2018-05-10 - SPACE JAIL: Sticking Together

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Title: SPACE JAIL: Sticking Together

In which happenstance (aka: Ruby) brings Ami Mizuno by where Kasagami Araki and Setsuna Meioh are resting up.


Ami Mizuno, Kasagami Araki, and Setsuna Meioh



OOC - IC Date:

Thurs May 10, 2018 - Thu April 16, 2015

<Pose Tracker> Ami Mizuno [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

After trying to follow Ruby and nearly getting caught a couple of times, Ami finally gave up on following her. It was too dangerous and the distractions were making her lose track of patrol timing. She was also more than aware that she was opening herself to more danger if she was running around. Even though the empty cells she had passed gives her hope that maybe more people escaped, it also meant that it's likely their captors had realized it by now and could be on the lookout.

With the weirdly adorable puppy still in tow, Ami changes directions, following a long hallway down to another group of cells. "Hello? Anyone need help?" She calls out softly. The little dog barks in response to her words. There is no other answer though so the sailor guardian continues through.

WIth another patrol a few minutes away, Ami begins looking for somewhere safe to hide just in case. She was tired of seeing the seemingly endless robonoids by now but at least they were predictable in their pathing and not very bright either. Still, without her transformation pen, and being alone she was more vulnerable to them so caution was still warranted.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

With their stuff in tow, and a certain duo of artifacts recovered, Kasagami Araki and Setsuna have had to take a moment for a power nap. In the storage room they've taken as their own, Kassie is leaned against a certain green haired senshi. On arm around her love, ring on her finger and wooden blade at hand's reach just in case, they've decided to let a few patrols go by just to let the heat die down after a certain incident with a screaming ball of Joy.

Left with a muscle shirt, boots, and black jeans, Kassie has only further reason to snuggle up with her love on the chilly Gem ship. Her cheek is against Pluto's shoulder as she gently snores even as Ami approaches where they're at! It won't be much further to find them, if she chooses the right way!

But there's a cocaphony in the distance ready to awaken any light sleepers as it starts to scream down the path to storage room and searching Ami!

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Pluto [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Back in her senshi silks -- and, as importantly to the aching soles of her feet, her senshi /boots/ -- Sailor Pluto has her chin tucked over Kasagami's head and a look of exhausted contentment on her face. She looks like someone who has run several marathons, only to cross the last finish line into the arms of her love. (It is in fact very much like that, except that they've miles yet to go.) The Garnet Rod angles over her other shoulder, its Orb casting a warm light down on the two of them. A few unopened grey eggs line the walls, but there's plenty more burst apart and emptied.

The ruckus rattles down the hall, first a distant thunder in Pluto's strange dreams, then close enough to disrupt them entirely. She snaps awake and cinches the swordswoman closer with the arm around her waist, a squeezing and silent wake-up call. Maybe it will pass them by. Maybe it won't.

Outside, it's a /lot/ louder.

Ruby's coming back, and she is NOT alone. In her time out of Ami Mizuno's sight and hearing, she has picked up a squadron's worth of patrols, and now she's tearing down the halls right behind Ami -- how'd she get back there?! -- with the cops in tow.

"I don't have time for this! SAAAAAAAAPHIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!!!" She doesn't honestly seem too fussed about her Robonoid entourage, looks more like she's running /for/ something rather than /away/ from them. They're coming quickly, filling the hall.

There's a storage room door just up ahead, but some of those Robonoids seem to have spotted Ami up ahead already...

<Pose Tracker> Ami Mizuno [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

As she moves through the space prison, Ami can still hear the distant singing. It's soothing and beautiful and somehow sad too. Being so far from the source though, it will likely continue to be a mystery for her. More pressing for her is the patrol that is scheduled within the next couple of minutes. Her steps are more desperate as she looks for a place to hide. There is no time to hack a cell unfortunately.

And then, if things weren't bad enough, Ami can hear commotion from behind her. It reminds her of the army from before. It's loud enough that the sailor guardian winces a little, staying close to a wall as she continues down the path. Her legs carry her just about as fast as they can. She is tired though with no chances to rest since breaking away from the others. It seems like it's been days rather than just a matter of hours.

Ami turns a corner, holding her little fluffy friend closer and heads down another hallway. She just misses a random patrolling robonoid, before she can hear Ruby screaming again. Trying to keep it together, she finally notices a welcome sight, it's a storage area!

Ami sighs in relief. "Thank goodness." There is a moment of hesitation before she opens it still feeling tentative about opening these random doors. After all, she doesn't know if their captors would be smart enough to rig a storage area or if maybe some tiny creature escaped from its egg and is just waiting to attack... or even worse... there could be another army of robonoids inside.

With no time left, Ami finally presses the latch, opening the door. Inside, she immediately sees an unexpected sight... Kasagami and Pluto... together. She is mixed between relief and a concern that she can't quite place. Out of breath, Ami steps inside her eyes focusing on Kasagami, "You... got.... out!" She closes the door and takes a few seconds to breathe before adding, "Patrol is coming and that Ruby is with them. She's in danger but... I don't think I can help right now."

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

That /sound/ and the squeeze to her side has Kasagami's eye lidding open. For all that she her hair is a glorious mess, the pair truly looking like they're tired long distance runners, she's alert and wary within a second. Her blade is in her hand, and as that scream echoes in from outside?

In comes Ami! At first, Kassie's boot is on the floor, ready for her to go rushing at this new threat. She's half up, both hands on her sword as she pulls from her love's side aggressively before recognition hits.

"Ami!? You got caught up in this mess too? Jesus, come here." A big smile forms on her face, all worry and relief at the same time. She strides over, sword thrown over her shoulder before she tries to throw her other arm around the girl's neck for a rough one-armed hug and a ruffle on that adorable blue head of hair.

"I'm glad you're okay. ...I think I could get to like that Ruby, if she wasn't screaming and drawing patrols down on everyone's heads. Steven's been busy I see."

Oh, right. "Ami Mizuno, meet Sailor Pluto, the most beautiful, wise, and deadly of all of the Sailor Senshi! Sailor Pluto, meet the famous Genius of Juuban, Ami Mizuno, the most adorable book worm to ever need to be transferred to Ohtori!" Proclaims Kassie, bowing with one arm and stepping back dramatically as she tosses a wink and a burning look to her love. Despite the situation, or perhaps because of it, Kassie is sounding a lot more like herself than during her despairing times in the Estate.

Her flirting dies down to a serious look. She presses her ear to the storage room door to check for Ruby and-or patrol.

"I really want to rush out there and cut those irritating bugs to pieces, but that may as well broadcast 'we've escaped and are armed' to the entire ship. This hydra has too many heads for my liking. We need to know which ones to cut off." Muses the young woman.

"Don't worry though Ami-chan. We'll protect you." Seems Kassie hasn't entertained the thought that Ami might be a magical girl.

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Pluto [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Trouble's coming and then the door opens, and Sailor Pluto is rolling to her feet too, Garnet Rod snapping into both hands and brandished across her body. She arrests before striking too, skidding to a stop on dark bootheels before Ami Mizuno.

She glances sidelong at Kasagami during the introductions, then back to the other senshi. With a nod over a weapon that isn't lowered, though that has everything to do with the coming cacophony: "It is good to see you've made it through. ...Who is Ruby? Whoever she is, I agree with Kassie, though. She is on her own." Solemn, the Guardian of Time shakes her head.

They're hardly done speaking when the whole mess draws near, and past, in a roaring mix of angry shouted Ruby declaratives they can't quite make out through the walls and the metallic thunder of rushing Robonoids. Then it all fades and leaves a growing quiet. Sounds like they're in the clear.

Softly, Pluto ventures, "Have you seen anyone el--"

The door slides open behind Ami and the weird alien puppything in her arms at the command of a Robonoid, admitting it and two of its buddies! They spray goop immediately at all three girls, ambush-ready, and though Pluto is not nearly ready enough she manages to get an elbow up to block the worst of a shot right at her head -- still getting coated in teal. "AGH!"

Her grip slips on the Garnet Rod and she redoubles it. "Get behind us!" she calls to Ami Mizuno. "Do you know anything about fighting them?"

Never one to be wasteful of time, she gets to work before receiving an answer -- stepping forward and slinging a blast of plutonic energy at the furthest Robonoid, scorching its hull. All three crowd into the storage room. The lead Robonoid tak-tak-taks on metal peglegs right at Kassie, aiming a shot to try and gum up her weapon!

And one... one gives chase to Ami and the puppything, though it'll have to get past its comrades and the other two girls first. It doesn't have a clear shot yet, which gives her juuuust a bit of time before she'll be pressed.

<Pose Tracker> Ami Mizuno [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

As Kasagami is ready to attack, Ami takes a few steps back in response until the girl beckons her over and she obliges. Even though it feels awkward, the hug and the head ruffle is actually welcome. The tiny ball of fluff in her hands, barks happily in response to this gesture, wagging it's tail as it tries to lick Kasagami in greeting.

Ami laughs a little, "I am fine and this little guy... we found him in a closet. Poor thing was trapped in an egg. Can you believe that?" Ami sets the puppy down and then takes a glance at the eggs with interest. Could this be the room that held the one item she was really looking for?

Her thoughts are interrupted by Kasagami's introduction of Pluto to her. Ami's face reddens a little and she looks away for a moment. Her words stumble a little as she speaks, "We... met before." She doesn't explain that she was the one that got Pluto out of her jail cell. Ami does make a mental note about Kasagami sounding better than the last time they spoke, although she doesn't mention it with the patrol and who knows what else closing in on them.

At Pluto's question about fighting them, Ami shakes her head. With Kasagami's talk about protecting her, Ami nods. "Be careful!" Just as she is thinking about what could happen to escaped prisoners, the door slides open. It's pretty much the most terrifying thing she can imagine happening right now.

Without her pen, Ami feels completely useless right now. The goop flies towards them and she slips as far back in the room as she can, cringing as Pluto takes the worst of the hit. "Pluto!!!" And then the girl, out of desperation begins searching through the little eggs, not caring what could be in them.

The first one is empty but that only spurs her to look faster. The next couple have just random pieces of what appear to be space junk in them. Whatever the items are, they don't look valuable which is good because just then she can see the robonoid coming towards her. The little puppy barks fiercly, trying to protect it's new master and Ami, out of options, does the only thing she can think of... she /throws/ the space junk towards the robonoid.

She runs further away to another pile and begins digging and just when Ami feels like it's useless, something falls to her feet. She looks down and quickly grasps it in her hands. With no time to waste she quickly transforms into Sailor Mercury! The thought that Kasagami and Pluto would know her identity are nothing compared to the idea that they could be recaptured.

Quickly, she turns against the robonoid, blasting it back with a beam of water before aiming to do the same to the one heading for Kasagami...

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Ahhhh, licks! Reeeach! She smooches the little spacepup on the head! So adorable! "That is cruel and this little guy is the /best/!" Yeah, she likes animals.

What's a Duelist to do now that three robo-spider-jerks have entered? Act like one. Those things are a threat to their person, but the vulnerable one is Ami...and her little puppy friend. So Kassie takes a step forward, hefts her blade as rose petals dance along it's edge. One arm goes out, blocking most of the goop aimed for her weapon. She then dances into a sweeping turn, long legs and blade in perfect, controlled motions as she brings it swinging around.

It's good enough to avoid /too/ much goop in her hair. Ugh, she's going to need a bath. She has swiftly learned to /hate/ these things with a passion.

With one hand, she aims to uppercut the robonoid into the air where it might hopefully be vulnerable! Rising up after doing so, she leaps and holds her blade with both hands.

Even in the air, she's all aggressive waltzing strikes, momentum and skill bringing that heavy wooden blade made razor sharp by dark red scented petals slashing over and over and over into the robonoid. Powerful and precise, she aims to cleave again and again until the thing is left in multiple pieces, finally able to start venting her many days of late with anguish and anger, dissappointment and terror.

Muscles scream and the Duelist holds herself with something that's been missing these days. Pride and purpose. Ambition rises in the most desperate of situations, her skill and love offering that critical spark for Kasagami to be Kasagami despite all she's lost.

Wen she finally lands, the young woman turns her attention to the ones chasing after Ami and the puppy.

She is no less vicious or aggressive as she advances relentlessly, that old grin of a warrior enjoying a fight returning to her after so long. Sweet, sweet catharsis.

But AMi's in danger! She can't get there in time, and the bluenette throws Space Junk! Then she grabs something? The next few seconds are a bit of blurr.

Mostly because she has to swing around to avoid more goop that's getting on her boots.

"Ami...you're a..." There's disbelief mixed with bewilderment and perhaps just a little happiness at the thought of her being magic.

"Hah! Show us what you can /really/ do, Sailor Mercury! Pluto, let's crush these underengineered robots!" Encourages Kasagami fiercely!

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Pluto [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

The Guardian of Time is alright, just... slimed, and a little gummed up because of it. Teal coats her from chin to waist as well as all down one arm, slowing the swing of the Rod. Gross, and this shade is really /not/ the best color match for garnet, as it turns out. It rushes on, and Pluto realizes at the last moment that the thing means to ram right into her! At least she's between it and Ami Mizuno, and she'll make sure it stays that way.

The senshi springs up in place, legs coiled, and meets the charging Robonoid with an outward lash of both bootheels. *CLANG!* Rod held crosswise, she somersalts backward off the robot with that long hair trailing behind and alights five feet away. From the corner of her eye she sees the furious dark crimson glory of Kasagami Araki in full combat swing and Pluto's heart sings for her. Somehow, somehow she doesn't look aside and linger on the sight of her love in fine fighting form. It's a job for that exceptional willpower...

She does smile, just a bit, as she aims a coalescing violet mass of power at the oncoming Robonoid. The blast strikes the same crunched-in forward portion those bootheels damaged earlier and it punches right on through the thing. It skids to a discombobulated halt at Sailor Pluto's toes, taken entirely offline...

...and explodes in teal goop! "What?!"

As does the one Kasagami has just chopped into metal cutlets!

And the one Mercury blasts back with her column of water! ...that matters a little less, since she has the good sense to knock it /away/ as she destroys it. She's the only one who doesn't suffer a sliming.

Pluto, who might have the worst of it, is now only unsplattered from her face upward. The rest of her is more or less dripping with the stuff. She stands with her arms angled away from her body and looks... a little more viscerally miserable than she's often wont to do. The grimace is /obvious/. She backs away from the others and just... shudders in place, trying to shake the worst off.

Sailor Pluto squints her eyes tight for a moment. She draws herself up straight and tall, inhales, and... attempts to project some dignity. It will be to her current company to determine whether that is possible when painted teal with Robonoid guts. It is a solemn attempt, at least. "Sailor Mercury," she says. "What fortune, to meet you so, and that you found your artifact so quickly." The other senshi makes no mention of her earlier recognition.

"You are..." A pause, then she finishes the though. It comes out somber but does not sound any less genuine for that. "You are a welcome sight." Perhaps the Guardian of Time has something on her mind, but then something in her sad eyes always seems to suggest so.

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Mercury [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Ami laughs at Kasagami's reaction to the puppy. It's happy to have made a new friend though and wags it little tail so hard in a a circle it looks like it's going to take flight at any second. But then... they are being attacked and the tiny puppy cowers in fear and Ami watches it run off to hide behind a pile of eggs.

Watching others fighting for her is not easy to take in. She doesn't like feeling like she is the princess locked in a tower. But the skill of Kasagami and Pluto together is kind of amazing to watch even though the room gets covered in gross robot spray. In another circumstance she would try and analyze just what is in that stuff.

As soon as her artifact is found and she transforms, Mercury knows she can provide more help. She laughs at little at Kasagami's realization of what just happened. It's a long story and there is too much that she could say to them but that's not nearly as important as surviving right now.

As the robonoid that was closing in on her is blasted away and explodes, Ami doesn't get hit but then she looks at Pluto fighting and getting covered in goo and she sighs. That stuff looks likes it's going to be hard to get off.

Mercury frowns a little at Pluto. This definitely wasn't her idea of finding her pen quickly but at least it was timely if nothing else. "Thank you for helping me Pluto." Not that she expected anything in return for helping Pluto and Fate from their cells but still, she was grateful.

"That was way too close..." Mercury goes over to the puppy's hiding spot and bends down trying to coax it out. It takes awhile before if realizes she's the same person as before but when it does, the puppy is back to its normal self and it goes to sniff Pluto, licking off some of the slime from the time guardian.

"Ugh. I hope that doesn't make him sick..." Ami frowns and crosses her arms before looking back to Pluto, "So were you able to find out anything else about the ship? I saw a lot of empty cells, it seems like Steven has been busy..."

<Pose Tracker> Sailor Pluto [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

This stuff feels like it's /never/ going to come out, truth be told. It feels as unpleasant as it looks. After a few moments Sailor Pluto does master her reaction, though she still looks... well. Teal and goopy. She nods to Sailor Mercury's thanks, receiving them with her usual innate politeness.

Pluto looks to Kasagami for a moment, to lock eyes and reconnect after the fight. The admiration is as clear as ever. Then her gaze jerks downwards suddenly as she feels something pressing against her boot -- to see the cute puppything licking it clean of teal. She winces, even as Mercury voices the concern.

"It is appreciated, little one, but she is right." Pluto stoops and picks the fuzzy critter up, careful to hold him away from her tealed-up torso. The goop that's accumulating in her boots squelches with the motion. An evergreen eyebrow twitches. "Mercury, maybe you should... ah, before he gets any of this in his fur." She squelches over and holds him out, and he twists to try and lick some from her arm as she does so.

"Nothing new, aside from these rooms. We were resting up. If Steven has been freeing people... enough of us, and maybe we could strike back, somehow. In a meaningful way. We'll just need to find them, without getting caught ourselves."

A pause. She was the one to slip away from Steven and Ami in the first place, after all. The Outer Senshi makes no apology for that. However, after a glance to Kasagami: "Shall we stick together, if we can, from here?" It's an offer, of sorts. "Together, we can find a way to take them down." Her eyes narrow at that last, hardening at the thought of their captors.