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Tsuru Commission Wiki.png
IC Information
Full Name: Tsuru/鶴
Aliases: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Favorite Food: Fish, crab, rice
Hobbies: Classical Japanese dance, calligraphy, tea ceremony
Character Song: Japanese Music Box
Clubs: Advanced Ballet, Fashion
Organization: Dark Fall
School: Infinity Institute (Grade 11)
OOC Information
Source: Princess Tutu (OC)
Alts: Nagisa Misumi, Haruka Tenoh, Sayaka Miki
"Don't look."

The sense of calm around a girl as quiet and cultured as Tsuru gives no comfort to those that experience the unsmiling inhumanity of her gaze. Though she is gentle, and flawlessly responsible in both schoolwork and her duties to younger students, she makes no friends and rejects kind gestures. A devotee of Infinity's Advanced Ballet club, Tsuru's strangeness and asocial attitude are generally attributed to her pre-Meiji noble bloodline, or to the fact that she is engaged to an older man at such a young age. The gossip does not guess that her fiancé is an ancient evil, nor what price her resolute allegiance has exacted from the innocent.

AoAka Fashion Lines

Tsuru's twin fashion lines, Aohime and Akai Mirai, have recently debuted to great acclaim, and are gaining popularity around the city.



Akai Mirai (Akamira)



Kozue Kaoru - Blue Princess.

Nori Ankou - Red Future.

Shizuru Fujino

Yumi Ohzora

Madoka Kaname

Sachiko Majime