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The staff name theme is Magical Girl Weapons! You may discover from some of our choices that we are not wildly serious people.

Here's what our staff positions mean, in terms of who to contact for what:

  • Plotstaff: These staffers focus on generating their own plots, and approving and enabling other people. They should be your best choice for plot-related matters.
  • Charstaff: These staffers focus on the character generation process; both coming up with ideas to help a concept work, and warning people what may be unworkable.
  • Themestaff: These staffers focus on generating theme and helping with theme integration.
  • Gridstaff: These staffers focus on the creation and maintenance of the grid, both in and out of character.
  • Coderstaff: These staffers focus on the creation of maintenance of code, as well as the combat system.
  • Director: This staffer does everything as necessary.

And here are a couple of quick suggestions for how to have quick and easy interactions with the staff:

  • There are a lot of you and only a few of us. Please be patient if we ask you to wait your turn; please be patient if we forget to get back to you simply because we have a twenty-person queue. Just remind us nicely; this is our advance apology.
  • Often, good ideas are complex ideas, and they require discussion between staffers to rule on. Don't take a delay on an answer -- possibly the warning of a significant delay -- as a sign that we hate your idea. Take it as a good sign; really unworkable ideas are generally easier to answer (with rejection) than workable ones that require some thought and tender loving care.
  • The wiki is very, very large (as are our extensive +helpfiles, but we recommend the wiki for your convenience, the two are kept identical whenever possible). It can be intimidating to read through, but it also means that there is a tremendous amount of information stored within. Happily, there's a search function at the top, and we recommend trying to find answers to many questions that way.

And without further ado, the people behind the curtain:

  • Pink Moon Stick (Source: Sailor Chibi-Moon of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) is our director and coder.
  • Raising Heart (Source: Nanoha Takamachi of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) is Gridstaff/Themestaff.
  • Cowstian Dior (Source: Anthy Himemiya of Revolutionary Girl Utena) is Charstaff.
  • Glittering Crux Masque (Source: Glittering Crux Brigade members of Star Driver) is Plotstaff.

Nice to meet you, everyone!

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