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Do you ever think there's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking?


Other Duelists


  • Amitié: Kyouichi Saionji vs. Utena Tenjou (W)
  • Choix: Utena Tenjou (W) vs. Kyouichi Saionji
  • Ambition: Utena Tenjou (W) vs. Sei Itazura
  • Raison: Utena Tenjou (W) vs. Miki Kaoru
  • Retenu: Juri Arisugawa (W) vs. "Miki Kaoru" (Sayaka Miki)
  • Pureté: Utena Tenjou (W) vs. Kozue Kaoru
  • Héroïsme: Utena Tenjou (W) vs. Takeo Akamizu
  • Fierté: Takeo Akamizu (W) vs. Kasagami Araki
  • Réflexion: Shizuru Fujino (W) vs. Juri Arisugawa
  • Navigation: Kasagami Araki (W) vs. Kyouichi Saionji
  • Résorption: Miki Kaoru (W) vs. Kozue Kaoru
  • Rancoeur: Kasagami Araki (W) vs. Shizuru Fujino
  • Beauté: Kasagami Araki (W) vs. Miki Kaoru
  • Désespoir: Kasagami Araki (W) vs. Takeo Akamizu
  • Couronnement: Utena Tenjou vs. Kasagami Araki (W)
  • Haine: Kasagami Araki (W) vs. Yukino Kikukawa
  • Soi: Kasagami Araki vs. Utena Tenjou (W)


  • Traditionally, the mysterious Ends of the World sends a monogrammed letter to all Duelists, announcing the next Duel for engagement to the Rose Bride. This Duel must take place before a time allotted to the letter, or there will be dire consequences. The Engaged is required to accept this challenge.
  • The Engaged does not have to accept any other challenges (although she may choose to), except for one: the victor of the Challenge Bracket. After an engagement Duel, the Challenge Bracket resets. The champion of the Challenge Bracket is the loser of the engagement Duel; the pool of people who want to challenge them for the right to challenge the Engaged must first Duel amongst themselves to determine the victor.

For more information, please see: The Utena Theme Primer, Student Council: Ohtori, Organization: Ends of the World, Cast Pages