2019-04-06 - TIMELINE X: Knightfall

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Title: Knightfall

Morgana has killed Mika, and killed Merlin, but not before Merlin managed to cast a spell that stopped Lancelot from slowly taking over Takeo's body. Now, without the full powers of a Knight of the Round Table, Takeo Akamizu stands against Morgana. But he's not alone.


Takeo Akamizu Mai Tokiha Mikoto Minagi Morgana le Fey


Tokyo Bay

OOC - IC Date:

04/06/2019 - ???????

Takeo stood in the rain and looked out over Tokyo Bay. Where the rain touched the long gleaming white blade of Arondight it sizzled and cracked, evaporating into small tendrils of steam. His eyes were locked ahead on the woman rising out of the water her arms held to the side. Seaweed clung to her arms and one shoulder, while water slueced off of her. Her pale skin was accented by the dress of darkness that made black look bright, and her hair matched it in color and hung heavily with the weight of the water that drenched it. As she moved forward, Takeo shifted his stance and gripped Arondight with both hands, the leather on his gloves creaking as a somewhere thunder rolled in the city.

"You should have accepted my offer boy. Merlin may have separated you from Lancelot, but now you're just a boy with a magical sword that doesn't know how to use it."

”The boy in question grinned. "Maybe." He says around that smirk. "But at least my life is now mine and I don't answer to anybody. Besides, who said I was just a boy?" He gives her a wink, it's one that has gotten him in trouble more than once with that smirk of his. As Morgana tilts her head in momentary confusion he says to her, "I happen to be just a boy. With friends."

As Morgana's head snaps to her surroundings, a dragon surges over the hill in a gout of flame. A red haired girl rides on it's back and the spinning golden bracelets with adorned green jewels points a finger, "Burn her Kagutsuchi!!" she calls to her mount, and the great Dragon rears it's head and lets loose a jet of flame that sears the very air.

Morgana lefts a hand and the flame splits around her. She is instantly dry as the seaweed burns from her, and the sea water evaporates from the intense heat. When the roaring flames stop she narrows her eyes. "Cute." Is all she says before her eyes track Takeo's movements as he charges the sorceress, Arondight held high above his head as he wordlessly charges over the now burning path to the woman. Morgana pushes her other hand toward the boy and he reels back as Morgana sends black energy lancing at him. He hits the ground rolling to a stop the black energy crackling around him. She gather's power into her hand, about to end him when a shout is heard form overhead.

Leaping from Kagatushi's back, a small middle school uniformed girl leaps with a massive obsidian blade. As she falls she brings that weapon to slash at her enemy. Morgana leaps back with grace that is surprising and she lands at the ocean's edge ina crouch. The girl raises her sword and charges Morgana again, "You hurt Takeo's sister, you hurt everybody! ENEMY!"

Morgana rolls her eyes. "Oh please." And makes a backhanded swatting motion slapping Mikoto aside. "You have friends. That's adorable. You don't have the power to stop me little boy. Nor do your friends, even if one of them has a Dragon." To emphasise, the swooping dragon diving at Morgana with teeth and claws bared is hit with a black bolt of lightning. The mighty Kagatsuchi screams, and so does the rider, Mai adding her voice to the dragons as the two of them are frozen in place by the black swirling bolts of energy.

Takeo pushes himself to his feet. And glares at Morgana. She had sent the Black Knight to kill Mika. She had killed Merlin. He rushes forward, Arondight trailing lighting as he charges. "You won't take anybody else I love ever again you bitch!"

Morgana laughs and lifts her other hand filling Takeo's very soul with that black energy. He screams as his flesh burns where the power touches him, but to her astonishment he doesn't stop. That is until Arondight is driven hilt deep into Morgana's chest.

He let's go of Arondight and falls to his back, even as Morgana falls to her into the shallow shore of Tokyo Bay. He can't see. His eyes are burned shut. But he feels. His body is wracked in pain. Two pairs of hand grab each of his. The rain, the cold rain, feels nice on his burns, but he's shivering nonetheless. "I'm sorry." %R %ROne of his hands is squeezed tighter. "Don't be. We'll get you to a hospital."

He tries to laugh but it hurts way to much. "It's .... Reincarnation is a thing. I learned that. So, I'll make you this promise, both of you. I'll find you again, and next life, we'll live normal lives. I'll ... I'll even eat vegetables." One of them sobs a laugh. "Tell Eri-chan, be good. I should have told you both, but I've been so scared of my own feelings, I ... "

And when he stops talking, a breath shuddering out of him, one of them says softly, "Me too."