2014-08-16 - The Internet Must Be Wrong

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Title: The Internet Must Be Wrong

Westar is visiting Fate's place for a nice chat. She's busy proving the internet wrong, so he's left talking to a gem. Fortunately, Westar and a talking halberd have a few things in common.


Fate Testarossa, Bardiche, Westar


Fate's Apartment

OOC - IC Date:

28 February 2014 - 8/16/2014

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

It began with a statement that someone else from Labyrinth was coming over to their apartment, which led Arf to nearly collapse to her knees with grief and worry, begging Fate to let her stay this time. When it was mentioned that it was Westar...


Bardiche's intervention had shocked Arf to the point where the wolf-woman gave no further argument. Instead she was out, performing wide area searches, though assuring Fate she could contact her telepathically any time.

Right now, Bardiche lay upon the coffee table, with a tray of roll cakes right beside him. Fate sat upon the nearby couch, hands folded upon her lap. This wasn't home, and she didn't exactly know how to receive guests, so she made no effort to tidy up, but... for someone so nice, she could at least offer sweets, couldn't she?

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Getting messages passed to another member of Dark Fall involved some...conversations with Labyrinth's other members. Westar's excuse, of course, had been 'planning joint exercises' or some other Soular-ish words - enough excuse to get instruction on how to send a message to Precia Testarossa's chief agent.

A bit of time taken to pick a day and time, a location set - and that time is now. There's a knock on the door of the apartment, and then it just opens as the man at the other side opens it up. Hopefully, he got the right door this time. It was awkward the last two. A tall blond-haired hunk in a black shirt and orange vest, with a red jacket over one arm.

Hands occupied with opening the door and carrying that jacket, he is holding a heart-emblazoned bag with his mouth - but only briefly. Brightening upon spotting the girl at the couch, he removes it with the free hand. "Testarossa! And-" He pauses, casting his gaze around the apartment, before finally spotting the gem on the coffee table. "Is that you, Bardiche?"

Before waiting for an answer, he closes the door behind him with one foot, holding up the bag triumphantly - though a bit awkwardly, after seeing the cakes. "I brought along donuts - did you get snacks, too?"

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

Westar, being magically inclined, would feel an electric hum inside the apartment that he didn't feel outside of it. Some sort of cloaking spell perhaps, to mask the occupants inside from the Mages of Earth?

Fate rises from the couch, and bows her head slightly, with hands folded right in front of her "Westar."

Bardiche chimes in right away to answer the question, <YES SIR. THIS IS MY STANDBY FORM.>

"Oh yes. Have you ever had a roll cake? I'm told they're quite good. Have a seat and help yourself. I'll put on some milk tea." Fate heads for the kitchen, leaving the two all alone for now. She seems to be busying herself by taking out an electric kettle and reading the instructions.

Left alone in the living room, Bardiche pipes up again, <I HOPE YOU HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL LATELY.> He doesn't exactly say 'what' he's hoping he's been successful with.

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

There is that faint buzz of some sort of magical energy - but Hayato Nishi, also known as Westar, puts it out of mind. Barriers are a thing, after all.

There's an offer made of some new kind of treat, and Westar's face brightens. "Oh! No, I look forward to trying them!" He grins as Fate heads off to make 'tea' - a drink Soular seems to endure that Westar's never had the chance to try. The bag of donuts is set next to the tray for later, and a cake is taken.


But there's more here than (delicious) cake, and Westar turns his attention to one of his conversation companions here. "Mm! Well, I checked out this 'cram school' place, which was full of misery even before I arrived, so that went well. And Testarossa's advice went well - I need to pay you two back for that one. Even if Tokyo's defenders showed up quickly both times..."

The less said about the trash can, the better.

Grumbling for a moment, he takes another cake. Tilting his head before biting in, he asks a question of his own. "How about you, Bardiche? Much success on your end? And what's with the, uh, smaller form?"

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

Flipping through the instructions, Fate reads up on the settings that she didn't realize existed the last time Soular was here. "Earth appliances are more complex than I imagined." She sets to filling it with water. Every so often she looks back to watch Westar trying the sweets, secretly enjoying that he's enjoying them, and yearning for the day that she could see her mother doing the same.

<I WOULD APPRECIATE THAT.> Bardiche responds to his offering to pay them back. Anyone who would offer to help Fate, and not secretly have some ulterior motive other than receiving a favor as well? He was happy with that.

Once he's finished, he replies, it's not condescending in the least. <MY OTHER FORM ATTRACTS TOO MUCH ATTENTION.> A beat, <AND I TEND TO FALL DOWN IF I'M NOT HELD UP.> Did he just deadpan, a bit?

He's quiet for a time, his glow receding, then returning as he asks, <HAVE YOUR COMRADES TREATED YOU BETTER FOR YOUR EFFORTS?>

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

The sweets are great! But this is a rare chance for Westar to talk with someone who isn't inclined to make fun of him constantly, so he avoids completely devouring things. They're good - but there should be some left for the other people here, right?

...Bardiche can't eat the snacks, though, can he?

"Aha! Well, that does seem like a problem. I suppose this is what you do when Testarossa isn't in the mood for a fight?" Westar gives a bit of a grin - he's not sure if Bardiche was entirely serious there, but he'll take him seriously all the same!

Aaaaand then there's that question, and Westar slumps where he sits. He doesn't drop the cake, of course, but still... "It's a bit better! A little. We have a new member that Eas recruited, and she isn't making fun of me at least. Though now the other two are comparing me to her, so..."

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

<SHE IS NEVER IN THE MOOD FOR A FIGHT.> Bardiche responds, in the same mechanical tone as always, though there's obviously implied emotion. <SHE STILL FIGHTS AND I WITH HER.>

His next chime is quieter, to be certain Fate cannot hear him, <WHEN SHE IS IN THE MOOD TO FIGHT THEN WE WILL CUT A NEW DESTINY TOGETHER.>

He doesn't elaborate on that though, instead moving on to Westar's troubles. <THAT DOES NOT SOUND RESPECTFUL.>

Fate is in the kitchen, staring at the electric kettle, Bardiche's chime increases in volume, <A WATCHED POT NEVER BOILS.> Fate looks back from the kitchen, staring at Bardiche's triangle on the coffee table with a startled look, "That can't be right. Thermodynamics says that it must. Where did you learn that?" <THE INTERNET.> Fate gives Bardiche an odd stare, then turns back to the pot, speaking stubbornly, "That sounds anecdotal. I'll prove it wrong."

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Confusion on Westar's face. Not wanting to fight? Well, he does take to physical conflict more readily than his companions, so maybe Testarossa's talents lie elsewhere as well? Or maybe it's something else. All he can do is give a solemn, grave nod to Bardiche's correction.

The solemnity is swiftly broken, however, by a private grin. Glancing toward the kitchen, he leans in to whisper conspiratorially to the Intelligent Device. "Good! I look forward to seeing you two in action when that happens."

Of course they'll be on the same side on that day, right?

There's a bit of back and forth about the kettle, and Westar adds his own two cents, calling out loudly. "Good! Don't believe everything you read!" Books are untrustworthy, after all.

And then it's back to a normal tone for discussion of Labyrinth's...Labyrinth-ness. "It's frustrating - the two of them will go on and on about my failures, and not even say a word when things do go well! Not that it's supposed to be about their approval - everything is for Mobius-sama's sake, of course - but still!..."

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

Bardiche has no reply to Westar saying he looked forward to that day. Perhaps he had the sense that Westar didn't truly understand. That didn't matter though, he did appreciate his approval. <THANK YOU.>

He's more sedate during Westar's encountering of Labyrinth, before he finally asks, <BEFORE YOU KNEW THEM WAS IT THIS WAY?> Bardiche had learned from Shun after all, that they all grew up in nurseries, eventually 'graduated' and were assigned citizen numbers. He had an inkling of an idea of how they were all raised as a result, and the parallels to Fate's situation were disturbing, albeit more extreme in some ways, and less so in others.

Fate calls out from the kitchen, "I think it's boiling!" <THE INTERNET MUST BE WRONG. HOW DISTRESSING.>

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Fate's motivations should be simple, but if they're not...Westar isn't the sort of person who has ever had to fix that kind of thing. Still, Bardiche has something to hope for - working in tandem with his partner. It almost makes the Labyrinth executive jealous...

Westar lets out a loud sigh. "Things were almost easier back then. There were Mobius-sama's direct commands, and I could just throw my strength into things. No praise, no mockery, just acknowledging that I'd done what needed doing. But now...now, we've got a broad mission, and whatever progress I make the others double!" He takes another roll of cake, and devours it in a bout of frustration.

After swallowing, he continues. "So - getting the advice from you two helped a lot. I'm not good at thinking out schemes, but just being direct seems to get too much attention from Tokyo's defenders...."

There's a call of victory from the kitchen, and Westar's face brightens again. He calls back in Bardiche's wake, gleeful. "Great work proving it wrong, Testarossa!"

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

<YOU DON'T COMPETE FOR HIS FAVOR.> Bardiche chimes in reply. <THE OTHER DOES. THEIR EGO DEMANDS IT.> That is probably not entirely true, but that is Bardiche's interpretation. <IT IS NO FAILURE ON YOUR PART THAT THEY MISTREAT YOU.>

Strange that he's saying this so easily to Westar, but not ever to Fate. Perhaps he understands that with Fate it would fall on deaf ears, with her love for her mother being so unconditional and thus delusional.

<WE CAN HELP. IF YOU HELP US.> Bardiche affirms. He would offer ideas even if Westar didn't offer to help though, out of mutual respect, but... he might as well try to recruit him to their cause. The sooner Fate found out that her mother wouldn't change, even with the Jewel Seeds...

Fate appears to be arranging the now steaming kettle on a tray, along with two cups on saucers, and placing some milk tea bags on the sides of them. "It was just simple science. Besides, it boiled when Soular was here and I was watching it." <YES SIR.>

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

...not his fault? Westar folds his arms, and thinks this over. Eas is...really driven, isn't she? Maybe she's just tearing him down for her own sake?...that can't make any sense. They're all executives of Labyrinth with the same mission, they should be working together.

"Why do they have to be so frustrating?!" Westar finally exclaims, then lets out a sigh. "Well, that already helps, Bardiche - so that makes two I owe you and Testarossa, I guess. We're all in this together, so I'll contribute to your mission next time you need it." He manages a smile, in spite of his frustration.

How is it that a Midchildan mage and her talking halberd-gem are better teammates than his fellow Labyrinth executives? Though, in fairness, he hasn't worked directly with them yet...

There's a noise from the kitchen, and Westar looks over. There's a tray, and drinks, and he beams. So this is tea, is it?... "Oh, it's ready? Great! These cakes are delicious, by the way, you should try some if you haven't already - oh, and the donuts too!"

The bag steams a bit when he opens it. Freshly fried, direct from Kaoru's stand!

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

Bardiche doesn't know Eas at all except second hand, from Soular. <THEY EITHER FEEL THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO PROVE OR THEY WANT THE CREDIT FOR THEMSELVES.>

That is his reply to why they're so frustrating. Despite his tone unchanging, he sounds appreciative just by his word choice. <THANK YOU. OUR SEARCH IS TAKING LONGER WITH EACH ONE WE ACQUIRE AND THE OPPOSITION IS BECOMING MORE FIERCE.>

"It's nothing I can't handle. I'm strong Bardiche." <YES SIR.> Is she rejecting help too!? "I certainly won't reject anyone who wants to help, though." Maybe not.

She places the tray down on the table beside the tray of roll cakes. The sugar cradle is practically bursting with sugar cubes, as Fate believes that this is how tea should be taken, thanks to Soular. She pours Westar's cup first, allowing the clear fluid to become murky as it mixes with the tea bag and rises. She then pours hers, and starts loading the already sweetened tea with more sugar cubes than seems reasonable.

As he offers the donuts, she looks at them, then smiles sedately, "I love sweets, but I don't deserve them." For some reason her mind decided that 'dessert' was different from cloyingly sweet tea. "I did have another success recently though, so maybe just one." She reaches towards the bag and takes one out, holding it in one hand, as she raises the tea cup to her lips. Unlike Soular, she doesn't find the sugar overload revolting. How strange!

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Bardiche's assessment, to Westar, feels...insightful. The blond-haired man rubs his head in frustration, but lets the topic lie - he came here to hear about Testarossa's mission as much as to gripe about his.

The back and forth between Bardiche and the arriving Fate leaves Westar trying to look at both. Eventually, he settles on Bardiche's comment, and chimes in. "Even if you can get things done with opposition in the way - it's easier if there's less of it! The more fighters that show up to stop my Nakewameke, the worse things get - it gets frustrating, fighting a bunch of people at once, right?"

He folds his arms as the tea is poured, eventually reaching out to add sugar cubes of his own - not knowing the drink, all he can do is mimic Fate's own mimicry of Soular. Inspiration strikes suddenly, though, and he gives the girl a grin. "Of course, if they really want to stop you...having a monster get in their way would make them miserable, right?"

It's a thought that had crossed his mind before - but the cram school incident brought it back all over again. The fact that there are ways to get sorrow other than just ruining happiness...maybe this one's worth a try. Satisfied by this decision, he takes a sip from his own tea.

And immediately coughs from the sweetness, staring at the cup. Soular drinks this?!

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

"You're right." Fate admits, and that's difficult to admit because she's stubborn. "I can take any one of them. Perhaps two. My teacher taught me how to use my superior speed and mobility against them." <TO TAKE THEM DOWN IN ONE SHOT.> "That is the idea." Fate responds to Bardiche, but admits again, "However, the mages I'm encountering are usually far too strong for that, and there are many. At one battle however, there were six." She takes a bite of the donut, eyes widening a bit at how good it tasted. "Anyhow, if you and one of your Nakewameke were present I imagine that even those odds would not be insurmountable."

When she sees him try the tea and cough however she replies, "Are you alright?" Her expression then falls as she remarks, "You don't like it." Another failure on her part. She can't even prepare tea right! Her scarlet eyes seem to grow even sadder...

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Talk of battle brings a grin to Westar's face, and he nods enthusiastically to both their descriptions. "My tactic is strength. I'm not fast, and my Nakewameke aren't either - but sheer force is hard to defend against. The trick is - that. Getting outnumbered. Most of my Nakewameke only have two hands, after all..."

Maybe he should try something with more?

As for the tea - after thinking it over, Westar tries another sip. "...actually, this is pretty good. I was expecting something bitter, like the coffee Eas drinks - but this is tasty! I'm surprised Soular likes this kind of drink." He reaches out to take a donut from the bag himself - the heart-shaped hole making it easy to dunk. "By the way, take another donut - you two can count 'giving good advice' as another success. Bardiche, do you want one too?"

<Pose Tracker> Fate Testarossa [None] has posed.

Fate gives him a skeptical look as he declares that he likes the tea, but she eventually accepts what he says at face value. He had no reason to spare her feelings, right? It didn't benefit him in any way. "He didn't complain. I think he added at least a dozen sugar cubes though, so he seems to like really sweet things."

As he offers another donut, she eventually, hesitantly accepts it. Bardiche chimes in, <I SHALL DEVOUR IT LIKE I WILL ANYONE WHO STANDS IN OUR WAY.> Fate's neck slowly turns, and she is staring down at Bardiche after that, with mouth agape, before he finally states, <THAT WAS A JOKE. GIVE HER MINE.>

There's a sigh of relief, as Fate realizes that she's not in fact in some alternate universe where Bardiche became bloodthirsty. She hastily changes the subject, "We'll play off our respective strengths in battle then."

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Huh. Things Westar never knew about Soular - though in Labyrinth, the food and drink selection was basically just standard nutrition packets. "I've seen him drink it that way before, it must be how he likes it." He has another sip of the tea - kind of sweet, but pretty good all the same.

Bardiche's comment earns a grin. Whether it was for the joke, or because Westar thought the device had become that bloodthirsty...who can say.

Either way - Westar's happy to leave the donut bag open to Testarossa's wishes, even has he snags another of the roll cakes - they're good too! "Sounds like a plan - give the word, and I'll show up. By the way..."

He spins the tray, so the remaining roll cakes are oriented toward Fate. "You should really have some of these, you picked out great snacks!"