Kozue Kaoru

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Kozue Kaoru
Just in time for her Transfer to Infinity
IC Information
Full Name: Kozue Kaoru
Aliases: Aohime, Wild Animal
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 159 cm/5'3"
Hair Color: Violet
Eye Color: Cyan
Favorite Subject: PE
Character Theme: [Sugar Sweet Nightmare]
Organizations: None
Clubs: Swim Club, Fashion Club
School: Infinity Institute (Grade 9)
OOC Information
Source: Revolutionary Girl Utena (FC)
Player: Eri

"We don't need any parents. After all, we're wild animals."

The headline model for the burgeoning Aohime clothing line, Kozue Kaoru is a girl who revels in her checkered past of delinquency at her former school, Ohtori Academy. Expelled for destroying the pool and a laundry list of infractions from her sexual exploits, she recently was transferred in to Infinity Institute. Long before she was ever a model though, she was known for being the younger twin sister of the celebrity concert pianist Miki Kaoru whom she's rumored to be estranged from. Giving off an air of a shameless girl who won't be tied down by anyone; few other than those who witnessed her sacrifice her powers as a HiME would truly understand she is grieving the death of her childhood friend who became the love of her life.


My twin sister and I used to play with the piano like a toy, in that garden, ever since we were old enough to understand such things. Our playing always used to surprise the grown-ups of the neighborhood. Now I realize all my happiness rested in that garden but... I ruined it.

Well I never had the talent, or the interest. When I was very young, there was a boy next door who often gave me love letters. He always said, 'I love your piano playing.' He had the mistaken idea that I could play the piano well. Since I'd always played with my brother, people thought I was as good as he was. He was such a genius that no matter how much I played, he could cover for it. But when we had a concert... he came down with a fever, and it all fell apart.

Without warning, she fled into the dark and hid. For some time after, she wouldn't say a word. After that she stopped playing the piano.

It came out that I couldn't do anything by myself.

Until then I never realized how much I loved her playing, and how much I loved that garden. No matter how much my technique improved, I couldn't capture that quality of her play. And that's all I continue to play for.

I really haven't thought about that in a while. I remember there was this girl who always came to watch my brother play. Maybe she enjoyed coming more after I was gone?

Current Events

Found out the secret of witches in a failed revenge plot.

Lost Cassandra. Lost Sayaka. Lost her life.

Regained her life.

Found a certain gift, that smells of chlorine.

Began dating her roommate.

Transferred in to Infinity.

And on Sayaka's birthday...

...began to truly mourn what she lost.



An Ohtori girl who crossed her had an unfortunate accident down the stairs, then later went missing.

It's said one of the most popular boys at Infinity confessed to her at lunch, and she rejected him. A few swear that only a few weeks before, he tripped and broke his arm in an argument with her, but surely that was just an accident. If you'd had seen what happened that day at lunch you'd know there's no way foul play was involved.

She's said to be using enthusiastic Ohtori fashion club volunteers as her personal assistants, but some say she's dating them.

There's been an unusual number of sightings of her in Ueno as of late, particularly near an old concert hall. Is this a secret spot of hers to get away from it all? Or a choice location for a scandalous tryst?

The Kaoru family lawyers are thought to be heavily involved in Tsuru's business dealings.

The more scandalous rumors involve her being seen on a date with a Yakuza kyodai.

Expelled from Ohtori: The reasons for this are sealed, but rumors go from as tame as 'too many tardies' to 'caught in lewd acts in the music room' all the way 'blew up the pool'.

Became part of a Dark Burger Sting operation against the Yakuza?

Transferred in to Infinity. Rumors persist that she either bought her way in or bribed someone to take the entrance exam for her.

Was barred from the Infinity Pool by the Swim Club, until Michiru Kaioh intervened... now she's rumored to be in talks to join the club.

Abilities and Powers

Swimming - Kozue typically enjoys swimming, she's a former ace on the Ohtori swim team. Recently though she's had trouble with diving thanks to a certain event in her life...

Emotional Power - When it comes to sexual maturity, Kozue doesn't seem like someone who can exist at such a young age. She wields emotional power that is both envied and hated by her peers and even some adults. And yet at what cost did that come to someone so young?

Pianist - While her public front is that she's a hideous piano player compared to her brother, it's simply that she doesn't want her skill compared to his. As a result, she plays the piano in private where it won't be overheard- and always just for herself. She stays in practice but she doesn't quite have her twin's dedication to it...

Stair Mastery - +10 to all checks involving grappling or shoving near stairs.

HiME - Kozue is a former HiME, her HiME mark was by her left shoulderblade, one of the parts of the body governed by Gemini. It has been gone ever since she woke up in this new world.

Element - Her Element was a Kusarigama. The weighted end it was larger than normal, and had retractable blades that can be revealed as a surprise mid swing. The chain itself seemed to extend into the handle of the sickle itself and it's range was deceptively large. It can seemingly grow just as long or retract to be just as short as she needs to be. Now that she no longer has her HiME mark, she can no longer summon it.

Child - Her Child was Cassandra, which has the distinctive look of a mechanical armored swan with a few peacock attributes at the crest upon the head when summoned. It's wings which looked deceptively thin and delicate were heavily laden with razors and were actually the strongest part of the Child, battering and rending anything that tries to come close. However, most of it's powers went into water manipulation directly controlling and shaping it, and altering both surface tension and pressure. While Cassandra could create water, she did her best work next to a source of it, her movement relying primarily on waterskimming rather than flight or ambulation. Cassandra died fighting Oktavia Von Seckendorf, and while she woke up in a world without witches - Cassandra is still gone. She misses her Child a lot. It is one of her biggest regrets that she had to choose between her and Sayaka, but she does not feel she made the wrong choice.


Managing her Social Life.

Sayaka Miki - She was closer to Sayaka than anyone in her entire life, and found herself swept up in a romantic courtship by the Knightly girl. Losing Sayaka was such a devastating blow to her, one whose wound she has only started to truly register. And yet... she does not believe the bond they had can be severed by anything. Certainly not death.

Mami Tomoe - Even before Sayaka was gone, the two had become close. In this world without Sayaka, the two have become closer. Kozue isn't certain where dating the Golden Queen might lead, but the fledgling bond the two have formed is one she's eager to develop.

Miki Kaoru - Her big brother. She loves him as much as she hates him, she'll never forgive anyone who harms him. In her exile the two may be further apart than ever - yet for the first time in her life she believes that their relationship might come to be more than mutual discord.

Utena Tenjou - While she would have been content to have Utena as a normal friend, perhaps Kozue thinks the life of the normal girl does not suit Utena. Her rise back to becoming the Engaged from the depths of despair is one Kozue feels no small amount of pride for the small role she took in those events. But when she thinks of Utena now, she rather yearns for an uncomplicated friendship between the two... the kind Utena once perhaps, offered in their duel.

Tsuru - The Couturier. A bargain struck and dreams shared, all to become someone who cannot be refused. The most trusted advisor Kozue has - and as a normal girl, the refuge Tsuru offers from Ends of the World is more important than ever.

Nori Ankou - The Red Twin. Resentment has finally boiled over between Akamira and Aohime, and their feelings of jealousy might drive their future of reactions. The protective part of her though is still glad that after everything that happened, Nori came out of it alright.

Mai Tokiha - The self-sacrificing waitress. Despite the two never getting along, she feels an enormous sense of gratitude towards her. Unfortunately Mai's problems are no longer her own.

Mikoto Minagi - Despite having an almost childlike innocence about her, she feels most people underestimate this girl and her intelligence. She doesn't hold the same illusions, she's seen her in an uncontrolled rage. The fact that she was a Dark Fall Enforcer was briefly surprising and holds dark implications for the HiME in general, but that is not Kozue's problem anymore.

Natsuki Kuga - The Conspiracy Theorist. Whatever problems Natsuki is sticking her nose into, she regards them as no longer her problem.

Shizuru Fujino - Dangerous and sadistic. The two understand each other /too/ well now. She's not too hopeful that Kozue no longer being a HiME will prevent Shizuru from having a certain investment in her fate.

Homura Akemi - Kozue hates her. Perhaps more than anyone else, because she perhaps unfairly believes that Sayaka's death might have been prevented had Homura deigned to share. She is disinclined to give Homura Akemi any of her good feelings.

Kyouko Sakura - Kozue was less than a fan of being kidnapped by Kyouko Sakura under threat of death but she doesn't hold it too much against her since she wasn't tortured. Part of her wonders though what kind of relationship exactly her and Sayaka had.

Anthy Himemiya - The Rose Bride. She understands more about why she tried to learn that song every time she meets her.

Setsuna Higashi - Aohime Fangirl. Kozue enjoys thinking about how she once 'assisted' Setsuna Higashi...

Setsuna Meioh - She rather dreads the idea of finding out what might happen the next time the two meet, even if Kozue is no longer a threat - perhaps Pluto will find it personal.

Mysterious Counselor - Kozue doesn't remember well what happened here, only that she dreads thinking of Nemuro Hall. The strong temptation to do something horrible to someone she cares about wholly disconnected from this experience - or whoever was directing her in that booth. She normalizes the experience as seeing one of many bad counselors in her life.

Sailor Uranus - Sailor Uranus was surprisingly there during Oktavia Von Seckendorff. She's wary of her of course, but her no longer being a HiME perhaps will take her off her immediate hitlist.

Sailor Neptune - Far too perceptive and far too dangerous in her limited exposure. Kozue just hopes that she's taken off Sailor Neptune's list in the short term.

Kasagami Araki - She'll not soon forgive how she gloated over her when she was at rock bottom - and believes the circumstances of her arrival are greatly suspect. She enjoyed gloating over her fall from afar.

Zoisite - The Petty Pianist - Dead and gone. Her only regret is she wasn't the one to put him in his grave.

Junko Kaname - Despite her memories of her being strange before, Kozue remembers once staying over at her home as a refuge during a particularly bad time in her life after being expelled from Ohtori. Now in the New World, she regards her as one of the few adults that she's willing to offer at least a measure of respect to, and silently think that she's 'pretty cool'; a true compliment given that Kozue tends to hate all adults, especially parents as impotent or annoying authority figures. If Junko calls her to check up on her... she will tend to actually pick up the phone.


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