and it's clear how. Not only did Chat Noir accidently slipped up and say something only Adrien and herself would know, but Marinette, poor and doomed Marinette, might have caught onto that slip of the tongue! Maybe for the first time ever, this might be a situation where Lucky Charm will not enough to win the day.

And Niramo winces noticeably when she hears Ladybug's pet name for her partner in crime coming from Marinette's lips. If this night continues like it has been going, the final secret left between this trio might be revealed. Think, Niramo, think!

Sadly, it's always Ladybug who can make the most ingenious of plans when it's down to the wire.

It's hard to eat Sabine's wonderous cooking with those nerves of hers getting worse by the minute, but what can Niramo do to fix this! Sabine and Tom approve of Marinette 'dating' a superhero, there's already love between the two even if they don't seem to know about it, and Tom loves puns as well! Glancing over at Marinette, the Juuban girl makes a mental note that Marinette doesn't owe her anything for this disaster. The game of love might have been stacked against Ladybug from the start.

Despite her earlier comments and the butterflies fluttering in her stomach, Niramo giggles at Chat Noir's latest masterpiece. "Chat...please, dessert it hurt to say such terrible jokes? I see you are trying to frost-er a relationship with Tom-san, but you batter stop."

Unfortunately for Marinette, Niramo has finally cracked under the pressure. If you can't beat them, you might as well join them.

<Pose Tracker> Marinette Dupain-Cheng [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The puns from her father are terrible, Chat responding in kind just makes things worse, and Niramo joining in is just the icing on the disaster cake that is this evening.

And yet, Marinette has to wonder. The goal of the night was...supposedly to try to clear the air regarding the rumours about her and Chat Noir. If that was the aim, it's been an absolute disaster...but honestly, Chat doesn't seem to be trying all that hard to dissuade her parents. She didn't even know he'd wanted to be friends with her civilian identity...

(Niramo's attempts to help seem to have just made things worse, and for that particular betrayal there will one day be a reckoning.)

Marinette slowly lifts her head, eyes on Chat as he engages in a pun war against her father, a thoughtful frown pursing her lips. Unseen at the kitchen door, Sabine watches her in turn, carefully judging the thoughts that might run through a teen's head...

Finally, Marinette sighs. Loudly. Her parents seem to approve anyway, and it's not like dating's an eternal bond to be cemented in the stone of the cosmos, so... "Why not," she mutters.

And then, louder, "I think it's time that little pun war started icing over." She smirks, briefly, and Niramo might recognize it as a Ladybug special. "Papa, Maman - I'm glad you two like Chat, but it'd be nice if we had some space too. We're just teenagers in middle school, and it's way too early for you to start ringing wedding bells before we've even had the chance to go on some proper dates - so don't get overly enthusiastic. Please?"

She smiles, as best she can, in the hopes that the rest of the dinner can go peacefully.

<Pose Tracker> Chat Noir [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

For a second, Chat begins to wonder if he had cross the line with Marinette but then Niramo joins in and can't help but grin. "Oh but my puns are just the icing on the cake." Then Marniette speaks and he blinks. Did...did Marinette just suggest they go out..like for real? Real? he is stunned, but finds himself smiling. "That is a sweet endeavor I will gladly take you up on, my lady," he said with a bow and he took her hand hand kissed it. "Being with you will be a real treat for me." He gives Niramo a thumbs up. It wasn't quite the night he planned, but this was something he was willing to at least explore.

<Pose Tracker> Niramo Umokeshi [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Only after did she start into the pun war did Niramo realize that maybe she shouldn't have slipped into a bit of Sourisi's banter with Chat Noir. Tom joining in only encouraged her all the more, and it just slipped out. She wasn't even looking at Marinette, but the short girl is almost certain her friend would be staring daggers at her if could regain her composure.

Niramo would love to blame Adrien for teaching her how to pun, but that would be an outright lie. He only enabled her.

Marinette's sigh cuts through the tension like a hot knife, but what she said was not what she had expected. Wait, was she...actually willing to go along with this? To date Chat Noir for real?! If Marinette had suddendly grown a second head that was her evil doppelganger and revealed that her evil conjoined twin was Hawk Moth all along, Niramo would not be more surprised. But she was willing to give it a chance...maybe there was hope for Chat and Ladybug's bizarre love life after all. "I...yes, Marinette-chan wanted my support, to try to have you two slow down just a little because she couldn't find the words, but...i'm glad you can say it yourself."

Even though the butterflies in Niramo's stomach are finally settling down, why is there an building sense of doom in the air?...no, it must just be the nerves.

<Pose Tracker> Marinette Dupain-Cheng [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The next day, Marinette's voice can be heard from the doorway of the bakery. "No, you two can't put up a banner advertising that Chat Noir's girlfriend lives here!"