2020-03-29 - When All You Have Is Fire

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Title: When All You Have Is Fire

A monster strikes Game Center Crown, just as Kasagami and Rei meet up! Luckily, a Duelist and Sailor Mars are there to save the day -- but the latter soon finds herself falling afoul of the former.


Kasagami Araki, Rei Hino


Game Center Crown

OOC - IC Date:

2020-03-29 - 2015-08-17?

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"This is it! This is the end! Only one of us will leave this place alive..." Comes the voice of Kasagami Araki, struck in a pose! Before her, a black cowboy-hat wearing man stands, one hand at his hip. Wind rustles through the space between. The evil bandit stands menacingly and goes for his gun!

Whip! Bang!

Kasagami falls to the ground, hand on her heart! The evil bandit's hat goes fluttering away!


The Duelist, lightgun still in hand, acts as though she'd been shot. "I'll get you next time, my nemesis, Bando the Bandit!" Kassie, while a young woman of many skills, is god-awful at light gun games. She is very good at being dramatic while doing it though. The lights and sounds of the Game Center Crown fill the air around her, a milkshake on a stool near the cabinet of Wild West Gunshoot 3: Hyper Edition. Plunking the light gun back into it's holder, she hauls herself up and snatches the milkshake up. Siiiiip. She's dressed in jeans and a t-shirt for some obscure metal band she got off of a second hand store. Her poverty has, at least, expanded her band knowledge a little.

Out comes her phone, and she begins punching in a text.

'Up for milkshakes? Trade for the gossip I've been missing, as Your Very Important Student Council Secretary'.

Nearby, a trio of students from Ohtori are leaning over milkshakes at Summer Homework! Despite the laughter and lights of the GCC, it's a small miasma of despair growing by the minute.

Physics, the most horrible of topics! And a feeling no doubt able to draw out the hungriest and most vile of the darkness wishing to feast upon the hearts and emotions of those that dwell within!

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Tap tap tap comes the reply, after a few minutes:

> It's the summer holidays, PLEASE tell me they're not making you work through it.
> Ugh, no, don't answer that, I can already see what you're about to tell me.
> Milkshakes are always good. See you there!

Is Rei Hino's precognitive ability really that strong..?!

... no, she just has the power of knowing how ridiculous the Student Council is.

A pale leather purse over her shoulder, and Rei has an excellent summer look: a red ruffled blouse, strap-sleeved, and a pair of dark denim shorts coupled with white sneakers. For all she gave Kasagami trouble about working during the summer holidays... the truth is that she had to change out of her miko uniform, too.

But now she looks ready for summer, so no one has to know.

"Don't shoot!" She calls out, with a wriggle of her fingers in greeting as she slips past a matched pair to meet up with her - friend? Let's round up and say friend. It's with good cheer that she smiles, coming to a stop by the light gun attraction. "Hey, Kasagami-chan. Are you winning?"

Something feels a little off, in the back of her mind, but she puts it down to the fact that she definitely left Yuuichiro with a bunch of work in the middle of festival season. It's fine!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.


>The only thing I need more than milkshakes are minions. ONE DAY!

The Student Council is a truly terrifying and weird place.

Droop. Kassie glares at her shootgun of plastic! "Blam blam, the beautiful bandit Rei-chan is defeated!" Mimes the Duelist with the plastic thing! Her brow twitches just a bit.

"Sadly the Bandit Bando is somehow even more destructive that your own fast-drawing. He's lucky I didn't bring my sword. Seriously, why don't they make light-sword games?" Grumps the young woman. Seems she's abandoned the cabinet for milkshakes. It's easy enough to find a seat. Kassie hops up onto it, throws off her coat, and taps one boot heel to boot tip after crossing her legs.

"You look great Rei-chan. Really getting into the summer fashion season I see! Ordering something, my treat." She might be exhausting her miniscule 'sweets fund', but it's worth it for a personage partially north of the friend-adjacent line. Plus, well? Rei has something she wants.

Kasagami isn't immediately going to jump it on her.

Before Kassie can break into the pleasantries though, there's a wailing coming from one of the students. This poor middle schooler is absolutely bawling into her physics textbook. Her words are mumbled, something along the lines of 'I can't do this' and 'Dad's going to kill me'. She curls up into a cramped little ball. Her two friends, look from her, to the rest of those in the Crown, and back again.

They, in true Ohtori fashion, abandon her like they don't know her with embarrassed flushes to their cheeks. This leaves the poor girl now quietly shaking in despair.

"...What's the point of getting that worked up? Better to pour work into something and fail than to just sink into lazy mediocrity." Kasagami isn't exactly being the King of Empathy here. At least at first. She's still getting up. A glance to Rei.

"It would be a shame on the name of Ohtori Academy if we don't at least get her to stop crying." Comes Kasagami, straightening up, and offering them both plausible deniability at being decent people.

The window leading out of the Game Center Crown shatters, however, as the miasma of despair around the girl grows a face. Those not already hit the deck or scrambling away have outright passed out as darkness grows! It forms into the shape of a woman, tall and sleek and multicolored in neons. One arm looks like a cannon patterned with the biohazard symbol, while the other is clutching a giant, sharpened ruler the size of a blade!

Biozaria isn't a youma of much intelligence, but she is pretty focused on supping that succulent emotional energy as she stands above the girl.

Kasagami, meanwhile, had hit the deck pretty quick behind the lightgun cabinet, with only a kick to their table to give Rei some cover. She might have missed her 'friend' in the emergence of the youma! How convenient for certain mikos!

There's a light sparkle to her rose signet ring, and Kasagami arises. Her eyes close as she draws upon her own ambitions, her feelings, the majestic things locked away within her soul. She turns, sweeps her hand from behind her coat that's taken up once again upon her shoulders. For a brief moment, her reflection blinks off of the surface of her nodachi drawn into her hands, eyes never meeting at. Not yet, not right now. Her hair flutters as does her coat, red stripes and a dramatic twirl to her blade as she takes up a fighting stance.

Kasagami aims to make herself the center of this creature's attention.

"Rudely interrupting the academic pursuits of a despairing citizen is a crime! NEVERMIND THE FATE OF MY ROYAL MILKSHAKE! You got that on my boots, knave!" She points her blade in a rebuke!

"Now come, face the fury of a King deprived of her sweet dairy sustenance!" Not the most heroic of speeches, but the Crimson Rose Duelist puts her whole personage into it.

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

> Fine, fine! That's the spirit!

Rei won't give Kasagami too much trouble over it. After all, she has minions.

Well, a minion.

Poor Yuuichiro...

Onto the field of light gun battle, and Rei grasps at her chest as she's shot through the heart, Kasagami to blame. It's a hand which rises to her cheek, with a thoughtful tilt, as Kasagami complains about light-swords. "What, like those movies..?"

She's quite sure there's a popular franchise with swords made of light.

... she prefers anime to western franchises, though.

"Akamira's finest," Rei replies, chipper, with a little spin. "It's hard to look your best in this heat, but a girl must persevere!" Yes, Rei has issues to raise with the humidity of Tokyo, at this time of year. Her hair hates it. Luckily, she has friends like Nori to give her tips to manage it, so she still manages to look good..!

"And, well, if you're offering... how about a strawberry milkshake?" She might be in a designer blouse, but Rei isn't unused to hanging out with friends who don't have so much easy money. She'll let Kasagami off easy, because she knows she's in that boat, now.

Such a terrible fate for the Ohtori elite..!

There are many terrible Ohtori fates, of course. Another is illustrated by the wailing coming from that poor, abandoned student, and Rei sighs as she watches those other two middle-schoolers abandon ship. "Oh, come on," she volleys back, to Kasagami, hand to her hip. "If she's making this much of a scene, it must be important to her. Are we really going to let this stand?"

Evidently not. It's for the pride of their school, obviously.

Unfortunately, the mean Ohtori spirit has them hesitating for long enough to --

"Yeep!" Rei yelps, as the window shatters. She might be a shrine maiden, but she's just a normal girl, so maybe that explains why she goes to run and hide as soon as an actual monster shows up...

... of course, why she'd hide in a photo booth...

(Inside, behind the curtain: a coiling flash of flame, an invocation, an oath.)

And suddenly, one girl isn't running away from the monster. Long white gloves, sailor fuku all in white and red and purple --

"Hold it right there!" Sailor Mars declares, pointing accusation at Biozaria. "The academic aspirations of young girls are not yours to exploit! The work ethic of youth coming together to complete their homework before they have fun is a thing to be applauded - but your actions are appalling! In the name of Mars, I will chastise you!"

Sailor Mars and her chastisement is, of course, a well-known scourge of the illicit in Tokyo.

It is devastating.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kasagami is glad that Rei did the smart thing and duck out, or at least found a place to hide! It's the smart thing to do, even for a supposed psychic! The Duelist's eyes are sharp, the youma's sharper as the two stare down one another. But before either can move...

The beautiful Sailor Mars and her burning chastisement of evil arrives! Both the monster and Kasagami tense at her arrival. Biozaria is almost instantly hostile! It's gun-arm is glowing in a sickly green as it powers up whatever evil nuclear fission it's preparing. Luckily, while it doesn't speak, the creature almost seems physically struck by Mars' words!

The Crimson Rose Duelist has pasted a grin on her face, but inwardly her heart is racing. Mars. Sailor Mars! She knows what that particular Sailor Senshi means. Inside her gloves her hands are already wringing with sweat. Her breath races far too quickly for one so athletic and magically augmented.

"S...Sailor Mars! Good to see you! Don't worry, I won't cut the thing down too quickly! I'll save you...gah!"

The Duelist's attempts at hiding her own fears and issues is quickly interrupted by Biozaria coming at the both of them in a flash. For the Duelist, she has the razor sharp point of a ruler-epee tearing towards her face. She narrowly avoids it by leaping back, landing in a spinny barstool-like chair, then spinning right out of it. There's a nick in her t-shirt from that! She doesn't get to breathe though, as flashes of ruler and nodachi clash in a shower of sparks!

Seems this creature can multi-task, as Mars is shot at with a single streaming laser of photons, nuclear waste, and other awful Dark nuclear energy! That stuff looks...very unhealthy! The arm seems to track Mars independent of where Biozaria is looking, and worst of all?

The youma seems to intentionally be positioning herself thus that any good shots Mars has? Might end up blasting the Duelist if it's too big!

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Mars [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Civilians aren't safe around monsters, so clearly Rei Hino is safer being anywhere else.

"Don't crumble under the pressure, King-chan!" Sailor Mars issues, as she hears Kasagami stammer over her name. It's important to be encouraging when the monsters aren't willing to sit around and let them banter! Harsh encouragement... is still encouragement, right..?

She might have said something else, but Biozaria has something to say about that. Or not say, under the circumstances. Maybe she just knows she'd never be able to match Sailor Mars on the field of taunts. She may very well be able to match her on the field of projectiles, though: the dark laser cuts through, and all a sudden she finds herself having to backspring away from nuclear heat to avoid a terrible fate.

She comes to land atop an arcade machine - say, could she get Sailor V's autograph..? Do all the Sailor Scouts know each other like that?! - with a huff-puff of effort, after so much exertion. She'd like to pretend it's effortless! Sailor Mars would like a lot of things. She sizes up Biozaria between her fingers, and her eyes narrow. "Oh, you little..."

Kasagami is a melee combatant, and Biozaria seems perfectly happy to get in her face. It's going to be hard to pinpoint one without roasting the other.

"Don't think you've outsmarted me!" Sailor Mars snaps, as she produces an Ofuda slip. "Position yourself out of this! Rin, Pyou, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai -- Zen! Evil, begone!"

Springing up, she closes the distance Biozaria won with her awful gun - to slam that paper slip right between her eyes.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"King-chan!?" Comes Kassie, somewhat shocked out of her Mars-induced reverie by the senshi herself. Her mouth opens, then closes, then opens. All in time for several more jabs her way! The Duelist flashes, ducks, and weaves out of the way of those way-too-close strikes from the aggressive Biozaria!

"Hah! A King stands tall in all situations! I also accept King-sama, and Your Royal Swordliness!" Okay, now she's actually grinning. For all of point-five seconds, when Biozaria leaps into the air, and begins spinning like a blender blade towards Kassie.

Several tables are turned to metal and wood ships! But the Duelist doesn't budge. Instead she raises her blade, closes her eyes and SWINGS!

The nodachi is much longer than the ruler. The edge of that thing is deftly parried such that it begins to slide from air to ground, sending Biozaria into a rolling recovery. And in the same breath? That sword is slashing in the other direction, aimed for the cannon!

There's a scratch across the cannon arm now as the Duelist leaps aside, gaining way for the ofuda-strike of Sailor Mars! Biozaria rolls up to her feet with grace that's unbecoming of such an evil creature only...to eat ofuda between the eyes!

The creature finally screams, as holy miko Mars might fills it!

Unfortunately this also means that the youma is flailing, both blade lashing out randomly at Mars and Kassie both! The thing's speed is such that the blade seems to exist and strike in many places at once!

"HEY! THAT'S MY TECHNIQUE YOU FAKE!" King-chan is very not pleased by this.

What's even worse however is the nicked cannon that is spraying nuclear waste everywhere. Like falling rain, and combined with the cleansing energies of Mars' ofuda?

Well, that nuclear dark waste is reacting, and soon becoming a falling conflagration.

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Mars [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"King-chan suits a neophyte like you just fine!" Sailor Mars teases, with a light smirk. Honestly, what sort of girl goes around calling herself a king, anyway..?

That one, apparently.

Mars's ploy to avoid setting Kasagami on fire seems to show fruit: unfortunately, it shows fruit when they're both right beside Biozaria. "A-ya-ya-ya!" She hops from one foot to the other as that blade is here and there and everywhere, narrowly avoiding some solid stabs in favour of glancing slashes. (Senshi are tough, though: she's a little battered, but still whole.)

This is a panic dance which would serve her perfectly well, as the nuclear waste starts sprinkling down. "Eeeh..?!"


which may not make Kasagami Araki very happy.

"Then we'll fight fire with fire! Get down!" That's the only warning King-chan gets before Sailor Mars takes another ofuda in hand, invoking Acala: "No-maku Samanda Bazara da Senda..." It's rhythmic chanting, pulling her hands together, as a purifying flame sparks between her fingers. It lances through the ofuda, growing out, expanding --

It is vast flame, that phoenix from her heart, and the fiery bird's wings spread wide along the arcade to catch the falling dark fire and burn it to ashes.

It's getting hot in here.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Neophyte? I've fought alongside the most beautiful and wisest senshi of all! That alone makes me a veteran, to save my innocent subjects-to-be alongside her graceful movements and eyes deeper than any starlight!" Yeah, Kassie's wearing her heart on her sleeve. Even amidst the battle, for a brief second, one can almost see the hearts floating off of her as Pluto enters her mind. Not for long, though, as they suddenly pop!

As the nuclear waste rains down, Kassie has grabbed her longcoat, practically using it as a shield in between dodging gobs of the stuff in quick flashes of blurred movement. This doesn't keep her coat from being eaten through. The Duelist is looking increasingly perturbed by this, even moreso than any actual physical harm that might come to her person.

Harming her fashion is the most cruel of Ohtori crimes you see!

Mars has a plan. Kasagami is on the floor, and curled up in a most un-Kingly fashion. Her eyes are wide as she watches that beautiful phoenix unfold, enveloping both arcade and the falling destruction. The purifying, searing blazing fills her heart with just a bit of relief as the danger is passed for the moment. Such a pure thing can inspire.

And yet, the heat. Half of her body twitches involuntarily, and her grip on her sword becomes the kind of white knuckle thing that would be an embarrassment in form if any of the other Student Council saw it. Her knees lock up. The young woman's entire body is frozen as a shadow looms over her fallen form.

Some of that fire has caught the youma's cannon aflame. Which it points right as the Duelist's head. Whirrr.

"No...Mother! Give her back...YOU MONSTER! GIVE HER BACK!" Howls Kassie at the creature. She slices. It's too shallow, too borne of fear and trauma to connect. The cannon goes off, and scorches a table just above where her shoulder is.

Mars isn't spared either. The thing is fast, and it'll take both of them getting it's attention to win. From the looks of things, though, Kasagami is having a hard time staying outside of her head, much less this battle.

Biozaria's blade comes straight for Mars in a z-like slashing pattern in the blink of an eye! Kassie's eyes seem vacant, peering through her enemy and ally to somewhere in the past.

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Mars [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Sailor Mars has a vast array of options for dealing with threats:

... she can set them on fire.

... she can conflagrate them.

... she can light them aflame.

... she can incinerate them.

All of her wide-spanning solutions are not very helpful in present company, but she is doing her best. She managed to keep the nuclear fire from searing King-chan, but all fire has one thing in common, and that's heat.

Heat which... Kasagami doesn't seem to be taking well at all.

The vast phoenix fades, but fire remains: now Biozaria's cannon is flaming. Rei can't help but grimace, as she hears the panic in the other girl's voice; Sailor Mars sets her expression, presses those lips to thin line. "King-chan! That's not --" not quite as stern as she tries, her voice catches on the raw edge of that emotion, of course she feels bad, "it's not what's happening now!"

Flash comes the blade, and Sailor Mars crosses her gloves like gauntlets in front of her, absorbing the brunt of the blow with the strength of her raiments.

She coughs, because even the Soldier of Flame is not immune to it - or to the effect of smoking guns. "Cheh... I'm really running low on options here..!" If Sailor Moon were here, she could purify the monster in a glitter of moonlight -- nice, unobjectionable moonlight -- but it's Sailor Mars in residence, and being honest, she doesn't really have a vast array of options.

She wonders: would it be kinder to end this quickly, before King-chan got too upset? Even if it took so much more flame...

No: it is not kind.

But maybe it is not necessary, either. Sailor Mars springs back away from Biozaria, to land beside Kasagami. "King-chan, come on! I need you!" She pulls another ofuda, cuts the sign of Kuji-in along it --

And slaps the tag right onto Kasagami's face.

Certainly the holy energy dispels evil, but perhaps the only reason it inflames the fighting spirit is the indignity of getting a spell tag stuck to one's face. It's that, or the spirits. The world may never know.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Memory can be a strange thing. With a strong enough reminder, they can be more vivid and thieving of one's attention than reality. Even dire reality. The good memories are so often hazy. But the bad ones?

Clear as day, by the way Kasagami is barely responding. She's just not there. At least fully. When Mars gets in the way, blocks the strike aimed for her she blinks. That glazed look in her eyes wavers.

But it seems more direct methods are needed to draw her out of her stupor. This is Sailor Mars. She's the woman for the job! SLAP! Holy paper right to the face. The sound that emits from the Duelist as she's infused with the spirit-banishing power is a yelp of someone being dunked in ice-cold water combined with sheer indignity as if someone had insulted her hair!

And as power fills her, maybe a bit of 'Kassie's pumped up for a kendo match'. We'll call it a war-yelp-shriek.

"That is King-SAN to you, Sailor Fish Fry! Rrrrraaaaaahhh!"

And then, gripping her sword tighter, she thrusts the long blade straight at Biozaria. Right for the stomach area in a single piercing move that catches the youma off guard. Into, through, and then there's a CHUNK as both youma dn blade are stuck in the nearest arcade cabinet.

Sorry Kyouko. It's the DDR machine!

Kasagami is just far enough away to dodge random shuts and ruler-flails alike. And there's enough hard muscle and Duelist magic to keep Biozaria pinned, flailing, and shooting wide arcs. Kasagami is a magic sword user, not someone used to purifying things.

"Sailor Mars! ....While I have it pinned! Let's finish this!" She shoots a grin, confidence shaped. Her look is utterly terrified. Her hands are shaking, and it's not from the physical struggle.

She's putting a little trust in her fellow magical girl. One at least adjacent to her beloved. Will it pay off!?

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

There's a distance to Kasagami, and Sailor Mars has a simple solution. At least it seems to bring her back. She can be relieved for that.

Of course, that's relief she snaps in the form of: "Ha! In your dreams!" First it's King-san, then it's King-sama... Mars knows those tricks.

Sailor Mars, of course, is a ranged fighter: Biozaria's threat zone is something she keeps out of, not one she closes into. That's why Kasagami's expertise is so valuable - she can close in and pin the youma right to that cabinet, despite the way her ruler flails.

Kasagami might say it's time to finish this - but Rei can see how terrified she looks. "King-chan...?" The question is implicit: are you sure?

Sailor Mars slides her heel back, brings up a hand. "This won't hurt a bit," she assures her, and her confidence isn't quite so hollow-boned. The purifying flames of her ofuda eat away at evil - not arrogance. Kasagami is excluded from its effects.

They both know that's not entirely true, but it is true enough to say.

The purification of flame...

"By Fire --" In arcing circle Sailor Mars spins, fanning a line of fire with the paper-slip of her ofuda. She throws it upwards with a gesturing hand, the flame coiling now above Biozaria like circling birds. "-- Be Cleansed!"

With a deft wrist, she flings that ofuda, and it attaches to Biozaria's face. It is the lighthouse which draws those flames down, curling around the monster, and in the pyre are reflected the scientific formulae which tormented that poor middle school student so thoroughly.

This purification is not so soft; nonetheless it purifies, and flame fueled by ofuda does not boil the skin of pure-hearted girls. Just as Mars promised: it doesn't hurt.

Not physically, in any case.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Sure it won't!" Is sarcasm a good reaction as Sailor Mars is about to light evil - and by extension kind of her - on fire? There's clear hesitation in her voice. This is an awful idea, Kasagami knows it. But if nothing else, she knows how to commit.

And so she gives one more grin, a nod, and tries to keep the bile in her throat from exiting up too much higher.

She's not stupid though. Avoiding fire is something she very much desires, and thus excells at. She hunkers down, sets a heel back, and makes herself as small a profile as possible while fire and ofuda descend upon Biozaria. The funeral pyre of the youma blasts into Kasagami's face with the heat. She shudders. Biozaria lets out a howl, and quickly loses consistency as she's slowly cleansed. Yet the youma is tough.

It slides forward along Kassie's blade. A trembling, fire filled youma angles its ruler again as the Duelist!

With a scream of her own, she kicks it backwards into the pyre until both it and the fire burns out. Even her boots are unharmed.

Kasagami rips out her blade from cabinet and the falling dust of a cleansed youma. Her breaths are ragged, she stumbles like a drunk. Her blade dissappears into her coat when Mars isn't looking. Finally, the Duelist is threatening to pitch backward over the bar-stool like seat she wobbled into.

"Hah. It never stood a chance." Her voice, so confident and so prideful, seems small. Filled with exhaustion, terror, and as she looks to Mars...growing shame at having shown such weakness.

Is this any way for a King to act? And yet her knuckles are bone white beneath gloves. She should be jubilent. Now, as adrenaline cooks off, she's just tired.

<Pose Tracker> Rei Hino [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

A biology textbook thuds to the floor beside the cabinet; the lingering warmth of the pyre leaks into the hole the nodachi made in the cabinet-glass, knitting the damage and ensuring no one who loves DDR will get an unpleasant surprise when visiting later.

That's the magic of - well - magic.

Magic doesn't just go away when the monsters do, though: Biozaria fades, but the girls remain. Sailor Mars watches as Kasagami stumbles into a stool, and to her credit manages to swallow down her wince. It was hard on her, huh..?

"It messed with the wrong crowd," she agrees, too easily, and rather than disappearing in the wake of her flame Sailor Mars steps up to that stool, to clap a gloved hand gently onto Kasagami's shoulder.

"Hey," her voice keys down for a moment, "you were great."

But neither of them are particularly comfortable with genuineness, in either guise, and bravado quickly returns to Sailor Mars's voice. "But even if you skewered that thing, you'll always just be King-chan to me! I don't believe for a second you stand over any one of us!" That's right, that's definitely the thing that's bothering her.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kassie barely even hears Mars' reply. Not at first. She actually jumps a little at the hand upon her shoulder. Blinking away her own mind's horrid pulls back into other places, slowly, she smirks. It's a slow thing. Almost grudging.

"My blade is second to no one, I'll have you know! You say that now, but soon, SOON you will be begging to bow before me and become my chef, oh Sailor Bar-b-Que Beans! Yes. My Chef-Knight Sailor BBQ-chan!" She laughs, loud and boisterous.

Yeah that sounds a little better. Ignore how it kind of tapers off to coughs and vague slumping. Then she glances around.

"You weren't too bad for a walking flamethrower." A wink, and then it's Kasagami's turn to duck out a door and into a non-chalant alleyway even as magic goes to work.

And almost immediately falls to her knees. Ugh. A few minutes later, she's back in shakily.

"Really need that milkshake now."