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Organizations on Battle Fantasia are not the all-encompassing, game defining, "if you're not in one, you'll never be connected to the action" Factions that they've become on many other games. What they are are, ultimately, are OOCly convenient groupings of characters to help players and staff arrange stuff for a lot of people at once, and IC forces of influence who all dislike each other to varying degrees, but who do not wield enough power to dominate the landscape of constantly awakening magical girls and their myriad enemies. "Unaffiliated" is very much a valid faction choice, and characters who are rising above the internecine thousand-year-old feuds of the Magic Association and terribly ruthless tactics of the Tuners Organization are not the exception; they're the norm. Team affiliations generally trump the relatively loose Organization affiliations regardless, and only the most naive Organization members think otherwise. But knowing about them is still useful, even if to the average magical girl the Magic Association is a bunch of musty old farts, and the Ends of the World a gang of creepy sleazoids.

The Organizations are:

  • The Magic Association, the ancient guardians of Earth's knowledge and magic;
  • The Tuner Organization, a modern union of ruthless monster-fighters who eschew tradition;
  • Dark Fall, an army of demons who seek nothing less than the destruction of Earth as we know it;
  • Ends of the World, an enigmatic conspiracy with designs to seize power over the whole world.

As world-spanning secret-societies, naturally the average citizen has no idea about any of this. But those awakened to the fantastic world quickly discover these things; knowing about the Organizations' existence is fine, though of course someone wishing to roleplay ignorance is welcome to. The main exception to this is the Ends of the World, which thrives on mystery. Even among the awakened, most people have only heard its name, with possibly some unpleasant rumors.

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