2017-08-03 - Fate and Nanoha Reunion

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Title: 8.3.17 Fate and Nanoha Reunion

Nanoha returns from being overseas


Fate Testarossa, Nanoha Takamachi



OOC - IC Date:

8/3/2017 - 02/07/2015

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.
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When Fate Testarossa stepped into a classroom of expectant elementary schoolers eager to meet the new transfer student; ready to deliver her class introduction and the only girl in the room she was familiar with wasn't there... it was all she could do to hold it together. The same held true later when her new classmates surrounded her, bombarding her with questions.

There was only question on her mind... 'Where's Nanoha?'

Arisa and Suzuka had done their best to make certain she wasn't crowded, to make her feel welcome and yet that didn't relieve the anxiety. The anxiety of waiting for the school bell. 'Is she sick?' 'Was she called away abruptly to America on a mission?' 'Is she hurt?'

It's a fortunate thing the only time she was called upon was during math class and the correct answer tumbled of her mouth without her thinking about the question.

Once the final bell rang she tore out of Infinity as fast as she could without running through the halls down to the street- around the block- running so quickly that her twintails were bobbing behind her when- a sleek black luxury car pulled up in front of her before she could cross the street and the window rolled down to reveal two familiar heads- "Geez, you didn't need to take off like that so quickly." says Arisa before Shizuka joins in, "What she means to say is-" The door is opened for her, "-would you like a ride, Fate-chan?"


And thus it wasn't long until Fate Testarossa was knocking at the door of the residence in the yard behind the Midoriya. It's fortunately visible from the street- the walkway is long, and at the end of it the car is waiting, engine still runningto make certain the door is answered. The girl at the end of it tries not to fidget too much waiting for someone in the Takamachi residence to answer hands clasped together nervously.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

In the past...

It had not been long since the Garden of Time incident and to be honest there were still a lot of unspoken words between Nanoha and Fate. While it had been exhausting physically, even moreso it was emotionally brutal. Nanoha could see it in Fate's eyes as the events unfolded. She wanted so badly to comfort her but the distance between the two of them was still there. However, things had changed pretty soon afterwards. She finally talked to Fate, shared with her and they had became friends.

As the beginning of Fate's first school year with her was set to begin, Nanoha had been more than thrilled to be able to spend time with Fate even more. However, something awful was happening. Even though she had known about it for a few days now, Nanoha couldn't bring herself to tell her friend but time was running out for them to be together. She had to let her know that she was leaving for awhile and she had no idea when she would be back.

That is why today, she has no choice but to find her friend and tell her. Nanoha looks at the time on her phone knowing that Fate would just be getting out of school. Before she can even press send though there is a knock on her door. Getting up, she can see the familiar girl outside and she frowns before taking a deep breath and answering, "Fate-chan!" Her voice sounds normal for the most part but Fate could easily catch on that something isn't right, especially since Nanoha is alone at the house. Regardless, she moves to the side so Fate can come in. They did have a lot to talk about after all...

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Fate had been twisting in the wind, stomach all tied up in knots- she'd unclasped her hands and was getting ready to knock again when the door was answered. And her name was called.

It's the most beautiful thing in the world for her. A sacred experience, a ritual taught to her by the other girl on a bridge not so long ago. Calling one's name.

She replies immediately, reflexively- with her own part in this same sacred ritual, "Nanoha!" Relief written on her face, and in her tone, and in her heart. There's something not quite right here but she can't see it. For just a few moments, she's happy.

Arisa calls out from the way at the girl on the porch with cupped hands- "You'd better call us later!" and Suzuka waves. The window is rolled up and the driver takes off only a few seconds later. Perhaps the two can more instinctively sense that something is going on that's big and they ought to stay out of the way for just now.

Fate steps in, just past her but presumes to go no further until Nanoha takes her in. She looks calm- her face carefully controlled, as calm as Nanoha has known her to be during the worst of their battles vying against each other or together, as calm as she looked in class trying to hold it together. But there's something in her eyes that shows the happiness she feels mixed with anxiety in equal measure, "I'm... so relieved. I was really worried when you weren't there."

And then it's as if it occurs to her she might need to say where. She clears her throat, "At school."

But she doesn't ask why she wasn't there. She doesn't.

She can't.

She can't let herself feel the disappointment of her having not been there to hear her class introduction she worked herself up to do. She just let's herself be happy that the other girl isn't sick or hurt or any of the worst case scenarios she'd come up with.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Seeing her other two friends in the car behind Fate, Nanoha manages a smile for them and a wave but doesn't actually say anything. For a brief second she considers asking them to come inside too but then they are gone. There is actually relief for her though in some ways. Telling Fate was going to be hard enough as it was.

Nanoha smiles at Fate, "I am sorry Fate-chan..." A pause. "..that I didn't tell you I wouldn't be there." After all she did have a cell phone and they normally talked a lot but she was still coming to terms of what was going on herself and there was a lot happening that was distracting her.

When Fate comes in Nanoha doesn't offer her a drink but she does sit down on the couch. "Fate-chan, I am glad you came. How was your first day?" There is a pang of guilt that she wasn't there but still this was no time to be feeling guilty about that. She quickly adds, "I hope it went well." Nanoha was glad though that Arisa and Suzuka were there, at least Fate hadn't been completely alone.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Before Fate can get too far though into talking about school Nanoha adds, "I need to tell you something Fate-chan..." While it's possible Fate could have heard about her father, Nanoha knows it's unlikely. "My father...was in an accident." Nanoha's eyes shine just a little, enough to show a bit of hidden emotion behind them.

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha's smile causes her own face to light up some. The curves of her lips turning up. It had always been a smile she'd been seeking after all. It had just changed from her mother's to... this girl. This was the smile she wanted to see. She says quickly, "Oh no. You don't have to apologize. I... it went well."

And she asks about her first day, if she knew what was going on in Nanoha's mind right now she wouldn't even think to answer. "Arisa and Shizuka... say I'm very popular already with your classmates."

She doesn't have any idea why. She was so nervous answering all those questions. Everyone crowded around her. Where are you from? 'Far away.' Where did you go to school before? 'I had a... tutor.' She stuck to the cover answers Lindy had rehearsed with her over and over and over again.

But then Nanoha says that, and Fate first looks at her expectantly, before her face transforms instantly to surprise and shock, as she repeats. "An... accident."

Her memories are a surreal place for her right now. But she remembers clearly her first true one- as Fate Testarossa.

T-There was an accident- but everything's okay now! Everything's going to be okay from now on...

Without realizing it, her breathing quickens a touch. "Your father." She repeats. She knows what a father is at least, as important as a mother in a different way even if she doesn't have one, "I didn't..." She looks stricken, wondering how Nanoha must feel. Someone so important in her life being hurt like that, "How is he?"

She doesn't ask if Nanoha is alright. How could she be? Now it's her that's apologizing as she she takes a step towards the other girl, "I'm so sorry if I'd known I... I would have come right away."

As if she should apologize for not being omniscient, or precognitive. For not knowing she should have missed her first day of school to be there and be this girl's support.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha nods to Fate's response about school, "I am glad they liked you Fate-chan. I told you they would." Her face lights up briefly at this news. She had been very concerned after all.

But then the more serious matter of her father is finally spoken of and Nanoha sees the flash of thoughts in Fate's mind. "P-please don't apologize! I didn't tell you. I couldn't..." As to the question of his status Nanoha shakes her head. "I don't know Fate-chan but we have to go...for a bit." The words are hard to speak of. "I don't know for how long. Me and mom are going together to be with him for treatment." Nanoha tries not to think about the possibility of being in a place where she's not comfortable and doesn't know anyone.

As Fate apologize again, Nanoha reaches out a hand towards Fate to place on her shoulder. "Really Fate-chan, it's not your fault. I didn't want to tell you but I have to because we are leaving soon. That is why the Midoriya was closed for a couple of days." As she talks Nanoha actualy finds the words come faster and easier. "My brother and sister are going to stay here though and run it."

Nanoha sits up straighter now, feeling like a small weight was lifted but she adds, "I am worried Fate-chan... about you. I don't want to leave you." If she can, Nanoha will move closer and hug Fate before looking directly at her, "Will you be okay?" There is a lot of concern and sincerity in the young girls eyes as she asks this.

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

To go. For a bit.

Fate's tongue suddenly feels like it's clinging to the inside of her mouth. It's so dry. Together. To be with him. Treatment.

This is all happening so fast.

Fate feels dizzy, light-headed. The shock is setting in as she realizes that she won't be able to see Nanoha for a while.

She wants so badly to say 'I'll go with you!' But she's living with Lindy right now. She couldn't uproot the Harlaown family. And what happens about school? Everyone was telling her school was so important.

But right now all she wants to do is say- 'I'll go with you!' to cast everything aside, all concerns. And just go with this girl.

But right now Nanoha is looking at her- saying she's worried. And she wants to be weak and tell her she can't be without her right now. That she has to go with her. She wants to be selfish like that in all the ways that she couldn't be with her mother. But, she tells herself she needs to be strong. Right now. Again, for her sake.

And that thought steadies her when Nanoha moves to hug her. It calms her. It's a splash of cold water in the same way that Nanoha's hug is a balm to the soul. She's stiff for a moment in the hug, but only for a moment before her arms slowly encircle Nanoha.

"I'll be fine. Perfectly fine."

She slowly turns her head to look in her eyes and continues speaking in a calm, even tone. "You're so strong Nanoha. Right now your father is hurt and you're... worrying about me. How I feel."

She knew Nanoha was strong. She knew more than anyone, but now she was learning the depths of her strength in this. Her hand actually starts to rub her back a little, comfortingly, trying to be supportive.

"I can be strong for you too. I'll... stay in touch. I'll call you as often as I can." Once she figured out how to work her new cell phone that is. Suzuka had promised to help her with that. "I'll be strong until the day you come back to me. I promise."

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha can sense the thoughts that run through Fate's mind and while they are unspoken she can likely assume. "I know you will be okay. You have Arisa and Suzuka and I promise we'll keep in touch." For the first time since Fate had arrived Nanoha smiles genuinely and her eyes twinkle a little. "This place we are going to has the best doctors in the world. I know my dad will be okay too."

The young girl adds, "Do you want to stay for a while and help me pack? Maybe I can help you with your new phone and we can figure out how to talk to each other. Mom said she would help me keep in touch too." It really was going to be okay, she just knew it. Fate wouldn't be alone and in a way she wouldn't be alone either...

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

It's true. Arisa and Suzuka barely knew her and yet they were already so supportive of her. They were basically tied for being Fate's #1 fans in class on her first day of the classmates who were present. She can't imagine what Nanoha must have told them for them to take to her so well... she slowly nods and smiles. Her eyes sparkling as she stares at Nanoha, but it's become easier not to cry the longer they've spoken. She draws back from the hug and catches that twinkle in Nanoha's eye and that genuine smile, "Yes. We'll stay in touch and he'll... definitely be alright." A beat pause and, "And you'll be okay too."

But help her pack, and help with her phone? "Of course I'll help you pack!" Fate's already taking her new phone out of her bag. It's a simple black flip phone. She speaks as it so seriously. "Phone. Add Nanoha so I can talk to her any time." Perhaps she expects the phone to say 'Yes Sir' in reply.

She keeps staring at it so expectantly. Before gently prompting. "Phone?" She nudges the cover lightly with a finger.

Later- Fate helps Nanoha pack. She's also enthusiastic about this. Nanoha may have to either stop her or take out some of the things she's helping her overpack as Fate seems to think Nanoha needs everything in her room.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Once Nanoha settles the confusion over the phone and very lovingly explains to Fate that no, phones cannot hear you, they both pack her things up. A few times though Nanoha has to remind Fate that she can't take everything with her. After an emotional goodbye, Nanoha takes a deep breath and goes back inside constantly reminding herself that, just as she told Fate, it will be okay.

Present Day...

It had been too long since Nanoha had seen Fate and her friends. As soon as Nanoha found out her father was well enough for them all to return home she was beyond happy. She was excited about her father being better as well as being able to see her friends again. It felt like so long to her even though they had all kept a close tab on each other and Fate had kept her up to date about magical things.

Nanoha didn't even want to take time to unpack or settle before she ran to Fate's house. The Harloawn apartment wasn't far and she was almost bursting with excitement, like a happy little puppy. In her hands, she carried a small package wrapped in a shiny, metallic black paper with a gold ribbon tied carefully around it.

Arriving at the apartment, Nanoha hides the package behind her back before knocking. They had arrived a few days earlier than expected but Nanoha had kept this information from Fate wanting to surprise her friend...

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

It's not long after that Nanoha gets an answer. The door is opened by a tall woman with a smart ponytail and a bindi tattoo on her forehead. She's in a tan pencil skirt and a cream blouse. Upon seeing Nanoha, Lindy Harlaown's eyes light up, but she doesn't actually say anything.

Curious she leans to the side and catches sight of the package. Then she bends over slightly to look Nanoha in the eyes, puts a finger to her lips, and winks at the other girl seeming to instinctively sense her intent. A moment later she walks back inside, closing the door but leaving it cracked.

Nanoha can hear her calling out- "Feito-chan! There's a package waiting at the door. Could you get it? I'm brewing some tea." That's not even a lie. There's a tea kettle whistling in the distance on a stove, though that abruptly stops. Nanoha would then hear a voice in the distance, "Oh! Coming!"

Her footsteps thud down the stairs from the second floor of the apartment- and it's only a few moments later that the door opens and Nanoha catches sight of Fate again. She's in a long sleeved white and yellow striped shirt- a white skirt. But what's most important right now are the white hair ribbons she's wearing, as they once belonged to Nanoha herself.

The girl stops, double takes. Then perhaps takes a second or two wondering if she's asleep and this isn't a dream before her tongue starts working, "Na-" And then as if some dam had been broken by the inexorable effort of a great torrent of water behind it, "-NANOHA!"

She reaches for Nanoha's hands but Nanoha's hands are behind her back, so instead her arms wrap around her in a fierce hug. She sounds so broken up, instantly, not realizing there's another surprise for her behind Nanoha's back and clinging to her like she's her life preserver in some great sea. Water sparkles in her eyes, "I- I can't believe... you're... I was... you are... I didn't... expect..."

She sounds so broken up, like she doesn't know what to say or do, she's caught off guard, flatfooted, and it's all so overwhelming. In this moment she let's herself be weak, after being so strong for so many months while she was away. "Y-You're back." She finally decides upon, before repeating but adding in her favorite word, "Nanoha's back!"

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

When Lindy opens the door, Nanoha does give her a quiet greeting before the officer seems to know exactly what she was planning. Smiling, Nanoha keeps her hands hidden while Fate is being called to the door. Her heart thumps a little faster in excitement and she bounces on her toes, her hair swinging a little with each movement.

And then Fate is there and it feels like everything is right in the world. She cannot stop grinning, "Surprise!" She notices the ribbons as well as smiles remembering the first time that they ever really connected and became friends. It was a small gesture to trade ribbons but Nanoha felt like it meant so much more. It was the start of a new life and a new partnership, especialy for Fate. Because of this, Fate may catch a glimpse of her own ribbons when she sees Nanoha.

As Fate embraces her, Nanoha reaches one hand and around the girls back and laughs a little as Fate seems to stumble over her words. "Fate-chan! I missed you so, so much! Here I have something for you!" She brings the package around and reaches out to give it to Fate. Should Fate open it, she would find a small kitten plushie. It has a yellow ribbon around it's neck with a locket tied to it. Inside the locket is a picture of the two of them from just before the school year started.

Nanoha is beaming as the gift is passed along. "I can't believe it either. It seems like so long and yet it doesn't... you know?" Without a beat she adds, "We have so much to talk about!" Nanoha was anxious to catch up with her friend but she was also anxious to hear more about what had been happening with the magical stuff as well. After all it was a big part of their lives now.

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Fate definitely does notice the ribbons, she doesn't comment on them, but they do make her happy. Her breath hitches within her chest as she tries to calm down from just how happy she is and she's having so much trouble with that because she feels so happy she could die on the spot. Happy tears start to run down her cheeks and to her chin. "I missed you too... so much." And then she hands her a package. Fate frantically wipes at her eyes with a long sleeve and draws away to take the package- "Oh you didn't... you didn't have to..."

She holds the package for a moment, then sounds a little embarrassed as she looks upon it, "I... I don't have anything for you." She says apologetically, "I was going to go shopping after school tomorrow..."

She's calming down by the second. "We do. We should definitely-" Fate then blinks her eyes a few times as if suddenly a fact hit her, her eyelashes flutter at the realization, "Oh! It's cold outside and I'm haven't-" Suddenly she steps off to the side, "-come in! Please come in!"

The apartment seems almost obscenely spacious for Tokyo. The kitchen is large, and there's a kitchenette table not too far from the door. Fate walks over to it and starts working at opening the package, whereas Lindy is still working at the tea in the kitchen. She's setting out three cups. "How's your father doing? How are you? They're letting you start back school right away right?" "Remember to breathe Feito-chan." She says with a touch of mirth, "Remember to let her breathe too." "Ah! Right." Fate finally finishes opening it and there's a sharp inhalation of her breath as she draws out the kitten plushie with the yellow ribbon around its neck and a locket. It takes her a few seconds to speak the thought aloud "I love it!"

She holds up the plushie up at eye level so she can look it in the eyes. Then inspects the locket. "So much. Thank you so much!" She draws her down to her chest, holding her delicately between her two arms, "You should get to name her." She immediately decided the plushie is a her.

Lindy brings over the green tea at this time. As well as an overful caddie of sugar. Extra creamer, even two chocolate bars. She's starting to add much of this to hers. "Nanoha-chan is right though... we do need to talk." Her eyes drift over to Fate, searchingly. "How much did you tell her while she was gone Feito-chan?"

"Ah- I..." The girl's expression falls a little and her arms tighten around her new plushie friend, and she adds- whisper soft as if suddenly she was being drawn back into a different world, "We do have a lot to talk about." Lindy offers this little sigh, which seems fond, but also mildly exasperated. "Perhaps you should have a seat Nanoha-chan."

Fate pulls out her seat and takes it in short order, her gaze may be dipped down.

<Pose Tracker> Nanoha Takamachi [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Nanoha can't help but get teary eyed herself at Fate's emotions. A few tears roll down her cheeks as well. Although, she finds herself surprised at how much more emotional Fate is. "It's okay Fate-chan..." She wonders just how well Fate was really doing with everything. After all she left and it hadn't been long after Fate had learned the truth. Whatever the case, Nanoha was just happy they were reunited again.

When Fate takes the package, Nanoha's eyes sparkle and she is anxious to see her reaction to the gift but first Fate ushers her inside. It was cold after all but Nanoha hadn't really noticed it because she was too distracted by the reunion.

Once inside, Nanoha surveys the apartment a little before seeing Lindy preparing tea and the girls head to the table. When she goes over, Nanoha is greeted with questions from the officer and tries to respond quickly. "I will start school again soon and my dad is much better! It took awhile but the doctor said that he will be back to normal in no time." As to the question of how she is, "I am great now that we're back home. I missed everyone so much!" Nanoha is still beaming as she says this.

As she watches Fate open her carefully wrapped package, Nanaho is happy it seems to make her friend so happy. "I am glad you like her! Um for a name..." She pauses for a few seconds and then shakes her head. "I don't knooooow..." For now Nanoha leaves it at that because Lindy says something that catches her attention and Fate's response makes her give a questioning look to the both of them.

Nanoha takes a seat when Lindy asks her to and notices Fate suddenly change in demeanor. Something was going on... She doesn't wait for Fate to speak, instead answering Lindy's question herself, "I know about the Wolkenritter but something tells me there is more?" Nanoha tilts her head a little but she doesn't seem too fazed by whatever is going on.

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [Infinity Institute (4)] has posed.

Fate allows a tiny smile while Nanoha relates the answers to her questions. She's so happy about all of that. The smile doesn't change, and she doesn't look awkward at all when Nanoha has trouble deciding on a name. She just has this affectionate look, like she enjoyed everything about her, even awkward moments like this. "It's okay. If you think of one later you can tell me."

Until then this plushie is getting a special place on her shelf.

"Ah good. I'm relieved she told you about that." Fate looks even more awkward as Lindy finishes preparing her own tea and starts preparing Nanoha's. She puts in only half as much sugar and creamer in the tea, but that's still enough to make Nanoha's tea look like cake batter. Fate's mouth is hidden a little by the cat plushie as she says softly, "I... told her that word and that they were giving us trouble but..."

Lindy sighs again, shaking her head as she slides over the oversaturated tea to Nanoha and starts work on Fate's- "Did you tell her about everything that happened with you?" "Not... so much... I didn't want to worry her."

Lindy gives Fate a long look, then seems a little exasperated again, "Ah Fate..." She drops the honorific briefly before turning to face Nanoha, "The Wolkenritter are Guardian programs of the Book of Darkness. And that is... a very dangerous Lost Logia from the Belkan Empire. They gather pages for the Book by draining the Linker Cores of mages until it activates. Once it does- the current Master of the Book comes into their true power, causing an unparalleled catastrophe. That power can only be used for destruction. The last time it activated was just before the two of you were born. A whole generation of Earth's Magical Girls... much of the TSAB, even my husband..."

She takes a calming breath, then gives Nanoha a long look, "...Clyde. They all gave their lives to stop it. But that doesn't mean it's over. When the Book is destroyed- it regenerates years later, and chooses a new master. This has happened countless times throughout history."

Lindy pauses for a moment to give her time to digest this before Fate starts in slowly, "I've fought then many times- and they're extremely powerful. We've yet to score a decisive victory against even two of them, much less four- and often."

She swallows then closes her eyes to steel herself for telling Nanoha this, "...While you were gone one of them- named Vita. She attacked me... shattered Bardiche. Then later drained me of my magic for a time. I wasn't able to fight for a while. And even once we repaired Bardiche and I recovered... her ally Signum and her have beaten us again and again and again. They've drained many of our friends- people we've fought with."

Her arms tighten again around the plushie gift, "I try so hard to reach out to them and our words... they don't reach them. They don't let us. But we'll keep trying. We'll keep fighting."

Her eyes fasten on to Nanoha again, "Because we can't let them complete the book." Then she adds, "We won't."

Lindy allows herself to smile at that, Indeed we won't... I should emphasize again how strong they are Nanoha-chan. We've spoken about the need for you to upgrade Raising Heart in order for you to compete with them- as we have with Bardiche using the Wolkenritter's own technology- the Belkan Cartridge System. I'll have Amy start working on this immediately."

In the other room, Amy stops typing at her computer to sneeze. Rubbing her nose- her head turns- she didn't hear the conversation but she can sense in her horror- "It's going to be another sleepless night isn't it?" A moment later her head hits the desk and she moans in utter despair.