2019-04-30 - A Secretarial Hunger

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Title: A Secretarial Hunger

On a dark and rainy night, newly instated Student Council Secretary Kasagami Araki reflects on the events of the past few months, her losses, and the new road ahead of her.


Kasagami Araki


Ohtori Academy, Secretary Office

OOC - IC Date:

4-30-19 - 6-2-15


The last filing cabinet door of a long row is slammed shot. A few feet away, an overly large and ornate wooden table marked with carved flowers is empty of paper now after several hours of work. A glance outside. Still raining horribly, and dark besides. It's late, very late.

A thrice emptied coffee cup is emptied for one last time down Kasagami Araki's throat. She had never /liked/ Yukino, but now? There's a certain contempt and irritation at the filing system her predecessor for her newest office had set up. Kassie, arrogant as she is, can't help but imagine it's some personal slight against her tailor made to make her angry. That she /is/ angry only makes her angrier.

She makes a mental note to change the entire thing, just to spite the girl.

Searching for a distraction, her eyes land on a set of framed pictures. Her parents, of course. It's a precious staple in any place she calls her own. Two new ones have taken up residence however. The first, a picture of Eri Shimanouchi and Kassie. The Duelist is grinning, and very clearly messing with the Puella. They both look much happier. It's a photo of much better times. The other is of a much younger girl. Kimiko Akane, with Kassie mussing her hair and sneaking bunny ears into the picture.

It reminds her of how much she's lost. Her anger fades, and her eyes mist up. It wouldn't be the first time she's cried tonight. It's why she's working alone. That, and she wanted time to think.

Grabbing a long, fancy silver pen, she spins it in her fingers. She casts her mind to how much she's lost. The Engagement and the Sword of Dios, pried from her hand by a girl she cares for and yet hungers for what she has. The sharp jealousy with Pluto, and the gulf she feels with every moment unable to find how to fix it. Touga, and the tricks she should've heeded advice against, ruining her fortunes and putting her in debt. A sharp pain strikes her.

Not /just/ the wounded pride. Pills are chased by steaming hot tea.

Kassie looks about the office of the Student Council Secretary. Her office. Her Puella friends are all dead, more wounds torn into her chest that ache even now. She's barely slept, hence the exceeding amount of work she's accomplished. And still, papers are piled up.

Almost enough to crush, with the weight of Kyuubey's truths on her back. Having to serve, nominally aligned with the rest of the girls of the Student Council. So many lessons to learn. It's galling, but she knows how little she understands of the games she's involved in.

Her hand clenches, and the pen crunches. She takes a deep breath. In, out. Frustrated and sad and hurting.

She looks up, and her eyes open again at the ceiling. A beautiful chandelier shimmering with light.

Kasagami doesn't see it. She sees the mountain ahead of her. Up that steep mountain is full of battles, of politics, of Council, of a legendary storm and the grinding system of an alien. On it's summit?

A girl with long pink hair, a shining Prince guarding a throne. Kassie's hands come together, clenching the air as if it were a long blade.


"...It doesn't matter how high or how much it hurts! I'll reach you again, Utena-chan! And this time I'll truly claim that throne!"

Down at the foot of the mountain, she feels hunger and longing.