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IC Information
Full Name: Citizen #SO-4028947
Aliases: Soular, Shun Minami
Gender: Male
Age/Birthdate: Is that any concern of yours?
Height: Tall
Hair Colour: Silver, Charcoal Grey
Eye Colour: Green
Astrological Sign: Astrology is nonsense. Lord Mobius determines everything, not the stars.
Blood Type: A for Amazing
Favorite Food: The Printed Word
Least Favorite Food: Tea
Favorite Subject: Science, Math
Least Favorite Subject: None
Organization: Organization: Dark Fall
Position: Executive of Labyrinth
School: None
OOC Information
Source: Fresh Pretty Cure! (FC)
Player: Ayu Ohseki

Soular is an executive of Labyrinth and devoted servant of Supreme Ruler Mobius. His mission: To create misery and gather it in order to obtain Infinity. He thinks through his plans to gather Misery Energy and is consequently the most successful of the three executives; thankfully, he is also the least active.


"They don't realize that happiness is nothing more than an illusion. Such a shame."


Cool-headed, calculating, and cruel, Soular is one of the three loyal executives dispatched by Mobius, supreme ruler of Labyrinth, an alternate dimension, to uncover the location of Infinity, the limitless memory, by filling the Sorrow Gauge with people's Misery Energy. To this end, he carefully observes humanity, researches what makes them miserable, and initiates clever, intricate plans that allow him to engage from a distance and maximize the sorrow output of as large a number of humans as possible. Because he takes his time to consider his next move, Soular does not dispatch himself lightly, but when he does, everyone is in for an unpleasant day. Though he technically works with Eas and Westar and doesn't interfere with their plans, he has enough of an ego to think himself and his methods superior to theirs, and cooperates with others mostly only as necessary. His cover identity on Earth is Shun Minami, the handsome, inquisitive, and perfectly confident fortune-teller at the Fortune-Telling Mansion.


Aloof. Analytical. Smug. Confident, sometimes outright arrogant.


Cunning, agility, cleverness. Able to create a monster called a Nakewameke out of potentially any object.



Eas: Soular's peer and rival. He respects Eas' intelligence and drive, but there is an unspoken competition between them, and he frequently needles her as a result. However, they're often on the same wavelength, and he will back her up as appropriate--that is to say, so long as doing so doesn't undermine his own position.

Westar: Soular's peer... technically. He respects Westar's strength and little else about him, but despite the fact that he's dumb as bricks, Soular will expect more from him... and consequently get disappointed. Even though he should know better, it keeps happening. He'd be more open to working together with him if Eas weren't around.

Fate Testarossa: A denizen of the Garden of Time, and apparently also from a technologically advanced world. Although Soular spent most of their conversation verbally cutting Fate down, he has a positive opinion of her, thanks to her respectful attitude towards Mobius and her dedication to her own mistress and mission.

Poisony: Another Dark Faller who has troubles with Pretty Cure, albeit a different group. Soular approached Poisony with the intent of improving relations with an ally intelligent like himself; however, she turned out to be even better at seizing a conversation advantage than he is, and consequently he doesn't like her at all.

Zoisite: A General of the Dark Kingdom. Soular happened across Zoisite in his private grotto garden, and was invited to speak with him. They started off cordially enough, but Soular accidentally offended him by bringing up the Dark Kingdom's problems with the Sailor Senshi. Soular found his reaction very interesting.


Ami Mizuno: A girl Shun met while exploring Tokyo. Ami seems to be an intellectual equal, which interests him, but he thinks poorly of her low self-esteem and lack of drive, as she admitted to a dearth of motivation these days. He'd give her the time of day if they met again, though, and even mentioned her to Eas.