2013-09-23 - Donuts Away

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Title: Donuts Away

There be donuts to be had and things to be talked about. So sit down, enjoy, and munch away.


Love Guitar Rod, Renee Starley, Fate Testarossa, Tokiko Amagawa, Fuu Hououji, Hotaka Domen, Yoshirou Kurotsuki, Anthy Himemiya, Queen Beryl, Hisae Misumi, Nanoha Takamachi, Erythrite


Ueno Museum Distract

OOC - IC Date:

9/23/2013 - 9/23/2013

Love Guitar Rod has posed:

Ueno Museum District is home to a rare treat, today! Normally a permanent resident of the Clover Street shopping arcade over in Shibuya, a certain food truck has shown up in the vast and very fancy Ueno Park!

That certain food truck has pulled up beside a handful of tables and chairs, set up some nice awnings, and set out--


Mostly western-style donuts, but donuts! They are amazing, and have a unique trait of having a hole shaped like a heart. The man hawking them has black hair cut very short, sort of a soul patch stubble thing going on, and sunglasses that do not ever seem to budge far enough to reveal his eyes.

Kaoru-chan, the best donutmaker in Clover Street by virtue of being too amazing to compete with, has arrived! He calls out holding a donut up by the tongs and peering through the hole. "Hey hey! Donuts are like love, you know? Why don't you give one a try, young lady? Geheh!"

Renee Starley has posed:

Renee hasn't had donuts in ages. The blonde-haired young woman stops and stares -- it still takes her a couple of seconds to translate Japanese to English in her head -- and then tilts her head to the side, staring at the donut maker, and starts walking over. She waves a hand as she gets closer. "Hey!" she says, loudly at first, and then more politely, "hey. I'm hungry. What's your best donut here, huh?"

Fate Testarossa has posed:

Spending a large amount of time living in a large empty apartment with no one but your dog (dogwomen still count) is kind of depressing, long-run. Nothing's been happening, mother hasn't sent any particular orders in a while... ah, maybe a walk won't hurt? Just a short one. She'll be back before Arf's even awake from that powernap!

Following this perfect logic, a small blonde girl finds herself in the crowd, lured in by the smell of freshly baked pastries. She might stick out a bit amidst the school uniforms, wearing only a simple one-piece black dress, though. Fate has some pocket change as it turns out, she'll get one for Arf too. That should make up for taking a walk.

Now behind Renee, she waits her turn, both because she just couldn't bring herself to cut the line or talk over other people, and also because people wait in line for this stuff, right?

Boy she looks awkward in a crowd, though.

Tokiko Amagawa has posed:

A figure stalks from behind a municipal bench, and disappears behind a tree.

After Renee has asked her question, the figure emerges again, crouched in a military stance, with a battle rifle clutched in its hands. The person wears digital camouflage that blends in with the greens of the park grounds, scuffed gloves and boots, and a black balaclava and visor all but totally obscuring their face. The figure hustles to take position behind the donut cart and raises the rifle above, about to blind-fire.

A whistle sounds from across the park.

The figure stands up, rifle lowered towards the ground, and reaches a hand up to pull the facemask off, revealing the face of a young, mousy-looking teenage girl. "Time! Oh, maybe I'll have time to have a donut," Tokiko says, craning her neck to look over the varieties.

Fuu Hououji has posed:

Having made the trip out to the museum district in order to do some research for one of her classes, Fuu Hououji is just on her way through the park when she notices the food truck that's pulled up and parked nearby. She's wearing the Infinity Institute uniform, of course - she probably could have dressed more casually for her study trip, but that would have taken longer with going home and changing.

And she could use a snack before she heads home, so she gets in line for the donut truck, fishing in her bag for her change purse.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka Domen found himself here after school. Still in his Juuban uniform and his school 'bag' slung over his shoulder as he walked with a hand in his pocket. His blue eyes seeming rather distant as the wind gently played in the bangs of messy, short, brown hair.

That is when he caught the smell of.. donuts? Though they had a different scent to them though. "Hm?" He looks in that direction and blinked his eyes a few times. He gently raised an eye brow and then started to make his way over. Yet as he moved in closer toward where people were gathering, his steps were becoming slower.

Was something off? Nah. Just things were getting crowded and that kinda bugged him. Even more when he cut a tight glance to the side as if trying to give someone a dirty look, yet there was no one there to look at. Though his eyes did shift back to the donut before he muttered softly, "..whatever.. I am hungry."

Thus Hotaka makes his way to get himself a donut!

Yoshirou Kurotsuki has posed:

"You're done with that...what was it they're calling it now?" An only slightly bored-looking young man stands up from a bench near the donut cart. "Is it airsoft training or urban defense or...I lost track." Youshirou stretches. "Or is this just a time out? Still, donuts sound good." He heads over to Tokiko, glancing over the selection.

"...oh hey, are those dango donuts?"

Anthy Himemiya has posed:

"My... I do believe we've gotten off at the wrong stop, Chuchu." "Chu?" Anthy Himemiya's thin eyebrows are furrowed as she walks through Ueno part at a slow pace. It might look to some like she's taking in the sights, save that her posture is stiff, her shoulders just a bit tense. Hands clutched in front of her to carry a cloth shopping bag, she continues to lament to the tiny monkey riding on her shoulder, "Utena-sama will be quite worried, and Mr. Mongoose will be rather upset too when he doesn't get his dinner on time..." Something quivers inside the aforementioned bag. "Perhaps we had best turn back--" "Chu!" "Hm?" Anthy looks up to where her tiny monkey companion enthusiastically points. This leads her line of sight to the little donut stand with the man in shades, holding up a heart-shaped donut and selling to plenty of hungry people. "My, are you hungry?" she wonders. "Chu chu chu!!" She smiles gently at Chu-chu as he hops up and down enthusiastically. "Then we can stop to buy some. Utena-sama would like the snack too, I'm sure." With that, the dark-skinned girl with the glasses begins to approach the stand, keeping her gaze demurely lowered anytime it might happen to cross another customer's path.

Hisae Misumi has posed:
Hisae Misumi continues down the sidewalk, humming to herself as she dodges the traffic of fellow pedestrians. She keeps moving until she hits a cross walk that she can't cross yet, taking a deep breath i- 

Sniff. Sniff. 

"... donuts." 

They are as sweet a smell as winterberry is to the teenagers, before she abruptly turns down the other sidewalk.
Queen Beryl has posed:

Two figures join the queue for donuts.

No, that's inaccurate. One of these figures is taller, clad in a neutrally-hued but immaculately tailored women's business suit. She looks slightly ill and generally displeased. She has said nothing.

The other figure is dressed more normally; sandy blonde, gray business suit. He's the one in the line. The redhaired woman is standing off to the side, frowning. Her gaze passes witheringly over the dark-skinned girl, but only for a moment.

The blonde man seems much more at ease, though he too says nothing to his fellow queuemates.

Love Guitar Rod has posed:

"I can't tell you the answer to that!" Kaoru chimes at Renee. He grins merrily behind his sunglasses. "A donut is a very personal decision! Like the fated blacksmith, I can only create! It's you who has to choose!"

Pause. "But I'm pretty happy with the vanilla sprinkles today. Geheh!" That's his laugh, by the way.

His cart doesn't have a big display case, but he sets out a couple boxes of various varieties for people to examine. "C'mon, c'mon! Don't be deceived! I may be the only guy in here, but I'm pretty quick, y'know! If you feel bad, why not have a donut? You'll feel better! Geheh!"

Renee Starley has posed:

"Oh, hey," Renee says. She waves at the younger girl behind her, then she flashes a grin at both of the. She bobs up and down on her feet, rocking back and forth on her sneakers and the balls of her feet. Hotaka gets a brief look, before she looks back at the donutmonger. She feels hungry; she can wait on all the proper introductions until she has her donut taken care of.

"Okay, uh, vanilla sprinkles with a pinch less creepy laughter," she says, giving Kaoru a critical look and a squint. She takes the donut whenever it comes, then takes a heaty bite of it. It may taste like freedom.

She turns back and glances at Tokiko and Yoshirou. It takes her a moment to put them together; she hasn't been in Infinity Institute that long, but she learned who some of the underclassmen are. "Hey, you two," she said, not knowing their names. She tries to pretend otherwise. "How's, uh, things? How--that's a mouse with an earring."

Fate Testarossa has posed:

She must have walked into the weird part of the city. Fate seems to be made insanely uncomfortable when a strange boy in camouflage is brandishing about a rifle (that she sincerely hopes is as much of a toy as it looks like). Not to mention in her briefest moment to thinking too much about what flavor to ask for, the line has grown behind her, trapping her in the queue. Now she can't change her mind!

This is the worst.

Kaoru's voice snaps her back out of her lamenting, and she steps up to glance at the selection. Arf isn't a fan of chocolate, so... vanilla sprinkles, not a bad idea. And for her...

"Is there... cherry? Or strawberry? A-And... one of those vanilla ones, too. Please." She lacks enthusiasm, though, for someone who's in front of a legendary baker.

One social hurdle out of the way. Fate fidgets a bit, looking left and right. Those people seem to know each other. That must be nice. Rifle-totting aside. THAT didn't seem very nice.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka stands in line with everyone else, mostly just waiting his turn. He doesn't change his stance to much, but something /does/ catch his attention. His eyes look over to Renee when she seems to make the briefest of looks in his direction, but that is when something pulls his attention away.

A whisper in his own mind, that draws his attention to look over his shoulder toward a woman with red hair and a gentleman with blond. This causes his eyes to go a bit wide before he quickly snaps his attention. Then he grumbles lowly under his breath with grit teeth "..then don't point stuff out to me if you don't want me to look, lazy."

He then only rolls his eyes for a moment at the words only he can hear. At last shifting his weight to his other leg and once its his turn. He just orders a chocolate donut with nothing on it. Just straight out chocolate covered donut.

Tokiko Amagawa has posed:

"OBUA," Tokiko Amagawa says to the young man stretching by her, raising her rifle proudly. "Operations in built-up areas! We're just on break." She finally wanders into line behind Renee, and raises her hand in greeting. "Sempai! I heard there was an American in class. Pleased to meet you!" She gives a little bow. "I'm Tokiko Amagawa, grade eight."

After a pause, she seems to notice Fate fidgeting, and frowns. She leans down to Fate's level, saying, "Don't worry! It's not a real gun. It's like a game. And I'm careful with it anyway. Okay?"

Anthy Himemiya has posed:

Anthy lifts her head only long enough to catch that that redheaded woman is giving her the sort of stare normally reserved for things found under the sole of one's shoe; eyes open wide and lips part in an instant before she drops her gaze again, expression clouded. She does not look up again even when the redheaded woman stops paying her any attention. What manages that is Kaoru-chan's call and frog-like laugh, which brings a bit of a smile back to Anthy's lips. She then regards the display of delicious flaky treats, green eyes turning from one delectable pastry to the next in apparent indecision. For whatever it's worth to Fate, she doesn't look like she knows anyone either; her body language is far too reserved, and she doesn't actually speak to anyone (certainly not that girl toting around the toy gun)--at least, not until someone comments on the "mouse" with the earring. "Eh?" Anthy tilts her head at Renee, blinking once as she twists her hands tighter on the handles of her bag, which twitches again. Chuchu mimicks her headtilt, which looks frankly ridiculous on a creature with that enormous a head. "You don't... mean my friend?" "Chu," Chuchu supplies, semi-helpfully.

Fuu Hououji has posed:

Fuu waits her turn in line, looking over the options. "I'll try one with vanilla sprinkles, please," she says to Kaoru-san when her turn comes, smiling politely, and paying for her donut - with exact change, as it happens. Then she takes a couple of steps away, sitting down at one of the tables that were set up where the donut truck parked before she takes a small bite of her donut, chewing slowly and appraising the taste. Maybe she'll take a few home to share with her family …

Renee Starley has posed:

"Nice to meet you, Amagawa-san," Renee says. She grins proudly, nodding her head in a self-congratulatory way. She's a senpai now. That's A-okay in her book. She puts her hands on her hips and looks between the two. "I'm American, yeah. Renee Starley, at your service."

She looks momentarly at Fate, then she shrugs. "I figured it was fake. I mean, you know... carrying a rifle in public. That's crazy. Super crazy. Totally not okay. Forbidden. Off the hook. Impermissible!"

She looks back at Anthy, then, then at Chu-chu. Her eyebrows raise; something uncertain crosses her face, before she shakes her head rapidly. "Yeah, I mean--I've never seen that. It's, um, it's different? Your friend. His jewelry. That's not something I see a lot."

Yoshirou Kurotsuki has posed:

"OBUA...okay, sure." Yoshirou shrugs, then looks over at Renee. "Oh, hi, sempai." He waves. He tends to be less formal, if only out of laziness. "Yoshirou Kurotsuki. Same grade as her." He pulls out his phone for a moment, briefly checking and then updating his twitter feed. "I'm gonna go for a dangonut, Tocchan. What do you want? My treat today." He pauses, glacning at the stand again.

"I wonder if he's got canned drinks in there, too. I could do with some tea." Pause. "Oh, that mouse? Yeah, that kind of thing happens. Some people dress up their pets."

Hisae Misumi has posed:


It would figure, Hisae thinks to herself with the roll of her eyes. She neatly slots herself into the line, wrapping her arms around her violin case; it is not exactly a small instrument but it is delicate and she doesn't want anything to happen to it. She lifts her hand up in greeting as she recognizes by sight - and for those that typically wear very strong perfumes daily - smell.

She hears 'mouse', and gets up on her tiptoes to peer around the room.

Queen Beryl has posed:

The redheaded woman folds her arms.

The blonde man keeps waiting his turn. He remarks to Renee, as he looks over towards Anthy, "He carries it well, at least." The latter gets a brief, winning smile, but then he looks back at the menu.

Then his turn comes up! "Oh, yes. Give me a chocolate frosted and a jelly for here. And -" He glances over his shoulder, towards the redhaired woman, and then leans into Kaoru with a tone of conspiracy, "A dozen more with the chocolate, packed up, if you could. It's for the office."

"Business usually good here?" the blonde man asks him while other orders get put together.

Love Guitar Rod has posed:

Kaoru-chan just emits a merry "Geheh!" in response to Renee's critique of gehehery, but he quickly fetches her order and takes her payment. "Happy trails!" he calls after her. But soon he's on to other customers!

Aww, it's a cute little blonde kid! "Hey there, kiddo~" he sing-songs, and quickly fetches up the order. "For you? Anything! Geheh!" And he fits...all three?? into a mid-sized carrying bag, sliding it across the counter t grin cheerfully. "Don't you worry, a donut can perk up any spirit! You take it from me! That'll be two donuts, please!"

He apparently expects her to take the extra as a bonus. The first hit's always free. I mean what?

Servin' up quick, though! He wasn't kidding, he can really turn 'em around when he wants; Fuu has her donut in short order, a tip of the head from Kaoru-chan. "Hey, be sure to visit again! I'm usually out near Clover Street!"

Fate Testarossa has posed:

"Ah," Fate simply says, before nodding to Tokiko. She's... definitely trying to think of something better to say than just "ah" right there. It's not working! She could say she knew? But she wasn't sure! She could ask to play with it? No, no, not the time. And mother doesn't like it when she wastes time like that too much. Then there's all this talk about a pet, and the little girl glances towards Anthy, whom she notes looks just about as out of place as she does. Then everyone's moving in and talking!

And there's her donuts. Bonus! "A-Ah. Thank you."

This causes her to turn around for a moment, just to break eye contact and get ready to maybe find a seat to eat. Only to catch a glimpse of the mysterious blond man, whom she vaguely recognizes. This just became twice as awkward.

Say something, anything, break THAT eye contact!

"What were you doing with the rifle...?" Fate asks Tokiko in a hurry to just do anything but look awkward.

Fuu Hououji has posed:

As she nibbles on her donut, Fuu looks around at the others who are here. A bunch of Infinity Institute students, although she doesn't know them very well in most cases ... still, if she catches the eye of any of her schoolmates, she'll at least lower her donut, smile, and offer a polite bow of her head in greetings.

Kind of hard to do more than that when you're sitting down, after all.

Tokiko Amagawa has posed:

Tokiko Amagawa smiles gently down at Fate, not seeming to be bothered by her hesitation. When Fate finally answers, she lifts her rifle idly (without raising its aim from the ground). "It's like a game! And... practice, I guess. My friends and I go on a search mission for each other, and see if we can take a shot to hit each other without getting hit. The last one who hasn't been hit wins. You still have to be careful and wear protection, though."

She glances to Yoshirou, pondering for a moment. "I really shouldn't, I guess... oh, all right, if it's Yokkun's treat! I'll just have a plain cake donut, and a tea if he has any."

As she exits the line to let Yoshirou buy for her, she reacts with surprise at Renee, following along. "Even in America, really? I thought you voted down the assault weapons ban!" Yes, she follows international gun news.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Is even sure if he got his donut yet. Maybe he did get his donut? In truth Hotaka was a bit distracted by all the people around and including watching partly as a big order was made up for the business man and his red head friend. He was told who they were and he is hoping that don't know /who/ he is, or this could get awkward fast with so many people right here.

So far though, it seems like they too were just here. Nothing bad was going to happen so just relax; at least that is what he told himself as he reached up with his free hand and ran through his hair slightly as he looked up.

Though he did over hear some of the conversations around him. It seems like everyone here was from one of the rich, high tech school. While he, yep, was the lone Juuban. Oh well. Such is life.

Anthy Himemiya has posed:

Anthy smiles back at Renee brightly, seemingly not noticing her uncertainty. "Oh yes, isn't it cute?" she replies, perking up. "He wear them well, doesn't he?" A beat. "Um, but... he's not a mouse. He's a monkey," the dark-skinned girl corrects gently, lowering her gaze again. "Chu," Chuchu confirms, huddling a bit closer to Anthy's neck, long tail curling behind his round monkey-mouse buttocks. Hisae will get a good view of him from where she is as she leans around to peek. The blond, suited man's remark on Chuchu's jewelry earns him a small, brief smile, but Anthy avoids looking at him directly as well. Her lowered chin means that it's easier for her to see Fate glancing her way, and she blinks once, eyes wide, before their gazes separate. "Um," she utters, raising her voice in a fragile, not-very-loud way, to Kaoru-chan. "Excuse me, may I have three sugar donuts, please...?" "Chu!!" Anthy smiles warmly at her little companion, then adds, "I'm sorry--two sugar donuts and one chocolate, please."

Yoshirou Kurotsuki has posed:

"Plain cake donut, got it." Yoshirou nods, then glances over at Hisae. "Oh, hi, Misumi-senpai." While Yoshirou is lazy at most things, drama is not one of them. He remembers /all/ his fellow actors. Then, however, it is time to order donuts. He turns to Kaoru. "Hey, can I get one dango and one plain cake? And two teas if you have drinks in that cart." He pauses, glancing back at the gun chat. Well, they don't look bored yet, he doesn't have to rescue them.

Renee Starley has posed:

"People are totally stupid," Renee says, like that explains everything. "But we're not allowed to just cart real rifles around like it's nothing!"

At least not openly.

She nods once at Tokiko, then she looks back at Anthy. She raises an eyebrow, as she looks over Chu-chu. "Yeah, I'd have never realized... uh, he seems nice, at least." She pushes some hair back, looping it around her ear. She shrugs, then she takes a bite of her donut, and looks in Fuu's direction.

She waves.

Fuu Hououji has posed:

Fuu smiles, raising her free hand to return Renee's wave, and bowing her head slightly in greeting. "I'm not sure if we've met in person before ... ?"

Queen Beryl has posed:

"Something like that," the blonde man answers Kaoru as his order is packed up. "Ha ha! Well, that's good to know. It seems like you've got an energetic clientele."

After surrendering his money (crisp, new bills) he says, "Thanks for your time."

He rejoins the redhaired woman, whose withering disdain seems to be at least muted when the jelly donut is surrendered to her. She walks imperiously down the sidewalk after this, the blonde man a pace or so behind her.

Hisae Misumi has posed:

D'awww. Hisae smiles to herself when she sees the little creature. So cute! However, she's distracted by Yoshirou, giving him a nod. "Wasn't expecting to see a good quarter of the school out here." She notes, exaggering somewhat. Or a lot, depending on how much of the school one might see on a daily basis.

She continues waiting in the back of the line though, for donuts - because, donuts are delicious and they smell good.

Signum has posed:

As one redhead exits, another enters. Well... sort-of redhead. More pink really, though a darker shade of pink than the word would suggest. She's tallish, certainly not a school-aged person (or at least, not a high-school aged person) and she has a quiet mien to her as she takes a place in the queue.

Aside from the hair, perhaps the most unusual thing about her is the pendant she wears, hung from a glittery, chrome or silver chain, styled... like a super-deformed representation of a sword. Rather like an icon from a computer game, really. She carries a doubled-up convienience store bag in her left hand, loosely, filled with a couple of bottles of something, and she seems to be perusing the selection from where she stands in the queue.

Fate Testarossa has posed:

People play games with weapons? That seems both... fun? And also horrible. Part of Fate hates fighting, after all! The other thinks it might be okay as long as it's only games. Not that it matters, these aren't her friends, so they wouldn't play with her anyway. And she doesn't have a toy rifle to play either! Or that protection Tokiko mentioned.

Her dreading of this social mess is interrupted when the mysterious woman and man take their leave. She practically seems relieved. The woman she doesn't really recognize, but the man... shudder. Her mother's business partners are... scary. Very, very scary.

With an awkward shuffle the little blonde seems to distance herself from Tokiko then, making a half bow to be polite. "I-I see. Thank you. I should... I should probably go..." One foot in front of the other. Don't trip. Very important. Definitely don't get home late in case mother calls to check up on you. It's been a few days now, surely she'll be calling any minute.

Love Guitar Rod has posed:

Kaoru-chan has mystical donut powers (no he doesn't), so when Hotaka looks down he is A) slightly poorer and B) holding a donut.

"Three sugars, comin' up, young lady!" Kaoru-chan declares merrily. "Sugar, huh?" Pause. "Ahhh /and/ a chocolate? Monkey after my own heart. Geheh!" Did he understand that or is he just messing around??

And movin' on, bustle bustle: "Got the drinks right here, young man, hold that thought!" He vanishes into the "back", i.e., the quarter of his van without a window, and emerges moments later with a couple drinks, setting them down. They are cool and refreshing! Unlike the donuts he provides, which are /fluffy/ and /delicious/, very different adjectives.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:

Donuts? There are donuts? Having spent a fair bit of time with Arisa and Suzuka after classes, a certain young redhead is also arriving. Dressed in the white uniform of Infinity Institute, backpack slung over one shoulder, another person seems to have found their way over in search of something to snack on, on her way home. Enter Nanoha Takamachi, age nine, grade 3. She was only meandering by in passing, honestly, stopping just long enough to spot the donut truck and pull out her cellphone and shoot off a quick message to her friends. 'Found donuts! Grabbing some on my way!' <Insert Nanoha-shaped clipart smiley here>. The issue in this arises when she looks up and takes another step forward- an act that sets her in the path of a little blonde trying to make her escape. "--Oop!'

Yoshirou Kurotsuki has posed:

"Thanks." And now it is time to figure out how to /carry/ these. Yoshirou picks up the drinks, then tries to figure out the donuts. Hm. He settles for slipping a finger through the donut holes like a hook. Perhaps buying two was not the finest of plans. Ah well.

He heads over to Tokiko. "Here, this one's yours, on the top. And take your drink." He may, possibly, deliberately time this to match the moment when Tokiko seems most likely to go into technical details.

Tokiko Amagawa has posed:

Tokiko giggles a bit at Fate's half-bow. "Goodbye! I'm sorry if I startled you." She bows a bit and wiggles her fingers in a little wave goodbye.

She then drifts off to the side, giving those in the line some room, and gives Fuu and Hisae a smile and a nod. "Hi! Yeah, it's funny, isn't it?" She accepts a bottle of tea from Yoshirou, and takes the plain donut, biting into it. "Oh. Oh wow, that's good, mister! These are good!"

Anthy Himemiya has posed:

As the red-haired woman and her subordinate take their leave, Anthy turns to look at them. Her gaze lingers for a long moment, until Kaoru-chan confirms her order and she turns around with a startled, "Eh? Oh, yes." Her smile returns at the donut man's foolin' around and/or comprehension of Chuchuese. "Thank you very much. I'm sorry--if I could have a bag for them, please...? I must be going home soon... Utena-sama must be getting worried by now." Then Anthy regards Renee again, that same smile still on her face. "Yes," she agrees simply. She pays no particular mind to the new arrivals.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Then one of the more powerful of Dark Fall leadership leaves the area and it causes Hotaka to relax a little. Though he does glance over to Renee and the others. His brows furrow a little. He really should go over an say high. Sure, they were not even of the same school but..

..well.. it never hurt right?

So after he has a donut and less money. Sneaky donut man powers! He is a donut ninja that guy. He makes his way over to Renee and the others. He tries to smile, he tries to look friendly. Somewhere within him. There is a chibi of someone doing a face-palm and just looking over with a red eye between the fingers. You will find out more about him later.

Hotaka almost wants to just heel turn and walk away from this. Seriously. This could be a /very/ bad idea, yet he speaks. "Hello there." He then gives a proper bow to Renee and all those with her. "I'm, um, I'm Hotaka." He just taps the donut in his hand nervously, before he moves to place his school 'bag' down beside him to free up that hand.

Fate Testarossa has posed:

She should have looked where she was going.

Fate bumps into Nanoha, which predictably enough ends with the little blonde on her rear on the ground, while her little pack of pastries harmlessly flips into the air and plops down on top of one of Signum's grocery bags.

The little girl rubs the side of her head a bit before shaking it to start seeing straight again. Her red eyes dart left and right, attempting to locate the delicious food she wanted to bring back for Arf and herself to enjoy. What a horrible time to trip and drop her priceless cargo.

"The donuts... where...?"

Renee Starley has posed:

"Don't think so!" Renee says back to Fuu. "I'm Renee Starley, first year high schooler at Infinity."

And then Hotaka! She looks at him, smiles, and nods. She reaches a hand out, shaking his firmly. "Nice to meet you," she says. "I'm Renee. Renee Starley." She doesn't mention the school again. She bites into her donut, finishing it off, and then she wipes at her lips with a napkin.

Fuu Hououji has posed:

Fuu finishes her donut, delicately licking some residual sugar and sprinkles off of her fingers. It may not be the height of politeness, but it would be ruder to waste it, wouldn't it? She does wipe her hand off with a napkin, though - then gets to her feet and bows properly to her fellow Infinity students.

"Fuu Hououji, eighth grade," she introduces herself to the others. "You might have seen me during archery practice; I also visit the computer club once in a while. It's good to meet all of you properly."

Hisae Misumi has posed:

Hisae starts slightly when she sees the two girls crash, but they seem to be okay, so she shakes her head slightly. That is the Infinity grade school uniform, though, so she keeps a discreet eye on the pair before she gets up to the actual donut cart.

"Creme-filled with chocolate glazed!" She requests, happily, smiling brightly. She pays, then once she gets out of line, and before she eats any donut, says with a smile and a proper introduction: "Hisae Misumi, I'm in my final year of junior high." Then... donut. Nom.

Tokiko Amagawa has posed:

"Nice to meet you," Tokiko says with a smile to her classmates. "I think I saw you once!" she says to Fuu, though she probably doesn't remember - she was just passing by the archery club. "I'm in the drama club, track and field, military subjects club, um... piloting club, sometimes I sub in on the wrestling team..." She looks like she's actually trying to think of /more/.

Signum has posed:

Signum's cool blue eyes scan the line. They scan the crowd. To be sure, there are a lot of varying mana signatures here. Most are the normals--the mundanes--those who have the barest minimum of that special energy, not enough to truly be worth harvesting... but... but.

As the queue advances, and Signum with it, she takes note of -several- powerful signatures. It isn't something she can act upon right now, of course; there are far too many people here to make an attack of any sort. But she can categorize and note. Of special interest to her--those blue eyes resting a touch longer than normal--are the blonde and the brunette who have bumped into each other. Magical potential... some of it realized, some of it not, to varying degrees.

But everyone here will feel the Wolkenritter General's gaze for at least a moment. Only once she gets to the front of the line does she stop. "Ah... one dozen mixed, please." Expertly, she pulls out a change purse, snapping the clasps open to withdraw a number of bills. They'll be a nice treat for the rest of the household... if Vita doesn't just eat them all.

Tokiko Amagawa has posed:

"Yokkun, you're club treasurer!" Tokiko says, lightly bonking Yoshirou on the head. "And we all appreciate it."

Yoshirou Kurotsuki has posed:

"Hey, hey!" Yoshirou ducks away from the bonk. "Joking, joking. Besides, /someone/ has to keep track of the numbers, you guys would spend it all on replicas and bus trips out to the American base."

Erythrite has posed:

Somewhat behind is the guy currently stopping on the other side of some nearby right of way. "Oi, Kaz," the guy with the fwooshy mahogany hair quietly informs the similarly-aged fellow alongside him, inclining his head soberly. "I'll grab you later. I'm hungry." A few exchanged words later and Takumi Chiji peers across towards the crowd at the donut stand. He knits his brows a little, eyes lidding a bit beneath the fringe of his bangs. The last thing he wants to do under most circumstances is dive into a crowd of people, especially younger ones who don't get him and goof around more than he does. (Especially /humans/ with their /weak emotions/ and- No, no. We're not being that guy right now. We're being Takumi today.) The high schooler stuffs his hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched, and begins to pad towards the donut stand. "Oi," he calls in a relatively low tone. "Those donuts? I'm starving."

Love Guitar Rod has posed:

Signum discovers that Kaoru-chan carries a positively silly spread of donuts. Seriously how does he stock this place??

"Geheh! Donuts bring love around the world!" Kaoru responds to praise. "Tell your friends, huh?" This, while quickly bagging Anthy's order - he's got big ol' brown paper bags for orders that size, setting them in quick as you please. "Come again!"

Hotaka Domen has posed:

"I am from Juuban actually. Eleventh grade." Hotaka says with a mild shrug of his shoulders to Renee. "Been going there all of my life." He then goes to take a bite of the donut. Nom. So good. He does finish chewing a swallowing before he speaks again.

He makes note as others introduce themselves. "..as for my last name, its Domen. So yeah.. Hotaka Domen." He then goes to take another bite of the donut. Still being polite on his manners. "So do you and your," he motions to the others, "friends come here often?"

Then there was a feeling of eyes looking at him. Eyes of danger and something his inner voice was sneering at when they looked his way. For a moment Hotaka looked over his shoulder in the direction of Signum, his eyes turning red for only a small moment.

He then places his free hand up to his forehead before blinking a few times. He wanted to bark at that inner voice so hard right now. Pulling a stunt like that in /public/. Was he /crazy/? Though maybe that was just a remind, yet the silence-- the silence now is what was killing Hotaka. Why was he being so quiet now? Something about that woman?

To those around him he may have just been addressing, he seems like he suddenly checked out for a moment or at least went off into very deep thought.

Renee Starley has posed:

Renee finishes her donut, then looks around. She flashes another smile. "All right! Uh, nice to meet everyone. I gotta get going, though. Gotta work on a project before class," she says, with a sigh. These schools have too much work. "See you around! Be good and stuff, you know? Don't play hookie. Or skip class. Or do drugs. Or build atomic reactors in your parents' basement because it sounds fun. That kinda stuff."

She turns around and waves a hand after her. "Goodbye!"

The last bit is in English.

Fuu Hououji has posed:

Fuu glances briefly at her wristwatch. "Ah, I need to be going as well, I need to catch the train ..." She grimaces slightly, then bows to Kaoru-san (never mind if he goes by -chan, calling him -san is more polite even if she's not addressing him by name). "I'll stop by your Clover store sometime soon, donutseller-san!" she promises. "It was very delicious; thank you for giving us the chance to try them!"

She straightens up with a friendly smile, bows once more to the other students here, and then heads off towards the train station.

Signum has posed:

Taking the donuts and paying for them, Signum nods to Kaoru. She sounds -entirely- serious, when she says in her cool, slightly husky voice, "I will, thank you." Adding the bag to her left hand, she turns to go, walking right past the blonde and her friend, pausing mid-step and turning to Fate. Deftly, she pulls Fate's package of donuts from atop her bag, returning it to the blonde.

"You dropped this," she says, her voice not unkind but not, of course, particularly warm either. Is it just Fate's imagination, or does that odd sword-pendant catch some light and glimmer at her?

Erythrite has posed:

Love around the world. Takumi's eyes darken a little and ue suppresses the urge to not get a donut. "How much?" he asks instead, eyes on the donut-sellin' guy for a moment. They're drawn to the side as Hotaka begins identifying himself. One eyebrow raises - that guy's in his grade but at a glance he's an unfamiliar face, earning a sober nod from the tall fellow. "Oi, classmate. Those donuts any good?" His tone is pretty level and his expression hasn't much changed from 'quiet and serious'. This seems to be his default setting even when he's doing something like getting love love donuts on a weekday.

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:

"Oomph...!" Nanoha did not intend that. Really, it's true. But as a result, the little redhead, too, is on her ass for a few beats before she picks herself up. First and foremost, she offers her hand to the victim of her careless not-looking-where-she-was-going, to help Fate back up. "Um! I'm sorry about that!" She's quick to politely apologize for her carelessness. "Ehehe... I guess I wasn't looking where I was going." Something seemed to go flying though, didn't it? A problem that presents itself immediately when the other girl brings up the topic of her now misplaced donuts. Oops. "Ah?! You had... They didn't fall on the ground did they?" It would be devastating if she were the cause of donut destruction, leaving her oblivious to much else at this particular second. "Did you see where they..." Uh. She sort of trails off when she actually gets a good look at Fate, as if entirely distracted. But it's only momentary. "-... Went?" At least until Signum appears. Gallantly returning donuts like a hero.

Hisae Misumi has posed:
"How'd you end up in a militar--" Right, Tokiko. Hisae pauses mid-sentence and shakes her head. 

She then goes back to finishing her donut, regretfully not licking the remaining glaze off of her fingers. Instead she manages it with her few non-glazed fingers to find a one of those itsy bitsy sanitary wipes in her bag. It takes a lot of rustling.
Anthy Himemiya has posed:

"Thank you very much," Anthy repeats, trading yen for the bagged donuts, still smiling. "Chuchu, let's get back to the train and then you can have your donut, all right?" As she opens up her bag to slip the bag of donuts in, a long, thin, black head peeks out, forked tongue flicking at the air, before attempting to scale the edge of the bag. Anthy gently picks the snake up by the neck. "No, you can't run away, Mr. Snake," she chides it gently. "If you do that, Mr. Mongoose will go hungry. Back in you go~." Her smile never wavers. Resting the serpent back inside and the brown paper bag on top of it, Anthy bows to Kaoru-chan, then moves to head back the way she came. It wouldn't do to keep Utena-sama waiting for her too long, after all.

Fate Testarossa has posed:

Fate glances up at the hand offered to her. She kind of stares for a few long and silent moments, not saying anything. Unsure what to say, really, and she's hesitant to grab someone else's hand like that. Oh! The donuts, right! Oh no, where did they...

Signum! Has them, that is. She has no idea who these people are. And why she feels like the pendant is watching her. That's just... weird. Probably just her imagination. She did just kind of fall.

Fate snatches the donuts, and then hurries back to her feet, dusting her black dress. She looks back between Nanoha and Signum, uncomfortable and now being stared at by far too many pairs of eyes.

"T-Thanks. Um. I should... I should really go now, I'm sorry!" She wasted so much time. Mother'll be unhappy! Arf will be worried! This is really, REALLY terrible.

The blonde girl runs off in a hurry, without even introducing herself.

Signum has posed:

Signum watches the blonde girl run off, only her eyes betraying any interest at all; then she glances at Nanoha, gives a minute pause right where someone of lesser composure would probably shrug, and turns to walk away. She'll have to get these things back to the house so that Hayate can make dinner, and she is sure that Vita will want at least one donut. Sweets... aren't really her thing, per se. But she might have a little, herself.

Of course, even deeper in her mind she's thinking of how to isolate some of these people. For... science. Excursions to the more magical worlds to absorb the lesser Linker Cores is safer but so much less rewarding... Hayate will surely die before the Book can be completed, at that rate. Her motivation... she holds onto it tightly. That, and her resolve to make every one of Hayate's days the best that it can be.

Love Guitar Rod has posed:

Kaoru-chan sits around hawking donuts. Here is a guy who is happy just to sell a donut. You gotta respect a man who loves his job.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka looks over at the other Juuban student. Though he had been going to Juuban all his life, the other teen doesn't register with him. Then again, it was a big school. Shouldn't be to surprising. "Yeah. They are pretty good." He says with a grin, before he looks back over to Renee and the others taking another bite of the donut.

Though that is when Renee leaves and he gives her a minor wave good bye. Oh well, that was a short introduction. He then looks back at the other Juuban student. He stares at him for a moment waaait. Maybe he does know this guy after all. "Takumi Chiji.. right?"

Nanoha Takamachi has posed:

Off she goes. Leaving Nanoha in the dust and still holding her hand out uselessly. Slowly, the redhead lowers her arm, lips pursing as she watches off after the young blonde for a moment, before looking down at her palm. "Mm." Until Signum's gaze finally dawns on her. Cue something of an awkward shuffle. You know what... Nanoha will just get some donuts and be off on her way.

Erythrite has posed:

It's a huge school, and Takumi has been a bit more scarce recently - and he isn't one to speak up much unless you roll in his circles. He steps up to Kaoru-chan and lays a few bits of currency out on the kiosk top. "Two, please," he says with a short nod. His eyes quickly dart back to Hotaka, noticing Renee's departure only distantly. A corner of his mind reminds him he should be somewhat wary of gaijin like her. It's quickly forgotten as he nods back to the fellow in the identical uniform. "Right," he says quietly. "Domen Hotaka, ah? Don't think we've ever really met." A pause follows as he throws a glance down towards the tiny redheaded girl. Her he doesn't recognize, and his glance is pretty brief. Takumi Chiji does not do well with kids.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

"Right." Hotaka said with a nod as he took the last bite of his donut. "Nah. I think at past maybe a class or two, either way. I need to get going myself. Maybe we can catch up later." He then picks up his 'bag' and flings it over his shoulder.

"Take care!" He then gives a wave before walking off.

Hisae Misumi has posed:
Watching everyone else disappear, Hisae raises a slight salute with one hand and then she flits out the door with a look at her cellphone and the time. She's not running late, just cutting it very, very close.
Erythrite has posed:

"Later," Takumi offers with a nod for Hotaka as he goes sauntering off. He makes a mental note to keep an eye on that guy. Then he takes a bite of his donut. He chews a few times. He swallows. He eyes it. (Needs dark chocolate,) he thinks.