2019-05-31 - The Lucky Date

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Title: The Lucky Date

But what kind of luck...? Kasagami and Setsuna finally go on a much-longed for getaway...


Kasagami Araki and Setsuna Meioh


The Ocean

OOC - IC Date:

5-31-2019 - 5-2-2015

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Ah, early June in Tokyo. For its first week, June is more like balmy beautiful May: warm enough for short sleeves and bare legs, yet absent the swelter of summer months. It's a great time to get in your last big outdoors hurrah for a while, because the rest of June and much of July surrenders to the rainy season's intermittent torrents.

When better to go on a long longed-for romantic beach getaway?

Checking weather forecasts is part of proper pre-flight procedure, and Setsuna Meioh has never been one for cutting corners. Sunny skies and a gentle seaward breeze are all that is expected between Tokyo and Nii-jima, some hundred miles off the coast.

Accordingly, she packed light and wears a breezy orange tropical-print sarong dress draped from her neck, leaving her long arms and graceful shoulders bare. It might make for an odd match with the flight helmet she's wearing, save for all that confident poise. Models just know how to make such things work, it seems.

Skies are indeed sunny, and up on this skyscraper-top helipad that blue stretches all around. Overhead the rotors chop lazily, putting a flutter in her dress and the long trailing of evergreen hair which escapes from a helmet which could never hold it. She leans out of the helicopter's cab and extends her hand to her date for the weekend, but not for clasping: it has her helmet's mate in it.

Once it's on, a tinny version of her low smooth voice comes over the comm: "How long have we been wanting to do this? It feels a small forever." Her lips can't be seen, but through the visor her deep red-violet eyes are smiling. And now her hand is free for clasping, for hauling Kasagami up into the cabin, and for holding between flipping through the takeoff switches.

With a barely perceptible upward climb, they are aloft, and floating like a feather in the light breeze -- and then the motion becomes very perceivable as they clear the building and Setsuna jogs the stick forward. The black-bodied bird tips forward and they slice through the sky toward the not-so-distant ocean, leaving their stomachs somewhere behind them.

A low chuckle crackles over the comms, a bit of emoting that bubbles out of Setsuna between the joy of flying and the openness that has grown between the two.


But there's a dark smudge between blue of sky and blue of sea, out there demarcating the horizon, and it only grows as they fly directly toward it. The waves below, so sedate and pretty near the coast, grow chop and whitecaps visible even from their height. The wind... picks up.

Soon Setsuna has no extra hand to hold Kassie's, for hers are both needed for the controls.

Soundtrack: Beethoven - 6th Symphony, 4th Movement (Thunder Storm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRwMxCuagYg

She's flown in more dire conditions, to be sure, but a thunderstorm at sea is no trivial matter to navigate in a helicopter, even for so skilled a pilot. Rain batters the windshield endlessly and all turns dark around them, so dark the sea cannot be seen, and questions of 'up' and 'down' become matters for the aircraft's instruments rather than the naked eye.

Not that the frequent lightning illuminates matters. It just shocks, and blinds, and then the thunder comes right on its heels to rattle the world.

"We'll be fine," Setsuna says with remarkable calm (...control) over the comms, especially considering how busy she is keeping them aloft despite all the wind-driven lurching. But... will their vacation? "It'll clear up by the island. A passing squall, it must be. Something which blew up over the water in the last hour or so and will blow out just as soon."

They are fine. But... this is no a passing squall. The remote beach they eventually put down on -- what they can see of it, through the storm -- is soaked. Is actively soaking. By the way the rain barrages the outside of the helicopter, they too will be soaked the moment they set foot outside of it.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Beautiful weather, a beautiful month, and a beautiful new world with beautiful company! To say, as Kassie hops into the helicopter and snags her beloved's offered helmet, that the world is truly looking up for the Duelist! She peers over all of the flashing lights and switches as Setsuna puts on her skill and control on display, Kasagami fascinated in equal parts by just how /well/ she wars her ensemble of breeziness while showing off her talents.

One can feel the hearts and captivation of the dark haired young woman, slipping on her helmet as she relaxes into her seat, trying to get every detail down. She does, after all, want to learn how to pilot this monstrous metal steed one day!

Kassie herself is also dressed for the weather they're sure to encounter! That is, of the non storm and gloom kind! A light, waterproof tank top ends above her belly, leading into a pair of swimming trunks down to the knees! Her legs and arms are mostly bare as well, trusting in her love and the relative privacy of Nii-jima easing her hangups and insecurities enough for now. Her trunks are also a bit...out of the ordinary.

Blue, actually, rather than the usual black and red. With a multitude of dog breeds on them, each one carrying swords or knives in the mouth! As befitting the Girl Who Would Be King, naturally. A certain pair of pj's rendered in swim version!

"I'd say more like a medium forever! But we'll put our time to good use, soak in sunshine and enjoy the peace and quiet. As much as I love excitement...I think we've earned it, my love." Leeeean! Already, Kassie is aiming for a nice, warm kiss to her sweetheart!


"...Right, helmet." Cough.


The seas are stormy, and the peace firmly shattered! Kasagami is gripping the side of her seat with one hand and clenching the other fist as she turns vision from outside the chopper back to Setsuna as she takes in blackness of it all thanks to the sheets of rain! She's tense, grinning, and as the metal enclosure of a bird they're in lurches?

She's raddled around in her seat, but the Duelist laughs aloud. Maybe she can take a little more excitement after all!

"Well, obviously! How could it be less than fine! Just look at us! The fury of mother nature wishes to bar our path to the island of decadence, solitude, and beach-based relaxation! LET'S GET CLOSER AND PUNCH POSEIDON IN THE FACE! You can do this, Setsu-chan, guided by the stars and upon the invincible iron steed! This is all going to be completely fine, the very gods are going to tremble when we land!" She...might be overdoing it a bit here! Totally not nervous, nope!

~One Rain Soaked Beach Later~

On comes a flashlight, and a backpack full of /useful things/ is shoved Setsuna's way, it's twin on Kassie's back. She flicks open...an umbrella???

"It'll...it'll be like five more minutes, and it'll clear up. We'll just call this nature's way of powerwashing the helicopter." Arms cross. She eyes outside, trying to see where they could even run to!

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.


After a short frozen pause which can only be surprise, Setsuna leans back in and re-bonks Kassie. "Helmet," she replies in that warm voice.

The visor cannot fully obscure how her eyes light up every time she looks Kassie's way. She narrates, lightly, as she goes through the takeoff procedure, explaining what she's doing. "Opening throttle to full... pulling up on pitch control... collective pedal down against torque... And up we go. Scanning left horizon, blue and clear. Scanning right horizon... ah, what a view." Her helmet is tilted Kassie's way.

"...Cyclic forward, and away with us."


In one seat, control and a bodily stillness despite the way fingers fly across the controls; in the other seat, kinetic energy and bombast. "The gods themselves, mm?" Voice smooth despite the storm, even heartened by Kasagami's ready defiance of it, she wrenches the ducking helicopter UP and RIGHT, HARD. Good thing these helicopter seats come with five point harnesses.

"Maybe they are having their lark with us. The rainy season is an early guest off Tokyo's coast this year... by whose invitation, I must wonder? Ah, but all this fury of wind and water puts someone else entirely in mind." She's thinking of a nod and a look on a bridge, not so long ago.

Her voice is a modicum less heavy than usual when she makes her rare references to her estranged Outer sisters. Not /light/. But less heavy.


"You packed an umbrella? I... should not question it, should I?" she asks as she takes her pack. "Island youma, beware. It is not as long as a shower rod, but it does seem more sturdy." Some humor will surely speed along their wait for the rain to let up.

It might, if the wait had an end in sight.

...No such luck. Five minutes could turn into an hour and they'd still be waiting.

Setsuna Meioh is a patient woman, but she is also a wise one who recognizes a potential sunken cost fallacy when she sees one. After about ten, she calls it. "The sound of rain on the tent canopy will be nice to fall asleep to, don't you think...?"

First, though, they have to put the tent up. In the rain.


Crowding together beneath the umbrella is nice, at least, though it's not really possible to keep from getting wet, considering the wind. Soon enough the lower half of Setsuna's sarong is more of a rain-plastered legwrap than a skirt.

The senshi has the umbrella in one hand and the tent instructions in the other, and /those/ she's really trying to keep dry. This requires her to hold them up practically to the bright umbrella canopy.

All the tent supplies have been dumped on the beach before them, and are rapidly getting very very soaked. Lengths of lock-together metal to form tent poles, the pale green-and-blue nylon of what is supposed to, in the end, stretch over a dome shape... it's a geometry nightmare aswim in a downpour. The wet sand is already sticking to half of it, somehow.

"Let us take turns beneath the umbrella." There's no way the assembler can hide beneath it, after all. "I'll read you the first few steps, and then we can swap off." She offers Kassie a warm wink and a warmer press of smiling lips to cheek as a please-and-thank-you for setting it up so the other girl ventures into the rain first. "If you find Poseidon between all those raindrops, be sure to punch him roundly for us both."

Once Kassie ventures out, she crouches down to better shield the instructions and starts reading them off while peering into the umbrella's obscuring canopy. "Now... you want Pole A, and that shall apparently connect to Pole C -- but be sure to set one end into the pocket marked H on the front... left? Is that left?" Peeeer. "Front /right/ corner of the tent nylon..."

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kasagami, amidst the storm and the attempt at lightness? Smiles reassuringly. "Sometimes...you have to face that fury of the two elements for them to truly respect you. And that's something I'll stand beside you for, no matter what the cost." She adds warmly.

The umbrella gets waggled before they head out amidst the spray and wind! "H...hey! Who do you think I am!? I wouldn't use something this...tiny and /short/ in battle! It would be a disgrace to the Araki family! /Toothpicks aren't weapons/!" Hufffff! One can imagine Kasagami glaring at the entire fencing team right now. Even Juri.

/Especially/ Juri!

When they're both under the umbrella though, and there's so many horrible scattered parts to assemble? The Duelist glares stoically as her beloved lists out all the inconvenient places that these poles should go! She nods every time, listening intently, as she very obviously understands and is listening to where they all need to go. She's just...preparing herself for this act of construction. Centering her being with meditation. Preparing herself to launch into action! Attaining the zen of the Ikea anti-rain tent!!!!

After part two, she is lost, and it's all kind of a big blurr, basically. She cracks her knuckles, eyes a certain soaked senshi joyously, and then grabs the biggest, sturdiest poles amongst the lot of them with both hands!

"Pole T to corner Q!!! That's how an /ordinary/ tent-constructor would think! But taste the power of the Araki Family Tent Pitching Technique and tremble before my might!"

Then Kasagami Araki is basically jamming the biggest tent pole she can find into the ground, looking for another one, and vaguely trying to jam them into each other in a vaguely tent-like shape with little regard for numbers, letters, instructions, or the durability of said poles.

Her hands and body is a blurr! ...Setsuna might want to stop her, she's jsut as likely to bend poles at this rate if she keeps this up! Her ponytail flails as she does so! A convenient grabbing tool to stop dangerously ramshackle-tenting Duelists!?

"...I will say though, as nice as this round is going to sound, sleeping next to the most beautiful girl in the whole galaxy means I'll be too captivated to even notice. Not even a pity!" Wink!

Kassie is shameless, and also is soaked to the bone as her hodge-podge of rammed-together tentpoles trembles and begins to collapse, popping shoujo bubbles along the way!

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

"Umbrella umbrage," Setsuna says, and the words are the driest things for miles. Then she chuckles, almost too low to be heard through the deluge. The tall senshi and keeper of the nearly-as-tall Garnet Rod continues. "As if the longer a sword is, the better... Whether you will countenance it or not, short things are good, too." Like her best friend.

She is just... far too absorbed in the directions, in figuring out their byzantine ways, like an eager math student presented with a ridiculously convoluted problem. "How did they manage to make instructions with complexity sufficient to rival submillimetre astronomy? I am fascinated," she says, and weirdly enough, sounds it.

Suffice to say she is not keen to the overwhelmed glazing of Kasagami's good eye when she gets deeper into the confusing weeds of Tabs and Poles and Slots which scale the entire alphabet, and then start doubling their lettered designations.

She doesn't realize what's about to happen, not until that defiant declaration of War Upon Tent Instructions.

"Kassie... Kassie, wait!"

But her love is as strong as a beestung bull, and swift like a descending swordstroke. Setsuna in her careful and thoughtful ways was too absorbed in her academic approach, and it must be said that maybe she could have spent a little more effort toward haste considering the downpour...

The umbrella drops, the rain pours in, and Setsuna joins Kasagami in a thorough drenching as she jumps to grab Kassie! Not by the ponytail -- more of an arms-open attempt at an obstructing hug, because what better way to waylay a rampaging Kasagami then with affection?

But even Outer Senshi grace can be foiled by a wet flap of tent nylon slipping underfoot...

Her planting foot -- no longer planted, but flying out behind her, even as the rest of the long-limbed young woman flies forward through the rain at Kasagami. Collision!

And it's inevitably going to be a wild splashdown amongst nylon and poles and tabs and sand and rain when they land together, and surely whatever semblance of order Kasagami has forcefully imposed cannot stand against the impact...

After, the first thing Setsuna does -- okay, the second, after a mild groan -- is find Kasagami's ponytail by blind feel amongst their tangle of girls and tent pieces, and grab and tug it. "You...!" Exasperation? Affection?

Both, roundly.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Not even the fascination of Arts of Tent Creation can stop the outer senshi's brave leap towards a thoroughly distracted Duelist! Yup, rain falls harshly upon them both as the umbrella is caught amidst the downpour, and the power of physics decides the course of Setsuna! Kasagami starts to turn as she hears the sounds of her beloved and a trip!

A crash of pretty much everything, and a combination of nylon and pole bits and tabbies are scattered everywhere. It's a disaster area of thoroughly intertwined limbs, with the sound of one lightly dazed Kassie beneath a rather warm and comfy seeming Setsu.

Even if they're now both soggy and sandy too. Ugh! Yaaaaank! Kassie's eyes bug out just a little, only to grin riiight into...well, basically her beloved's collar bone. Leeean! Smooch on the nose!

"Yes, me! See? No mere tent can withstand us! Our love is too powerful to contain." She nods self-satisfied, as though this was all planned out. Then she's reluctantly disentangling herself, shakes off a bit of the water from herself like a dog (to little avail!), and tries to help up her beloved.

One or two treks and some work later, and the duo have finally managed to get beneath trees and use that soaked nylon tent covering and some branches o create a mostly dry area. There's even a fire going after some effort (Kassie notably keeping blankets and a warm Puruchan between herself and it), and some warmed soup and sandwhiches scavenged from their foodstuffs brought.

Only one sleeping bag though, which is totally not at all Kasagami's fault.

The next morning is a far drier affair! Kassie has changed into a less doggie patterned and more beachy blue-and-black pair of swimshorts with big suns on them, and an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Rather than let the previous dampness put a damper on the trip, Kassie has been playing amateur fisherwoman. It's gone...well, they all got away, so instead it's eggs, rice, and some salmon pre-packed. She has one of those portable mini-grills, turning the food occasionally before turning back to the glorious rising sun!

"Isn't it beautiful, Setsu-chan? To be alive, to not have the universe about to be torn down in front of your face! Life really is a miracle. We're so lucky..."

How can a storm be scary, after baring witness to the Storm of all Storms?

Then she's rushing over to wrap her arms around Setsuna, to pull her into a dance along the beach joyously! "And I get to appreciate it all with you. We're going to make the best of this world, together!" She's just so /optimistic/ for a second. Really, it all feels like a second chance out here.

Yet, for all that optimism, there's a shadow creeping amidst the waves! Sneak sneak! Sneeeeak sneak! Something crawls atop beach chairs, hops upon a table, and with it's monstrous appendages is reaching for the breakfast! What fiend, what evil youma could be attacking our protagonists' foodstuffs!?

The looming armored shelled beast is going for an egg, it's great claws all snip-snipping away! And as it turns to look back at the two humans with it's gangly eyes, there's nothing but watery /evil/ in them!

Or maybe just crustaceous hunger and confusion. The crab snip-snips at some egg and is right beside the kitchen knife! Kasagami hasn't even noticed the interloper!

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Amid disaster and mangled tent bits, Setsuna finds herself to have landed quite favorably, thanks to Kasagami's alert turn. Credit, also, the kinetic alchemy of senshi and swordswoman; Setsuna does, mid-linger. "So rarely do we get the opportunity to formally dance... but we do make our chances to twirl together, do we not?"

She closes her eyes, also pleased-slash-mollified by that kiss on the nose -- or maybe she's just trying to keep all that rain out of them. "Too powerful to contain... Does that mean our love is fated to soak to the bone tonight? Because if so, I think our love might want to try sheltering back in the helicopter, if only for the night..."

But Kasagami has another idea, and it ends up being a night-saver of one, far more agreeable than curling across helicopter seats. Setsuna takes up fire tending duty without a word needing to be said, and passes heated food Kassie's way. She's even brought some of her herbal tea to steep, and a couple of nifty collapsible mugs to steep it in.

Much later, a murmur in the close dark: "It is nice. The sound of the rain overhead..."


"Ah, it does have an end!" The storm, she means, indicating blue morning skies with arms wide. Her smile is small, quiet, but joyful. They have their remote beach vacation back on track.

In accordance with that, Setsuna's donned her remote beach vacation swimsuit. One piece of fabric, black and geometrically complex and sheer in sleek panels, wraps her torso and bares the rest of her. Somehow, /somehow/ she has worked all that hair into a high loose bun. How is that possible? Another of her mysteries...

"I am... unbelievably fortunate, I know. It stuns me anew each day," she replies, after her gaze drops from morning sky to glowing girl. She could not be more ready for a hug, and puts an expressively happy spin into it as they enjoy the beach with light feet and smitten hearts.

There are shadows somewhere out there, on the horizon. But for today, they shall remain there.

...Well, most of them. There is this /one/ shadow that's a little more... proximate.

And chitinous.

The egg, perfectly cooked, delicious just to look at, suffers imminent peril. It doesn't just look tasty to human eyes, but also to watery evil eyestalks. And... lucky for the stalky stalker, the food's erstwhile defenders are far too distracted by each other...

...until one of the plates clanks right over, noisily, as the crab finishes making off with half of its contents! The rest might have been salvageable if they didn't tip into the sand. Ew, gritty salmon.

"That was your plate...!" cries Setsuna, whirling about to face their tormentor.

They're a little ways down the beach, off toward their extra gear. One weapon is at hand... Setsuna darts to the side and grabs something, then tosses it through the air in her girlfriend's direction, handle-first.

"Kassie!! Stop that thing!"

...it's the umbrella. She threw Kassie the umbrella.

Soundtrack: Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTdJy4_rHPE

There were longer bits of tent rod she could have gone for. Maybe she was just in a hurry, but rarely does Time's Guardian allow a time crunch to affect her tactical decisions...

It was probably on purpose.

With every second that passes, Setsuna's plate becomes ever more imperiled as the ten-legged bandit darts that way...!

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Kasagami, as they dance and find themselves in each other's arms amidst the beach, takes a few moments to really look over her beloved. Kassie's gaze upon Setsuna is everything. Enjoyment of her physical beauty, how the /mysterious senshi/ has done her magic to get all that beautiful green hair into a bun, how Setsuna just seems so alive and in the moment with her quiet joy!

After all the harsh events and miracles, the Duelist soaks in this private moment of togetherness with a person that helps her heart sing.

"I'll keep reminding you of that. And myself, each and every day, Setsu-chan~!"

But before she can go in for a romantic kiss, there's shecrabnanigans aclaw!

A plate falls, defeated! Fish felled by sand and egg deyolked into the maw of a monstrous crustracean! "M...my food! How dare you fiend!?" Comes Kassie with all of the outrage only a Girl Who Would Be King can muster! She stands straight as Setsuna rushes to procure a weapon! Kassie's hand is offered as there's the sound of a weapon thrown! Surely, surely her beloved can find a proper weapon against their crabby foe!

Mid rush to the crab, Kasagami looks down. Then sloooowly looks back to Setsuna. Frown. Froooooown! Arms cross! "G...giving me this tiny little /butter knife/ to go into battle with! I am /betrayed/ by love itself! Dooooooomed to wield a toothpick! Oh, this will go into the annals of history like Shakespear's plays!" Bemoans Kassie...before sticking her tongue out at Puu!

And then she holds her umbrella high, and /LASHES/ at the crab!

But the crab is just as quick, flailing with it's pointy weapon of doom! All going pinch pinch and knife knife! The two masters of blade-and-claw pass one another! The wind sets hair and crustaceon scutt swaying!

Who will prevail in this epic CRAB BATTLE!?!?

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Meioh [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

It really is /quite/ a clatter the crab made, to pull Setsuna away from that gaze and those arms around her. Perhaps, she thinks, next time she'll let their food get stolen instead.


Today, they lose both the opportunity for a kiss in the moment, and their delicious breakfast. Precious seconds burn by as Kassie vents her offended pride, seconds in which the crab is making mincemeat of Setsuna's food. Ah, the cost of a teasing!

Setsuna is too busy looking right back at Kassie with her arms folded and an eyebrow raised to notice -- and too busy being only-kind-of-secretly charmed by the punkishness of that stuck out tongue, by the sparkle in eyes like garnets.

"Betrayed? Say instead trusted! I know you to be powerful and skilled enough to challenge whatever threatens our new chance at breakfast happiness, my love, no matter what challenges you face."

Less a sparkle, now, and more a twinkle.

Crumbs litter the sand beneath claw and foot like bones might a battlefield.

A flash along the beach -- two sounds clash, wooden umbrella handle versus the sharp scrape of a flailing knife -- sand flies everywhere, and Setsuna calls out after, her eyes wide...

The tableau, post-strike: The closed umbrella stabs halfway up its length into the sand directly between the crustacean's claws, thanks only to a desperate half-scuttle backwards. The knife stabs into the /umbrella/, quivering from the beachy red-white stripes and wooden pole beneath, and it is lodged in the close space between thumb and finger, having narrowly missed both.

Can a crab's eyes bug out? They're already /there/ really, but this crab manages it. They bug out, well, farther, bigger. It froths in distress.

And then it skedaddles as only crabs can. It disappears directly downward, shimmying into the sand so quickly it leaves the eyes wondering if the crab was some sort of illusion... but no, that little depression in the sand tells the tale.

"Ah..." Setsuna strides up next to Kasagami. She slides a hand down one flexed arm, appreciative and soothing in the same touch. "You worked so hard on our food, too. I hope you can forgive my betraying ways... Perhaps if I offer the proper penance."

A deferred kiss makes a good start on that.


"I meant the melon pan to be dessert, but now I think dessert for breakfast befits our getaway."

The sand is smooth beneath them. Waves roll down beneath them where sand meets sea, making peaceful noise. Setsuna sits with her legs straight out before her, propped up on her elbows, close enough that their hips touch.

"This has been a better trip than I even dreamed of, Kassie." Her smile, her eyes, both are soft. "Despite it all. Thanks to it all. I'll remember it always. Your spirit... is bright like no other. Your passion teaches me new ways to love the world."

A pause. A wider smile.

"Your tent-pitching skills... well." And then, perhaps to forestall any roguish retribution, wide eyes, she's pointing. "Look! Dolphins, jumping!"

But they are, out there where the waves roll gentle over deeper water, sleek and shining under the sun.

<Pose Tracker> Kasagami Araki [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Like a knight ridden off to war with their maiden's banner around their arm, Kassie's eyes /flare/ with confidence! For within her heart is the love of the great Outer Senshi and beautiful, sad heart known as Setsuna Meioh!

As Crab and Kass clash, she feels invincible!

Hair aflutter, sand in the air, and as blade and umbrellade strike? Kassie lets out a triumphant war cry! When the chitinous chivalryless crustacteon is fleeing? She flicks that umbrella free to her side, only to stare down at the umbrella.

Then she's waving it in the air, convinced that the craburai of the beach is down for now! "See what I mean!? Way. Too. Tiny!" Yes, that's right, she's still complaining about the size of her weapon. No, she is /not/ letting this go!

But it's all worth it, even the loss of the food, as soon another kiss finds it way to Kasagami's lips! And this one tastes so much sweeter with victory on it! Leeeeean in, smooch, dip! She parts after a very, very long time.

"You know, if you keep on repenting like that, then I'm going to have to keep coming up with excuses for more food-annihilating betrayals. ...Or just start punishing you myself!"

It's Kassie's turn to pull Setsuna close, indulging in one more before the cooking road!

And Kasagami is right there with Setsuna, hip to hip, a smile on her face in between the last few bits of melon pan. Ahhh. Her own eyes don't peer to the beautiful, rolling waves or enjoy the sounds of the sea. No, the world is Setsuna and her alone as she looks upon the other girl enraptured.

"I'm starting to learn that when everything goes your way, you don't really gain anything. It's adversity, and the people that love you, that truly teach you how to be strong." She leans in a little more, aiming to go cheek to cheek!

There's a blush on her soft side. "And you, my wise stargazer, keep me from acting /too/ much like a fool. Your experience, your love and your intelligence...when force can't win, I remember your temperence. Setsu-chan, you save me from myself when I'm at my worse, and remind me to look beyond a blade sometimes."

Hurrk! "I'll have you know I..."


Yeah, she's utterly forgotten what she was about to rant on. She's sprung to her feet, and is already out with a camera!

Snap snap snaaaap!

"We /have/ to go swimming with them!" Comes Kassie, grinning like a happy fool.