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Players may apply for as many characters as they think they have time to play on Battle Fantasia, but only up to four of their alts may be Feature Characters. Feature Characters are expected to be in at least two scenes a month; the staff will notify idle FCs of their imminent re-opening two weeks before performing sweeps in March, August and November. Any FC that isn’t logged in for at least a month without giving notice will be re-opened immediately. Any OC that isn't logged in for at least two months without giving notice may be idle-nuked at any time.

Any FC that fails two sweep-checks in one twelve-month period will be immediately reopened. (For example: if you receive a sweep warning in March, and then are sufficiently inactive that another sweep warning would be merited in August or November, you will simply be reopened instead. It is easy to avoid receiving a warning if you make a vacation post in advance of your inactivity.)

As a special exception, mascots, civilian noncombatants, and full-out villains do not count towards this limit, to encourage application of any or all. Activity requirements are still expected to be met, however.

Our alt interaction policy is common sense: don’t scene with yourself. Don’t gain stuff from your alts. Characters who must interact should not be played by the same person; if you can reasonably expect these two alts to interact in the course of normal RP, don’t app both of them. Most casts are too small to allow the same player to app multiple characters from it; if you feel you’ve found an exception, feel free to ask.

For more information, please see: Rules