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IC Information
Full Name: Vita
Aliases: The Iron Hammer Knight, The Crimson Iron Rider
Species: Magical Construct
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 4'6"
Hair Colour: Orange-red
Eye Colour: Bright blue
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Magic
Favorite Food: Linker Cores
Least Favorite Food: Octopus
Favorite Subject: Hayate
Least Favorite Subject: History
Organization: Ends of the World
Position: Iron Hammer of the Wolkenritter
School: None
Combat Rank: B
OOC Information
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Chartype: FC
Other References


"Even though you say you want to talk, you come armed, moron! You idiot!"


Seemingly both the youngest and the loudest of the ageless Wolkenritter, Vita secretly fights for the survival of her beloved Master, Hayate Yagami, with her unstoppable hammer/croquet mallet/rocket drill-Device Graf Eisen. Together, there's nothing they can't break through. As one of the Guardian Knights of the ancient Book of Darkness, she's a ferocious combatant, aggressive and brash to the extreme. Day to day, though, she plays a lot of croquet down at the senior center, takes Zafira for walks, mooches as much ice cream as she can and hugs her stuffed bunny. How that much fierce protectiveness and snarky good humor can fit into a girl that size at the same time is a mystery, but it's one she embodies every day.


Vita, the Iron Hammer of the Cloud Knights, the Crimson Iron Rider. Of all the Knights, she is the most aggressive, the most impatient and fiery, the most short-tempered and violent. And also the most fragile.

For untold years, she has been the raw power behind the Knights, striking where Signum directs, supported by Shamal, bringing the full might of her Hammer, the Armed Device Graf Eisen, to bear upon the enemies of the Book. In those days, there was little to her personality. There was little to any of them: serve, protect, fight, conquer. She was always the one who lead the charge, always the fiercest, but those qualities were simply the way she was programmed to fight.

Since being awakened to the service of Hayate, things have changed for Vita. Because of her appearance, that of a young girl, Hayate treats her like a younger sister- headstrong and in need of guidance, but loved and cherished. Although strange at first, much like her fellow Knights Vita has found herself changing, adopting the role Hayate has assigned her. Becoming who Hayate sees her as.

Though in truth she is no younger than any of the other Knights, Vita often acts it, her personality reflecting the way Hayate sees her. She is impetuous and rash in her non-combat life as well, but often with the trappings of inexperience or youthful vigor - illusions, for sure, but ones she believes as much as Hayate, which makes them more or less real.

She is also the most sensitive to chastisement - Hayate's approval means the world to her, and so when she is called to task for being a bit too brazen or speaking her mind when she really shouldn't, she is quick to be contrite and apologetic, and means it entirely. She's even been known to sulk, if Hayate is displeased with her.


The early history of the Book of Darkness is steeped in mystery. It is Belkan in origin, that much is known, one of the countless horrors to come out of the ambitions of the Saint Kings of that so-called Holy Empire. At one point, it was a tool for collecting knowledge, an attempt by one the brilliant Belkan arch-mages to catalog all the known magic of the universe. It was called the Tome of the Night Sky, for its pages would contain all the knowledge of the stars. But, like all Belkan magic, it was inherently corrupt, born of the blending of technology and magic and dark powers in ways that were never intended. Sometime over its history it stopped collecting knowledge of magic... and began collecting magic as well. Whether the corruption of its programming came as a result of purposeful tampering, misguided attempts to adjust or improve, or simply faults in its original construction is unknown, but what is known is that at some point the book became a parasite: consuming magic with an un-ending hunger. If its master did not feed it magic enough to sate it, it would consume the master as well. Even if it was well-fed, upon the filling of its pages its built-in defense program would go berserk, resulting in the death of the Master anyway, and then a huge dimensional dislocation which would expend all the collected energy and destroy everything around it in a conflagration seldom equaled from other sources. The book would then go dormant, until another Master was found.. and the cycle began anew. Such has been the history of the book for millennia, dropping in and out of history like a recurring natural disaster.

Few of the average magical community are aware that the Book is not a single entity. It has guardians, four sentient Programs given physical form through its power and tasked with protecting both the Book and its Master while its pages are filled. These are the Wolkenritter, the Cloud Knights, and they are four: Signum, the General, cold and efficient. Shamal, the Healer, supporting the rest. Zafira, the Beast, tenacious and implacable. And Vita, the Iron Hammer, aggressive and fiery.

Through the ages of the Book's existence, the Knights have always been with it. When it is activated they appear, bound to the will of the Book's Master and tasked with both protecting him and assisting in filling the Book. They are unwavering in their goal, built for this purpose and nothing else. Yet even they are corrupted - in a tragic twist of fate, the Knights recall only their original mission, to fill the pages of the Book to grant the desires of its Master (originally for knowledge). They do not remember that they did not always hunt down mages and steal their magic to feed the book. And they do not remember what inevitably happens when the Book is filled. Each time they appear, the cycle begins anew, the Knights toiling towards the destruction of their Master while thinking they serve and protect him.

They likely expected things to go on as they always had - they would fill the Book to grant the wish of its Master. However, things did not go as they expected. Hayate, their new Mistress, was not like the Knights' previous Masters. She cared nothing for power or knowledge, beyond the ordinary sort. And she absolutely would not countenance the Knights harming other people on her behalf, regardless of the reason.

For a time, all was peaceful...


Vita is a fierce and passionate fighter, her strength lying in her determination and her unwavering will to succeed. She is aggressive and does not hold back on the battlefield, her title of the Iron Hammer well earned. She's basically a berzerker - point her at the enemy and let her go. She's been known to lose control of herself like those warriors of old in the heat of battle, her eyes turning a bright blue as she unleashes her power on the object of her fury, flattening them into the ground.

The source of said power is in a more immediate sense her Armed Device, Graf Eisen. When inactive, he takes the form of a small hammer-shaped pendant on a chain around her neck. In battle, he becomes a hammer in truth, much like a warhammer of times long gone, a relatively small hammerhead atop a long, staff-like shaft. Graf Eisen has several forms, including Rocket Hammer, where his front end grows a point and the back rockets, propelling the hammer forward for massive strikes, and a giant form where he literally becomes the size of a bus, crushing everything before him. Other than striking targets directly, Graf Eisen is also used by Vita like a bat, summoning small metallic balls and sending them hurtling towards enemies like missiles.

Being a Device of Ancient Belkan design, Graf Eisen is also fully equipped to use the cartridge-system, loading and then expending cartridges of compressed magic for explosive short-term power. This often gives an edge in combat against mages not equipped with such a system, although it can be dangerous as well - if overused or used carelessly it can result in damage to the Device using it.

Vita, like all Nanoha mages, is able to fly once transformed, and is primarily an aerial combatant. She is quite fast, especially when being rocket-propelled by Graf Eisen, but is no great stunt-flier. Like a guided missile, she hits the enemy hard and straight-on.


  • Mistress
    • Hayate Yagami: She's all that matters. She made me who I am, and I won't let her die. I won't.
  • Wolkenritter
    • Signum: She's the boss. She acts like she always knows best, but most of the time she does. I trust her to tell me where to strike.
    • Shamal: She's the one who watches our backs and takes care of us. Without her we'd probably be done for.
    • Zafira: He calls himself a Guardian Beast and he's right on both accounts! I'm never sorry to have him at my back in a fight.
  • Enemies
    • Nanoha Takamachi: She shot me out of nowhere, and makes me doubt myself. Why does she have to be so nice??
    • Hotaka Domen: This jerk insulted me and then attacked me at a burger joint! Rude!
    • Kirika Kure: She yelled at me for no reason! She's totally on my list.
  • Others
    • The Amoeba Boys: So, I met these weird talking blobs. They were kind of funny. Seemed a little daft, though..