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In all cases, use of <> as separators is not to be taken literally; you shouldn't type < and then >.

Commands to find players

WHO - The most raw, basic output of who's online, how long they've been on, how long they've been idle, and a 'doing' (set with @doing me=Whatever) that is usually used to store silly, short notes.

+who - A much fancier way to show the same information, including peoples' aliases. A red asterik indicates someone is in-character, and there's a total listing of how many folks are IC or OOC (or idle) at the bottom.

+where - Only shows the location of in-character people, but if they are online but not on +where, they're probably in the OOC Lounge. Names are color-coded to the School a character atttends for your convenience!

l - Shows the room you're in. For example:

 *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* OOC Lounge - The Great Cake +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*
  There is a place visited only in dreams, and forgotten upon awakening. With   
  its glistening, smooth white surface, it looks at first like a vast disk of   
  virgin snow, dropping off into an abyss punctured by twinkling stars. But     
  here there is a strawberry the size of a car, sugar-glazed and standing on    
  its head like a fruit tower. There, a spattering of rainbow sprinkles the     
  size of sausages. The edge of the disk is lined with rampant puffs of         
  cloudlike frosting. This is not a snowy field, but the surface of a most      
  colossal cake.                                                                
 *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* Players +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*
 Usagi Tsukino (U|8th) <Sailor Moon>    
 *+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Things +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*
  Announcements -- Please 'l announcements'!                                  
 | Plot Door <P>                 Plot Rooms                                     |
 | Quiet Door <Q>                Quiet Room - Parfait of Silence                |
 | Meeting Door <M>              Meeting Room - Diet of Cookies                 |
This has a structure in which top line shows the greater zone the room is in; the second line shows the name of the room. Then comes the description. Any players in the room are listed under 'players', with their name, (organizational affiliation|grade in school, if any; U is for Unaffiliated, 8th is for 8th grader, in the example), and <Current Henshin Form>. Their color designates their school. Beneath that are any exits. For example, you could type 'plot' or 'p' to go through the Plot Door

exit to the Plot Rooms. And that's how you get around!

The watchfor system is used to know when your friends log on and off. In all cases, +watchfor and +wf are synonymous.
+watchfor - Shows you a list of connected, watched characters.
+watchfor/list - Shows you everyone on your watchfor list.
+watchfor/add <target> - Adds a character to your watchfor list.
+watchfor/del <target> - Deletes a character from your watchfor list.
+watchfor/on - You will be notified when characters on your watchfor list connect and disconnect.
+watchfor/off - You will no longer be notified when characters on your watchfor list connect and disconnect.

Expressing yourself in the same room as another person

The following commands are the meat and drink of roleplay. If you use them in an in-character area, they're assumed to be in-character. If you use them in an out-of-character area, they're assumed to be you, the player behind the screen, not your character.

"Blah - The " command is called 'say'. This emits to the room, Yourname says, "Blah"

:blahs. - The : command is called pose. This emits to the room, Yourname blahs.

;'s blah is blah! - The ; command is also a pose, but it doesn't automatically append a space after the semi-colon. This emits to the room, Yourname's blah is blah!

@emit Suddenly, Yourname blahs. - @emit lets you start a pose with something other than your name. It is always advisable to include your name (or, if you're being an NPC, the NPC's name) somewhere in an emit (even if other characters in the scene haven't ICly been introduced), and it is very rude to impersonate someone else with emits. This emits to the room, Suddenly, Yourname blahs.

+ooc Blah and +ooc :blahs and +ooc ;'s a'blahing - +ooc prefaces a say or pose with an indicator to show it is an out of character comment. This is only necessary on the In-Character grid; in out of character areas, you are assumed to be out of character, and actually mixing things up by being in-character, out of character, can get very confusing (so please don't).

These commands deal with setting the physical appearance of your character, as seen by others when they use the "look" command.

@describe me=I am stupendous! Character descriptions (what you see when you type 'l name') are usually somewhat longer than this. A good rule of thumb is two paragraphs: one for the person themselves, one for their clothes. Longer than that may or may not get fully read by someone who wants to look through the descriptions of the ten magical girls in the room; your mileage may vary.

You can also use our multi-descer (multiple description) storage commands to save and recall descriptions:

+desc/add Title=Description - Saves 'Title' description as 'description'.

+desc/del Title - Deletes 'Title' description from storage.

+descs - Lists stored descriptions.

+desc/view Title - Views the description saved as 'Title.'

+desc Title - Sets your description to what's saved under 'Title', and announces your new splendor to the room!

+desc/silent Title - Silently sets your description to what's saved under 'Title'.

+desc/henshin Henshin Number=Title - When you +transform to Henshin Number, your description will automatically change to the one saved as 'Title.'

+henshin/name Henshin Number=Name - When you +transform to Henshin Number, your name will automatically change to 'Name.'

The Pose Order Tracker (+pot)

+pot - The pose order tracker sorts by pose order, with the most recent posers at the top. It displays their names, how long they've been idle, how long it has been since they posed, whether or not they have any status effects (eg, buffs or debuffs; B|D: Y/N means a N under B means 'no buffs', a Y under D means 'yes debuffs', and vice versa), and then some prose about their Fatigue, Mana and Morale. These are only indicators; how one poses one's condition (especially one's feelings) is ultimately up to the player.

A yellow asterick indicates someone has used +heal/boss to take on multiple opponents.

Fatigue and Mana ranges: Great: 90-100%, Good: 70-90%, Okay: 50-70%, Bad: 30-50%, Awful: 10-30%, Critical: 1-10%, KO: 0% or less. Boss indicates a character is in boss mode, and has extra health and mana.

Morale ranges: Normal: -10 to +10, Down: -40 to -10, Morose: -70 to -40, Despairing: -90 to -70, Critical: -99 to -90, KO: -100 or lower. Upbeat: 10 to 40, Hopeful: 40 to 70, Radiant: 70 to 90, Transcendent: 90 to 100.

For example:

===========================[ Sagittarius Zero Star ]============================
 Name                Idle Pose  B|D: Y/N       Fatigue         Mana       Morale
 Usagi Tsukino        0s    2m  N|Y              Great        Great      Hopeful
 Jadeite              4s    5m  N|N               Okay           KO Transcendent
 Ami Mizuno           47m  54m  N|N              Great         Good       Normal
 Scene Pose           24m         Scene pose set by Jadeite.                    
==========================[ Sun Sep 15 18:59:13 2013 ]==========================

+pot/last - Displays the most recent round of poses. +pot/last <name> only displays Name's most recent pose.

+pot/scene <pose> - Sets the Scene Pose, accessible by anyone in the same room with +pot/scene.

+observe - Marks you as an observer, untracked by the pose order and ineligible for room-wide +sparkles. A second invocation removes the observer status.

&pot_spoof me=1 - Prefaces incoming poses with the names of their writers.

&pot_soundtrack me=1 - Prefaces incoming poses with their soundtrack (as set with +soundtrack/current <trackname or link>).

Expressing yourself ICly, from another room

This is modern Japan, so we have a cell phone/wrist communicator command for in-character interactions between people, especially teammates, who are in different rooms. (It's also a solution for the occasional theme with telepathy, mind-to-mind speech.) If you'd rather just RP 'as though you're in different rooms, talking on the phone', in the same actual room on the MUSH, that's perfectly fine. Please don't use +phone excessively in actual roleplaying scenes, and if you do, be sure to note in your poses that you're occasionally turning away to talk into your device!

+phone <targets or predial code>=<Message> - Sends your IC voice across your cell phone to the targets, either entered directly or preset in a predial setting.

+phone/predial <code>=<targets> - Defines a predial code with the given targets.

+phone/list - Shows your list of predial codes.

+phone/predialdel <code> - Removes a predial code entirely from your phone.

Expressing yourself OOCly, from another room

p someone=something - p is short for page. This pages, or sends a direct, private message, from you to 'someone'. Either use their full (first and last) name, or their alias, which is listed in +who and their +finger. Pages are always assumed to be out-of-character. This emits to someone, Yourname (youralias) pages: something

p someone=:somethings. - If you append a colon after the =, you get a page-pose. This emits to someone, From afar, Yourname (youralias) somethings.

p someone=;'s something is something! - Similarly, appending a semicolon will eliminate the space, allowing you to use contractions. This emits to someone, From afar, Yourname (youralias)'s something is something!

Finding The Staff

Need help? The staff are here to answer your questions.

+staff or +stafflist - Lists the currently connected staff. If no staff are connected, suggests an alternative. Please do not disturb Off-duty staff unless it is an emergency, or contact them on their characters about staff matters.

+staff/all or +stafflist/all - Lists all the staff, connected or no.


There are both in- and out-of-character chat channels. Though the OOC Lounge is the primary source of out-of-character discussion, OOC chat channels can be useful to carry on a conversation when people are in different rooms.

IC chat channels, on Battle Fantasia, represent actual cell phone chatrooms, social media, and the like. If you're in the middle of a roleplay, please don't use IC chat channels unless you're also posing your character stopping mid-speech (or mid-punch!) to text the school chatroom, and the like; unlike on some other games, Battle Fantasia is not a setting where continuous IC channel-chatting makes IC sense, and we'd prefer that IC channels be reserved for out-of-scene short discussions and the like.

  • Public is the main OOC chat channel. Be tasteful, and don't be wildly spammy; otherwise, anything goes.
  • Discussion is an alternative space for especially spammy or heated topics. Please move here if requested by others in a room or channel!
  • Spoilers is the OOC chat channel for spoilery things. New shows and the like have an eight week spoiler cooldown (starting after the final episode airs), during which they should only be discussed here, not in the OOC Lounge or anywhere else. After that period, if someone asks you to move a conversation to Spoilers, please respect their wishes. If you can be considerate, why not be?
  • Guests is the OOC chat channel that Guests are automatically on, whenever they log in. It exists to provide them with a separate space to ask questions. Please be polite -- and don't be misleading -- if you're on this channel.
  • Ask-Staff is a direct OOC line to the staff for any questions. You're welcome to listen in, but please actually let the staff answer the questions posed; if the asker was surveying everyone, there are other channels for that purpose.
  • Characters is an OOC chat channel for existing players to formulate additional character concepts.
  • Roleplay is an OOC chat channel where players looking for roleplay can arrange scenes.
  • O-School are OOC school chat channels, for players whose characters are at the same school to discuss and arrange school-related matters.
  • O-Organization are OOC organization chat channels, for players whose characters are in the same organization to discuss and arrange organization-related matters.
  • IC-Whatever are IC chat channels. There are IC-School channels and IC-Organization channels. They might be a twitter feed, or a chatroom, though for actual cell phones, conference calls, and whatnot, we also have another command called +phone.

School and Organization channels are on the honor system; if you aren't a student at a given School, or a member of a given Organization, please do not be on their channels. Staff will remove interlopers; repeated offenses may lead to punitive action.

+chanlist shows all the channels out there.

@chan/on <channel name> turns on a channel.

@chan/off <channel name> turns it off.

If you're already on a channel, @chan/gag <channel name> will temporarily gag it, if it's getting too spammy but you don't want to leave the channel completely; @chan/ungag <channel name> will ungag it, as will reconnecting to the game.

To speak on a channel, +<channel name> Blah, +<channel name> :blahs and +<channel name> ;'s blah is blah. are all valid syntax.

@chan/title <channel name>=<title> will prefix a channel title to your name whenever you speak on that channel. For example, @chan/title pub=Pirate will cause all your Public commentary to be given by 'Pirate Yourname' instead of just 'Yourname'.

If you want to see what's been said on a channel recently, @chan/recall <channel name>=<number of lines> will emit you the buffer. This is the least of many reasons to always be polite to, and about, everyone on the game.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are a great way to send lasting messages to the entire game. They are sorted by topic; it is highly recommended to read through the existing posts when you first join the game, and then keep on top of them thereafter, for it is here that both OOC and IC news is announced, scenes are scheduled, and so forth. If you haven't been keeping up with the bulletin boards and you don't know what's going on on the game, now you know why.

+bbread displays the various bulletin boards, the date of their most recent post, and the number of messages currently on each board, with the little Us indicating unread messages:

       Group Name                    Last Post      # of messages
 1     Public                        Mon Sep 09            0    
 2     Announcements                 Mon Sep 09            0    
 3     Character Announcements       Tue Sep 10            1 U  
 4     Scene Announcements           Mon Sep 09            0    
 5     Wanted Concepts               Mon Sep 09            0    
 6     Vacations                     Mon Sep 09            0    
 7     Suggestions                   Mon Sep 09            0    
 8     Code Updates                  Tue Sep 10            1 U  
 9     Daily Spotlight               Mon Sep 09            0    
10     IC News                       Mon Sep 09            0    
11     IC Rumors                     Mon Sep 09            0    
12     Cutscenes                     Mon Sep 09            0    
13     Juuban Public School          Mon Sep 09            0    
14     Infinity Institute            Mon Sep 09            0    
15     Ohtori Academy                Mon Sep 09            0    
16     Dark Fall                     Mon Sep 09            0    
17     Ends of the World             Mon Sep 09            0    
18     Magic Association             Mon Sep 09            0    
19     Tuner Organization            Mon Sep 09            0   
'*' = restricted     '-' = read only     '(-)' = read only, but you can write 

The first 9 bulletin boards are all pretty exclusively out of character:

Public is for general discussion; Announcements is specifically for staff to post out-of-character announcements about the game. Character Announcements is the board that tracks the closing and opening of Feature Characters. Scene Announcements are where upcoming scenes are posted automatically by our scheduling commands (+help +scene). Wanted Concepts is a place for anyone to post a character they're looking to see played; Vacations is where you tell everyone that you're leaving for a while; Suggestions is an open suggestion box from the playerbase to the staff; Code Updates is where the staff informs the game of any code updates; finally, Daily Spotlight is a board with fast turnover, to post silly little out-of-character anecdotes as they arise.

The rest of the bulletin boards are used both for IC and OOC communication. It is customary to put IC: or OOC: in the title of your posts, to make clear which it is. They're all pretty self-explanatory in name; Cutscenes is notable for being a place to post off-camera cutscenes about your characters, and/or to link to the wiki pages that contain those cutscenes. Unless you're a member of a given organization or school, you should never assume that anything you see on one of their boards is knowledge available to you.

+bbscan will list all your unread bulletin board messages by board and message number.

+bbread <board number>=<message number> displays a message on a board.

+bbcatchup <board number> will mark all the messages on a board as read. +bbcatchup all will mark all messages as read.

+bbnext will display an unread message. Type it, read the message, type it again, repeat until it says 'you have no more unread messages'. Typing it in rapid succession is kind of a strain on the game, so try to avoid that.

+bbpost <board number>/<title>=<text> will post a message on Board Number with Title and Text. Alternatively, +bbpost <board number>/<title> will let you more gradually input and edit your text with +bb <text>; +bbproof will show proofread your post in that case, and +bbpost will post it.

+bbedit <board number>/<message number>=<A>/<B> will replace all occurances of A in the text of Message Number on Board Number with B. You can only edit your own messages.

For more information, please see: Battle Commands, Other Commands, Tutorials