2017-09-22 - Box Seats for the Chevaliers

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Tsubasa Kazanari wants to meet the Chevaliers properly, but she's a busy girl. Thus, she's reserved box seats for them at the stadium where she's performing! When it is over she plans to meet them, but before that they will be living the high life. Fate brings her long lost best friend, Nanoha, to meet everyone.

A moment of happiness and togetherness before the storm. Except for Tsubasa who is kind of mean.


Endo Naoki, Lera Camry, Mami Tomoe, Nori Ankou, Tsubasa Kazanari, Fate Testarossa, Madoka Kaname, Nanoha Takamachi, Sayaka Miki


Tsubasa's idol concert, Ajinomoto Stadium

OOC - IC Date:

2017-09-22 - 2015-02-19

<Pose Tracker> Sayaka Miki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Ajinomoto Stadium glows green and white in the dark, a great girded ring that stretches far in both directions. The parking lot is full; out here in the suburbs, plenty of people can have their own car. Sayaka waits at the preappointed location with Madoka, leaning on a metal pillar and wearing the light blue hoodie she had told everyone to look for in the text she sent to coordinate. One foot resting against the pillar, Sayaka is tapping at her cell to help guide everyone here.

Each newcomer
gets a wave and a grin at the least, and a hug at the most (Mami). Once most everyone is her, Sayaka looks towards the entrance. "I guess we're supposed to go in soon," she says, checking the inside of her wrist for the time. "Kazanari-san said we get to sit in a special box, so I guess we'll just find the desk and--"

"Miki-san?" A man in a black business suit stops in front of Sayaka and Madoka. Brown-haired and thin-faced, he is only in his twenties, but he's still notably older than the high schoolers, and Sayaka grimaces nervously. "Are you talking to me...?" she asks hesitantly.

The suited man smiles. "You're Sayaka Miki, right? And this is Mami Tomoe-san?"

Sayaka mugs her befuddlement to the pink little Madoka at her side when he's distracted by giving Mami a slight bow, and is grinning nervously at him again when he returns to looking at her. "Um, are we not supposed to stand here?"

This time the man laughs. "You could say that. I'm Tsubasa Kazanari's manager. Ogawa," he supplies. "Kazanari-san said you were her special guests tonight." He looks over the group. "This many..." he thinks aloud.

"Ah-ha, sorry for the trouble," Sayaka apologizes. "Is it too much?"

"Not at all," Ogawa says. "Let's get you inside. If anyone's still on the way, have them text you when they get here, and I can pick them up downstairs."

Ogawa leads the group through the doors and into the busy concourse, where snacks and concert shirts are on sale. Around the corner from the escalator, there is an out-of-the-way security checkpoint, with security staff checking bags briefly before ushering staff and VIPs through the expedited line. Ogawa does not so much as take out an ID, instead just raising his hand to greet the guard, who nods to one of his subordinates to follow Ogawa. "Come on through," Ogawa tells Sayaka, who had been putting her messenger bag on the conveyor.

Once through, everyone squeezes into an elevator, to be let out on an oddly quiet floor. There's no line at this bathroom, and the crowd noise is more distant. Ogawa's dress shoes clack audibly as he goes. "Here we are," he says, stopping by a door, which the subordinate from earlier unlocks before departing. Ogawa opens it without much sense of theatrics, striding in to check it over.

The private box has a sort of living room area, with couches and a low table. A large liquid plasma television dominates one corner, playing a live feed of the stage. On the table, there is a large basket of bagged snacks, like a flower arrangement of cookies and chips. A glass-doored refridgerator displays sodas, teas, and alcohol. The whole chamber smells like a fancy new hotel room. And on its far end, a sliding glass door leads to the seating. Little flashes of glowsticks are already visible in the distant teeming crowd below, and the dramatically lit stage is directly in front of the box, across the narrower side of the stadium.

"Whoah," Sayaka says.

"You can call an attendent with this panel here," Ogawa says, tapping a black plastic fixture on the table. "You can take food orders from them. There are menus on the wall there."

"How much are the cookies?" Sayaka asks nervously, eyeballing the snack arrangement.

Ogawa laughs again. "It's all free. When we have a special guest, we don't bother them with paying for snacks. Same goes for the drinks over there, and any food you order."

Sayaka exchanges another look with Madoka, wide-eyed.

"Anything else before I go?" Ogawa asks.

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<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Mami Tomoe is /not/ waiting there when everyone arrives, as a matter of fact. She has made her way here separately, and is dressed in a casual yellow dress about to her knees. The dress has short sleeves and a little collar partway open, the sleeves over longer, tighter sleeves against the chill in white. At her neck is a black choker with some gold about it, and she's wearing black boots over white. A chic belt, a little more jewelry... She's dressed for the occasion, earrings to bracelet.

Because of course she is; Mami has to show a bit of style, after all.

So when she reaches Sayaka, walking straight through the cars without stopping for a moment, she hugs her back quickly with a smile--and aims to greet Madoka the same way. She smiles to others who've arrived first, andto those who arrive after, but then there is a... man.

She's pointed out, and Mami dips her head. "Yes, that's me." She bows back politely when Ogawa bows to her, "it's a pleasure to meet you." Special guests...

Mami is willing to enjoy a little bit of obvious luxury as they walk, her heels clicking with added height as she steps through. She glances gameely at everything about. When they don't have to go through the checkpoint properly... This makes Mami smile, and she goes right on through. Onto the elevator, Mami is pleasant, quiet, and up here... Ah.

As he checks it over, Mami waits to be allowed in before she glances around, from snacks to the drinks--again to the drinks--and steps inside. It smells lovely overall, and the seating out there looks lovely. Sayaka says whoa, but Mami is too dignified for that. She is smiling though.

"You've been a wonderful host," Mami says to Ogawa, "Already, even." This after Sayaka exchanges that look with Madoka, and Mami comes to stand with both of them for the moment. "Thank you. I have no questions."

Well... She has /one/ question, but she doesn't feel it's wise to ask it. Her honey eyes flick back over to the drink case again, and back to Ogawa. Sayaka might even see what she focuses on, but probably not. "We'll have to remember to thank Kazanari-san properly for the invitation."

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.


At work her hair is impeccable, but at home, leaning down and forward just a bit, her nose inches from her ward's, Junko is relaxed enough to not mind when some of her pale purple locks slide forward to tickle Sayaka's cheek.

Deftly she works her magic, applying mascara with the tip of her wand without so much as drawing a single tear. Eye shadow is next, with just a /hint/ of glitter. "I wish I was still of an age to be able to pull this off," she laments.

At the mirror, Madoka painstakingly attempts to replicate her mother's effortless success. It helps that she's had special training since she was old enough to stand on the counter stepstool. The stepstool is shorter now, at least. But tonight her makeup will definitely be less cool than Sayaka's. She doesn't mind, turning to openly admire the masterwork being performed. Her eyes shine, especially when they meet the baby blues of her counterpart.

"Mmm," Junko continues, "You've really become a beautiful young woman, Sayaka-chan. It always happens all at once, doesn't it... there's that special air about you..." When she grins, raffishly, her smile is both completely like and totally unlike her daughter's. It's sweet, but also saucy. "You must have someone special now, to match it..."



Madoka's in red and white tonight, with candy-stripe stockings, a white denim miniskirt, and a bright red sweater with just a little sparkle in it. Her shoes are glossy white with a low heel that she WILL NOT STUMBLE ON, NOPE, and her ribbons are the usual, which is to say, the greatest accessory known to girlkind.

She's sticking close to Sayaka in these crowds, certainly, and giggles nervously on cue whenever she's shot a look. Mami hugs are, naturally, accepted and returned with threefold enthusiasm. By the time they're in the box, she's fully enraptured by their surroundings, and plops right down on one of the couches, sinking so deeply into it that she threatens to disappear.

"La~" she bubbles, she breathes, she sighs, rubbing her cheek up against her glowstick, "It's like a beautiful dream..."

Kyuubey makes himself comfortable on the table, next to the chips, and will in short order start fishing them out with his tail to decimate if no one intervenes.

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<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

"I've never been to a concert before." Fate confided to Lera and Nanoha as they crossed the parking lot to the meeting place, a little swept up in the grand appearance of the stadium. She seems a little nervous, but- "I'm really looking forward to it."

She's coming in a light black jacket over a yellow and white stripped shirt, matching white skirt and leggings. In her hand is a leash, but it's not actually attached to the pup that looks a little lupine in appearance, with a gem on her forehead. Arf's tail is wagging as she bends over to pick her up to show her off to Sayaka. "Ah hello Sayaka. Thank you very much for inviting us. I hope pets won't be a problem."

Arf chimes in, "And if it is we can take care of that!" The pup reassures with an upraised paw. "There was just no way I was going to miss Feito's first concert!"

Why didn't she just come as a human form in the first place? Maybe they were concerned about the inconvenience of her taking up an extra seat...

Setting Arf back down, she gestures to one of the girls beside her, "Have you met Nanoha yet?" There's a pause, and a faint smile blooms on her lips like an opening flower, "If not, this is Nanoha Takamachi. She's... very dear to me. She's newly returned from being overseas."

As the man approaches, Fate picks up Arf anew, following their lead. She mostly follows in silence- though she looks at a few of the souvenir stands on the way, at some of the T-Shirts on sale, mostly though she stays close to Nanoha and Lera through the whole trip.

And once they get up to the box, she looks a little stunned. There's even a tiny gasp, "Wow..." A beat, "... this is nothing like I imagined." She says quietly, obviously impressed. Arf seems even more excited to see the snack table. Taking Kyubey's presence as permission, Arf squirms out of Fate's arms and heads over to the snack table, bounding up onto it without disturbing a single thing on the table and pads over to the chip bowl. "Hey, don't start without me!" She says quietly but exuberantly to her fellow fluffball in snack annihilation.

Fate on the other hand picks up a glow stick, like the one Madoka is holding, picking it up, and trying to puzzle out what it is, and how it works. Eventually she shows it to Lera and murmurs, "Do you know what it is?"

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<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

There had been some time to think and to consider all the possibilities. Nanoha knew in her heart from the beginning what her answer should be but still there were parts of her that had doubts and concerns about joining the Chevaliers. Her biggest reason for wanting to join was wanting to know that Fate was safe. She knew that there were others watching out for her friend but still it was different when she was actually there herself.

The conversations she had with others and ultimately with Fate led her to eventually realize that there was no other option. The people they were protecting were too important. Even more than that was the idea that there were so many that were just like Fate had once been and that was sad for Nanoha. Even if she couldn't save everyone, she could at least try and help.

And so, today Nanoha arrives at the designated meeting spot to give her answer. She had clear reasons in her mind and little doubts left that she was making the right choice. This meeting would also be good, she thought, to be able to meet other members she was maybe less familiar with and get to know them.

Nanoha arrives, out of school uniform, wearing Fate's black ribbons in her hair which is, of course, in the usual two pigtails. Since it's still cool outside, she is wearing a white sweater over a baby blue dress with white leggings. On her shoulder is a small white backpack animal in the shape of a kitten face, with whiskers and everything!

Nanoha smiles at Fate, "It's okay! It's really fun Feito-chan!" She didn't attend concerts often but she did like going when she could. "I am sure you will enjoy it." Nanoha reaches down to pet Arf behind the ears. "I am glad you're here too Arf!" She wonders idly if animals would be allowed inside but they could probably change if that happened.

From inside her bag comes a whine and a tiny head pops out. "Nano-chan, why did you put me in here!?" Yuuno grumps at her and then spots Arf. "Arf's here too!? Why doesn't /she/ have to be in a bag?" Yuuno finally wiggles out of the bag and onto her shoulder and she laughs. "I am sorry, I was worried Yunno-chan!" Worried about what, she doesn't say.

Nanoha looks a little nervous as she approaches with the others. The last time she saw Sayaka well... she didn't want to think about that right now. With the directions given, they make it to the spot okay and Nanoha waves in greeting. "Sayaka-chan!" There is clear relief in her eyes as she approaches and before long the group is ushered into the stadium.

Nanoha finds it strange that this was the meeting spot but when she inquired about the reasons, it made sense to her. Her bag is quickly checked by security and after the group makes it to the special room she glances around, taking in all the amenities with wonder.

"Wow...this is amazing!" When she hears Ogawa mention it's all free, she is even more in awe. Should Ogawa look in her direction, he would see that Nanoha offers a polite bow before walking around the area, glancing at the food. This was an amazing set up and she suddently felt very honored to be allowed in here.

When she spots Mami, Nanoha waves at her. "Mami-chan!" And then to Madoka, Nanoha smiles. "Madoka-chan!" She bounces a little on her toes with excitement at seeing her friends here. Then she turns back to Fate, "Feito-chan, have you /ever/ been to a room like this?" It really did remind her of a fancy hotel.

Walking towards the table, Nanoha suddenly stops at the sight of Kyubey. "Aw, what a cute kitty!" It takes some restraint for her not to run over and pet the kitty but Nanoha seems to have decided not to for some reason. Yuuno, eyes the cat suspiciously from her shoulder.

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<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"They are pretty fun, y'know?" Lera says, with a bright grin down at Fate. "I-I mean, I've been to a few of them--not a lot!" She, for that matter, doesn't usually go to ones like this. Lera prefers...

...well, the company is the best. That is what matters. She steps in after Nanoha and Fate, with her arms crossed back behind her head, and a grin plastered all over her face. She has a dark red shirt on, slacks, and a black leather jacket. She has whistles as she does, before she looks sideways at Arf. And down at her. "Glad you're having fun," she says.

And then her jaw drops when she sees the finery. The perfectly free finery.

"D-Dang," she whispers in English. Then, the Midchildan starts forward, towards Mami. "Mami-chan!" She calls out, separating from the younger members of her team, to slip over to the friend that's her age. "Hey, Sayaka-san, Madoka-san. Nice to see you two, too!"

Then, she looks at the bar. Her eyebrows knit, eyes narrowing in thought. She looks sideways at Mami. Then, back at the bar. Then, back at Mami.

That grin is up to no good.

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<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Nori Ankou is here with friends, so she didn't get her own limousine, but she did not dress down. Fashionably late, she emerges from a taxicab, alone for a moment - but as a wise man once said, happiness is being alone every now and then.

But it is also...

In the elevator, Nori adjusts her hair a little and then says to Ogawa, rather meekly, "I hope that doesn't ruin the illusion. I don't usually style it like this." She smiles at him, and then she looks ahead, as the elevator doors open.

Nori's heels click as she walks towards that exalted box and its pleasures. She comes up to the entrance and looks in around the corner for half a second, shy and wordless, before drawing back out and taking a deep breath. She thinks of a thread around her heart...

Akamira, thus, enters. Nori has already taken off the quilted and extremely comfortable if slightly over-fluffed coat that will soon travel into storage for a voyage into an uncertain future; she is wearing a sleeveless dress that /looks/ black at first glance but glimmers with subtle threads of gold and silver as light pours over it. There is an obi in violet and yellow, purely for decoration. Her shoes are open-toe wooden soled heels, taller than Madoka's but not wobblingly imperious. Her hair is up and bound into a messy bun, held in place with a loop of red silk ribbon.

The enigmatic look that she has held in a thousand photographs lasts about two seconds as she slips in, before a smile cracks it, like ice breaking up in a harbor.

"I hope I'm not late," she says, her eyes going over all of those assembled. "Ah! I see you're well," she then says, specifically to... Kyubey?

Nori's hands clasp loosely together as she regards the assemblage of goodies on display, although she doesn't lunge for them. Not yet. Perhaps, like a vampire, she has to be invited.

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<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha walks over to pick up a glowstick, handing one to Fate. Hers is pink, Fate's is blue. "They are neat Feito-chan! You just pop them, like this..." She breaks the seal and the stick comes to life. "...then you see? It glows in the dark! It's just for fun and it's really neat when the lights are out and everyone is moving them around!" Nanoha breaks hers as well and it glows brilliantly. Even in the light, the glow is still visible.

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Lera pauses to look down at Nanoha. The hand she had in her pocket, for a lighter, emerges sans lighter. Then she grins lopsidedly. "U-Um, yep, what she said, definitely do that and not whatever real American tradition that I was going to tell you instead!"

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<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed.

Endo is not dressed for a luxurious outing, but he's at least presentable. Poofy black jacket, purple shirt, dark pants, un-hatted hair, all of these things will have to suffice. He smiles brightly when he greets the rest of the group near the front of the stadium, materializing out of the nearby crowds and joining them in short order.

He makes his greetings as they walk through the lobby, happy that everyone has managed to make it and, in Sayaka's case, is presently alive. The merchandise booths are given an appraising eye, perhaps as something to come back to for a parting gift.

When escorted into the room adjoining the groups seating he does a double take, leeeaning back out the door and down the hallway. Just to make sure Ogawa didn't pick the wrong room, and to check that this room is still there when he looks back and also this is real life.

"Yaa-isn't this too much?" It's not a sincere complaint, more an expression of wonderment at the visible and listed amenities. Such amazement does not preclude him from immediately fetching a dinner menu.

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<Pose Tracker> Sayaka Miki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.


The most beautiful woman in the world to Sayaka is Mami Tomoe, but number 2 is Junko Kaname. No, this isn't soundtracked to 'Stacy's Mom'. It's not even like that. But Sayaka has always thought Mrs. Kaname was /so/ cool. So this is a pretty awesome start to an already promising night.

Sayaka's lips take on a froglike wideness as she perches and lets this super cool mom work on her face, trying not to sneeze from her intrusive hair. "I wish I was old enough to do what y-you do!" she protests. It's not that she's nervous; she has a pretty comfortable rapport with Junko Kaname after all this time. It's more the stammer of the attentive student who always sits at the front of the class.

Sayaka ruffles the back of her scalp nervously as she's praised, dopey with delight. Maybe she really has turned into a beautiful woman, but she is not good at taking comments prettily. "Ahaha," she laughs when told she's grown to be pretty. "Well, if it wasn't true before, it's gonna be true when you're done!" Sayaka's pretty proud of that one.

"I don't know." Her eyes turn to the mirror at the saucy comment about her new special someone. "Maybe," she says dully.

* * *


"Nanoha-chan," Sayaka smiles, offering her hand to shake. Overseas, right? That's how they do it. "Fate-chan is special friend to all of us, so we're all gonna be really happy to meet you. And your ferret too. AHH!"

Sayaka probably startles Madoka and Nanoha when Mami arrives, leaping up from the pillar to point accusingly at Mami as she approaches. "So /pretty/!" she swears fervidly.

Still Number 1.

* * *


"Nothing but my job, Tomoe-san," Ogawa says. "Seems like that's all for now, then. Call me if you need anything." He slips a business card from his clip and hands it to Sayaka, who looks back and forth between it and him like she's forgotten what these cards are.

With Ogawa gone, Sayaka turns around with a hesitant grin for the rest of the group. Rumpling Fate's hair affectionately, she gives her a thumbs-up. "Looks like Arf's home free," she says. "He didn't say a thing about her!"

The new congregation of animals on the able is worrisome to dutiful Sayaka, who folds her arms as she watches. "Don't make a mess," she sighs at them, shaking a motherly finger. "Just because Ogawa-san is nice enough to let dogs in doesn't mean we should get crumbs on his carpet." She does open a bag for Kyuubey, though, and distractedly pat him on the head.

Walking to the couch, Sayaka unzips her hoodie and tosses it over the back of the couch. By the time she flops down next to Madoka, bouncing her and putting an arm around her shoulder at the same time, her relatively formless hoodie is now a tight black tank top. The graphic printed on it is an oscilloscope of the opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth and the words "GOTHIC" printed in blue; it wouldn't have been Sayaka's first song choice but she thought the idea was cool, and tonight it's concert night. She's wearing some black and yellow bracelets on one wrist too; she'd brought them for Junko to pick from and Junko insisted on "all of them." Complete that with sneakers, a chunky belt, and skinny jeans and you have Concert Sayaka, ready for action.

"Let's send a picture to your mom," Sayaka says, because she's not /that/ cool. She gets her phone out and gets into selfie position with Madoka, temple to temple. "We look so good," she says, snapping some pictures. The last one is mostly of the couch, though, as she gets distracted by someone at the door.

"Norin?" she startles. "I mean, Nori-san.." She looks pretty dignified right now. "You're in full model mode... come in, come in!"

The concert has yet to start, but there's clearly some activity going on on stage on the big plasma screen.

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<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.


"Why thank you, Sayaka-chan," Mami says, practically beaming under the confident. She knows she's number one, and it is /glorious/ to be. Mami TomoeOW:

"Very well, Ogawa-san. Certainly."

The sheer happiness bubbling off of Madoka is a lovely distraction for Mami, the older girl turning her head to just watch her friend for a few long moments. "It is like that, isn't it?" Mami looks away only after that... and only to lift an eyebrow at Kyubey.

"Kyubey, remember those are for everyone."

Now that she has the chance to be up here and talk, she looks to the little puppy, "It's lovely to see you, Arf-san." She of course /has/ met Nanoha previously, and when the small mage comes up to her and calls her 'Mami-chan' the older girl's heart melts a little bit. The talk of glowsticks can happen and all but Mami doesn't focus on those. Instead to Nanoha, "It's lovely to see you. You seem to have a friend with you, too." A look to Yuuno.

Lera's presence is very pleasant; Lera calls her out, and Mami smiles back, only a little bit distant as befits her elegant approach. "Lera-chan," she says warmly. And then Lera is looking at the case with the alcohol. ...And at Mami. Then the alcohol. Mami surreptitiously looks to Lera too, sidelong. Her lips broaden into a small smile, a little spark in her eye as she looks to Lera. "Hmm..." SHe's interrupted, however, by Nori's approach.

With surprise Mami looks to Nori, a hand up at her chest. "Norin," Mami says quietly at first, "You are absolutely /lovely/ tonight. I'm jealous."

She glances to look over Sayaka once, taking in her outfit; she's been making a few looks at her since she came over, admiring what she doesn't immediately connect as Junko's handiwork. "You look very good," she says, from what she said moments ago...

And then turns to Lera. "You're right, Lera-chan, that's a fine idea. Fetch me a melon highball, if you don't mind?" She picks up a dinner menu, smiling at Endo, and moves to sit on the couch Sayaka and Madoka are on.

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Kyuubey's tail pauses mid-grab as Arf makes a play for his snacks. But, his pointy ears perk up cheerfully, and his eyes disappear into his face, upwards, which is the closest he comes to a friendly smile.

<< There are lots of snacks! >> he opines, uncontroversially, before noticing Nori's attention, and giving her rather formal greeting an equally low bow, head ducked down in front of his paws.

Only he loses his balance and flops onto his back, belly exposed towards Nanoha (and all other comers) hopefully. What a cadge for scritches.

<< Hi, everyone!! >> Yes. /Magical/ sorta-kitty.

Madoka knows everyone more or less closely, having had her life saved by them on usually multiple occasions (plus other, less-dangerous, more-lovely encounters), and greeted everyone happily in the parking lot... except for Nori, who wasn't there! Her reaction to the outfit may play a role in de-icing the harbour, because it is a high-pitched shriek of such unbridled joy and admiration that it could shatter glass. Or ice. "Uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-hihihihi!" It breaks into giggles at the end.

Much of this expression, its transformation from amazement to delight, is immortalized in shots of the ultimately ill-fated selfies she and Sayaka were taking together. "/NORI/-CHAN, you look /SO AMAZING/--!" She bounces up off the couch, unable to hold still a moment longer, and kicks up her heels a little, dancing around her friend exuberantly.

This is a bad idea. Remember those low heels? Now back to Madoka Kaname's characteristic clumsiness. Now back to the heels.

She's going doooooown--

[OOC] Nori Ankou says, "may i catch you, madoka, i ask aloud because you have your husband here"
[OOC] Madoka Kaname says, "Yeah that was definitely for you dahlink"
[OOC] Mami Tomoe says, "ahahaha oh no madoka"
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<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Nori blushes a little, and says, "Norin's alright," to Sayaka, eyes turning away even as she smiles. The blush gets even brighter when Mami speaks to her, and she smiles, bowing her head in acknowledgement and moving to a seat.

She relaxes slowly. Nobody's uncomfortable, she thinks. Maybe I was just afraid of my own shadow.

Maybe - "Ah! Madoka," she says, raising her hands up in enthusiasm at the squealing as she says, with a laugh, "I thought I'd - oh -" Because Madoka Bridge is Falling Down and Nori, being close at hand, has to sweep an arm forwards and end up propping her -- it is perhaps less of a romantic dip than it could be, because Nori ends up nearly on one knee and with her side against the side of a couch.

But Madoka's head remains unstruck, and Nori smiles at her, again. It is slightly dishevelled from the need for abrupt movement, but she raises Madoka back up to her feet afterwards. "Aa..." I feel tall, Nori thinks.

"I thought I'd dress up for a concert," she concludes, before looking back to Madoka with a little more concern, just in case she sprained something and needs more pampering. The Madoka-catching arm turns into a sidewise hug, gingerly, as Nori picks up a new thought: "It's starting soon, isn't it? And... This is very luxurious, isn't it... I wish I could have brought Batiste."


"There's an X-ray machine, huh...?" Batiste says, eyeing the usual carry-all he hitches a ride in. "Mm. Maybe you can bring something back...?"

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Getting her hair rumpled by Sayaka causes this cheerful little smile, "If that's how it works then- I guess so!" It wasn't so long ago that she was subdued to Sayaka's affection, but now she's accepting it a little more readily. She doesn't even start trying to fix her hair until a little bit later. Before she says quietly to Sayaka, "Thanks for being so accomodating." Not just to her but to Nanoha too.

Whereas Arf upon being admonished about the possibility of making a mess lifts her head in some attempt to be dignified. Which doesn't really show through as she has crumpled chip pieces caught in her fur by her snout. Waving an orange paw, "Hai~Hai~ We'll behave!" She says in a tone that's not the most reassuring, before she nudges Kyubey with a paw from his episode down position, "Besides this little guy seems shameless enough that he'd vacuum up the carpet with his mouth before we left."

Has she ever been to a room like this? Nanoha asks. Fate actually puts a finger to her chin, considers it for a moment, then finally shakes her head a little, "Not like this." As Nanoha answers her in lieu of Lera, Fate wobbles her glow stick a little to cause a little curve in it like she's afraid she's going to break it. "I see."

She does so very carefully, then her smile seems to mirror it's intensity and picks it up, "It's really bright. I'm glad I got a blue one." She then confides, "It feels like I'm supporting Tsubasa and her music just by holding it." Then she says quietly to Lera, not unkindly but a little matter of fact something she knows from having a lot of experience around her, "But you don't know any real American traditions Lera."

Akamira enters and Fate is about to say something when Madoka shrieks and starts her exuberant little dance around Nori. "She really does look incredible." She finally says, a little shyly, as she takes off her jacket, and puts it down on the couch alongside Sayaka's only to turn around just in time to see Madoka fall, and Nori's Madoka catching arm keeping her upright.

There's a sort of sound of relief there, as she heads over to the table and picks up a cookie and scritching Kyubey's belly simultaneously while looking at the plasma TV to see if the stream shows that the show is about to start. Meanwhile Arf hears Mami's request to Lera and her head pops up, "Hey that sounds pretty good- I'll have what she's having Lera!"

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha beams at Sayaka, "Thank you so much for inviting me!" She offers a polite bow before her eyes grow wide at Sayaka's exclamation to Mami. The younger student laughs and then, hearing Mami's question, Nanoha grins. "This is Yuuno!" She pauses. "I hope you don't mind that I brought him."

The fashionably late, Nori, gets a wave from Nanoha while Yuuno jumps down from her shoulder onto a nearby table and sniffs around. Regardless of how much he hated this form he is used to it since he had to stay this way for Nanoha's non-magical friends and her family. He keeps a safe distance from Kyubey though, still seeming suspicious of the animal and maybe just a little worried for his own safety.

When Endo arrives, Nanoha walks over to him. "Endo-kun, you're here!" She seems happy to see him. After all, he was at least partially responsible for her being here tonight after their conversation before. "Isn't this place great? There is so much food!" Despite her talking about the food, Nanoha has yet to take anything, perhaps waiting for others to do so first.

Then, walking back to the table, Nanoha sees the fur and the belly and she cannot resist a pet. "Aw, sooooo soft!" The voice startles her a little but then she giggles to herself, realizing that she should have figured he wasn't just an ordinary cat, after all, he definitely didn't appear that way.

As Nanoha pets him a little, she gets an inquisitive look in her eyes. "Hi, I am Nanoha. What's your name?"

Before anything else happens though, Nanoha hears commotion and watches from afar as Madoka starts to fall. She is, however, too far to be of much help and she cringes a little even as Nori is there to break her fall. "Nice, Nori-chan!" She gives the girl a thumbs up even if it wasn't the most graceful save.

"Feito-chan, do you want some?" Nanoha picks out a couple chips from the bag near Kyubey before walking over towards a nearby monitor. She watches it for a minute as movement starts to pick up. "Ooooh, look at that! I think it's going to start soon." Nanoha says to no one directly and then she takes a seat near the monitor, munching on the chips she swiped from Kyubey.

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"Endo-san!" Lera calls out, beaming at him. She ends up foregoing giving Kyubey a bellyrub to grin at him, waving a hand. "Oh, hey, you look smart! Has Ren-chan seen you in that outfit? I should take a picture!" And then she sees Nori walk in. She flashes her a quick grin, before she looks down at Fate.

'But you don't know any real American traditions Lera.'

"Faaaaate," Lera whines, hanging her head. She smiles, though. "Go see what you can see! I'm gonna--uh." She looks at the bar again. "Anyways!"

She hears Mami's request. It seems that Lera Camry has, at some point, learned to pour drinks. She makes the requested melon highball and hands it to her friend -- before she picks up a Kirin. She sways the longneck bottle in both hands, before she pops off the bottlecap an opener. She takes a quick pull of it, before she grins, and leans back against one of the columns in the room.

"This is /really/ something else, y'know?" she asks. "How, uh, how'd all of you set this up? You know someone?"

[OOC] Fate Testarossa says, "All this shameless underage drinking at a Chevaliers party. Only Arf isn't breaking any rules as she's old enough in dog years..."
<Pose Tracker> Sayaka Miki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"Madoka-chan? Um..." Sayaka lifts a hand as Madoka starts making joyous laps around Nori. She knows how "well" Madoka handles heels. When Madoka goes down, her childhood protector is perhaps the least concerned of any in the room, however; she's a veteran. "Mattaku," she sighs to herself fondly.

Standing up too, Sayaka leaves Madoka to Nori's care and peeks over Endo's shoulder. "Whoa, cool stuff. Pretzels, pizza, beef bowl... oh, look there, sushi..." There's a good variety, but most of it is fairly basic stadium fare; the boxes don't get their own special luxury restaurants catering just to them, or anything.

Some of the alcohol is pretty good, though.

Sayaka turns in slow motion. How could she be so careless? She didn't attend immediately to Mami's comfort, and now Mami is asking Lera to do it! Grasping Endo's arm without explanation (for emotional support), she stares with big jealous eyes at Lera.

Tsubasa Kazanari walks over from Chofu Suburban District.
Tsubasa Kazanari has arrived.
[OOC] Lera Camry eheheheheh Sayaka
[OOC] Nori Ankou says, "Sayaka did you just lose a kohai point"
[OOC] Tsubasa Kazanari says, "Oh no, I log in only for Sayaka to get +unsparkled... I hope it's her own fault rather than mine."

<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Mami agrees, there are /many/ snacks, but mostly she notices Kyubey being formal with Nori. "Hmmm. You're particularly friendly today," she comments to it. ..She does not move in for scritches, however. Instead, she looks to Madoka at that shriek, jumping very slightly despite herself and reaching up to smooth her hair to mae sure it wsn't obvious, before she falls--"Ah--" Nori catches her. Mami smiles to her. "My, you're quite the heroin tonight Norin." She caught that blush earlier. "Dressing up is always fun; I like finding the excuse."

Mami watches Fate and Nanoha briefly with a small smile. Then to Nanoha, "It's nice to meet Yuuno-san," Mami says formally, a little like sharing a secret. "I don't mind at all, if he doesn't mind being cooped up in your bag."

No glow sticks for her; instead Lera grabs Mami her drink, and Mami swirls it a little before bringing it up to take a sip. "Mmm," she says. "That's much better." As she looks and sees all the other things on the menu...

Mami glances over at Sayaka's jealousy and 'hmms', strangely relieved for some reason (for Sayaka not getting on her case about drinking.)

"Did I mention how great you look tonight, Sayaka-chan? I must have." Sssssip. "Why don't you order us something?"

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

It may not be /maximum/ romantic but there are little sparkles around Madoka as she gazes up at her savior, nonetheless. An appropriate flush rises to her cheeks, and she stammers, "A-ano, eto..." Lost in Nori's smile, she has to be raised up. Nothing is sprained but her pride, however, which wilts a little -- the corners of her eyes wincing, though not without self-aware agreement -- at Sayaka's commentary.

"Thanks for saving me," she concludes, probably her four most oft-spoken words in this crowd. "And yeah, Batiste would love this, huh? You don't have to tell him we snuck in the others..."

Not that it's hard to sneak in Kyuubey. << Waste is wasteful! >> he points out with a certain pride, completely missing any context from Arf that this would somehow be inappropriate or gross.

There isn't much talking from him, though, for several more seconds, not when Fate /and/ Nanoha are rubbing his belly. He dissolves into pink, white, fluffy bliss. It's only when he's directly addressed again that he opens one pink eye, briefly.

<< Hello, Nanoha! I'm Kyuubey! >>

Closed again.

But then she's gone, and took more chips with her. Kyuubey still hasn't had a single one. Catlike, though, he puffs up his tail and bounds off the table, slinking up to Sayaka to twine around her ankles. If she's looking for someone to spoil...

<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed.

Endo gives a happy little wave to Nori when she arrives, and a relieved sigh when the toppling Madoka is saved. "Madoka-san was saved again." A somber nod follows this declaration.

He response to Lera is a sheepish smile, reply of, "Aah--this? It's not anything, really. Everyone else really dressed up, I just tried not to look too bad." His eyes follow Lera as she gets to mixing drinks, eyes slanting quizzically when he realizes just what she's grabbed. It is, however, only of minor concern.

Food is his priority. He spends a second more examining the menu, nodding his head to Sayaka's explanation. He pauses when the blue haired girl suddenly clamps on, eyes slanting over toward the Chevalier's co-leader. "Sayaka-san...you must be really hungry." He's very concerned. "Should I order a sushi for you too? And Mami-san?"

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

Lera meets Sayaka's eyes. She blinks, once, then tilts her head. "U-um," she stammers out. "Sorry? I-I mean. If you wanna order food for her, hey, that's cool, y'know?"

She scuffs her foot against the ground once.

Then she takes another long pull off her bottle of Kirin. She sighs, contentedly, her eyelids half-closed. It's been too long since she could have a beer. But then, Endo comes in with the save. And the unfailing politeness.

It is, really, what he does.

"Can you order me some yakitori, Endo-san?" she asks, cheerfully. "Uh--if it's on the menu. Anything's good, really! I'm starving!"

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Nori says, with a shy glance aside, "It's alright. But perhaps we should sit - eeh - there's a dinner menu, too?" Her eyes go wide as she moves to take a seat and examine the offerings.

"Would anyone like to split a pizza?" she asks. "You can have a piece if you would like, Kyubey." (To Madoka's suggestion she murmurs, "I'll have to bring him back a package of something... are there shrimp crackers?")

After this her attention turns to the others, some of whom are shorter than others. Fate gets a specific smile, before she asks, "Are there any red glow sticks? I don't want to ruin the image, after all."

Her attention then goes up to the monitor - "Aah! This is going to be so wonderful, won't it? I think every concert should be like this."

Catered, with an open bar, and free. Yes, Nori.

<Pose Tracker> Sayaka Miki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

"Y-yeah," Sayaka grimaces to Endo. "I guess I'm pretty hungry, eh heh ha..." She freezes up as Lera calls her out, releasing Endo to hurry over to her.

"Are you an ESPer?" she whispers loudly. All she did was stare. "But it's n-not like that..."

Sayaka seems to grow about two inches in height as she rises up on the balls of her feet, Mami's praise plunking into her jealousy like a big flat stone into a lake. With an embarrassed smile to Lera, she bobs her head at Mami. "Okay! I'll pick us out something good."

The glowsticks down below have started to swing in a steady rhythm. The stage is still empty, but something is obviously happening there.





It's about to start.

The box seats are open-air, so they have to be synthetic material. But they are big and comfortable, arranged in two small blocks with an aisle between. Each chair is cushy like those at a fancy movie theatre, and they have fold-out trays for food and drink. Everyone will be within earshot of everyone in this cozy arrangement, as they sit on the balcony of their "living room."

The chants of "Tsubasa" dissolve into cheers.

* * *

The concert is just what one would expect of top idol Tsubasa Kazanari. The crowd is well-trained in the patterns and colors they use for their King Blades. Sayaka brought her King Blade too; it's a battery-powered glowstick that changes colors or pulses with the press of a button. Above the crowd, watching the fans use their many small lights in unison is quite a sight.

For most of the concert, Sayaka sits loyally next to Mami, though she rotates around too. She does seem a little nervous about the alcohol Mami is drinking. She does not object, but she doesn't join in either. She definitely keeps a sharp eye out that Nanoha and Fate don't get anything from that part of the fridge, though.

For the whole concert, everyone is free to come and go as they please, with easy access to quiet bathrooms, fast room service, and a nice cozy home base inside where they can rest if things get too loud or exciting for them.

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Lera's whine gets little sympathy from her. There was a time when she'd fall for it, but now she's heard far too many tall tales about America from a girl who's from Midchilda only to discover they're not true, she nods with a smile though as she tells her to go see what she sees.

There's no way Fate would ever turn down anything Nanoha offers her. Though it's not like she wants to either. She happily accepts a few chips. "Ah. Thank you very much Nanoha." For a while she munches on the chips and only has eyes for the other girl- then gives Endo a serious look of evaluation, "You do look quite nice." Though it's more subdued than her reaction to Nori by far.

Arf seems to get jealous of Fate petting Kyuubey, enough that Fate soon finds that the white fur within her hands has been replaced by nozzling orange. Arf's snout creeps under Fate's hand and she's given a small whine. Fate seems to just smile at this and switch over to Arf. "Feito. Lera didn't make me my drink." She sounds sulky. "She's a guest here too. Not your servant." Fate reminds her, "Just transform and order what you want."

Leaping off the table, she pads off to the corner, and soon enough in a flash of orange there's another tall orange-haired lady in the room. She's wearing an untucked white shirt with black collar and trim, a violet vest overlaying it, and navy blue trousers with a pair of flats on her feet. Neither her ears or her tail are sticking out as she walks over to hit the button to call an attendant- before heading to Endo, "Let's order together. That way neither of us have to hold back!"

Nori's request has Fate searching through the piles, examining each dark glow stick seriously before she finally holds one up to Nori. "This one looks red enough to be worthy of you." Worthy of her? She really took that seriously.

Even if Mami is too dignified to actually wave one, Fate actually then inspects them until she finds what will be a yellow one when it lights up. That one is then handed to her, as she says a little shyly, "Ah. This one looks like it was meant for you." It felt like blue tonight wasn't just Tsubasa's color though, supporting her and her music... but also a little bit more supportive of Sayaka's ideals too, and the Chevaliers.

That's why she was glad to have blue tonight.

And when everyone notes it's about to start. "I wonder what she'll sing first..." Fate doesn't take her place by the TV, but stands beside Nanoha at the front of the box, remaining standing. "... I can't wait to find out. My heart is beating really fast."

Staring out upon the crowd- the stage. The whole experience. She felt ready to wave her own little glow stick in support with all of her passionate support And she spends most of the concert alongside Nanoha, clapping exuberantly at the end of every song and even cheering a little. Though even a little for her- meant what she was feeling inside was a whole lot. Arf eventually joins them at the front with a bucket fall of Karaage and a few skewers, eating in contentment.

[OOC] Sayaka Miki says, "Any time Fate praises Tsubasa's voice is secret bragging"
[OOC] Fate Testarossa says, "Look."
[OOC] Fate Testarossa says, "I can't help that we're both voiced by the great Nana Mizuki."
<Pose Tracker> Sayaka Miki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Sayaka avails herself here and there of the home base, for snacks or just to enjoy the comfort while looking at the screen. It's not the same as a live concert, of course, but it's a much closer view, and it's nice to see what Tsubasa looks like on stage up close.

For the songs she likes best, Sayaka seeks out Madoka, holdingher best friend's hand while squealing delight into the wall of sound that accompanies new songs. She looks at Madoka frequently, sharing the enjoyment with her. It is easy to forget that the hand holding Madoka's right now was cold and lifeless recently, or that this vibrant girl pumping her bare arms to the music had to be retrieved from a train station locker. But most everyone here saw it.

It is a bit chilly out here. About midway through, Sayaka gets thoughtful and goes inside. When she comes back outside to Mami, she's holding her hoodie in both hands, and her cheeks are pink. "It's kinda gonna mess up your outfit," she says. "But... if you're cold..." She turns her eyes away from Mami's radiance. "And it's not too lame..."

She holds her hoodie out.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Yuuno blinks at Mami and squeaks a little before adding, "Nice to meet you as well!" He doesn't comment on the remark about being cooped up in the bag but is definitely thinking that it wasn't the most comfortable cat backpack.

"Kyubey..." Nanoha repeats. "That is an interesting name." A pause. "I like it!" She continues to rub his belly a little before moving away with her chips.

Things get more interesting on the screen and Nanoha watches with excitement as things being to move quickly with the concert starting. Before she sits though, Nanoha grabs a drink from the fridge. It looks like a fruit drink and most definitely not alcoholic. Then she also grabs a bag of chips for the concert itself.

She waves towards Fate, "Are you excited for your first concert Feito-chan?" Nanona smiles and then Yuuno pops up behind her. Nanoha picks him up, pets behind his ears before he hops onto her shoulders.

Fate's excitement makes Nanoha happy and she stands close to her friend during the whole performance, sneaking a glimpse every now and then at Fate's expressions. It was nice to see Fate able to have a good time and for them both to not have to focus on anything else but enjoying the performance.

Nanoha picked up a second glowstick and during the concert she waves both of them, pink and yellow, back and forth in time to each of the songs. She cheers after every song with the crowd and from time to time closes her eyes, swaying with the music and just listening to the words. Even the chill in the air is forgotten as the music plays...

<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"I hadn't expected we would," Mami admits to Madoka, "Though I don't mind. It makes things friendlier, don't you think?" A beat, "If it helps, Norin, I'll make something for Batiste another day, all right?"

Endo's comment about Madoka deserves a smile. "It was a good save." A beat, as she looks over to Endo, "I like your style, Naoki-san. It suits you."

She glances at Kyubey as he slinks over to Sayaka, laughs faintly. "Are you jealous, Kyubey?" She lets that be for a moment instead. Endo makes an effort of what to order but... She lets Sayaka handle that.

Lera stammers and Mami grins for a reason that she doesn't bother sharing with others. She makes her order, and Lera smiles over at her, lifting her drink lightly.

"I'm already sharing with Sayaka-chan," she says to Nori, "But thank you." "Ah, red does suit you so well. I'm just glad your line has yellow, too."

It seems like a great concert. and it hasn't even started. But Sayaka bobs her head at Mami and Mami smiles warmly at her. "I look forward to seeing what you decide."

Mami did, for the record, giggle about America. When Fate hands her the yellow stick, Mami looks surprised and then smiles back at her. "Thank you," Mami says to her, and impels a real amount of feeling into it. "I'll have to try it too."

The cheers are starting, and Mami stands, when they do, glancing about. She steps out into those open-air seats as the name dissolves. While Mami is not well trained in how to handle this concert, she has a stick that Fate worked hard to give her, and also copies Sayaka fairly openly as she watches just the concert herself.

If anyone catches Mami's eyes, she's absolutely /enchanted/ by being out here for this concert, something soft in her eyes melding with pure excitement. She also nurses her alcohol for a while. When Sayaka looks nervous, Mami just acts that much more confident.

Mami does occasionally feel the need to step inside, but when she finishes her highball she elects to have a soda, rather than continuing from that section of the fridge. She's already drinking on an empty stomach, and doesn't intend to go overboard. She makes Sayaka get her the drink though, just like the snacks.

But the empty stomach doesn't last; Mami loves the chance to eat and watch the concert at the same time, openly delighting to Sayaka in whatever she chooses for her.

She spends time with everyone, not only Sayaka, but for most of it she stays with her precious partner. And speaking of her...

Mami /is/ obviously cold. When Sayaka returns to her, where she is now, not inside getting a close-up too, she blinks at her once. "Ah!" Such pink cheeks. ...Mami won't admit it, but she takes a little bit longer responding than she has to seeing that, beore, "...Blue goes very well with yellow I think, Sayaka-chan. I appreciate it, I'm certainly cold." After she reaches to take it with both hands, Mami leans forward and slips on the hoodie, sighing slightly and glancing away quickly, to keep her composure. "Thank you."

Mami keeps it for the rest of the concert, and beyond.

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Madoka sticks pretty hard to the sweet side of the menu rather than the savory (though she does find, if not true shrimp chips, a similarly salty seafoody snack for Batiste, not resting until she has scoured all menus to uncover the Clam Chips), but Kyuubey accepts all donations, pizza and otherwise, consuming them with a neat efficiency that is rather awe-inspiring, really, especially when juxtaposed with the expectations of animal savagery. He has no utensils and needs none... the food just disappears, like a magic trick.

And it keeps disappearing throughout the concert. Anyone who is foolish enough to pay attention to the idol at the expense of nearby, briefly-unattended food, may find their plates emptied by a surreptitious scavenger who sticks to the shadows. He cannot be caught, or blamed, but the smug expression on his kitty lips is /enormously/ self-implicating. His eyes are so innocent, though, and his tummy so soft.

Madoka clutches anyone near her with breathless excitement, mostly because her breath is reserved almost solely for screaming. As indicated by the crowd, anyway; she never ever breaks the silence, always waits to make sure it's 'safe' to shriek.

She gets a little carried away with her King Blade, though -- it is not always the perfect color and nowhere even close to the perfect beat. Who can judge her, though? As she clings to Sayaka -- to Mami -- to Nori -- to Nanoha and Fate, one under each arm -- her simple happiness is transcendent.

And if she spares a single thought to Sayaka's corpselike status, to Mami's nearly losing her head, well. It's impossible to tell. Here and now, in this loud and riotously joyful place, there is no magic but music. Tsubasa may be the most magical of all, but Madoka is overcome with pleasure to share this entirely normal -- or at least, normally extraordinary -- time with all her friends.

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[OOC] Mami Tomoe says, "madokaaaa"
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[OOC] Sayaka Miki says, "Madoka's pose is so sweet"
[OOC] Fate Testarossa says, "It really is."
[OOC] Mami Tomoe says, "It is!"
[OOC] Mami Tomoe says, "Madoka is my favorite"
[OOC] Madoka Kaname says, "Chigau, you are all /my/ favorite"
<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed.

Endo smiles brightly when Mami offers him a compliment, replying, "Ah, thank you, Mami-san." It's clear he's genuinely thankful to be noticed by the senior magical girl.

The boy is soon seeing to food after that, ordering Lera's yakitori, sushi for others, and anything else that needs doing. Arf, no doubt, has plenty of opinions on what everyone needs as well, and he's happy to oblidge. If briefly startled by her sudden change of shape.

But when the concert proper starts, Endo abandons the living area to join the rest of the group out on the balcony. The TV might provide a better close-up view, but there's nothing like being part of the crowd, watching the sea of glowsticks and the figure on the stage below.

He can't sing along for every song--he doesn't know all the lyrics--but he's certainly dutiful about waving his glowstick between bites of sushi. It shifts colors as songs pass, never settling on just one, and always active.

[OOC] Nanoha Takamachi climbs onto Endo's shoulders so she can see better.
[OOC] Nanoha Takamachi says, "Well... even* better?"
[OOC] Sayaka Miki says, "Our seats are pretty great... but feel free to climb up on Endo for the principle of the thing"
[OOC] Nanoha Takamachi says, "Haha :)"
<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

In no particular order:

Nori accepts the Clam Chips for her dear friend, of course.

Nori orders a vegetable lovers pizza /and/ a seafood lovers pizza /and/ in the final analysis one that's just plain pepperoni and corn because it's what they have left because they keep getting nibbled down.

Nori is held by Madoka.

Nori sits down next to Sayaka wordlessly for much of a song, because she just got herself a juice from the mini bar, yes, but also just... well, because.

Nori sneaks a piece of Endo's sushi and smiles at him.

Nori holds up a glowing sword with her left hand.

Nori slips out for much of another song because she wants to cry and she doesn't want anyone to see or worry. To all appearances, other than people who might notice her eyes looking slightly more sallow and sunken afterwards (for, you see, she had to remove the makeup beneath them), she just had to go to the bathroom.

Nori looks at an emptied plate, puzzled.

In short: she has a wonderful time.

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<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

To Mami, during a brief lull, Nori says, "I think he'd adore that. Do you think we could do something light and savory? A crepe, maybe... he loves crepes. Just not sugar, so much."

<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"I can do a savory crepe," Mami replies smoothly to Nori, leaning her direction given the noise. Well, mostly for that reason. "I'd be happy to. Usually I only get to share my baking with people. I'll have to have him over!" Pause. "Perhaps have him... otter." Mami giggles faintly. It's almost normal.

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.
'Usually I only get to share my baking with people.'

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<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Catching those red eyes, Mami sighs as if put-upon, but smiles. "I'll get you some more cake, Kyubey. Don't think I forgot you."

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Madoka scoops Kyuubey off the ground and snuggles him shamelessly, and by the end of the embrace he's across her shoulders like a shawl. Glancing over at Nori as she returns, she stretches out an arm to bring the girl in on this action -- Kyuubey is long enough for two. And he's warm... though not as warm as she is.

<Pose Tracker> Tsubasa Kazanari [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

The final song had been sung, and with that, Tsubasa stopped with a dramatic flair. Silence descended, and all light pointed on her, the blue-haired singer standing still, breathing heavily with sweat running down her body, before she looked up to the crowd.

"Thank you for coming, everyone."

Tsubasa bowed towards the crowd to the sound of loud applause, her eyes scanning over the people. She did feel a strange sense of... /satisfaction/, looking towards the people cheering after her performance, but she swiftly suppressed those feelings. This concert was just part of her cover; nothing more, nothing less. Tsubasa Kazanari no longer performed for the sake of others.

With the applause finally dying down, Tsubasa walked backstage, her steps determined like she wouldn't stop for anything. Even as aides rushed to her side, she kept walking.

"Good job, Kazanari-san! Amazing job as always!"

"The crowd loved it! When will you---"

Though she took the towel offered her to wipe the sweat of her face, and the bottle of water to replenish her, she mostly ignored them to head towards Ogawa.

"Shouldn't you have given them a better farewell? They /are/ your fans." Of course, while the others praised her, he was the only one who would chide her.

"They are fans of Zwei Wing, not me. I just perform the songs." But just as obviously, Tsubasa would hear nothing of it, prompting the manager to shake his head.

'You might not realize it yourself, but your songs were so passionate, even now...'

Ogawa would keep that musing to himself, of course, as the two of them went towards the private box.

A singer's outfit was made to be more stunning than practical, so Tsubasa had been given a track jacket on the way over, which she had put on over her shiny blue top. It didn't exactly match with the strange, black leather shorts-and-stocking combo that she wore, but fashion wasn't the priority right now.

"You can wait by the car, Ogawa."

And with that, Tsubasa stepped into the box alone.

She stared out over a crowd of girls, the tall singer towering over most of the younger girls. Her eyes travel over them, one by one. Some of them she recognized from her last battle, like the drill-haired blonde, and Miki she had met before. Testarossa, who she had had a chance encounter with, received a brief nod of acknowledgement from the singer, before Tsubasa moved on.

Drinks and snacks were strewn over the table, surrounded by energetic young girls. So these are who her allies will be? But there is something that causes her eyes to narrow just a little.

On the brunette's shoulder, she sees a ferret, and around the neck of two girls, like a scarf, she sees... a cat? Or at least, so it appears to be.

Speaking without the slightest hint of humour to her voice, like the strict upperclassman that she is, Tsubasa's first words to the Chevaliers are as follows:

"Pets aren't allowed within the stadium."

Hardly the warmest first impression after such an enchanting concert.

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<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

"Very." Is Fate's response to Nanoha.

Fate doesn't eat during the concert proper. She could- but she's too entranced by the music. Tsubasa puts on a wonderful show and it feels like the music itself could sustain her more than any mere mortal sustenance. Either that or whatever Arf consumes is shared with her. A theory which could be held by some given how much the wolf-woman eats compared to how little Fate seems to here at least.

For most of the time she's cheering between each number, clapping over her stick. Waving it- but then she's clutched in Madoka's enthusiasm after one number, for once she's the tallest of a trio. Madoka becomes like a passionate circuit joining the two of them. Fate looks startled at first, but she's smiling so big after.

And once Madoka does move on... Fate's fingers seek out Nanoha's hand, as if looking to recreate the connection Madoka made between them with a more direct one.

Much like before, it feels like they belong there.

To her the concert is a field of bright waving, twinkling colorful stars upon a pool of black. And Tsubasa is the blindingly brilliant center of this galaxy.

But the a girl beside Fate which might as well be her own personal sun.

But even with that constant in her mind she's learning fast from all the Chevaliers with her here... there's room in her life for a lot of stars, each precious and wonderful.

And she was the lucky one.

But the concert is over, and the glowstick becomes a precious keepsake. They're in the process of winding down when Tsubasa enters and- Fate blinks at the sight of her, responding back to the nod of acknowledgement with a bow of gratitude. "Thank you very much for inviting us. You put on a wonderful show."

There's still a hint of that cheer- but it freezes a little at the humorless statement from Tsubasa. Directed at Nanoha with Yuuno.

Arf coughs once awkwardly, suddenly glad she had transformed into a more human state, but unwilling to let that slide as if it were a slight directed at her all the same, "Heh. What a thing to say. None of them are /really/ pets you know."

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<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha beams at Madoka's gestures and the others around her. She cannot remember how long it has been since she felt so at peace. The feeling seems magnified as Fate takes her hand and their fingers intertwine. Even with the faster songs, there is a look of contentment in her eyes. There is a noticeable sparkle though at the more emotional songs which she quickly blinks away as Yuuno nuzzles her chin.

Then, all too soon, the concert is over. Nanoha sighs contentedly and returns to her seat for a moment before picking up the bag of chips and her drink and heading back towards the fridge area to dispose of her trash.

Before she can make it far though, Tsubasa approaches the box and Nanoha is, for a moment, transfixed on the girl. "That was ama-" Her praise is cut short by the next words from the singers mouth and Nanoha's expression falls and she looks nervously at Yuuno who headtilts at Tsubasa.

Just at that moment Yuuno jumps off her shoulders. Only seconds after Arf's remark about them not being 'pets' and in the blink of an eye, he transforms into his human form. He seems to not be concerned about anyone else's potential reaction and rather matter-of-factly introduces himself to Tsubasa. "My apologies, I am Yuuno Scrya and I really enjoyed your performance."

Nanoha, for her part, just looks surprised at Yuuno and maybe a little concerned as well. "Yuuno..." She rubs the back of her neck nervously.

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Madoka turns white, then red, beneath the weight of Tsubasa's disapproval. It's not at all how she was on the battlefield, with giant swords and water blasts all around her, gamefully lugging Sayaka's corpse towards safety. That was /way/ less scary than this.

And even knowing the correct answer -- even having it given, twice in a row, by the other two, she's unable to look up at the idol. Her cheek dimples from where it's being bitten on the inside, and she stares nervously at the floor.

Kyuubey comes to the rescue; he leaps out from in between her and Nori, landing neatly between now-humanoid Yuuno and Arf. He scampers in a little circle, then looks up at Tsubasa, his eyes shining guilelessly, his ears perked up merrily--

--and flops onto his back again, exposing his belly for more scritches.

<< I'm not a pet, I'm Kyuubey!! >> he announces, and Madoka takes a shuddering breath and giggles, still nervous but no longer a statue, daring a glance up at Tsubasa (WAY up, she's extremely short, barely taller than the elementary schoolers) and scratching the back of her head.


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<Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed.

By the time the concert ends Endo's food has been depleted by both himself, Nori, and the machinations of the fluffy white animal draped around Madoka's neck. He seems to have had his fill anyway, and all is well in the world.

"Aah-it's over already?"

But soon enough Tsubasa herself appears, in the flesh. Really just as fleshy as she was several minutes ago really, but closer now. Like Nanoha he's about to offer his praise, only to be interrupted by rules on pets.

Yuuno, however, becomes a real boy soon enough. Which makes Endo turn expectantly to Kyuubey, awaiting the white creatures transformation into its ultimate, true final form. He is instantly disappointed.

Still, eventually, he does speak up: "You sang amazingly, Tsubasa-san. Thank you for inviting us!"

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<Pose Tracker> Sayaka Miki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Sayaka clicks off her King Blade with a sense of wistful longing. It would have been nice if it lasted a lot longer. She looks around at the faces of her friends as they all start to get up. Collecting the empty sushi platters and their plastic cases from the ground near Mami, she returns inside.

It's still a little weird, after all this time, watching little animals turn into people. Sayaka is particularly startled by Yuuno, who remains new to her. "Wait, so... are you really a ferret? What I mean is, was your mom a ferret, or a boy?" she asks.

Shaking it off, she smiles at Tsubasa. "There's no sense in introducing you, I guess... even the people who don't know you have been cheering for you for hours now." Sayaka smiles crookedly. "I can introduce them, though, not sure who you know already... I was kind of asleep at the time. So, that's Madoka-chan, my number one best friend since elementary school. Those two are Fate-chan and Nanoha-chan, they're both really strong, so don't be fooled by how cute they are! And that's Norin, she's the top model with Akai Mirai--you can see why, right?--and she comes from a mysterious ocean where all your tears go.

"Endo-kun is there, he's the sort of guy who really likes fighting but is actually super nice normally. Mami-senpai is there in the yellow dress; me and her are a Puella Magi konbi! But I'm just her junior because she's really elegant and has the most power... uh, that's Arf, she's a dog but she turns into a cool delinquent sort of girl. Lera is over there, her magic is like Fate-chan's, but she's from America and doesn't know much about stuff around here. Oh, and that's Kyuubey, he's the Puella Magi mascot! He's really smart. I just met Yuuno-kun, so..."

Sayaka finally takes a breath. "That's about it... do you need to rest?"

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[OOC] Mami Tomoe says, "was your mom a ferret or a boy"
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<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"Sayaka-san, you shoulda mentioned you knew /her/!" Lera says.

Sure, the style of music wasn't /quite/ her speed. She still had a lot of fun -- a little like eating a meal she had never tried before, and enjoying it thoroughly because it was new. The tall, orange-haired girl grins excitedly and bounces back and forth on her feet. She looks at Tsubasa, making a thumbs-up motion with her hand.

The cool reception... well, it doesn't quite faze her. But there is a slow, uncertain blink in those amber eyes. Like, maybe, she isn't sure what to make of the response.

"That was great!" she says. "I had a lot of fun, y'know? And--um--it's like she said. From... er... America." Should she correct Sayaka? Maybe not right now. "But I can use magic, y'know?"

A beat.

"Er," she says, as she realizes. "You know about all that stuff?"

<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Precious time wth Mami's friends--friends like Madoka, who she's had for some time now... For Lera, in the middle, and for the Chevaliers, who she would call recent if not for just how close they've already become to her. 'Recent' would be relative, and isn't good enough.

So Mami, wearing Sayaka's hoodie, finishes out the concert watching, and after a few moments looks to Sayaka, smiles, and then stands to get out of her way to gather up the plastic. The sushi was good; she mentioned as much to Sayaka, that it was a good choice.

But getting inside, Tsubasa arrives, and her greeting is certainly utilitarian. Mami, who started drinking on an empty stomach but hasn't had more since, keeps her composure enough to lift an eyebrow and then bow in greeting. "Kazanari-san," she says, as if the directive hadn't been offered, "You were wonderful, and I'm glad to finally get to spend some close time." She's not going to throw anything in the face of someone who helped her... and really, the concert /was/ enchanting, and Mami for some reason is more easygoing right now. (Some reason.)

She does decide not to hit the drink cabinet again right now though.

She dips her head as she's pointed out by Sayaka though. "I remember you of course," Mami says. "Sayaka-chan is the best partner I could ask for. She's even handling introductions." Mami continues to be wearing Sayaka's blue hoodie over her dress, and her lips quirk as she says, "...But rambunctious. Sorry, Yuuno-san." A pause. "...I wouldn't call Arf-san a delinquent precisely..."

"Regardless, hello."

<Pose Tracker> Tsubasa Kazanari [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

If Tsubasa's eyes had narrowed at the sight of the 'pets', seeing said pets transform into human children, or voice their complaints seemingly telepathically, only made them narrow further, like this made her //even more// skeptical than she already were. Nodding towards the former ferret boy, and giving the objecting redhead (while Mami claimed otherwise, Tsubasa didn't doubt the 'delinquent' description in the slightest) a brief look, Tsubasa finally replies:

"Hm." Her voice signals that it isn't really a topic she intends to pursue further, but that at the same time, she remains unconvinced by their arguments.

As for Kyubey, Tsubasa wasn't exactly the hugging or petting sort. The cat received a disapproving look, before Tsubasa decided to ignore him entirely. She had made her thoughts clear on the matter of pets already, anyway.

"I see." Tsubasa didn't show a whole lot of emotion at what Sayaka told her, but she did look at each at every person she was introduced to, doing her best to register their names and faces to her memory. "Quite a team you've collected, Miki." With that said, Tsubasa did focus a little bit extra on Norin: not because of a particular interest or anything, just in an attempt to gauge if Sayaka had been making up the whole ocean thing. But considering that Tsubasa had just seen a ferret transform into a human boy, she ultimately chose to just accept it.

"It's good that you all enjoyed it." Tsubasa gave a non-commital response to all of them, displaying a cool interest in her own concert. "Though you do not need to concern yourself with thanking me, or my well-being." The last comment was aimed specifically at Sayaka's offer, but the rest was offered to the group as a whole.

"I'm sure you are already aware, but I'm Tsubasa Kazanari." It was strange to hold an introduction after you had just held a concert, but Tsubasa didn't seem the slightest bit bothered by it. "Miki informed me of your mission, and I agreed to help." The friendly atmosphere from earlier was sucked into the black hole of Tsubasa's Seriousness whenever the singer spoke. She wasn't exactly a warm person. "I didn't join out of a desire for friendship, but to protect this world as a sentinel. I expect similar dedication out of all of you. On the battlefield, it is kill or be killed."

Tsubasa didn't exactly joke around, and looking at some of the younger girls: Fate, Nanoha, and poor Madoka, who Tsubasa mistakenly mixed up the age of. "And that applies even for children."

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[OOC] Tsubasa Kazanari says, "Tsubasa 'No Fun Allowed' Kazanari..."
[OOC] Mami Tomoe says, "I get to talk about murders!"
[OOC] Tsubasa Kazanari says, "While Mami looks soft and friendly on the outside, her inside is dark and hardcore..."
<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Nori's credibility as a spooky ghost from the Tear Ocean is probably helped out a little by her eye makeup having gotten rubbed off when she had a bit of a cry in the bathroom.

Which, of course, drained to the Sea of Tears.

She blushes slightly at Sayaka's introduction and seems momentarily stricken when Tsubasa speaks so harshly. She shifts slightly closer to Madoka, moving to take her hand and give it a brief squeeze.

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Fate always gets a little embarrassed when someone introduces her as cute. There's a faint pink flush at her cheeks which is rapidly evaporating off, but it's there. Whereas Arf crosses her arms and gives Sayaka a dour look, "Yare yare... don't just introduce me as a delinquent! I'm Feito's dedicated familiar- and don't you forget it!"

Fate doesn't contradict her there. She may sweatdrop a little at what Sayaka says about Lera being from America.

But Fate and Arf for that matter are silent as Tsubasa speaks otherwise.

Fate fully expects the reaction to thanks, having received it before, she still feels it's no less necessary to do it.

But as Tsubasa continues her serious greeting, stating she's not here out of a desire for friendship- she doesn't object.

Similar dedication. She doesn't object.

But that changes when Tsubasa says kill or be killed. Something sharpens in her gaze at that. Something changes that not even the implications of calling her a child could change. Once Tsubasa is finished, Fate speaks up, "We're all dedicated to the mission of the Chevaliers. But when you say kill or be killed- all of us understand the danger. We all know it too well what might happen if we fail, or lose. We're not here to kill though- we're here to win."

There's a certain amount of conviction in her young voice, through first hand experience, "And killing the other side isn't winning. It's not the same thing at all. We win by stopping them- and getting our words and feelings across through our strength."

< Pose Tracker> Endo Naoki [Juuban Public School (11)] has posed. "But...I don't like to fight that much, Sayaka-san..." Endo makes a half-hearted attempt to correct Sayaka when he's introduced, but he doesn't want to interrupt. The boy scratches at the back of his head, musing to himself, "Yaa, maybe I need to work on my image."

Regardless, he listens to Tsubasa's introduction silently, and somewhat awkwardly.

"Ah," He replies. "Okay." It's the best he can manage on short notice. He does, however, add: "Fate-san is right, though. I want to help people, if I can."

<Pose Tracker> Madoka Kaname [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Madoka doesn't need Kyuubey's reminder about who is allowed to judge who to reflect upon it for a moment, but the chief thing she seems, as Tsubasa announces her non-friendship existence, is curious; her eyebrows lift, her eyes brighten from dull nervousness to a more animated wonder, and her lips pout in a worried little mou.

She doesn't say anything, however, letting the well-spoken kids step up in front of her instead. She is, if anything, impressed (a natural reaction to such eloquence), but the thoughtfulness Tsubasa prompted in her does not wholly recede. She returns Nori's squeeze with one of her own, then looks up and over, with an anticipatory held breath, at the golden-and-blue collaboration that are Tokyo's premiere Puella Magi konbi.

For his part the fuzzbutt fairy remains flopped on the ground, occasionally twitching his longer, dangling ears in one direction or another. He seems unconcerned by these discussions of philosophy, and more interested in seeing if -- if he stretches his ear /just/ far enough -- he can flick that dropped Cheerio across the floor into the soccer goal that is his mouth.

<Pose Tracker> Lera Camry [Infinity Institute (10)] has posed.

"That's... ah..."

Lera trails off, before she frowns and looks down for a moment. It's a harsh view. It isn't wrong, either. She learned that well enough. Her fingers curl up, nervously, at her side. "I'm glad you're with us," she says, before she looks back up. "But... yeah. We're not trying to kill. We want to make things better, and we'll fight for that."

She nods after Fate, but she stays put. She folds her arms, then -- but smiles, a little, too.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

As she and the others are introduced by Sayaka, Nanoha's expression softens and she seems to relax a little and even offers a bow towards Tsubasa. Her face pinkens just a little at the praise from the older girl though before she adds, "Your performance was spectacular Kazanari-san."

Yuuno frowns at Sayaka and then just stares at her for a long time. It's awkard and he suddenly looks angry and embarassed at the same time. "WHAT?! How..." He pauses and reddens. "Neither!" He is too surprised too offer anything else in the way of explanation. "Why didn't you ask Arf about /her/ mom?!" He asks pointedly, looking at Arf.

Nanoha watches the exchange with embarassment and she feels sorry for Yuuno and finally steps in, "Why don't you go get some food Yuuno..." She knew that he had, unlike the other 'pets' here, avoided having anything until now.

Nanoha, meanwhile, turns her attention back to the singer. On the stage, Tsubasa seemed like a different person that what she was presenting now and Nanoha doesn't seem overly thrilled, especially when she is called a child. Of course she /is/ a child but it was the way that Tsubasa said it that bothered her.

Looking to Fate, Nanoha shrugs a little before she addresses Tsubasa again, "I assure you that even though I am new to the team as well, I take this as seriously as anyone else." She sighs a little, avoiding Fate's gaze as she speaks further. "I have seen what happens when things go too far and when the goals of someone else directly conflicts with the safety of other people." Her response is purposely vague but those who had been around would immediately know exactly what particular events she was referencing.

Before she herself can remark further on Tsubasa's comments, Fate speaks up and Nanoha shifts closer to her. "That's right. Feito-chan said it better than I could have." She nods towards Fate, smiling before looking back to Tsubasa. "I believe we know our mission here pretty well."

<Pose Tracker> Mami Tomoe [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

If Tsubasa looks for rulebreaking in the room, there /are/ a few things missing from the alcohol fridge in the room, not only from the one containing soda and tea and coffee. But it's easy to miss details like that amidst the gently inhabited feeling of the room.

Mami doesn't persist with the pet arguments. She never got involved to bein with. Instead she stands up straight and smiles as Tsubasa praises Sayaka for putting together the team. "She's very good with people," Mami says. But...

Glad they enjoyed it? No need to concern themselves? "Really?" She asks. The introduction comes and Mami is aware, but doesn't interrupt. Alcohol and Sayaka's hoodie buoy Mami through those moments when the friendly air seems brought down. Mami's eyes though are sharp, thoughtful. She begins to consider speaking, but...

She notices Nori's stricken face. Arf's defense, and Fate's impassioned response. For a moment Mami allows herself to be sad that Tsubasa isn't here to be a friend, when the Chevaliers are so wonderful to her in that way.

So only after some of the others speak up does Mami say, "Those children have seen a lot of dangerous action," Mami supplies. "More than a number of magical girls I've known who were quite talented."

Madoka isn't a child, Mami doesn't even consider that being true.

However, "We're all quite serious. I don't think you should underestimate the value of friendship to glue a team together, but they'll risk their lives to protect this world."

A pause, "Though honestly, I'm attempting to do my best in this battle without killing. In the years I've been doing this, it solves problems, but it rarely makes things better. It always leaves a mark on you, and leaves a void in the world. It isn't our way to kill, in part for that reason."

A smile, "But I'm looking forward to working with you. I saw your skill already. I've been introduced, but allow me to add that I am the other leader of the Chevaliers, with Sayaka-chan here."

<Pose Tracker> Sayaka Miki [Ohtori Academy (9)] has posed.

Sayaka doesn't remember her Freudian slip, so she isn't really sure what Yuuno seems so flustered about. She just wanted to know if Yuuno was fundamentally Boy or Ferret. "Neither...?" she wonders. Maybe he's a fairy or an alien. "Well, I'm pretty sure Arf-san is a dog... her ears are still on, see?"

Selfconscious but beaming, Sayaka looks up at Tsubasa as if to confirm that she heard that Mami Tomoe said she was a great partner.

"I said a cool delinquent! Like in anime. And Endo-kun too? No way..." She seems really surprised. "I remember in the park, you seemed like you really loved to fight... I guess maybe you were in a good mood." She presses her palms and bows a little, peeking with one eye as she smiles apologetically. "Sorry, Endo-kun, Arf-san..."

Fate, once the youngest Chevalier and now perhaps tied for it, has a spirited defense of Chevalier principles. To see a child stand up for Mami's ideals like that makes Sayaka proud, but also a bit guilty. She's so young to be thinking such thoughts. But then, Sayaka knows it's not she who put them there to start with.

"It's tough to be the new girl, huh?" Sayaka sympathizes to Tsubasa. "Don't worry, Fate-chan, Mami-senpai. Kazanari-san agrees with you about killing people, or she wouldn't have helped us that night. And we wouldn't be eating her snacks tonight either." Sayaka puts both hands behind her head as if reclining as she looks at Tsubasa. "You say things pretty scary, though," she remonstrates with Tsubasa, less intimidated than one might expect given Sayaka's usual reaction to cool famous people. "Even knights need to have morale, right? I think it would inspire the troops to get to hang out with the idol they were cheering for." She leans in a little towards Tsubasa. "Good strategy, right?"

<Pose Tracker> Tsubasa Kazanari [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Tsubasa looked over the whole crowd of people: Nanoha, Fate and Endo stared at her defiantly. How different from the last encounter between her and Fate, where the blonde had been so meek. Finally, Tsubasa's expression changes from that cool, unchanging look on her face to a small smirk. It didn't exactly look //friendly//, but the singer was at the very least amused. "You're all at the very least committed to the cause."

Folding her arms, Tsubasa nodded. Seemingly, she agreed with what they said, though her smile had already vanished. "It's true what you say. Killing is a last resort." 'Last resort' didn't fully deny her original statement, however. "If I sought wild bloodshed, I wouldn't be here now. I do, however, stand by my point. The battlefield is not to be taken lightly." Perhaps it was strange for the new girl to show up and immediately try and discipline the others; but she was among the oldest of them. She had some authority as an upperclassman, didn't she? If nothing else, years of experience and losing those closest to her in battle gave her the right to speak.

Giving Mami an acknowledging nod Mami as she introduced herself, Tsubasa answered. "Likewise." Tsubasa hadn't know Mami was the co-leader when they had fought together, but the swordswoman remembered that the blonde had performed admirably. "You fought well that day." Though Mami displayed an approtiate level of distance for Tsubasa, Sayaka did not.

The way casual way Sayaka spoke didn't exactly gel with the point Tsubasa had made, about the seriousness of their situation. The swordswoman had considered this more of a business meeting, but it seemed like the other girls had seen this as a social event. "..." Her silence was almost audible at first, the look Tsubasa gave Sayaka almost disapproving...

... Before she sighed. Better this than going back to Ogawa, she assumed. "We'll see, Miki."

That was an agreement to her invitation, though it might not seem like it at first.