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There are five main stats that determine someone's combat capabilities: Might, Vitality, Spirit, Reflex, and Composure. All of them range along a scale from 0-100, except Composure, which is 0-10. They are bought with Character Points on a 1:1 basis, except for Composure, which is free, and set freely according to the player's choice.


The Might stat represents the ability to do damage, be it using fists, swords, heart beams or fireballs. That being said, it isn’t the only way to increase one’s damage capacity; a hugely talented but unskilled character might invest heavily in Might but lack damage-improving Abilities, while a highly experienced but relatively low-raw-potential character might do the inverse. Both would do the same amount of damage, on average. An example of a starting character with relatively high Might would be Mai Tokiha.


The Vitality stat represents one’s ability to withstand, roll with, block, deflect or parry (all narratives invoked by the +brace reaction command) Physical-type damage. Vitality also resists Debuffs attached to Physical-type attacks. An example of a starting character with relatively high Vitality would be Sayaka Miki.


Vitality’s counterpart, Spirit represents one’s ability to resist Magical-type attacks and any debuffs attached to them. An example of a starting character with relatively high Spirit would be Nanoha Takamachi.


When you're fast, you're fast, and dodging bullets and punches is no different from dodging blasts of magical energy. Whether a character is naturally fast, has exceptional spatial awareness, or even some sort of precognition, Reflex represents the ability to evade incoming attacks (through use of the +dodge reaction command). An example of a starting character with relatively high Reflex would be Cardcaptor Sakura.


This stat represents the ability to keep cool under pressure, resist psychological attacks, and generally not freak out. A high Composure represents someone who is never rattled, while someone with low Composure easily loses hope; on the other hand, someone with a high Composure is difficult to fire up, while someone with low Composure is easy to inspire. In other words, Composure resists both Taunt and Cheer attacks, and also determines the magnitude of the benefits and drawbacks at high and low Morale respectively. Unlike other stats, which start at 0 and go as high as 100, Composure begins at 5 and ranges between 0 and 10. Because it is a fundamental aspect of a character’s personality, Composure is not something bought with Character Points; the advantages and disadvantages of Composure balance throughout its range to make all values equally worthwhile. Therefore, a player can select whatever value they think represents their character best.

Sailor Moon defines Composure 0. The almost totally emotionless robot Miyu Greer is Composure 10; perhaps more usefully, Homura Akemi, who feels very deeply but doesn't allow it to affect her very often, is Composure 9. High Composure does not require emotionlessness, only self-control. An average character with Composure 5, who is generally both passionate and professional without being an extreme in either direction, is Sailor Venus.

Stat Ranges

When designing a character, it’s helpful to remember that the 0-100 stat range spans the gamut from the most helpless human to the most legendary beings in the universe. The descriptions are from the perspective of Battle Fantasia characters; a stat of 40 is for a highly talented magical girl, not an ordinary person, and is an extraordinarily powerful trait in the greater universe.

Might, Reflex, Vitality and Spirit:

0: Incapable. Literally incapable of performing the stat's related function. A quadriplegic trying to perform a physical attack, or someone incapable of casting magic. Someone in a wheelchair trying to dodge.

1-9: Weak. The Might of someone with a crippled Linker Core. The Spirit of someone with a serious weakness to magic. The Reflex of someone who trips over their own feet, or the Vitality of someone who winces when they're bopped on the head with a newspaper.

10-19: Human average.

20-29: Mortal Training. Police officers for physical stats, or apprentice wizards for magical. Rank E might have one stat of this level; Rank D might have several.

30-39: Supernatural Training. There might be a couple hundred of these in a major metropolitan area. Champion boxers, kendo masters, either of whom probably have some mystical techniques. For wizards, this is about the journeyman level. Magically-augmented individuals tend to /average/ at this level. Rank D tends to have its highest stat around here, while this is the the low-to-average range of Rank C.

40-49: Highly Talented. At a given moment, there are rarely more than a hundred people who have this kind of stat naturally alive... in the universe. Rank C might have several stats around this level, while any higher Ranks with stats below 40 have a significant weakness for their power tier.

50-59: World-Class. This is the stat level of people known widely for their mystical abilities. It's difficult to exhibit magical power beyond this level without Recognition Inhibition inhibiting peoples' awareness of anything done with it - and even that must often be done indirectly, through fortune-telling and other tricks of the mind. A Rank C might have their best stat here, but only at the expense of some kind of weakness.

60-69: Masterful. A Might of this level can invoke the greatest magics in their school of sorcery. A Spirit of this level can endure even a long magical duel. A Vitality of this level can endure getting hit by a car. A Reflex of this level can dodge an arrow. Rank B often have more than one stat of this level; Rank A have many.

70-79: Grandmastery. For a long time it was believed reaching this and higher levels could only be achieved with a long magical pedigree. The rise of the magical girl, and other mages who cast from the heart, has taught the world that this tier is quite attainable if destiny wishes it. A Might of this level can invoke all the terrible wrath of heaven, and a Spirit of this level can endure the magics of gods. A Vitality of this level can endure getting hit by a train. A Reflex of this level can dodge a bullet. It's not uncommon for Ranks B or A to have a stat of this level, but only Rank S and up are likely to have several.

80-89: Staggeringly powerful. Even master magi marvel at someone with a Might of this level. Someone with a Spirit this powerful is talented at diverting even incredibly powerful magical attacks. A Vitality of this level can endure a house falling on them without much trouble. A Reflex of this level can skate around storms of arrows all day. Being this talented in anything is uncommon, and it's very rare for any but the most powerful individuals (Rank S) to have more than one stat this high.

90-99: World-shaking. Strike the earth and mountains crumble. Slash at the sky and storms scatter. Stand your ground, and not even titans can move you. Obtaining a stat of this level requires more than just talent - sheer freakish magical prodigies who also have a great deal of experienced gained through immense, extended hardship, have any hope of attaining such power. ANYONE having a stat this high is an extraordinary feat; Rank S is a requirement.

100: Miraculous. Only characters with a world-defining trait has a stat at 100; they may not be Rank S, but those below it suffer some critical weakness as a result. A Might of this level can rewrite reality. A Spirit of this level is functionally immune to magic, while a Vitality of this level is essentially invulnerable to physical harm by anything short of gods or cosmic forces. Someone with a 100 Reflex is nigh-impossible to hit if they're expecting the attack and have the means to evade it. Eternal Sailor Moon's Might. Cardcaptor Sakura’s Vitality, when she’s wielding The Shield. Asuna Kagurazaka's Spirit. Homura Akemi's Reflex.


To give an example of Composure ranges, we've drawn from a variety of casts. Note that these are the staff's interpretation, and actual apped FCs may have convinced us otherwise.

Composure 0: Sailor Moon

Composure 1: Sayaka Miki, Cure Blossom

Composure 2: Utena Tenjou, Nanami Kiryuu

Composure 3: Sailor Jupiter, Cure Marine, Saionji Kyouichi

Composure 4: Sailor Mars, Kyouko Sakura

Composure 5: Nanoha Takamachi, Sailor Venus, Cure Sunshine

Composure 6: Mami Tomoe, Sailor Mercury, Miki Kaoru

Composure 7: Fate Testarossa, Juri Arisugawa, Cure Moonlight

Composure 8: Tuxedo Kamen

Composure 9: Homura Akemi, Sailor Neptune, Touga Kiryuu, Dark Precure

Composure 10: Anthy Himemiya

For more information, please see: Ranks, Chargen