2016-08-22 - Grand Theft IceCream

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Title: Grand Theft IceCream

A magical ice cream truck is assaulted by Kasagami Araki! Brave defenders of Tokyo show up to stop this chilly caper!


Kasagami Araki, Akira Moto, Ren Aizawa, Endo Naoki, Yumi Ohzora, Saki Hyuuga, Iona Hikawa, Garnet


Uminari Park

OOC - IC Date:

<-8-22-2016 - Nov 15th 2014>

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

It's a nice, breezy day in Uminari's park. The sun's shining, it's not too cold, and the ocean nearby is gently rocking in relatively low tide. The park isn't quite crowded, but neither is it unused. A few local students are running in a group, there's one member of Infinity's kendo club out practicing. There's plenty of dogs, children, and chatting parents.

Right near the iconic playground with that huge penguin slide there's a truck parked! All white's and light blues, it sings out a merry tune as a young woman in a white hat, shirt, and dress blouse calls out!

"Ice creeeam! Get your ice cream here! Pink Flower Ice Cream, made with love for all the good boys and girls!" Comes the woman's voice, the purple-haired young woman cheerful. She even whistles as she gives a small child her ice cream from the truck's window!

This isn't just any ordinary ice cream, either. It might be just a quirk, it might be some magical ice-cream making chef's touch, but Pink Flower Ice Cream has that touch of magic that makes it taste heavenly. There's no dark taint. Just pure concentrated love that has a long line of kids, adults, and teenagers alike eager to get some.

Very much against regulations, a black sedan pulls up not too far from the truck. All four doors open. Three nondescript Men in Black step out from the car, clutching swords at their sides. The fourth occupant, the driver, is none other than Kasagami Araki! Her coat is already blazing with roses as she slams the door to the sedan closed, and in one giant leap, clears a good story of height only to land right on top of the ice cream truck. A booted heel slams down onto the speaker, and the music, cheerful, stops.

"Gooooood evening ladies and gentlemen! I regret to inform you all that this ice cream truck is now closed, so be good and get on out of here!"

Those men in black are already approaching the crowd, even as Kasagami raises both hands outstretched. She's grinning and laughing. Inwardly, she feels that familiar knot of guilt that what she's doing is a trashy thing.

Between the leaping black-haired maniac, and the three goons on the ground, the crowd panics and people are already screaming as they run away. The poor woman in the truck shrieks, drops an ice cream cone. Shuddering, curled up, the young woman is already crying.

Leeeeean. Kasagami leans over the side of the truck only to peek in upside down at the woman.

"Oh, jeez...h...hey I'm not gonna hurt you, okay!? Just drop the keys, I'm after the truck, not you. C...c'mon stop crying okay?" Oh yeah, she sounds like she feels awful already.

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. One of the people at the park right now is Akira Moto. She's been pretty wrecked the past few days so, a little ice cream goes a long long way. She idly licks at some green tea ice cream and it brings a warm smile to her face. "Mmmmmmm Yummy!"

Thats about the point that a very familiar person shows up. Amidst the men in black she spies a familiar person to her. Quickly she stands up and walks over toward Kasagami. At no point does she realet anyone actually stop her. She's not henshined yet of course. If she were, odds are she would be picking a fight with a bunch of thugs right now.

"Hey What gives! What is so bad about this place being open! The ice cream is amazing. You should try it. All you are going to accomplish here by shutting down this truck is upsetting a lot of people. Just let people be happy." She frowns. Its a huge step for the young girl to actually stand up and say something. Maybe Fu is rubbing off on her. <Pose Tracker> Mai Mishou [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

Mai Mishou was on her way to get ice cream. She, of course, isn't alone. She walks side-by-side with Saki Hyuuga. A smile is on her face, while she walks. "This will be fun!" she says. "I heard that Pink Flower Ice Cream is really good. Have you ever had it, Saki?"

"I can't wait-chopi!" Choppy says.

"We'll have to make you some ice cream, Choppy," Mai says, cheerfully. But, she slows to a stop, as she spots something: the black sedan. She sees the men in black climbing out, followed by the rose duelist, and then gasps softly when they make their declaration. She looks at the young woman crying. "How... how horrible!"

She looks at Saki. "We have to transform!" she cries out. She reaches a hand out, clutching Saki's hand. "Dual Spirit ual Power!" the two girls cry as one. In a flash of light, Cure Egret stands there. She points a gloved finger /directly/ at Kasagami.

"How dare you ruin a lovely day with ice cream!" she says. "And scare that poor lady! Look how hard she was working! I-I can't forgive you! And I want to share that ice cream with everyone!"


<Pose Tracker> Ren Aizawa [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

It's a relatively nice November day, despite the chilly breeze that blows through the city. And Ren is out with Endo! She walks alongside him, arm linked in his, as they make their way through the seaside park area. "I'm soooo ready for this term to be over!" She says, leaning her head against Endo's shoulder slightly with a sigh. "I swear the teachers are trying to do us in with all this homework!" Indeed she's had to contend with an unusual amount of it -- to the point where she's had to reschedule several plans just to make sure she got it all done. But now she's mostly over it, and what better way to take a break than to get some ice cream?

"There it is!" She points to the cute little ice cream truck with the enthusiastic vendor shouting for everyone to come on over and grab a cone. "Oh good! We got here before they sold out!" One would point out that eating ice cream during the winter season might be ill-advised, but they've obviously never had Pink Flower Ice Cream!

As they approach, however, a black sedan rolls up, and out hops some pretty intimidating looking Men in Black -- with swords. "Wha-?" Ren stops, looking over to Endo confusedly. And /then/ the driver hops out and /jumps/ onto the ice cream truck, announcing that it's now closed for business and that everyone needs to leave. "I-Is she serious? Why would someone do this...?"

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed. Endo walks along beside Ren, hand in hand, taking his time as they stroll along toward the ice cream truck. He seems to be in agreement about school, replying, "Yeah, I can't wait for it to be over. It's too much work, right?" But ice cream is a good distraction.

All is well. Until that black van pulls up, and Kasagami makes her leap over to the truck. Endo pauses, observing this, and then turns his gaze back to Ren. "Is she stealing the ice cream? Do people actually do that?" Unthinkable! "Really? First trying to beat up old guys, and now this? Isn't that too much? Do you thing we should stop her?"

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

What is the meaning of Pink Flower Ice Cream? Do people like the lovingly-drawn labels? Is it just something in how it's meant? Yumi Ohzora... has absoluely no idea. She knows nothing about making ice cream. Why should she?

But it's a fun diversion to think about it as she decides to try it out, her wandering having taken her out to this part of town anyway to look out at the water. ...And avoid the aquairium. She's still in uniform, silvery hair loose as she turns back and starts back towards the park itself, wandering along the sidewalk. She doesn't exactly walk quickly. ...Noteven when...

Ah! There it is. Yumi leans forward, pink eyes narrowing as she read the sign through her glasses, before--


The sedan is weird at first, but then it's--

The high schooler stares. "...There really /is/ a secret to Pink Flower Ice Cream..."

From beside her a cat looks up, black-furred and tiny, with the most longsuffering look a cat can have. "Technically," the cat allos, while she's sure no one is looking at the both of them.

"Hey, come on!"

But there are Cures first, and Yumi pauses mid-walk. "Ah...?" Blink. "Well I mean, it's not like they're eating peoples' /hearts/...."

She turns and shares a look with her cat. She stares a moment longer.

"Hey! You can't just close the truck by jumping on it! We have... laws!"

<Pose Tracker> Saki Hyuuga [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Saki Hyuuga being more than an arms' length from Mai Mishou usually requires at least some justification. That didn't happen today /so you don't get any/.

Which is to say, Saki is firmly within Mai's orbit, visibly excited for the prospect of delicious iced creams. "No!" she chirps to Mai. "It hasn't come out our way yet." Which is why they've hiked all the way to Shitamachi for the stuff, of course. "I'm really excited! This should be great!"

"We should get some too-lapi!"

"You can't eat our food!" Saki reminds her belt, with the evil grin of someone who is /finally/ able to turn the tables on a serial nuisance. But she allows Mai's cheer, nodding along. "We'll get you some after we're done, OK?"

She takes a second longer to notice what Mai's looking at, head slowly tipping. "There's no way a normal person moves like that, right?" she asks Mai. "It's...a bad guy??" Is. is this a kind of bad guy. she doesn't know. The idea of bad guys who don't look like Perfect Cell is weird to her.

Mai's already made the call, and Saki nods, trusting her completely. She reaches out for Mai's hand. The Mix Commune is in her hands swiftly, and one cascade of rainbow light later, Cure Bloom's heels are touching the ground lightly, greeted to the earth by a splash of golden sparkles.

"I don't sense any dark power though-lapi..."

"Look at them! She jumped super high! And is bullying kids! Apparently that's something evil generals do, I saw it once. We can't let her have her way!" Cure Bloom says.

Arguing with her belt, for some reason.

<Pose Tracker> Iona Hikawa [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Iona Hikawa has had a good day today. Well, it was a good day because it was like most every other day. She woke up, went to school, went home, practiced her karate, and then went to sleep. Well, so far she's between 'going home' and 'practicing her karate', passing the Uminari park as everything is going to pot.

People scream, people flee, and Men in Black do their End of the World thing. Iona's usual cheerful demeanor (and she has felt extraordinarily cheerful for some reason) starts to fade as her face settles into a determined line, and the purple haired girl slinks behind a piece of playground equipment and pulls out her mirror.

As the purple light fades and Iona becomes the Cure Fortune, she notices another presence. A presence that has been there for a very long time. At least before school started for the day. It has sat there watching the ice cream truck since it arrived here. Cure Fortune takes a moment to address the figure. "So this is where you've been all day."

Glassan turns and looks at Cure Fortune, before floating up to her and grabbing the Cure's jacket, shaking it in tiny fairy rage. "Cure Fortune! They're stealing the ice cream!"

Fortune, ever stoic, blinks, before smiling and gently peeling the fairy off of her. "I see that, and I'm gonna stop them. But it's just ice cream, Glassan. When we get home, we can go to the supermarket and get a lot of it on sale--"

"You don't understand, Fortune! It's /Pink Flower Ice Cream/. The most delicious ice cream here in Tokyo! If they destroy it, I... I don't know what will happen!"

Fortune continues smiling, but decides to end the conversation by turning away. "I'll make sure that doesn't happen." And then she hops up on top of the playground equipment, even adding a little 'hup' as she hops, right before she jumps down into the main area of the park.

Glassan positions herself on top of the structure Fortune just leapt, to add one last encouraging comment. "Get me some when you're done!"

<Pose Tracker> Garnet [None] has posed. As much as Steven Universe grows, changes, and matures, there are certain things that will always stay the same. Certain inalienable truths. And one of those, is that he LOVES Ice Cream.

So when Garnet heard news of the new ice cream rumored to be better than all the rest, she knew she had to get some for him! It was also rumored (or perhaps just advertised) to be made with magic and made of pure, concentrated love, and Garnet of course, has no reason to suspect that statement is anything but literally true. So it was with some excitement that she made her way to the water park, a tantalizingly relative close distance from their home on the bay. Excitement cut short by the robbery happening on her arrival, a possiblity that she had foreseen but seemed so cartoonishly outlandish that she discounted it, thinking perhaps she was just remembering something from one of Steven's Comic Books.

Obvious getaway car? Check. Multitude of Non-descript Henchmen? check. Costumed leader trying her best to keep it together with loudly proclaimed posturing, but looking a bit out of sorts when it comes to action? Double check.

Nevertheless, to Garnet's chagrin, it was real, and really happening, and evil can be strange and inscrutable. Very strange and inscrutable. She sighs and leaps towards the scene, landing on the roof of parked car. For a situation as zany and chaotic as this, Garnet is relieved to meditate on the harmony of the universe, and summon her armored gauntlets!

Thinking perhaps they might respond to bravado, remembering her days as Captain Square, Garnet poses as if addressing a wrestler and points at the black motorcade and its drivers. "That ice cream truck does NOT belong to you! Let it go, and go home!"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

It's Akira! She seems to remember her from the ice skating trip! Kasagami looks from her perch atop the ice cream truck, and gives a big frown! There's a point at the young woman with a single index finger. "I'm not gonna say you're wrong! But I need this ice cream truck for reasons, okay? Go home, kiddo. Don't want to be involved in all this."

Next, there's a PreCure in the audience! Egret gets a glare in turn! "So you can't forgive me, huh? I'm not asking for forgiveness! I'm asking for a truck full of very delicious ice cream! She'll get over it. Now get lost before I stop /asking/ and start /taking/!" That very long sword is slowly drawn out of its sheath as she points the blade right back at Cure Egret!

Similarly, Yumi gets a blade pointed at her threateningly! Even as people run away, a few remain aside from our various heroes!


"Forget your laws! I've got a big sword and a fancy coat! And I'm pretty darn charming when I put my mind to it, so there! Also I've got minions." She snarls to Yumi!

Said minions are already raising their blades, some of them trying to bonk Yumi, Akira, and other unhenshined people on the heads to try to knock them out!

"Caaareful! Don't hurt 'em too much, just put 'em out cold!"

Garnet arrives! "Not happening, big and pink! ...Nice shades, by the way. Ah...anyway! You want to stop it? Come and get some!" Two arms open in a threatening, 'come at me' gesture. Kasagami isn't subtle.

Meanwhile, the pretty cure in the audience get a far more active deterrant from Kasagami herself! "I'M NOT GONNA ASK TWICE, GET LOST IF YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL MY SWORD!"

That's when she makes a two-handed grip on her blade, and swings it in the air. A burst of rose petals flows through the air alongside wind that sends a few normal people tumbling, but otherwise unharmed. People like the Pretty Cure and Garnet will get an actual burst of hammering dark red rose petals as well as pure wind!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Egret [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

Cure Egret pauses when she sees a sword pointed right at her. She may have faced Akudaikan's minions before, been blasted and tossed, but she hasn't had a weapon pointed at her by a person. She freezes up, for a moment. But then she shakes her head, banishing that thought. Her resolve only magnifies when she sees the goons running at those that haven't transformed. She looks sideways at her friend.

"Bloom!" she says. "We can't let her! We--oh! Cure Fortune is here, too!"

Egret's head snaps back towards Kasagami. The wind whips in, dark red rose petals rushing and whipping at her. The girl leaps into the air with a flourish, entering into a tight spin. Silvery sparkles flutter after her; the wind whips them by as she /just/ manages to clear that rush of petals. "How dare you have them attack people!" she cries out, as she comes down at Kasagami. Her foot swings back.

And a little further back.

Then it comes snapping right at the side of Kasagami's head, silvery light aglow along Cure Egret's fantastic boot. "We'll set this right! That is what Pretty Cure stands for!"

<Pose Tracker> Ren Aizawa [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed. "W-Well..." Ren starts, a little unsure. But then Cures start popping up to facedown the crazy girl trying to steal ALL the delicious ice cream, in addition to a woman with... gauntlets? Tokyo is a strange place, folks. She lets out a small sigh, turning to Endo with a strained smile. "I guess we should help then. Sorry... I didn't know this was going to happen!" She really didn't. "I-"

Two of the Men in Black move over to where the couple are standing, all grimfaced and jerk-like, to then try to bop them over the head. Ren lets out a little squeal and holds her hands out clumsily. Souverain Heraut takes this as a sign that he should erect a barrier, which he does, though it's not as strong as it would have normally been had Ren been transformed. As it is the force of the MiB's swing causes her to fall down onto her butt. "O-Ow! E-Endo are you alright?!"

<How uncouth! We should teach them some manners, your majesty!>

"R-Right..." Heraut is fired up, and so is Ren now. Scrambling to her feet she makes a run for it. Well, as far as the MiB who bopped her knows, anyway. One dazzling transformation sequence later she returns, though thoroughly disguised and protected by her barrier jacket, magnificent lance in hand. "Hey! You shouldn't hit a poor defenseless girl and her super cute boyfriend whom she wants to only treat to some really good ice cream! You're a jerk!"

There. She said it.

<Pose Tracker> Akira Moto [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Akira is bonked hard! She is sent rolling away from the truck. Thats going to leave a mark. Quickly she rubs her head. That freakin hurt! She quickly stands and moves behind a tree.

Pressing the button on her phone, Immediately her body is engulfed in violet light not to mention violet flower petals. Several flashes of light replace her clothing with her Yuusha uniform. Her hammer forms in her hands. She poses with it and Yanari appears beside her. She is ready.

With little warning She is launched up onto the ice cream truck. "Not only are you destroying people's good time, but you just attacked innocent bystandards. That is something I can't accept!" She winds up and swings at Kasagami, "HERO STRIKE!!!!"

<Pose Tracker> Cure Bloom [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Cure Bloom's eyes widen as Kasagami draws her sword on Egret. "Hey!" she snaps, jabbing a more authoritative figure than she could before. Golden sparks drift off her, a sign of her intensity. "Put that away and walk away or we'll have to stop this cruelty!" The words drift out of her; a familiar echo of her usual henshin speech.

But then the goons are ordered out and swiftly get to work. "Wh...!" Who are these guys? Are these even people? It'd be so easy to hide creepy zombie eyes or something behind those shades...so Bloom assumes the worst, because she doesn't know that it's possible to be this big a jerk and not be literally the devil.

Before she can move, Kasagami screams her anger and fires! She looks at Egret swiftly, nodding once, and then Bloom throws up her arms, a swirling barrier of magic flashing up around her. The dark winds and rose petals crash against that barrier, breaking against it. Bloom squints out, teeth grit tightly. "I won't let you...have your way!" she cries.

She huffs as the winds die down and Bloom releases her barrier. She moves fast; hopping back over the head of the crowd, golden sparks trailing off her body as she sails overhead, and then falls rather abruptly down to land right in front of a small cluster, including Yumi. "HAH!" she calls, a simple kiai, and thrusts both hands out. Waves of golden light lash out from her hands at the Men in Black, smashing against them to hold their advance and send a few of them flying, rebounding their strength back onto them.

She looks back at somebody who may turn out to be Yumi, grinning reassuringly. "We've got this. Get going!"

Then, Cure Bloom grabs one of the men by the collar, and says, "And as for you!" Power rushes up from her feet to her hands and through his body, flickering lines of gold, before she whips him entirely over her body and PITCHES him directly at Kasagami, spiritual power ensuring she has the strength to do it.

Saki is still assuming these guys are Monkey Prince Vincent's Plantermen or something. "Cut it out before somebody really gets hurt!" she demands.

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

In the face of the Cures showing themselves, Yumi finds that little question she shared with her familiar getting slowly ticked towards an answer. ...Quickly ticked towards an answer.

Kasagami points her sword at Yumi and Yumi takes a half-step back, eyes immediately on the blade. "W-what!? That doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want!" The threat looms higher for her even as one of the men steps forward towards her. "H-hey, you--"

Minions. Yumi doesn't have any minions, but she apparently has an ally, surprised to find that suddenly one of the girls she saw transforming is already helping her. She blinks at Cure Bloom once. "I, ah..."

She remembers, "Thanks!" The cat at her side if anything is just as appreciative towards the Cure. "I've... yes, I'll... do that! Be careful!"

She steps back again, and turns, ducking back behind lovingly-decorated playground equipment for cover. Running, though, isn't really on the agenda. "All right..." Tracking a few sigils on her phone, she brings up her hand--and there's a glint of light from the green orb atop a very tall white staff. "Staff of Lost Ivy," she murmurs...

It only takes moments to finish, a column of green light erupting from her position. Stepping out from her cover, a girl in black-and-green stands with her weapon held out high before her. Her wide-brimmed pointy hat shades her pink eyes as she points straight at Kasagami. "All right, that's enough!"

"Your sword isn't big enough to handle this!" With a quick motion, Yumi jabs her staff down into the ground, lifting both her hands. A chartreuse aura surronds them, works up her arms--and then moves straight down.

"Know the agony of hunger unfulfilled!" the witch intones, and lift both hands. "Hollow Curse!"

A wave of black energy crashes right towards the lady in the fancy coat, directed by magic more than sight, to bind power.

She grabs back her staff, holding it before her.

<Pose Tracker> Cure Fortune [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Cure Fortune open her mouth to shout her own words at Kasagami. "Why do you need this ice cream? There's more ice cream that you can get without attacking other people! There's even a time of day when ice cream commonly goes on sale!" All this fighting over ice cream has activated Fortune's bargain hunting genes. Who knows, maybe letting the Men in Black know of /good deals/ might get them to go away. They look like people who like to save money.

But Kasagami whips her sword around and rose petals blanket the area, smashing into her and cutting her suit and body. What suprises Fortune more is just how /much/ it hurts. Not something she was expecting.

So she grits her teeth and takes a step forward, using the step as initial velocity as she then jumps forward, fist reared back and ready as Fortune zooms right at the leader, attempting to punch Kasagami right directly in her face.

<Pose Tracker> Garnet [None] has posed. Garnet blinks. "Come and get it...?" Garnet wonders for a moment if the mystery villain is returning the wrestling bluster or is just way in over her head... When she orders the henchmen to start attacking civilians, and blasts people with magic, the joke quickly comes to an end.

Garnet braces herself for the blast of wind and petals and finds that her defense is solid enough, but she doesn't know what this being's real capabilities are, so she taps into the part of her that is calm, to try and suppress the part of her that loves to get cocky.

The petals are numerous, and Garnet finds it difficult to see with her eyes as long as they remain in the air. So, calling upon her calm side to perform double, Garnet looks beyond the now, to guide her way to the ringleader. Though she no longer sees the now very well, Garnet can hear the other heroes engage the Men in Black, and sees their flow in the forks of time. She is confident they are being dealt with adequately, and is heartened to sense a familar face or two, though many she is only seeing for the first time... Their hearts and deeds precede them, and Garnet is glad to see more magical defenders rise up to thwart the plans of the foul. Even when those plans are... stealing ice cream? Guided by another sight, Garnet leaps towards where (Kas) may be, and strikes out fiercely in a barrage of punches, hoping to send a message, that even if the girl was planning to eat all the ice cream herself, and it WAS the best in the world, she should reconsider whether this theft is worth it...

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed. Endo is almost too dumbfounded to actually move when the men in black come to hit him over the head. He jerks back at the last moment, turning his head and taking a glancing blow instead of one that knocks him out flat. When Ren stumbles he goes down too, tugged down to a knee as he tries to find his balance.

"Ren-chan, are you alright?" And then she goes sprinting off. When she comes back, that's a good enough distraction for him. There's a burst to purple light, and then Endo rises from the ground in flappy cape and knight attire.

His revenge is swift. He bonks the men back. Gently, with the hilt of his sword, and in the stomach. Which is still probably not pleasant. "Hey! Leave that ice cream alone!"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

She's learned thanks to Cure Passion that PreCure tend to hit pretty hard. And Egret's no exception: a leap, an elegant snap-kick goes right for her head! Her good eye widens in surprise at Egret's speed, and at the last minute up comes her sheath! Blocking the kick with the metal container, she's pushed back to the edge of the truck. A foot slams in, denting the ice cream truck's roof as she has to force herself to not be blown away! There's already a crack at the sheath thanks to the blow!

"You've got spirit! Hah hah hah hah hah, that's what I LOVE about you Pretty Cure! But can you take it as well as you give!?"

That's when her own boot goes flying for Egret's stomach, trying to kick her off and away to the ground!

Ren gets bonked, but then transforms. The sudden magical change sends the MiB rolling back with a scream. Kassie sighs.

"Heeeeey! Don't be a whimp, you can take her!"

The MiB just glares at both Boss and at Ren! His face angrily reads 'I'm so not a jerk!'. As he's suddenly (stupidly) taking another swing for Ren's face! With that Barrier Jacket? It probably won't do much. He's already stuffed earplugs into his ears to not hear her taunts!

Akira comes for her, and it's the accusation that mostly gets to her! Caught off guard, Kasagami has to roll across the now rather crowded top of the Ice Cream truck, the swung hammer wooshing by her face close enough to scrape just a little and send her hair afluttering. With a sigh of relief, she hops back to her feet. That was close!

"/Hey/! I wasn't the one who attacked them. It was my guys in suits. And honestly, do you /really/ want these people on their feet for this? If they'd all run away this wouldn't be a problem! Same for you, too, 'Hero'!"

Bloom easily picks up the Goon # 2, and flings him at Kasagami! Golden light sends the goon flying as well, easily knocked out by her Cure Power! And then he slams right into Kasagami, taking him on uniform, and hard stomach and abs. She huuuurks at the impact, and it's only then that she's tossed off the ice cream truck! She quickly lands, though, throwing the MiB into a bush. Poor guy.

Fortune gets a huff! "I have my reasons! You gotta look past the obvious if you want to find opportunities!" Comes Kasagami vaguely, just before she comes in with a hard punch! There's no dodging this time, she takes it right on the jaw and goes tumbling. Wobble wobble. She's now scuffed, and she wipes the dirt off her face!

Her sword is sheathed, and then she rushes past Fortune in a flash, a quick sword draw trying to smash into her stomach and send it flying towards the trees! Flowery afterimages are left in her wake!

Then, darkness smashes into her, trying to fill her with emptiness. With /hunger/. To touch at her power, something sacred to Kasagami. Rage fills her heart and mind, and she suddenly glows. Turning to the Witch, she howls as she glows that dark red, only for a wave of spiritual force to suddenly lash out.

It feels, if one is close enough or being directed at, ambitious. Craving. That hunger can't get in too deep. Kasagami Araki is already a starving, ambitious would-be King.

"It's not just my sword! I FIGHT WITH MY DREAMS! AND YOUR MAGIC WON'T STOP ME FROM BECOMING THIS WORLD'S KING!" That force of rose petals and pure Ambition try to blow away both the Witch herself and the magic coiling around her!

Ren moves to bonk the man, and succeeds! It actually sends the MiB rolling backwards, not yet rising. From the groan, though, he might actually still be semi-conscious!

Kasagami offers a swift sword slash to Endo's legs in retaliation!

"Uhhh...hey, thanks for not hurting my idiots too badly!" She sounds kinda appreciative.

Even by Kasagami's standards, Garnet is strong. Ridiculously strong. Hammering blows by those big fists slam into body and face. Several punches get met with a kick, a deflecting sheath, or even Kasagami using her skull to smack into it and take it on the chin! She's driven back with every strike, until she's up against a tree! Ducking at the last punch, the tree gets blown away by the power of the afro'd Gem!

Kasagami whistles, nakedly impressed. Her uniform's now ripped and banged up, and she's got a bump on the head.

"Heeeeeey! You're strong! Really strong! This is so much fun! I'm gonna have ice cream, /and/ a fun fight!" She sounds almost giddy by now.

Stepping onto the treestump, she leaps into the air, coming down on Garnet as she tries to smash her into the ground with a two-handed, overhand falling strike! Her blade sparkles in the sunlight, rose petals mystically flowing off of the blade!

<Pose Tracker> Ren Aizawa [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed. Ren really doesn't want to hurt the MiB jerkface. He's just following orders from his equally jerky boss. Ren shoots her a glare, at least happy to see the others are keeping her company. "You shouldn't really listen to her!" Ren tells the MiB as she uses her lance to swipe at his legs, aiming to sweep him off his feet. "So please... stay down!"

She then turns away from him, focusing on Kasagami, as she goes in to do much of the same to her. "And stop this! That ice cream doesn't deserve to be soured by your bad atittude ya know!"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Kasagami, after her mini duel with Garnet, lands and sheaths her blade. Peering over at Bloom, she reaches into that fluttering, now slightly mussed coat. With a flick of her fingers, a knife flips through the air and she catches it. Then, with a flick, the sharp thing goes flying for Bloom!

<Pose Tracker> Yuusha Akira [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Akira smirks, "Yes, I am a hero and you aren't going going to stral this truck from an innocent small business owner." She Shakes her head and points her hammer at Kasagami. "Are you in charge of those guys? Yes. You are. So their actions are under your command. You may not have struck people yourself but by allowing it to be done you've dirtied your hands!"

She just shakes her head. "You really don't get it do you, Your Highness." She practically spits those last two words "Being a King isn't about being able to do whatever you want. Its about leading people. Demonstrating through your own actions how things should work." She comments. What do you know? A Good Greeting!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Egret [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

Cure Egret's foot collides with the sheath, much to her surprise. She gasps softly as she flips backward, then lands on the ground across from Kasagami. She hits the ground in a three point stance, before she returns to standing upright.

"I'll--nnh!" she yells, as Kasagami comes in. She doesn't quite kick her in the stomach, but Egret's sidestep is a little too late. Her foot brushes her side, throwing her into a spin. She watches as allies -- and a thrown goon -- fly in, and then she stops where she is. She hesitates only a moment more, before she, too, leaps at Kasagami. "We can handle a fight! A Pretty Cure has to, to protect everyone!"

Egret comes at Kasagami after she lands. This time, her feet and fists come to light with a silver glow; that same glow trails after her. She swings out with a one-handed chop as she gets close, before she launches a quick spinning kick. Then, she finishes by punching her other hand at the older girl's midsection.

<Pose Tracker> Cure Bloom [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Cure Bloom sort of expected that guy to explode into a cloud of insects or something on impact, so the fairly human collapse that happens afterward has her frowning. It looks like the others are dealing with the rest of these thugs, so she turns her attention on Kasagami, to support Cure Egret. Bloom bounds a few steps forward, and then her eyes widen as a FREAKIN' KNIFE gets hurled at her!! "HYEE!" she shrieks, a deeply inelegant noise, as she pivots hard on one ankle, throwing her body such that the knife only barely flies by her nose. Her eyes bug wide and focus on the knife as it flies past, as if she can see even that speed.

She loses her balance and spins the rest of the way, pushing off into a wide-ranging flip that lands her in a squat, with both feet on the ground and both hands near it. She breathes one and turns her eyes up on Kasagami, sharply. "Kings don't steal ice cream!" Cure Bloom declares, loudly and /provably/ falsely, and then she shoves off hard. Golden sparkles trace after her with such intensity that it seems to form a corona of light around her as she races down toward Kasagami. "HAAAAAH!" she roars, a thunderous kiai, as her open hand flashes with gathering power. She swings down at the girl hard with a whole-body thrust, her arm coming round to slam that ball of energy into her with phenomenal strength, power enough to send her soaring away from the truck and slamming into scenery!

<Pose Tracker> Garnet [None] has posed. Garnet rushes in to meet Kasagami's falling blade! And made a misjudgement in trying to counter while blinded from the earlier petal attack, her gauntlet, gleaming with power, rises to meet Kasagami's blade and flys right past it, ending up next to the duelist's head. This midcalculation leaves her open, and Kasagami's blade crashes into Garnet, who fights the urge to react too visibly to the pain, and does her best to remain standing.

Luckily, this show has no audience as Kasagami has moved on to attack Bloom, and Garnet takes a second of respite to reflect on her error. Her sight is beginning to clear, so she decides to wait for it, and takes advantage of the distance offered to her. She raises an armored hand and fires a pale pink man-sized globe of electricity towards Kasagami!

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed. Endo turns to meet Kasagami when she zips over, his own sword flashing up in attempt to catch hers. It doesn't go as well as he might like. He goes high and she goes low, and there's a spark of impact where her weapon cleaves into his barrier jacket. "That's not how you thank someone-" He stumbles, losing his footing and going toppling over.

"Aah--why are you like this? What kind of villain are you!?" Endo demands this of Kasagami before he goes leaping after her. He looks for his opportunity to strike amongst the rest, the dark metal of his sword taking a cut toward the dessert theif. "Kings don't eat ice cream!"

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Yumi wasn't expecting her curse to be pleasant. But Kasagami glowing red surprises her; that /howl/ surprises her, and the witch lifts her left hand to instinctively fire back off another spell, a brilliant green and black beam. ...She misses the the wave of force that nevertheless hits her, sends her into a defensive motion until she realizes that it isn't a spell like her own; by then she can /feel/ the need for power. It...

Makes her uncomfortable.

"Why do you want something like that!?" Akira already has a matter of what a king should be, but, "Dreams are important, but why that one? If you want to rule people, why are you stealing from them?"

Stepping back, she uses the time when Cure Egret is talking about what a Pretty Cure must do to get a better angle, to slip free of the space where she was before. She ducks around so she's not quite behind Ren as, "...Kings don't eat ice cream? Wow, it sucks to be a king."

"Look, the petals are a nice trick--but I'm not done either. Maybe you want to be King... But I want to be a great witch!"

Yumi sets her staff to the ground, beginning to trace a black-edged rune in the air. "...And I've never heard of any great witch who put up with something like this!"

She points through the run, and it launches forward, black-edged green as a projectile the size of a fist.

"I'm the Witch of Lost Ivy! Who're you, other than 'not King right now'!?"

<Pose Tracker> Cure Fortune [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Cure Fortune continues her verbal assault at Kasagami. "But it's just ice cream! You can get it anywhere!" Fortune, it seems like, does not know why kids love Pink Flower Toast Crun--er, Ice Cream.

When Kasagami dashes at her, Fortune does her best to bring up her arms in time to block. While Kasagami is probably faster here in this moment, Cure Fortune is still plenty fast, and gets her arms up in time. But she's still thrown backwards by the punch, skidding to a stop juuust short of the tree. But the strike does hurt, and Fortune begins to leap again at the ice-cream interloper, but stops short of actually jumping off. Fortune considers a moment. She's fighting with roses petals, right? She's not sure why, but their effectiveness is pretty solid.

For a moment, Cure Fortune wishes that /she/ could fight with flower petals.

But instead, she pulls out her transformation mirror again. "Time to change!" Two cards go inside the mirror, and the magic happens. "Pine Arabian!" An explosion of color later, the Persian-esque Pine Arabian outfit is on Cure Fortune, and she starts to dance, swirling around in an attempt to summon up the sand and have it wash over Kasagami's feet to try and get her to slow down.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Whump! Down goes MiB #2. Quite literally swept off his feet, his eyes are in ice-cream-like swirlies as those glasses fall off. "Y...Yes ma'am." He groans, before konking out.

Kasagami goes a little red in the face. "B...bad attitude!? What do you mean?" She actually pouts just a little bit for a moment. That one stung, Ren-chan!

So too does that staff sweep, and Kasagami blocks it with a hard boot heel! She grunts, her ankle bruising, before she kicks away! Raising her blade, she slashes the air, and a small line of cutting rose petals tries to batter at Ren!

But it's Akira that gets to her! Not with a hammer, but with words. There's this brief look of guilt on her face. She turns away. Her face goes more red, teeth gritting! "Y...you're wrong! I didn't even...SHUT UP! A King is the one that shoulders all the sins of the world on their own! Fine, I'll take those sins on too!" In pure anger, she reaches into the side of the truck, and scoops out some ice cream onto a cone!

And then she hucks it towards Akira!

"Taste my royal ice cream of JUSTICE!" Whooosh! Right towards Akira's face!

Egret comes in with a chop! Kasagami narrowly dodges both strikes, the sparkling Cure Power slicing off one of the arms of her coat! The spinning kick is met with Kasagami leaning backwards in a spine-bending contortion, only to then have a fist meet her in the middle! Wham! She bounces from the impact on the ground. Her eye rolls in the back of her head and then she's still for a moment.

Suddenly, that boot comes right back for Egret to try to kick her in the face! "MY ICE CREAM! MINE!"

Then she's glaring at Bloom! "I'll take what I want, dangit! It's not stealing, it's CONQUERING! That's how a King does things!"

More golden power comes to Bloom, and a ball of energy comes for Kasagami! She turns her body to avoid the worst of it, but then she goes flying into, through the truck! And lands in a heap. There's now a Kasagami-sized hole in the ice cream truck.

"O...owwww...." Yup, PreCure hit hard.

Kasagami, in turn, offers a spinning sword-draw to Bloom as she rushes past her, trying to smash into her shoulder this time! It's hard, brutal, and a little blunt as she uses the flat of the blade to smack at poor Bloom!

Garnet's electricity then chooses to slam right into Kasagami, sending her tumbling. She falls to the ground, shrieking as she convulses. One can see her skeleton as her body goes black briefly, writhing around before falling into a smoking heap. SLowly, she gets back up.

"No gloriously pink taser-shots allows! Raaaaawr!" There's a flurry of sword-blows, aiming to smash into Garnet's gauntlets and hopefully do some damage to them!

Endo slices at her with his massive blade! Kasagami brings her up in time, and the two clash! There's a flurry of air from the clash of two strong magical warriors, and her cape goes fluttering off her shoulders! Teeth gritting, uniform tearing, even her family sword begins to strain under the weight of that massive sword. She finally loses the clash, send skidding backwards gasping!

"O...of course we do! That stuff's delicious!"

Sand envelopes ankles, and Kasagami stumbles! She's forced to somewhat flail in order to get to her feet! Her movements are starting to get slower!

"No it's not! This ice cream is very special! Try some!" Reeeeach. Yup, this time an entire pint of rocky road is being flung right for Cure Fortune's arabian dancing face! She'll ruin your groove For-chan with tasty treats!

A rune comes for her, and Kasagami leaps into the air! It narrowly passes through her legs, ripping against one of her boots and ruining it! Scowl!

"...N...not another pair!" Laments the Dark Magical Girl.

Then she's glaring back at Yumi. "Isn't it obvious!? Because I want to change the world itself! Only those with Power at the top can make this world into someplace worth living in!"

She points to herself, floating majestically! She seems to all but lean back mid-air on a bed of dark red roses!

"The name's Kasagami Araki! Nice to meetcha, Witch-chan!" She almost sounds like she means that bit.

Then she's lashing out bodily, slamming down into Yumi with a two-handed strike of her sword! Just like with Garnet, it's a long one, spinning in the air to put that much more momentum into the blade!

As she lands, she's suddenly running for the ice cream truck. Things aren't looking good for Kassie!

"I've had about enough of you all!" She's already hauling miss Ice Cream out, and puts her gently on the ground. Then? Sheathing her sword, she's trying to bodily lift the ice cream truck onto her back. There's the audible sound of muscles straining, legs quivering, and her face is gritted with pure determination!

"I'm...nnnngh....getting out of here!" That's right, up that truck goes, and it looks like she's trying to just physically run off with the thing.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Somehow during all of this, she manages to kick a boot-knife towards Endo! Specifically, at one of his wrists! She'll try to get him to drop that sword!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Egret [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

Cure Egret, really, wasn't remotely ready for the sudden appearance of Kasagami's equally fantastic boot. Her violet eyes go wide, her expression screws up, and the upward motion of her hand -- trailing silvery light after it -- is much too slow. The foot slams into her chin, her head flies back, long hair snapping with her head, and then she goes flying back. She hits the ground, bounces, and rolls.

She has to force herself to her feet, shakily.

"Bloom..." she says, glancing in her partner's direction. "...I think I don't like her." It is said very mildly, all told. Saki would know better.

She looks back at Kasagami, one purple eyebrow... twitching... slightly. Then, she bicycle kicks off the ground and shoots straight at the other girl like a dart. Or, rather, at the ice cream truck. Because Kasagami is lifting it off the ground. "How in the world," she murmurs, before she redirects herself. She comes flying in at Kasagami, foot outstretched for a flying kick at her chin (for the exchange of kicks must continue).

"Why couldn't you buy it like everyone else?" she demands.

<Pose Tracker> Yuusha Akira [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Akira looks at Kasagami and shakes her head, "I think you just missed the point!" Okay... Inbound ice cream? Really? Of all the things to have coming at her ICE CREAM? Part of her wants to catch it and eat it. Instead She winds up to counter. She swings and suddenly, Yanari appears with her mouth open. She's ready to devour the ice cream... But... Oh NO!! *THWACK!!!!* The ice cream and the purple panda fairy go flying at Kasagami.

The Rookie Yuusha just covers her mouth over that one. "Well, Thats what you get for eating my Stew!" She shrugs and then, she looks back to Kasagami and just snickers a little, "Well, Could have been worse."

Then she sees him trying to make an escape "Oh no you don't!!!" She quickly takes off towards the front of the truck. Winding up she makes a mighty swing downward towards the door and hopfully through the window to send Kasagami clear out of the truck. Another flower petal fills in on the image on her forearm.

<Pose Tracker> Ren Aizawa [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed. ...This person is /really/ strange. Ren blinks at her. "Y-You...!" She shakes her head to clear it of any doubts. She's an enemy! It's made doubly obvious when she launches rose petals at the lance-wielding mage, who jumps into the air to avoid the oncoming barrage. "You give roses a bad name, ya know!" Yeah! Take that! Ren isn't sure how much her words will affect the sword-wielding menace -- but she can sure keep slinging those harsh statements nevertheless!

With some distance put between her and Kasagami, Ren consults with her device. "I'm... not entirely sure what she has to gain from stealing ice cream..."

<Perhaps she's just really greedy?> Heraut suggests.

"...That's a really bratty way to try and go about it, though!"

<No doubt! She deserves a spanking! I... think that's what bratty children receive from their parents, yes?>

"Yeah!" Ren agrees, then waves her hand in the air. This summons forth six spears of light that roughly resemble the very lance that's currently in her grasp. "Let's try and pin her down!"

<Agreed! Partizan Snare!>

Ren casts her hand downwards forcefully, sending the spears down to hopefully land in a perfect, enclosing circle around the ice cream bandit!

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed. Endo doesn't know a lot about kings, so they might eat ice cream. He can't debate the matter further very efficiently though, because Kasagami's foot smashes into his hand before he can bring his sword up to block her blow. He lets out a hiss of pain, the resulting crunch making him lose his grip on the huge hunk of metal that he's dragging around. It goes to the ground with a clank.

He doesn't need it, though. There's something more important to do than pick it up: save that ice cream. "Ren-chan!" And then Endo charges. He doesn't attack Kasagami this time, though. Instead he reaches grasping fingers out for a wheel of the truck that she's attempting to abduct. He sinks his fingers in, and then he pulls back.

"I've got it!" Maybe.

<Pose Tracker> Cure Fortune [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Cure Fortune continues dancing, even after the sands have stopped. On the bright side, this means that the bulk of the rocky road misses Fortune, and the pint of ice cream rolls to a stop on the other side of the battlefield.

Glassan's voice is heard calling out. "Thank you, Cure Fortune!"

HOWEVER, Ice cream is still, well, cream, and as it passes, some of it does splatter on her dress. This causes Cure Fortune to instantly /cease/ everything she's doing, as she turns and stares down the enemy leader. "You're even wasting Ice Cream doing this! Do you know how hard it is to get ice cream out of this?"

But with that, Fortune starts to dance again, keeping her eyes on the enemy, making sure she knows where she is on the battlefield in comparison to her. It takes time and effort, and hopefully this helps as she leaps around in her dancing.

<Pose Tracker> Garnet [None] has posed. "Oh no you don't." Garnet leaps through the petals, and though they sting, cling to her, and obscure her vision, you don't need much in the way of sight, ocular or otherwise to land on a target as large as an ice cream truck!

And land she does.

As Garnet descends, she shapeshifts subtlely to increase her density and weight many times over even the size of her body, and when she reaches the roof of the truck it's with a giant thump and the sound of the bracing metal of the roof creaking under her augemented weight. She goes into a kneel, clamps onto the truck with her gauntlet and pushes downwards to increase the force on Kasagami!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Bloom [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Cure Bloom attempts to punch Kasagami laterally, and instead punches her through the truck she's trying to protect.

Saki might be getting a little too used to all the collateral damage magically fixing itself at the end of things.

Bloom's busy staring daggers through the whole she's made when Kasagami speeds right back to her side. Her eyes widen and she throws up her arms; Kasagami's strike is met with flashes of gold light as her sword sweeps into Cure Bloom's barrier of magic. Bloom's forced to yield a step before relenting entirely, throwing herself up and away from Kasagami and coming down near Egret. She rises back upright with shaking knees, breath heavy while she laboriously resumes a hands-up fighting stance.

Egret's mild displeasure earns her a surprised look from Bloom, who has never heard Mai that angry. But a second later she grimaces and nods. "I never thought I'd miss Curry Bun," she mutters. Where'd that guy get off to? She hopes he's not off bullying somebody else.

That continues to not be his name and Saki continues to not care.

The Splash Stars split again; Egret goes up against Kasagami herself, assaulting the carrier. Bloom throws herself forward and lands in a crouch in front of Kasagami, her whole body suffused with light as her hands come up. "You're not going anywhere with that!" she replies, and just...throws all her spiritual weight and power into the front of the vehicle, the phenomenal strength of Cure Bloom acting to stop Kasagami from absconding with the car with nothing but the pure power of the Pretty Cure of Earth!

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"No, it's not obvious!" Yumi shouts back over the sound of the combat, briefly glad at least that she hasn't had ice cream thrown at her. But there are worse things than thrown ice cream. With the introduction comes a sword, and the introduction might be sincere...

But the blow strikes home well enough; the witch crumples under the sword-strike, a pile of dark fabric, her staff impacting against the ground with the sound of wood against concrete.

She pushes herself back up, her arm beneath her. "That..." A wince, "I guess /I/ didn't miss the point."

When she looks up again, it's... Chaos. She doesn't have a hammer. But she does hear about 'pin her down', and...

"Right!" Yumi drags herself up the way by leaning on her staff. But then she places it before her, where it hovers mid-air as she starts to gather up her magic, which radiates about her feet. She traces another symbol into the air before her, between her and the running Kasagami. "...Ivy Binding!"

She throws both hands forward, and an aura of black-edged green springs up beneath her foe--and then bursts upward to become ethereal, viny shackles.

"And who runs with a whole truck!?"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

WHAM! First the flying Egret impacts the truck! There's more dents. Hopefully this truck is insured. Then there's a powerful kick aimed for her! At the last second, Kasagami turns her chin! Foot meets chin, and even though she deflects most of the force, both samurai and truck go flying higher into the air! Several sealed ice cream pints go flying into the air! Delicious creamy treats are being liberated! And Kassie's chin has a nice bruise!

"Oh goooooood!" Kasagami is wiggling and writhing in the air as she tries not to smash herself with the ice cream truck!

"I'm on a /budget/! Not made of money here! Taking it's a lot easier, you know?" She calls out, more than a little desperately at this point.

There's a baseball swing, and a certain panda and ice cream alike go flying for Kassie! Her mouth is open with strain! First, she gets the ice cream! Nom nom nom!


And then, /panda/! Whump!

"Mmmmfff pft pfttt pfftttt!" She's trying to spit out panda mid-air!

And then down comes the hammer, right on the truck! Kasagami's flight starts!

Only for her to smash into Ren's wall of spears! Her flight is arrested, and she's struggling to shove away from that spear wall! Endo piles on, grabbing a wheel, and the axel bends as he pulls and struggles against her! Kasagami is losing ground, but she's stubborn!

"Ahhh, don't worry about it! There's this nice dry cleaner in Mitakihara! You should go there!" She suggests to Fortune as she dances.

"And it's not a waste, it's a Tactical IceCream'ing!"

Suddenly, Garnet. The crush of metal can be heard as she slams and latches on, causing the ground to shudder, Kassie's knees to bend, and the brick of the pathway to shatter!

"Hrrrrrrrgh! Not....just....YET!" She can barely stand with so much force! Ice cream falls everywhere!

Cure Bloom rushes in, and it's a wall of strength and power. There's, for one moment, utter fear on Kasagami's face! She forces herself backwards, practically falling as she does a horizontal leap along the ground, probably taking others with her! That wall of power misses her by mere millimeters, ruining her gloves, scuffing up her body, and finally blow out the back of her uniform! Both boots are utterly gone now.

"T...too close!" A deep sigh of relief.

Then, finally, Yumi hits Kasagami with her ivy! She's bound up, back arced painfully, still clutching in pure stubborn pride to that ice cream truck. One or two pints are balanced on her nose. She closes her eyes, and then, a burst of roses flies out to assault the group at large! The poor young woman is definitely weakening, her entire body straining as roses rip at ivy, bindings, and people!

"Just...let me take the darn ice cream! Isn't this...getting a little out of hand even for me!?"

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed. Endo strains against the weight of the truck, and the forces that batter it around in all different sorts of directions, and Kasagami herself. He's mostly in the business of keeping it where it is, so vines help with that. What doesn't help are the roses tearing at him, cutting and ripping across his armor as he grits his teeth and shakes the truck back and forth.

"Just give up the truck!" He demands. "All I wanted was one scoop!" Shake shake shake.

<Pose Tracker> Yuusha Akira [Infinity Institute (7)] has posed. Yuusha Akira just barely avoids Kasagami's attack. Her body is definitely hurting now. She can't take much more punishment. She quickly gets up. By now there is some distance. She takes a deep breath. "Okay here we go!!" She begins swinging the hammer around her body Left right left right left right. The hammer begins glowing and violet flower petals begin dancing around her body. Then with a downward swing a massive wave of energy is unleashed, flying towards Kasagami, "You will not take this source of joy from people! If you want ice cream, buy it like everyone else!!!"

<Pose Tracker> Cure Egret [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed.

"You--you stole the ice cream!" Mai counters. It's a little high pitched. She might be worked up. "We're just trying to save it so everyone can enjoy it! And--"

The rose petals fly at her, several striking her. Cure Egret cries out as she is forced backward, blown back by those petals and wind, and hits the ground. There is a stumble, this time. She shakes her head to clear it, then glances sideways at Cure Bloom. She nods.

Then she bolts towards Kasagami. Silver light trails after, as she leaps at Kasagami. When she lands in front of her, she does a backflip-kick at her -- and then bounces back, doing a handstand, and pushes herself high into the air with it.

Mai swings back her left fist. Silver light glows around it, a brilliant and shining aura, and she comes crashing down towards the duelist with a most serious look on her face. "--You could have bought some! We would have been happy to share it with you!"

Then, she throws a right cross.

<Pose Tracker> Cure Fortune [Juuban Public School (9)] has posed.

Cure Fortune continues dancing, and now that she feels she's more in tune with the flow of battle, she stops dancing. She watches Kasagami enough, but there's not much time to have before a complete swarm of roses comes storming at Fortune, buffeting her with thorns and rose petals. The thorns poke through her dress, and the rose petals just cut and make things worse. "Tsk!" Fortune steps back a few steps against the onslaught, which is not only pretty painful, but all the petals make it really hard to see.

So instead, Persian dress glows and forms back into Pretty Cure dress. Once that happens, Fortune instantly spins the dial on her bracer. "Fortune..." She leaps directly at Kasagami (or where she /thinks/ Kasagami is), fist exploding into purple light. "Star Burst!" And with that, she tries to punch Kasagami right in the Kasakisser with the purple light of Good Fortune.

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Yumi drops back, staff held behind her, under the sudden storm of rosepetals. She doesn't move out of the way, or move to brace herself; instead she traces a sigil with strokes of her fingers, holding her palm behind it as it hangs in the air, a set of black rnes..

At least, until the petals reach her. Then the sigils ignite with brilliant energy, drawing a swath of the petals straight into her hand. Yumi shoves back, and a column of green magic erupts from her hand straight back at Kasagami.

"No!" she answers, "You can't have the ice cream! Or the truck! Or the woman who was running the truck!"

Yumi is not very good with budgets. ...But that's probably not the real reason she wants it. Yumi sets an eye down toward her spell, and then back up at Kasagami again. What Endo says...

"And I just wanted to know what was so special about it! And you showed up with a sword, and goons, and..." Pause. "Well, that just made me more curious. But the woman in the truck didn't deserve this!"

She sees Cure Egret, brilliant and shining, forward; and she knows she has to get to work. She traces a rune in the air, and then another, another, a set of them all hanging in black-lined green. She tades in a breath. "Wrath of forgotten spirits..."

Yumi's eyes latch onto Kasagami.

"Dark Radiance!"

Each rune bursts into a green beam, crashing towards the Duelist like waves, each of many the width of her hand.

"I'd buy you the ice cream. But I guess you wouldn't want to ask."

<Pose Tracker> Garnet [None] has posed. The rose petals once again buffet at Garnet and she can feel the despair and desperation emanating from them. Beyond its damaging effects. Garnet is...saddened by this magic... it... doesn't feel right for Roses to be so suffused with hatered, and avarice for tyrannical power. But she re-focuses on the task at hand.

In any other situation, the relentless assault against her vision would be a huge problem. But Garnet doesn't need to move to hit her target, it's more than within reach, it's within grasp!

She raises a fist, and strikes downward with a mighty blow! From the truck dipping, she can feel Kasagami straining under their assaults. Just have to push a little more..!

<Pose Tracker> Cure Bloom [Infinity Institute (8)] has posed. Saki catches that car and tries to just /stop it cold/! And apparently completely fails at this. Cure Bloom's shoes, leaned up against the car with all her tremendous strength, nonetheless skid helplessly against the ground as Kasagami pushes back, and when she strikes, Cure Bloom fails completely to get herself out of the way; she yelps high and tumbles back and then eats a faceful of roses.

But Cure Bloom knows the threat of flowers; she's been encased in swaths of Karehaan's evil leaves, after all. Cure Bloom rips a wad of them off her face, struggling to shove her feet under her. She trembles. "We were gonna..." she breathes, fingers quaking against the asphalt. "I wanted to have a nice snack with Mai..."

She shakingly puts her feet under her, drunkenly swaying as she gradually lifts herself up. She clutches one of her arms, pained. "We were gonna get ice cream, and share it with Flappy and Choppy...she could draw something nice from this area we don't go to very much...maybe we could find somewhere they could play..."

She puts her foot down, and the shaking stops. Her eyes pierce the distance to stare Kasagami down.

"I won't let you take that chance away from her or anyone else!" she shouts, and golden light rushes up from the ground and roars through her. The sparkles turn into light and the light turns into an aurora, a crashing flare of light around Saki as she clenches her whole body and draws in all the strength the land will give her, screaming a kiai at the heavens.

And with no further warning she's gone - a puff of sparkling gold the only remainder of Cure Bloom as the Pretty Cure of Earth bullets forward suddenly toward Kasagami, her fist held back and charged with furious gold. She doesn't have an attack to call it.

She just socks Kasagami with it with all her phenomenal Pretty Cure might!

<Pose Tracker> Ren Aizawa [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed. If anything, Kasagami is determined. Ren sort of just... watches her take the attacks as they come. "That girl is..." Crazy? Yeah it's been noted before. Ren shakes her head with a sigh. "This is..."

<...Quite amusing! We should fight more enemies like this!>

"Heh. Yeah. It's nice not getting slammed into buildings for once..." Ren chuckles, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. Endo's still holding onto the truck like the good guy he is. Awww. He really wants some of that ice cream!

"Will you just... stop?!" Ren shouts to the would-be ice cream thief, rushing in close with her spear to deliver several lightning quick jabs to the girl. "We can share the ice cream, alright?! We'll even let you have /two/ scoops!"

<Pose Tracker> Ren Aizawa [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed. If anything, Kasagami is determined. Ren dodges out of the way of the resulting attack and sort of just... watches her take the attacks as they come. "That girl is..." Crazy? Yeah it's been noted before. Ren shakes her head with a sigh. "This is..."

<...Quite amusing! We should fight more enemies like this!>

"Heh. Yeah. It's nice not getting slammed into buildings for once..." Ren chuckles, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. Endo's still holding onto the truck like the good guy he is. Awww. He really wants some of that ice cream!

"Will you just... stop?!" Ren shouts to the would-be ice cream thief, rushing in close with her spear to deliver several lightning quick jabs to the girl. "We can share the ice cream, alright?! We'll even let you have /two/ scoops!"

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

The pair of ice-cream-truck-tugging magical persons mostly result in the metal of the ice cream truck straining! It's starting to come apart! Soon enough, there's a tearing sound and Endo has half of an ice cream truck! But Kasagami has the other!

Akira's energy wave slams into Kasagami! She and her truck are sent flying! More ice cream pints goes flying to rain down towards the magical people gathered! One goes flying, top opening, right for Akira's face once more!

"Buuuudget!" She calls out indignantly!

Egret comes in! Silvery light, kicks, and finally that left and right cross with a shining aura! Her sword's sheath is shattered, and the young woman is pummeled by the blows of the pretty cure! Her mouth is open, she huuurks at the impact, sent flying bodily through trees! She somehow grips onto the truck! More ice cream goes flying!

She's suddenly seeing lights as Fortune rushes in, and with a sparkle and a spin, there's a fist going straight to Kassie's Kisser! WHAM! Kasagami makes a small crater in the ground from Fortune's punch!

"I...I didn't want her anyway!"

Then there's a runebeam that blasts Kasagami even further into the ground! On her last legs, she leaps out of it, ice cream truck miraculously still in tow. It's more like a third of an ice cream truck now.

WHUMP! A fist is barely blocked with that truck, ripping out an axel! The pure force sends Kasagami flying out of the crater thanks to Garnet! Kasagami falls to her knees, gasping, stubbornly clinging to her prize. Most of the ice cream has spilled out!

She just /looks/ at Bloom. Stares. Guilt wells up in her heart and it shows. She tries to lift a fatigued arm.

"H...hey. I'll buy you guys some ice cream some time! Yeesh, I mean, I didn't want to be /that/ much of a jeeer...."

There's this glorious, golden blurr that smacks Kasagami hard enough to send her flying three stories into the air. More metal ripping. Kassie now has about a fourth of an ice cream truck.

Ren gets in on punches, quick jabs that finally push Kasagami into a tumbling little roll, and finally, she's still. That truck is now less a truck, more a box that vaguely jingles.

She's silent for some time. Gasping, scowling, she points at the group at large!

"I...I'll get revenge for this! Next time, I'll take all the ice cream as is my royal right! DELICIOUS CREAMY FROZEN TREATS SHALL BELONG TO ME, KASAGAMI!" With a 'menacing' peer, she kicks the ground, and she's gone in a puff of roses. Beams of love spread, and suddenly, the world is back to normal. Mostly. There's a fourth of a truck missing, but at least all the ice cream is in place. The poor serving girl just looks confused as she stands up. Then? She's back to serving ice cream. Cries of joy and happiness fill the park.

~Some Time Later, Ohtori's Student Council Tower~

There is exactly one fourth of an Ice Cream Truck just sitting there. There's also a newly installed mini-fridge, with exactly two pints of ice cream. The label?

'Not For Saionji'

Back at her dorm, Kasagami has flopped into bed, all scuffed and bepunched and generally looking ragged. "Annoying...Pretty Cure...Magical Jerks....useless goons! I'll get you all next time!" She howls into a pillow, just before nomming on her double-scoop of vanilla beam.

Sniffle. "...This stuff is so good!"