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Beneath the glamour and the sparkles, Battle Fantasia's theme is about a tooth-and-nail battle with demons too powerful to describe and too ruthless to deny. In fighting them, people can, and will, die. It is the cruelest fate of the magical girl: Sometimes, even their loving hearts, bursting with hope, still cannot outshine the dark.

On Battle Fantasia, characters are entitled to Consensual Death. In short, this means that all players have the right to decide their characters remain alive through adversity. Losing a fight does not have to mean the end of their life, no matter the opponent or circumstance. Similarly, it is a player's right to decide when, where, and why to kill their character. We suggest you talk to staff if you are considering killing a character; they may have some ideas, either to suggest holding off or possibly even to provide plot opportunities to make the death more meaningful.

Of particular note, the administration reserves a right to veto the death of Feature Characters for any reason. Please also note that in certain circumstances, staff retains the ability to revoke a character's right to consensual death. This is invoked only very rarely, as a result of IC actions that make death inescapable, and we will always try to broadcast that such a fate is imminent.

All that said, on Battle Fantasia more than many other games, death is malleable. Miracles are many and varied, but by far the most common of them all is to bring life back to the dead. Occasionally, staff will announce that a resurrection miracle will occur at the end of a plot. Characters killed during the course of such plots will be revived at the end. Similarly, it may occasionally be possible to have a miraculous wish revive a character who was killed outside such a plot period.

However, do not count on miracles that have not been pre-arranged. All revival miracles must be pre-cleared with the administration. Staff wants to accommodate player ideas, but miracles are rare and cannot be produced on command. If staff does not know about a revival miracle plan ahead of time, they may have reason to reject it, and may choose to enforce that reason even if it causes a character's permanent death. In other words: if you’re going for a temporary death, make sure to OOCly arrange your resurrection before you die!

For more information, please see: Rules