2018-10-07 - Healing Halls

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Healing Halls

Some of Reckoning's more-injured individuals make it to the Testarossa-Harlaown household for care, where a Yagami is called in to help. In the aftermath of a tragedy, some tempers run hot, some cold, and some just plain sad.


Lera Camry, Yumi Ohzora, Kasagami Araki, Setsuna Meioh, Utena Tenjou, Shamal Yagami, Lindy Harlaown


Lindy's house

OOC - IC Date:

10/10/2018 (moved to 10/07 for IC chronology) - 05-20-2015 (after midnight)

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.


Nori entrusted her car to Lera. Lera Camry can, in fact, drive. She won a car in a contest; she even drives her namesake vehicle at times, taking it about town. Nori's car is much nicer, which would ordinarily be a source of mild consternation... but she is transporting a number of wounded and exhausted people. As her car comes to a stop outside of Lindy Harlaown's home, her eyes have a focused, but slightly glassy look.

The barrier over her side holds, but blood has leaked through anyways. Her white shirt has been stained with blood. The car comes to a stop with a jerk, and Lera looks over her shoulder, flashing a tired smile back at all of them.

"We're here," she says. "Let's get you all inside, y'know?"

She opens the door. Amy and Chrono are already running out; the former looks openly worried, the latter has his head tilted in that uncertain way. "Lera-chan?" Amy asks. "Um, is everything okay?"

"I think... we need some healing," Lera says, as she stops the car. She steps out, then. She wobbles; the bloody wound on her side, having foregone treatment for so long, is now actually rather serious. Lera holds a finger up. "Yep. Definitely need healing."

Then she falls over.

"Get my mother," Chrono sighs.


Everyone has been afforded rooms in the Harlaown household's infirmary. It has come to house, somehow, a classic TSAB sickbay: there are several beds, and not all of them are full. Machines with pulsing, glowing lights help provide readings -- but the healing was all done by the mages who work here, using their healing magic to banish the worst of the wounds.

"Now, everyone," Lindy says. "I have so many questions... but I think I can ask them later. I want all of you to rest up and be in tip-top shape before you leave!"

Lera looks up from her bed. She has since changed back into her normal outfit: a dark grey T-shirt, but the midsection is puffy and bulging with the bandages under it. She blinks her eyes tiredly -- and then she directs a thumbs-up towards Lindy. "W-Whew," she manages.

It isn't as excited as it normally might be.

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

This is really not how Yumi was expecting her evening to end. Not the whole thing, and certainly not here. ...She finds herself worrying over Lera and Utena both some, but frankly... She can't worry over them too hard because she's too fatigued at this point to fly under her own power, and has poured herself into a car seat and leaned on the window on her way back. She is not bloody in the same way Lera is, hit by powerful magic more than stabbed by blades, but, frankly:

On a good day Yumi looks kind of a wreck sometimes. This is not the best day at all.

Yumi drags herself out of the car after Lera. "Yeah, um--O-oh no--"


Yumi is in normal attire, too, having de-transformed, her artifacts back in magical storage again. "H-hey," Yumi says to Lera, waving at her lightly. She's also in a bed, but she's sitting up at the moment, feet swung off of it. So it's more on, than in, though she's not rude and isn't wearing shoes. She's still pretty pale, frankly, but... that's kind of normal.

"Ah, um..." Yumi starts to say something, and then doesn't. She pauses, and then, "Oh um, I uh... My cat is going to be looking for me. If she comes can you let her in? She'll tell you she's looking for Yumi."

...Probably not the strangest request, right?

"Y-yeah, questions..." Yumi sighs, and leans back against the wall.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

~Car Ride~

Kasagami spent the car ride to Lindy's remarkably not egging Lera on to violating several traffic laws in the pursuit of Thrilling Experiences she's so fond of. Instead, the exhausted Duelist has mostly watching the other Duelist in the car like a hawk in between snatching lovingly stressed glances at her girlfriend in the car with a pained smile. She's quiet, brooding and doing her level best to not think of the night's events and what the implications are. Kassie fails at this utterly.

What little is left of her beloved coat has basically been used as an impromptu pillow for the Prince of Ohtori. The wavering fellow Duelist's consciousness has kept the Crimson Rose on edge.

Her laser focus though isn't enough that she doesn't visibly wince as Lera collapses and eats dirt when they're at Lindy's. She tugs at her collar, besocked toes wiggling.

"...I owe her a shirt now, don't I?" Kassie mutters to herself with a sweatdrop as she goes to collect a wounded piece of royalty.


A bit of healing and some light bullying of a poor mage of roughly her stature and build later, Kassie is decked out in a black pair of jeans, sneakers, and a dark red hoodie with a floral pattern in black.

"You know, Lindy-san, I definitely owe you and any reasonable person would be curious..." Starts Kasagami, offering a small bow to the former TSAB mage. A smile, and even perhaps there's actual respect and thanks in there for all the Duelist's pride.

"But I for one am starting to find the value in the old saying that 'Ignorance is Bliss'."

Then Kasagami, who has positioned herself to be able to keep an eye on both Utena and Setsuna as she's able, casts gazes to those she knows here. Mostly being Yumi, but even Lera gets a (somewhat guilty) look tossed her way. Overall, Kasagami just looks tired and is slumping a bit with her sword leaned against her. She really, really wants to just fall into Setsuna Meioh's arms, but she puts up a strong facade. They all need it right now.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

She's not known for being particularly loquacious, but since the events at Haneda Airport, Sailor Pluto has wrapped herself in a deep quiet. From Lost Ivy's broom to Lera Camry's borrowed wheels she's spoken a bare handful of words, the majority devoted to a low and relieved greeting for Kasagami Araki upon their reunion. Upon releasing her henshin she reaches to lace her bared fingers with the swordswoman, briefly, but her face feels too heavy to move away from its somber set.

She finds more syllables, her own, because crossed weapons and spilled blood won't move the tall senshi from her manners. "Setsuna Meioh," she introduces herself again to Lera Camry and Utena Tenjou, her wounded... enemies? She spends much of the ride observing each in turn, Lera's jocular grit and Utena's wounded grace -- and the way Kasagami dotes on the latter.

Once Setsuna looks Yumi's way, then presses her lips and shifts to look out of a window instead. When they arrive she lends a silent hand, if needed, to move the hurt girls inside.


She took a nasty hit from Tsubasa Kazanari earlier in the night, but the angry bruises down her side can't be seen beneath her white button-up shirt and black pencil skirt, and Setsuna doesn't bother calling attention to herself. They'll heal on their own. She pulls her shoulderblades away from the wall at her back when Lindy mentions questions.

"Questions," Setsuna repeats after Yumi does, with a glance the witch's way, then ceilingward. "We all have those, tonight."

Exhaustion is a distant sensation, a sandpaper ache beneath the tension that shivers through her limbs in waves. Setsuna steadfastly ignores the one and bows to the other with restlessness. Her arms folded across her chest, she crosses the room to stand near to leaning swordswoman and her sword. "Yes, thank you, Lindy-san." She remembers this place, this woman, from the grand presentation on the Wolkenritter. That feels like a long time ago, now -- strange, considering her extended perspective.

"And... Camry-san. My thanks for your shielding of us earlier. It was... unexpected." There's a stiffness to the way Setsuna extends her gratitude. It's true that she's grateful, and it's also true that she's not sure whether she would do the same, were they reversed in that situation.

<Pose Tracker> Utena Tenjou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

The healer is recognizable as the Lady of the Lake, Shamal Yagami, who wielded her Device to rejuvenate the group before they confronted the final form of NachtWal. She's not wearing her knight clothing though, with the hat and the gown, but rather an entirely sensible white doctor's coat over what appears to be green flannel pajamas.

Well, she was called out of bed.

This isn't her house and she isn't the source of the change of clothes but when Kasagami starts giving her a hard time, she pre-empts it with a motherly expression and a sympathetic little pat on the high school student's head.

"Shh, shh. I know you've had a hard time." (Shamal is actually doing her very best Hayate impression, but it's a pretty good one.)

She shows herself out with a concerned-looking smile and a silent thumbs-up as to the request to let in the cat.


The room's quotient of blue increases dramatically when Utena opens her eyes. She rolls her head to her left and sees Yumi. The motion pulls at the hair beneath her, but it doesn't make her wince. She's smiling, instead.

"Oh good," she exhales, "You're okay. I'm glad."

More faces swim into view, and she tests herself a little, starting to sit up. With a blink of surprise at the result -- she begins to rise -- she hooks two fingers underneath her gray shirt and lifts it a few inches. Her torso is revealed, muscles pulled taut. And there's some shiny new pink skin where a stab wound used to be.

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Mm. Well," Lindy says, "perhaps. But I find ignorance rarely stays blissful. Still, please, rest. I'll get you all somethink to drink and eat."

She gives them all a look, and a smile, and then the aqua-haired woman turns and heads out of the room.

Once she does, Lera's shoulders slump a little. Her expression becomes more wan, then; without bloodloss giving her that slightly euphoric lightness, the events of the day begin to weigh on her. Her eyes lift, slowly, to meet Setsuna Meioh's. She shakes her head. "It's... it's like I said, y'know?"

She smiles, weakly. "We just wanted to save everyone. We wanted to stop them from doing that." At least, she thinks, some of them did. Sayaka didn't; nor did Kozue or Tsubasa. Did Endo?

"I'm glad you all got out okay," she ays. "The rest..." She swallows, looking sideways at Utena -- and her eyes widen, when she realizes her friend is awake. "Utena!" she says, sitting up. "Ah, good old-fashioned Midchildan healing magic, y'know? It'll make you good as new."

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Ah, yeah," Yumi answers, and smiles at Utena briefly. It's not the sort of night where Yumi feels like she should be doing a lot of that. But it's Utena, and, "Thanks. ...Are you feeling okay?" Yumi's eyes are a brilliant pink instead. But as Utena starts to lift her shirt a little--

"Ah." Her eyes meet Setsuna's again. She hasn't at all been avoiding her. She's looked back each time Setsuna has looked at her in turn, calm.

She looks after Lindy and says as she goes, "Ah, thank you again!" she says, calls to her, and then sighs, swinging her feet up onto the bed.

"Yeah... I was expecting that to hurt a lot longer," Yumi admits about the healing magic. "...It's nice though. I... I didn't really want..." She bites her lip, shakes her head, looks back to Utena again. "...Ah, I didn't mean to worry you..."

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kassie has somehow managed to miss the eyeing she gets from Setsuna during the car ride, but right here at Lindy's? Well, the Araki family's defacto head is slightly more observant. The exhaustion is clear to someone who has gained a rare window into the mysterious senshi, and one hand reaches over to Setsuna.

After Setsuna approaches, a firm, slow massage is worked to Setsuna's shoulderblades, just where Kassie knows a lot of tension seems to build up. No oil on hand, but the warmth and concern is naked in her eyes as well as gloved fingers working their way in for that little amount of relief she can offer.

Shamal, Lady of the Lake and pajama'd healer, pats Kassie's head. Kasagami had plenty of aggression to give. Paaat pat pat pat. Pat pat. It all dies as that motherly kindness works it's way into the mother-starved Duelist's exhausted senses.

"Ahh...thanks." She tries to play it off, all cool and tough in vain. Slump. Kasagami actually sniffles here, finding herself shivering and a little weak. It takes a herculean effort to not break down and cry. Briefly, where Shamal's hand was, she can feel her own mother's hand on her head when she'd have a silly little nightmare, as comforting as she was strict and strong.

Her sneakers might scuff up the floor a bit as Utena awakens, sorry Lindy!

Hair falls over her bad eye. "Utena! Yeesh, finally you're moving!" There's no hiding the worry and relief in her voice. She leans in a bit, eyeing that patch of mage-healed skin.

"As much as I'm angry you went and got your gallant self hurt...by that blue haired little psychop...nnn. Anyway. It could've at least left a scarr. Girls love wounds with a story, trust me on that one!" She grins. A show of confidence that's as brittle as stained glass.

"...You're okay, right, Utena-chan?" Her voice is softer here. Her friend, rival, enemy, and prince took a terrible wound by an unhinged foe. Teeth grit. Part of her burns in white hot vengeance for the act, smothered by the realization that she can't possibly obtain it.

A look back to Lindy as she leaves. "I'd slash a man for coffee and a sandwhich right about now, Lindy-san. Yeah, I am entirely okay with rest right now." She leans a little harder against a convenient wall.

"What Setsu-chan said. Lera-chan, good job out there. I..." Gulp. Pride is almost audibly swallowed.

"Definitely owe you an apology and a donut or something." Kassie blushes nervously here. Humility is painful for a former StuCo member at Ohtori.

Then she's smiling and looks to Yumi. "Don't overdo it, Yumi-chan. Rest, huh? I think we could all use your wisdom." A nod to her Witch friend, with a sparkle dulled only by lingering horror at the Truth.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

The clarity of that blue draws Setsuna's head around, despite herself, to look at the wakened Utena. She's been aware of this girl but has never met her, despite the large presence Utena's actions have had in her life, like the two of them have stood on opposite sides of Kasagami with the scarred duelist eclipsing view. The impressions gathered from others' mentions of Utena and second-hand accounts of events attach now to the waking girl sitting up and examining a new stretch of skin. They fit strangely, and she feels a flutter of uncertainty.

Setsuna's gaze rests overlong as she thinks, and she gives a little shake of her head to pull out of it. "Welcome back," she says. "I've heard a lot about you."

She hears the concern about Yumi, and wonders -- Pluto wasn't in position to catch good view of the chilling attempt Sayaka Miki made on the Witch of Lost Ivy, earlier. She also doesn't feel like it's her place to ask, right now, so she doesn't.

Lera's reply gets a nod, an acknowledgement. "Mm." Setsuna's shoulder muscles are steel cables under Kasagami's gloves, beyond easy gentling. She shrugs upward on one side, though, to capture a hand between shoulder and cheek for a moment.

But when the duelist says she owes Lera an apology, the senshi shakes her head. "No, you don't." There's something taut in her voice. "That was a battlefield we were on, and Camry-san made her choice to get in the way of your blade." She looks at Lera after, though it might be easier not to.

<Pose Tracker> Utena Tenjou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Everyone talks to Utena. Her smile widens in response to Yumi's, and Lera's, and Kasagami's, and finally beneath Setsuna's lengthy gaze a slight flush forms across one cheek and up her nose and down the other cheek, as is her wont when a beautiful woman looks at her like that. As is also her wont, she doesn't notice.

Her smile fades at Setsuna's words.

"Well, I made the choice to get in the way of Sayaka's blade for her," she chins in Yumi's direction, "And for Shimanouchi too. I saw her there, on the tarmac, she looked like she was about an inch from death. I don't doubt for a second that if we hadn't shown up to fight our own friend -- to stand in her way, to make her spend energy, spend magic, spend blood getting through us -- through me -- Shimanouchi would be dead... or worse."

That memory rises within her and her mouth dries. Her eyes narrow almost to slits. They shadow over.

And her voice, which was a hot kind of loud, softens -- marginally, along with her eyes.

"I guess you don't have to apologize, but I don't think a little gratitude is out of line. I don't even need that, though... because we did what we went there to do. We succeeded... Shimanouchi's still alive, and so are all of you. So I'm glad... that we went. You don't need to make this night worse than it already is with a crummy attitude, mystery woman who Kasagami has never told me about at all, ever."

Her eyes flick over to Kasagami, and she raises an eyebrow, as if to say, 'so, you gonna introduce me to your girlfriend, or what?'

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"It's handy," Lera says to Yumi, with that same thin and tired smile.

She looks down, though, and nods to the apology -- and hesitates a moment when Pluto suggests withdrawing it. She looks up, peering between the two of them for a moment. "...She's right," she tells Kasagami. "I did decide to get in the way. I mean... I'm glad you didn't want to hurt me, just the same. And I'll take the donut."

She sits up, straighter, and then lets out a soft hiss. "I'm still sore all over," she says. She looks sideways at Utena, though, and she tilts her head. She nods, though. It's a little victory. "Mm-hm. There is that. I--"

"Lera?" Lindy calls, from the other room. "Could you come here? I need to check a couple of things on Sky and Ground."

"Ah, sure..." Lera swings her legs over the side of the bed. She groans, a little, and stretches her arms out. "I'll be back in a little bit. Uh, don't... you know... bite each other's heads off or anything!" she says. "Because I think Fate and Arf are here, somewhere. They'd be very cross."

She waves a hand at them, then starts towards the open doorway. "On my way, Miss Lindy!"

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Don't worry about your sneakers, Kasagami, there's no way Yumi would let her buddy be that rude!! Sneakers in the infirmary...!

Yumi can tell Kasagami and Utena know each other at least; she glances between the two of them for a moment, and threads a hand into her hair. "I don't like wounds very much..." But it's quiet.

Yumi pauses though. She starts to smile at Kasagami reaching out, but Kasagami turns the compliments on her and--

"Ah, I'm not--you know... But I'll rest, sure. I'm real tired."

Setsuna... speaks, in her quiet way. "Hey, don't--"

Utena definitely has it covered. Yumi hesitates, looks to the others, and shakes her head. "...I might be too," Yumi admits. "Thanks. She was... She was scary, the way she looked at me, the way she said that." She sighs, looks down. "...Ah, I guess I'm not the one to do introductions..." Yumi glances between Setsuna and Utena for a moment. "Oh--Oh, see you Camry-san. It's okay, I've... got it."

"...Mm. Well I appreciate what you guys were trying to do. I wish... I wish we could've saved your friend, too. I'm sorry."

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kassie's mini massage is ineffective, and the put out look on her face followed by slightly miffed contenance only promises another shot later. Nevermind the actual worry that those chorded strings of humanity add to her whole pile of things to be concerned over.

At least that brief hand-capture has her offering a brief, soft look and tiny sigh as she feels the touch of Setsuna's flawless skin upon her fingers. She brushes them, gently, quietly, soaking in the presence of her love even in these dire circumstances.

Only to then all but recoil at the shock of Setsuna's sudden defence. Her entire body tenses. Even the victim, Lera, chimes in at the proper time to agree with her!

Kasagami looks down at her feet, her eyes slit, and bitter old feelings rise up.

"That's the entire point, Setsuna-chan! It was a battlefield! I'm an Araki. Even if she got in the way...even if you decided that tactic on your own Lera..."

Hands ball up into fists. Gloves creak hard.

"It was my hand that wielded my family's blade shamefully! To overcommit and strike someone that isn't your target, regardless of the circumstances! That's a weakness and flaw in technique! I wasn't strong and skilled enough to prevent it! ...Mom would've been able to counter perfectly!" She's loud here. She truly believes that her mere mortal mother would have been capable of all of that, judging by her tone.

A glare to Lera. She's definitely getting a super donut IOU later though!

Even with this drama hanging in the air, Kassie all but instantly steps forward towards Utena as both challenge and takedown of her beloved Puu is offered. Teeth grit, and far less dramatic sneaker sounds hammer to the floor. She tilts her head, arms cross, and she leans back with just the right amount of flare to the motion as a scowl eats up her face.

"'Crummy attitude'!? What kind of attitude do you expect, Utena Tenjou, after she's been through all of that!? After we all have! Eri-chan is alive, and I admit you're all part of the reason she is still breathing! But give Setsu-chan some time to work things out, got it!?" Kassie sucks in a breath, her face a little red. In anger, and frustration at this whole thing.

A hand goes to her own chest, and she bunches up that hoodie.

"...So back off a bit, okay, Utena? This woman, Setsuna Meioh, beside me is my wise, beautiful, amazing shining star of a girlfriend that I love! My precious Queen! The one who guides this knuckleheaded King and soothes her when everything else abandons her! The shimmering light in the sky that I walk with eclipsing any other heavenly body!" Her voice rises, confidence filling it as she extols the virtues of her beloved!

Then, both hands point to Utena. Poiiiint!

"Setsuna Meioh, this is Utena Tenjou, friend, rival, and dashing, beautiful, handsome idiot Prince that is currently testing my patience!" Even amidst her annoyance, Kassie can't help but offer Utena's virtues to the world too as she sees them. Even if it is increasingly looking like she wants to Duel the One Engaged on the spot. Or deck her, either way.

Lera gets a double glare. "I cut, I don't bite! You should know that as a fellow swordswoman!" Huff!

She deflates a bit. "Swear to the Lord, Yumi-chan, you need to take more credit for yourself. What am I going to do with you, delightful beanpole that you are?" Siiiigh.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

If it was a blast from the Garnet Rod that struck Lera instead of the duelist's sword, Setsuna might herself be the one apologizing instead of Kasagami. She isn't, though, and hearing the guilt in her girlfriend's voice is different from feeling it herself. Setsuna is a protective sort, and the night's events coil and press on her emotions.

Lera Camry gets a second nod, a longer one, from the senshi upon that agreement. It's closer to a bow, with the way she holds it. Respect. At Yumi's 'Hey,' Setsuna tenses, but she's... spared. So to speak.

When Utena looks her way, it's her first direct exposure to the intense blue of those eyes, and the senshi inhales sharply, feeling like she's been dunked into the sky. It takes a moment to get past, but the continuing conversation speeds things along.

Her chin rises as Utena speaks. She's tall, this mystery woman, and even in obvious exhaustion bears up under fire with straight-backed posture. And she remains that way almost through the end, meeting those intense blue eyes with narrow garnet ones. The majority of what she knows about Utena Tenjou -- the lot she has heard -- involves the painful duel loss Kasagami suffered to her, and the even more painful fall that came after. Setsuna Meioh was there for her girlfriend, then. She remembers that all very well.

It's only at the end that Utena gets to see those eyes widen, then flick sidelong at Kasagami. It's not the part about the crummy attitude that got that reaction. The anger simmering just beneath her surface slips out from beneath her, undercut by more of that earlier uncertainty. Never mentioned once?

"I'm- glad Eri-chan is alive," she starts, but it's not a strong start. Kasagami goes right over it, with her own reactive defense that segues into the sort of angry-admiring introduction only Kasagami could manage. It's less a comfort than it might otherwise be, considering the night, considering the circumstance, considering what just went before. Setsuna is less perfectly upright when the other girl is done, without the anger to hold her up against the exhaustion and everything else.

"...Tenjou-san." She feels the sagging of her shoulders and straightens again, visibly. "I am grateful she is alive. For the rest... It has been a very long night." It's more of a concession that Setsuna wants to give, but the pain that just poured out of her girlfriend further blunts her edges. "Maybe later, after we've all recovered. As we can." She reaches for Kasagami's hand and tells herself it's to comfort the other girl, but her grasp might be the needy one.

<Pose Tracker> Utena Tenjou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Their beds are adjacent -- Utena reaches across the gap and takes Yumi's hand, squeezes it. Her own hand is very warm -- the ring on her finger the only note of coolness.

"It isn't your fault," she says quietly, after the witch apologizes. "It isn't even theirs. The Puella Magi, I mean. Like, it sounds like they were tricked all along and stuff. It even makes me wonder about Sayaka, how much of all that was really her and how much was really... done to her."

She must have been occasionally conscious on the chilly, damp concrete.

Reclaiming her hand, she straightens her legs to the extreme, until they're practically in a pike, which causes the blanket someone had helpfully tucked over her to slip off, and stands up.

"Oh," she says, looking between Kasagami and Setsuna. "Never mind. I guess you did tell me about her, 'cuz you said you were only in the Shepherds to take care of your family and stuff. To take care of your loved ones, right?"

Her smile returned somewhere along the way, and it's like the sun coming up indoors.

Her hair bounces behind her as her feet hit the floor, and then there's a rose garden indoors too.

"I have a promise to keep, so I gotta jet. Thank Lera for me, okay? And after breakfast I'm gonna go back to Haneda and relieve La Sirene. You all know... you're more than welcome. To help us keep our promise."

Her smile, a little sad, is somehow stronger rather than weaker for it.

"We're not gonna let Sayaka kill anybody."

And then she's gone.