2014-08-26 - Flatter In French, Sing In Swedish

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Title: Flatter In French, Sing In Swedish

Mai's got a burning passion for karaoke, and she's got a few hours free tonight - time to go for it! Of course, there's the matter of paying back a certain someone for embarrassing her...


Mai Tokiha, Runealy Waldia, Takeo Akamizu, Eri Shimanouchi, Mamoru Chiba


Pino Karaoke Lounge

OOC - IC Date:

4 March 2014 - 08-26-2014

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Late in the evening, the text messages went out. An invitation to an evening of taking a break from schoolwork and the myriad stresses of day-to-day life. There are many ways to do this, many entertainments to be had, many sights to see... ...but the source of the messages was Mai, so the invitation was to an evening of karaoke.

Mai Tokiha, dressed in casual clothes for a change - jeans, a red t-shirt under an orange cardigan, and a bright red scarf looped around her neck - stands outside the parlor, a bag by her side. She's cheerful - tired from work and errands, but smiling all the same - and is practically bouncing with anticipation.

The room's booked, she has some snacks and drinks of her own since they don't have Chiba's wallet to rely on, and she's already making a mental playlist of things to sing! Though the others should get turns too. A few songs. Maybe.

<Pose Tracker> Runealy Waldia [Ohtori Academy (7)] has posed.

Rune was surprised but also relieved to get that text message. While she had spoken to Mai after the incidents that made Runealy so obsessive, the princess was still worried. Worried that even though Mai seemed to understand what happened, that there might now be a rift between them that could reduce their friendship to something more of a polite 'alliance.'

Being invited to try one of Mai's hobbies immediately laid that fear to rest, and Rune had sent back a very excited text message, one made more literate by lessons from the very same person asking her to come here this evening. It read: 'That sounds wonderful! I'll be there!'

And so she was. Rune mirrors Mai's enthusiasm, showing up in similar casual wear: Jeans, a shirt bearing a Madoka-made sketch of Sir Lancelot, and Rune's 'historic'-looking red and white jacket... the latter being removed once they're inside.

Runealy tries to chip in some money on refreshments as the room is set up, and she looks around in wide-eyed wonder; most of the devices in here confuse the alien princess, who occasionally leans in close to a microphone or other item yet frequently looks back to Mai too. "So this is what you were talking about earlier, right? When you mentioned your hobbies?"

<Pose Tracker> Eri Shimanouchi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

What had Eri been doing when the text messages went out? Attempting to study. When her phone buzzed with the tinny notes of a jpop love song, she grabbed her phone, and rolled over onto her back to look at it. The contents made her double take, then sit up straight atop her bed as she reread it yet again. The last time they had gone, it had taken days of badgering Mai to get her to accept a night of her favorite hobby. Well maybe work left her off early, or cancelled her shift. It brought a smile to her face, as she grabbed her purse and walked to the door, slipping on a coat and texting all the while that she'd be there.

When she arrives, she's not in casual clothing, wearing her usual teal poofy school uniform with stockings and the grey overcoat. Slipping it off in the lounge, she puts on her best grin as if it were an article of clothing, and walked over towards the bouncy high schooler, "Someone's in a good mood! So what's the occasion Mai-chan? I could have sworn you were working tonight!"

That grin doesn't change as she waves Rune's way by holding up a hand and wiggling the fingers. "More like her 'obsession'. I don't think she can ever get enough of it!" She folds her hands across her chest in a mock theatrical fashion, "Alas! Harsh fate and cold, unfeeling reality are always conspiring to keep her away from her passions!"

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

He had recieved the text right before leaving to visit Mika. He thought about it for a moemnt and then called his sister, telling her what going on, and making sure she was okay. Then he sat looking out the window of his room, wishing it was big enough to summon Sparkles and tlak to her about this whole mess. In the end, he went with what Mika said.

"Go. Have fun. I'll be here next week ya big goof."

Sighing he put on his "Baby Metal" T-Shirt, and some jeans. Then grabbed his racing jacket, helmet and headed out.

The super cool and totally awesome while being ridiculously Rad motorcycle wove it's ways through teh streets of the city. Takeo gunning it where he could, and arced in and around traffic. He popped a wheelie before the parlor. Not to show off of course.Simply because it was fun. Then he skidded to a halt, sliding the bike sideways into a parking stall.

Takeo removed the helmet and then grinned over at Eri and Mai and Runeally. "Hi!" He says with a big old roguish grin on hsi features while sitting straddled on the bike. "You all look happy, what's the occassion?" He says as he kicks the kickstand down, kills the engine, and slides off the bike.

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Mai's grin only brightens as the others make their arrival, one after the other. Takeo completing the set of entrances, of all things, gets a laugh. "The occasion, Akamizu-kun, is karaoke! You had so much to say about my voice the other day, I figured you should get a chance to hear it." With that, she leads the way into the parlour, answering Eri's question next. "Well, I got there only to find my hours got cut - so it was just an afternoon shift. Left me with some time, and after running a couple of errands, I decided...why not seize what's left of the day?" Rune's offer to chip in for refreshments is met with a broad grin.

The room is one of the smaller, standard ones - not big enough to include a corner for cosplay, and there's really only room for four. Six, if people wanted to get very close. There's a couple of songbooks, though, and Mai hands them to Eri and Runealy immediately. She doesn't take a seat for herself just yet, instead going to check something in the equipment on the stage. "Linden Baum's schedules - along with everything else - are indeed cruel. But today, it's time for everyone to have a chance to sing our hearts out!"

She is in an incredibly good mood - perhaps the exhaustion from work shifts talking, or just a bit of manic glee. Finishing her inspection, she goes to start rooting around in the bag she brought - setting out a few bottles of water as she goes. "Anyway, the way this works - pick out a song, key it in, lyrics go on the screen as background music starts playing. It's easier if you've at least heard the song, but it can be fun to try something completely unknown. Ground rules are no going more than twice in a row, no tricking the staff into serving alcohol, and basically don't be Kyouko with the menu." She flashes Eri a sheepish grin, then waves toward the stage. "Anyone want to go first?"

<Pose Tracker> Runealy Waldia [Ohtori Academy (7)] has posed.

Rune's expression flickers for just a moment at the mention of 'obsession'... it's something of a sore spot for her, but that passes quickly; having Eri here, in an openly good mood, easily outweighs it. It's a welcome relief given some of the heavier situations on Rune's mind lately, one that nets a "Good to see you, too!"

Takeo's arrival had been just as pleasing; she offered a handwave and a casually bright response: "I have no idea, but since since everyone else is here it seems like a good a time as any to... 'hang out' with you!" She uses the modern slang with an odd and experimental tone, hoping it sounded about right.

After chipping in some of the costs, Rune settles in to flip through the book... she recognizes virtually none of the titles or lyrics, wide eyes suggesting this is almost as alien to her as the microphone itself is. "These are all unknown to me!" It's not a complaint, merely an astonished observation. "I'll watch first, if it's okay. You said messing up isn't so bad here, but I barely even know how this works. I'm just glad you found time for it!"

<Pose Tracker> Eri Shimanouchi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

Takeo's arrival gets a wave through the glass, as he walks into the lounge, "Hey Takeo-kun!" She cocks her head towards Mai, as she gives her explanation of what Karaoke is.

Mai's next explanation on the situation for the day at work is sound enough, and Eri isn't about to question Mai using her good fortune to take time for herself.

Crossing her arms in front of herself, she just continues grinning at Rune, "How have you been anyhow?" Right now is a bit too upbeat a situation to ask openly on how she's been recovering ever since Nephrite decided to be a jerk with his use of a space princess Youma, but there's still a hint of worry there.

The arms remain crossed as Mai lays down the ground rules, but at the end of it, she unfolds them to point a hand at herself and mouth 'Who, me?' before she shakes her head, "I don't think any of us need that sort of trouble right again, even if it's hardly Kyouko-chan's fault that Mamoru-kun /asked/ for it." She points to the stage, "Mai, you should go first, you look like you're going to explode if you don't from all that pent up enthusiasm!"

Which is about the time she inched towards Takeo, and murmurs with an amused twinkle in her eye, "So what's this about trying to woo Mai-chan with French poetry?"

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

That is NOT a blush on Takeo's face. Takeo does NOT blush. He instead clears his throat. "I only meant that you speak well. In Class. Canwegoinsidenow?" He clears his throat again. "Is anybody else thirsty? I'm thirsty. Let's find Soda!"

He shoots Eri a glance and runs a hand through hsi hair. He looks over the list of songs and then frowns. "So. We all sing?" He asks kind of nervously.

Which is when Eri asks about French Poetry. Takeo does NOT blush further, but he does walk into a wall as his head snaps to Eri to deny the speaking of French. Once he recovers and rubs his nose he mutters to Eri, "I dind't speak French. I don't know HOW to speak French. The only French I know is an old Americna Joke my Dad likes to tell: French Fris, French Toast." He rubs his nose and then wonders out loud, "I wonder if I broke my nose..."

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Guilty Crown - My Dearest - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN1XuHFGEZ4 - http://gendou.com/amusic/lyrics.php?id=10952&show=2

'Obsession' is such a harsh word. Accurate, perhaps, but harsh. Runealy's worry is met with a cheerful grin from Mai, who has dug some kind of box out of her bag. "Fair enough - and I'm glad I did too! This beats working on another of Sugiura-sensei's essays, any day."

The orange-haired girl needs no further prompting than Eri's suggestion, keying in a number from memory without a moment's hesitation. "That is what Chiba-san gets for trying to get out of singing - I think his food budget might have finally recovered, after all these weeks. Maybe. But we don't need any of that tonight..." Mai presses another button - and in her hand, a wireless karaoke microphone shines with a blue light of a successful connection. A singing implement of her very own!

As for Takeo...he just gets a wild grin from Mai. "Oh, we all sing. But between your babbling in whatever language that was and your comments of singing like - what was it, a mountain sunrise? I figure you should get to hear me cut loose." The screen behind Mai lights up, displaying a music video filled with bright light among shadows and pouring rain, and she launches into singing without even an instrumental lead-in.

"So, everything that makes me whole, I offer it all to you - I'm yours~"

The song has melancholy notes, but overall is upbeat and shifts into fast-paced verses without warning, Mai cheerfully singing the whole time regardless of what the words themselves might say.

"Hey - it's the first time since I was born, that I've been able to laugh so much..."

<Pose Tracker> Runealy Waldia [Ohtori Academy (7)] has posed.

Rune tilts her head down to consider Eri's question. What does one say to that during hobby time with friends? Bringing up Ail's situation and how it's weighing on the princess' mind just doesn't seem right when the whole idea here is to have fun with her friends. So she tells the truth with enthusiasm, and simply omits some details: "Better! I'm doing a lot better now. You know... Tokyo is huge. I've known that, just never had a chance to really appreciate it and explore it until now. Some of that I've been doing on my own, but other parts are better with friends. Usagi and Fuu have already shown me some pretty neat things, and I was thinking of doing something like that with you if you're up for it sometime."

Takeo's question is met with a sharp nod. "I think that's how it works! Don't worry about it, though! I asked Mai about this a while back, and she said it's actually okay if you don't do so great at it at first. Besides, you're probably going to be better than me since I don't even recognize these songs."

She goes quiet once Mai gets set up, awed both by the video display and getting a chance to watch Mai go into a hobby with such enthusiasm. Rune sits with rapt attention, not even bothering with snacks or drinks during this.

<Pose Tracker> Eri Shimanouchi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

As Takeo walks into a wall, she can't help but giggle, but she does take a step forward, checking his nose. "It doesn't look crooked, so I doubt it!" A beat, "And I don't get it. Is that one of those jokes you only get if you're born American?"

Whirling around, she's half looking at Mai, while still looking at Takeo's nose. Maybe from this angle...? "So harsh Mai-chan, acting like Kyouko-chan was some sort of divine punishment for shirking the sacred art of /karaoke/!"

Eri's teasing grin turns into a more sedate smile though as Rune discusses her experiences finally exploring Tokyo, "Is that so? Maybe we can do that together sometime. I never mind walking around Tokyo." After all, it was a pragmatic thing for a Puella Magi to do.

At that point however, as the melody starts to play, Eri finally lowers herself down into a seat, mesmerized by her performance. She's not exactly an idol singer, but she was perhaps one of the best amateur singers that Eri had ever heard. She slowly pulls over a snack bag, and tugs it open, but before long she finds herself tapping her foot in time with the rhythm, and her hand on the table too.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Takeo Akamizu takes a seat and orders a soda. He does however sit back, close his eys and just listen. It had been a LONG time since he'd jsut listened to Music. Of course the idea that he would have to sing.... That makes him nervous. Nervous enough that he keeps hoping for a certain Rabbit to run and tell him Morgana is attacking an Orphanage.

He sighs and looks over to Eri, "Do I want to know what happened to Chiba?" He asks with a smile. "I mean. He's like about as Rich as God, so I doubt it bankrupted him, but him loosing something amuses me." He grins an evil version of that Roguish grin. "Greatly."

Then he smiles over at Runeally. "No worries Rune-Chan. We cna find you a song that is easy. I bet you'll do just fine." He runs his hand through his hair and nods to Mai, "Just as good as she. If not better." He nods again and leans back to sip the newly arrived Soda.

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"...for your sake~" As the instrumentals finish out the last of the music video, Mai does a spin on stage before descending. Switching off her microphone, she slides into the seat next to Eri, opposite Runealy. The princess from another world gets a warm smile, and Mai takes a moment to flip through the book. "You probably don't know many of these, but...this one, this one, and this one are straightforward. The chorus is easy to pick up at least. And seriously, don't worry, just because I'm kind of a singing fiend doesn't mean I expect the same of everyone."

Takeo gets a bit more explanation from Mai's point of view. "That said, it was justice. He thought to try dodging his turns by having Kyouko go for him, and offered to pay for all she could eat...and vastly underestimated her stomach." She grins wildly. "So, who wants to go next?"

<Pose Tracker> Runealy Waldia [Ohtori Academy (7)] has posed.

Talk of Mamoru's fortunes (or misfortunes?) mostly goes over Rune's head right now; she knows him, but has no idea what he might have been up to lately that would be so funny to Takeo. Yet she takes Takeo's reassurances fairly well, giving him a sharp nod. "Alright. I'll..." 'Fairly' well; there's some odd hesitation, as she works up the nerve to finish: "...I'll try." Especially so in light of him finishing explaining what happened to Mamoru; apparently those who duck out of singing end up 'paying' one way or another!

"I'm still looking," she mentions to Mai. "Someone else can go." And then to Eri, "Great! Call me sometime and we'll see what we can find, okay?"

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Sipping his Soda, Takeo gently puts a hand on Eri's shoulder and shoves her forward. "Ooop. Looks like Eir wants to go." He grins over to her and then sips his soda again, givine Eri a wink whilst he sips.

He leans back in hsi chair and gives a grin to Rune. "Try the Theme Song section. I bet you've seen more TV than heard music. It's more common." He shrugs. "Plus THemesongs are shorter." He nods emphatically.

<Pose Tracker> Mamoru Chiba [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

There's slow clapping from the door, where the tall shadowed figure of Mamoru Chiba leans, carefully cradling a bottle of champagne. "Well done," he drawls, eyebrows up.

Glasses are hooked over his t-shirt collar -- some designer internet label for hipsters t-shirt, naturally -- and he's only got a leather jacket on over it; skinny jeans, expensive narrow dress shoes."

He makes no move to find a seat, because he's busy trying to pop the top off before Eri starts singing.

<Pose Tracker> Eri Shimanouchi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Ouran Host Club - Sakura Kiss -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia8lX4qknOM

An idea enters Eri's mind as the melody begins to fade, and Mai commits to her theatrical flourish! She starts clapping, all thoughts of snack devastation leaving her mind! And none of this gives her any time to consider whether her idea is any good.

Eri rises up out of her seat as Mai takes a seat beside her, smoothing out her skirts, and moves up onto the stage. Fiddling with her controls, she plugs in the microphone which the machine is supposed to have attached, wondering only momentarily where Mai got a wireless Karaoke microphone of her own, but takes it for granted because... shouldn't her friend be allowed nice things?

Grasping ahold of the microphone, her hands twist around it tightly just as her brain evaluates whether this was a good idea or not. She decides it was not, but it's too late. The back drop is spinning Shoujo rose frames that change colors as the instrumentals start. Looking suddenly bashful, she murmurs to herself, "Nothing to do but go for it...!" Her cheeks pinken a bit, as she starts to sing, and she's definitely not the best singer, her vocals being something less than mediocre, and she has the stage presence of a shrinking violet at first, but she's definitely trying.

"Kiss Kiss fall in love!"

Getting more into it as the first line bubbles out of her lips from the upbeat, chirpy notes, she points towards noone in the audience in particular!

"Maybe you're my love!"
"I see you come, I watch you go. You never seem to leave me though!"
"So is this love or hate? We'll see~ You're making me crazy!"
"Inside my dreams, you're all I see!"
"Well all I see is you and me!"
"Lady, maybe, or host I find I really don't mind!"

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Mai flashes a brief glare at Takeo dodging the bullet this time - but gives Eri a grin as the younger girl goes for the stage. Any calls of encouragement, however, are momentarily interrupted as a new challenger enters the room. She rises immediately to greet the newcomer properly. "Chiba-san!"

She then jabs him in the shoulder with one finger - it's fine, he's got leather armor. "You never replied to my invitation! If I'd known, I'd have gotten a bigger room." Well, it can still work. Seating for four, that just means someone will always have to be on stage singing - that'll work out just fine. Speaking of which, it's time to cheer Eri on-

And that first line rings out, accompanied by a storm of twirling roses. Momentarily without any words to respond with, she takes a seat - grabbing Mamoru by the jacket to drag him into the seat next to her. The other hand, holding onto that new microphone...

And then Mai just lets out an appreciative whistle. There will be cheering when the song's done!

<Pose Tracker> Runealy Waldia [Ohtori Academy (7)] has posed.

"The what song?" Runealy nonetheless begins thumbing through the book for the section Takeo mentioned, even as she admits: "I barely watch any television. Usually there's so much to do around Tokyo that I only sit and watch things if friends want to." It's said lightly, devoid of any elitism one might normally stereotypically associate with 'I don't watch TV' remarks.

Once Mai is finished and Eri is starting to prepare, Rune offers some applause. "That was great!" Mai's help in selecting songs takes away some of Runealy's anxiety, enough so that Rune is visibly and physically more relaxed. "Okay, I think I get it. Once the others have gone, I'll go for it!"

Mamoru's clapping also draws Rune's attention; she was in a pretty good mood already, but his arrival just makes it even better since the princess now feels pretty well surrounded by friends. It's not a new feeling, but it is still pretty novel in her life and she likes it. He gets an excited "Hi!", though that's all she has time for right away.

This is due to Eri now being ready to sing, and while this song is also alien to Rune... she doesn't care. Watching Eri overcome what looks like performance anxiety and giving this a try is very satisfying to watch. Not inclined to judge the singing quality, Rune will join in with Mai's cheering once Eri's performance is over.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Grinning, Takeo listens and watches Eri sing. He shakes his head at the chouce of music but remains silent and appreciates the music for hwat it is. When Mamoru shows up, Takeo waves to the other Ohtori student. "Welcome Chiba, to music night. I hear you'll be gracing us song this fair evening?" He grins mischieviously to the other man.

He shrugs to Mai and says to her, "Sorry. Stage fright I guess. Besides, I sing terribly. You don't want to hear me sing. Can't hold a beat, I'm flat. It's a terrible tragedy of the ears." He grins at her though and then says, "But you did really great! Your voice was right on and it sounded lovely." The last being in French, which he clearly doesn't notice. Again.

<Pose Tracker> Mamoru Chiba [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

There's a wave at Runealy! Eri takes the stage, so now Mamoru's focus is split between Eri, Mai's approach, and keeping the cork from popping out since he didn't open it in time.

"Hey, what--" he hisses as Mai yanks him away from the door and into the seat next to her, but as he thuds down, he loses his grip on the cork and there's an obnoxiously loud


as the thing sails through the air, punctuating a verse.

Mamoru gives Eri the most apologetic look he can muster, which is pretty apologetic-- but by the time she's finishing, he does clap enthusiastically. Eri was good -and- he has the champagne open. He takes a swig and passes it to Mai, then ducks his head forward to see Takeo properly. "Could be," he says mildly.

<Pose Tracker> Eri Shimanouchi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

The pop causes her to stumble over the line 'And with one kiss we could stop ti...' but she quickly recovers, looking a stark shade of crimson as she notes that Mamoru had entered at some point prior to or during her song. 'Just you and me in beautiful Spring!'

She does however make it to the end, having come too far to fail now! "....Maybe you're my love!" Unlike a lot of songs there's no outro, it ends decisively the moment the final exclamation/accusation comes! By the end of the song, she had been fully swept up into it, even if the blush never quite faded from her cheeks. She immediately bows lower than she probably needed to for informal karaoke, her shoulder length framing her face in a way that was likely entirely intentional.

She turns before she fully straightens, putting up the microphone beside the console and moving over to take a seat.

Any applause that comes likely just deepns whatever self-conscious blushing that is certainly occurring! She hunches in her shoulders, and looks embarassed as she stares at her hands in her lap, but she can't help but smile just a tiny bit.

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Mai doesn't just cheer - she does a standing ovation. Partly, admittedly, to make room for Eri to have a seat - this could rapidly turn into a game of musical chairs. At least it's not as cramped as some of the couples' rooms. "That was great, Eri-chan!" She gives the likewise-cheering Runealy a grin, and nods. "Take your time deciding - as long as you try sooner or later, we're good!"

In one hand, she twirls the wireless microphone, ready to be switched back on given a moment's notice. She's tempted to take another turn right away, but is admittedly having a bit of trouble deciding...

Of course, there's one way to settle the issue - there's a few foreign songs, and one stands out as suitably silly. After all... "Have anything on your mind, Chiba-san? Because if not, I've figured out the perfect song for Takeo here - the beat's held for you, it's in some foreign language so you should be fine, and after the third or fourth chorus I'm sure you'll have caught on..."

Her grin is a little savage with glee.

Though she does take a moment to glance suspiciously at Mamoru's bottle. "Just to let you know, Chiba-san - no triple-turns, no Kyouko appetites, and no getting the staff to bring in alcohol." ...that doesn't mean, of course, that she doesn't take a glass anyway.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Takeo grins and claps for Eri, watching her as she comes down the stage. "Nicely done Eri-Chan." He grins over to her and offers her some Soda. The soda is a new glass and he holds it out happily. "I think it's vegatarian freindly. I think. But I mean it's soada, I'm not sure if they killed any plants to make it." He nods happily to Eri.

"Foreign what now?" Takeo asks with a blinking look to Mai. He leans in to mai and just tries to look through her. "I don't know if I want to know what you mean..."

<Pose Tracker> Mamoru Chiba [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Maaya Sakamoto - Alkaloid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nijOPQjg98A - http://www.animelyrics.com/jpop/sakamoto/arukaroido.htm

"Staff didn't bring it in," Mamoru tells Mai, mildly offended. "I did. And Kyouko-san isn't here." Offended as he's pouring her some, offended as he takes another pointed swig, and offended when he plops the bottle down on the table just within his reach, but where pretty much everyone else can reach too.

"By the way," he continues, "I have no idea what you're talking about, either. I did bring a song, but I think it might hurt your sanity."

Standing up, the ludicrously tall and thin upperclassman shrugs out of his jacket and runs his hand through his hair for an instant rockstar look. Alternative rockstar: he also puts his glasses back on, and takes the remote to program in some stuff. "I got your back, Akamizu-san."

Then, taking the mic like a champ, Mamoru stands a little awkwardly for a second as the opening instrumental begins. Then he swaps his glasses for his sunglasses and relaxes. The images in the background are of city streets, clips of shoes walking on concrete, traffic rushing by, trees passing from a moving window.

The sunglasses apparently really help.

"I was looking down at the sunrise from the veranda / I was exposing my drained arms to the wind / I was remembering the colour of her hair when / From wherever my mind was, alights a crow, scolding me!"

There are hand gestures vaguely illustrative of what he's trying to convey. "'Control yourself / This isn't like you at all / Being in love is for a moment, a whimsical wink / Getting too caught-up only leads to regrets.'" // Yes, you're right / It's exactly as you say but / The warning came much too late / I already had my shoes on / Before I was done hearing the last word / I'm off to go see her!"

At this point Mamoru's really, really not himself. He's a gentle parody of the image people paint over the image he projects. Because only Mamoru Chiba could take karaoke into existentialism. "A yellow brick road that goes winding on and on / Come and lead me all the way to her home / I'll waste some time and buy her those chocolates / Say you love me with a voice exhaled through theobromine!"

He OBVIOUSLY isn't himself, maybe he's a pod person. Maybe he's lying with conviction. The only certainty is that this is without question the bounciest song that will ever come out of his mouth. "All the signal lights in the city turned green and / The rules that someone had set became absolutely useless / It's like the chocolates that disappear into her mouth / Trickery unseen to the eye everywhere / There is nothing I can believe in but / There is just one thing that I know / This right foot and left foot are both heading straight for her!"

He spins himself around, grinning at the crew. "It's not like I've got brakes to begin with / I'm off to go see her / I'm yearning for her / I'm in love with her--"

And then Mamoru sings the last line a few times in a very low voice."Exhale love through that theobromine."

He mimes droppoing the mic, but doesn't want to die, so hands it back to Mai instead and moves to shove Takeo out of his seat. "Your turn."

<Pose Tracker> Eri Shimanouchi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

The standing ovation and further clapping just cause her embarassment to increase tenfold, but she eventually musters up the gumption to speak, murmuring, "I always loved that song." As the Soda is slid over, Eri gives Takeo a bit of a look, then a faint grin as she shakes her head. She's not refusing it, as evidenced by the fact that she takes a sip, and puts it down, "One day, I'll need to tell you about how high fructose corn syrup is made."

Fortunately, the attention is off her as Mai mentions picking a song for Takeo. Uh Oh, that grin is... Eri peers at her for a long while, "What are you thinking of doing to poor Takeo-kun Mai-chan?"

The question is interrupted by Mamoru /enthusiastically/ taking up the challenge of Karaoke, and Eri's mouth is agape at the choice of song. She can't help however, but to /love/ it, and after a moment, she's pumping a fist in the air to root for Mamoru's performance!

When it ends, it's her giving the standing ovation, which only ends when Mamoru outright /challenges/ Takeo. Where was this going to go. "That was great Mamoru-kun!" She pokes a finger in his shoulder, "And last time you were so hesitant! Who knew that you were holding out on us!?"

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Caramell - Caramelldansen - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_DV9b0x7v4

Mai never did sit back down - seats are limited, and she yearns to jump into the fray again anyway. For a moment, it seems like the exhaustion from the day she's already had is settling in - the water heater's replacement heating element and a new friend's phone number lingering in the back of her mind - and she's just leaning on the padded wall of the room, listening to Mamoru's song.

She can't help but smile, though - applauding earnestly when the song is done, a wry half-smile pulling at the corner of her mouth, laughter at just how the last line is sung. There is a Look when the mic-drop is mimed, though, and she takes the microphone back with a firm grip.

And then the energy's back. "Nice one, Chiba-san - juuuust like some of us knew you could." There's a grin as she takes up the microphone, and she's already keying in a song. "As for what I'm doing to poor Akamizu-kun...this isn't French, but I'm sure he'll manage."

A techno-pop beat kicks in, cheerful synthetic notes starting up a hypnotic melody, and the screen lights up again. There's an assortment of characters doing a silly dance where they hold their hands like rabbit ears, doing a very silly dance.

And then there's Mai, twirling her microphone to point it directly at Takeo in challenge. "I'll be nice, and back you up with whatever you don't choose - so, sing or dance." She grins.

<Pose Tracker> Takeo Akamizu [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"I really hate rabbits." Takeo says deadpan. He sighs and gets up looking at Mai. He takes a few breathes and looks to the machine and the microphone. "If any of you breathe a word of this..." He takes another deep breathe then gets into position.

And performs both.

He manages to sing and it isn't the terrible he said it would be. It actually sounds good once he finds the beat of the song. After singing for a moment and watching teh characters on teh screen doing the dance he nods, and adds the dance in. Years of Martial Arts and the memories of a man who was well versed in courtly dance means he's able to pick it up quickly. He stumbles a few times on the words at begning, but the dance is easy compared to the Katas and dances that instantly flow into his head.

He does the little dance, sings in time and tune, and he does NOT blush while he's up there doing this with Mai. Takeo does NOT blush. It's not in his nature. Mai was right though. He picked up on the chorus rather quick....

<Pose Tracker> Eri Shimanouchi [Ohtori Academy (8)] has posed.

There is only one response to Takeo Akamizu dancing and singing the Caramelldansen. After Eri sits there with mouth agape for a while, she fishes around in her purse for her smart phone. It is raised up, /buttons/ are pressed. The video camera function is activated. Settings are adjusted While the camera becomes shaky with giggles that she can't hold on...

She catches a good portion of it on film. She then moves over to her text messages, checks her address book for Mika from the time she requested pictures of her brother, sets up an attachment. And then assuming Takeo hasn't caught onto what she's doing and charged off the stage to stop her... she hits send.

She's merciful enough not to send it to /Mami/ at least!

<Pose Tracker> Mamoru Chiba [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Batting away hands that poke at him, Mamoru claims his spot by the door and some more of the champagne, then leaves the rest for those who might wish to snake some. He's still blushing, but the sunglasses and the dimness of the light help to hide it. "Spent a lot of time between then and now at play practice. I wasn't singing in front of a mirror."

A beat, finally. "Okay, someone who's not Akamizu-san or me sing next." He'll just stay there being appreciative but quiet, and eventually vanishing into the night from whence he came, unannounced.

<Pose Tracker> Mai Tokiha [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

True to her word, Mai gets up on the stage with Takeo. He's singing and dancing, so rather than risk drowning him out she just does the silly dance too. It's all in the name of fun, after all, and she's enjoying herself.

She does, near the end, notice Eri's camera use...and rather than flail or panic or complain, just adds a bit more hop for the fun of it. When all is said and done, she gives Takeo a round of applause. "See? Not so tune-deaf after all - have a flip through the book, see if there's anything in there you want to give a try."

Eri gets a wink, and Mamoru gets a nod. "Fair enough - I wanted another turn anyway. Let's see..." She takes a swig from one of the water bottles she'd set out, mulling over possible song choices. Another anime tune? A recent pop hit? Something from America? So many options, so little time.

Her grip on her personal microphone tightens. Well, there's only one thing to do - make the most of this chance, and snag more opportunities to sing when she can. Or maybe even make more...how many shifts does she have this week, anyway?

There's a fiery glint in Mai's eye as she keys in her selection. "Right. Popular karaoke song, but I've had all of one chance to sing since it came out, so I haven't actually tried it yet - but hey, now's my chance!" She twirls the microphone in her hand, taking the stage - casting a gaze over everyone as the countdown on the screen starts. This song has almost no lead-in, and she launches right into singing. The English doesn't flow perfectly off her tongue, but enthusiasm makes up for a lot...

"I threw a wish in the well,
Don't ask me, I'll never tell,
I looked to you as it fell,
And now you're in my way..."