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Battle Fantasia welcomes the addition of magical girl themes to its setting! There are far too many entries to the genre for the staff to have included them all; the rest is up to our playerbase. We ask in our character application that newly adapted themes generate, at minimum, a one paragraph introduction that we’ll post in our Theme Primer for all to see; additional integration changes are summarized here.

The most important integration change for most themes is to move the action to Earth, specifically Tokyo for the most part; Battle Fantasia Tokyo has an essentially unlimited capacity to absorb other towns as ‘one of the wards.’ Battle Fantasia’s Recognition Inhibition also necessitates a softening of any themes that fundamentally and permanently alter the status quo through events such as alien invasions or nukes going off. We ask that adapted magical girl themes embrace common ground with their brethren by defining appropriate Paths to Power according to the guidelines.

Direct adaptations of (and references/homages to) non-magical girl themes (from other genres of anime, manga, video games, Western animation, novels, etc) are something we strive to avoid. Please refrain from working them into your application. If you're not sure whether or not if something is appropriate, please ask!

For more information, please see: Rules