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The following characters are currently inappable. If they become playable, an announcement will be made on the game's bboards. This list is not total; sometimes we forget to say that some distant, benevolent (or malevolent) god-queen who only shows up in the second-to-last episode for exposition is unplayable, but she probably is. When in doubt, ask!

General Restrictions

  • Feature Characters from new series may become appable eight weeks after the final episode of the series airs, as long as the staff determines that the theme should be integrated at all. For the case of new series airing over the course of more than a year, exceptions may be considered after at least one year has passed since the first episode.
  • You can't be from the future, unless you have a canonical way to the past. Original Themes are asked, for sanity's sake, to not involve time travel.
  • Many teams (the Sailor Senshi, a given Pretty Cure canon, etc) are closed to original applications, but original teams within their settings are often encouraged.
  • You can't app OCs with major, pre-set ties to FCs. Minor ties (eg, 'in the same class') are inevitable and fine.
  • Original Characters should generally not not know all the secrets of their theme. Secret-privy Feature Characters usually have reasons to keep those secrets, and are expected to do so as appropriate.
  • Trans characters naturally count as the gender with which they identify for the purpose of gendered rules in any theme. Just like everything else, what's in your heart matters more than anything else.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

  • Pharaoh 90 - Still in the distant Tau Ceti galaxy. Also a fine example of the class of villain that doesn't really have enough character to be more than an NPC, usually; we will consider exceptional applications of the fleshing-out variety, but generally the more elemental forces of evil aren't very playable.
  • Wiseman/Death Phantom - Hanging around Black Moon Clan HQ, but also essentially elemental evil.
  • Original Makaiju Glam Rock Space Elves - Appable, but they must be subject to the "must forcibly drain energy or die" moral quandary that drives their role as antagonists. Space elves who show up already living off of the power of love may become appable after the Doom Tree arc has resolved.
  • The Dead Moon Circus - The circus has yet to come to town.
  • The Sailor Animamates - Galaxia and her crew are still out conquering the rest of the galaxy; Earth will be their final stop.
  • The Dark Kingdom - Queen Beryl/Metallia and the Four Generals are dead (again).
  • Original Sailor Senshi
  • No in-system OC Sailor Senshi. Frankly we've got enough canon examples to choose from there.
  • You may app OC Sailor Senshi from outside of the Solar System as long as you can explain what they're doing on Earth. Are they fleeing danger on their planet? Does Earth have something they need? Were they reborn on Earth after the loss of their own planet? Earth is special, after all, but you need a reason to be here if you're from a planet Earth doesn't even know exists yet.
  • You can app Sailor Earth! His name is Mamoru Chiba and his Senshi identity is Tuxedo Kamen. Yes, that role is taken.
  • Tuxedo Kamen is the only canon male Senshi and we'd like to keep it that way for thematic purposes.
  • OC Animamates will definitely be allowed... eventually.

Cardcaptor Sakura

  • Eriol Hiiragizawa - Still in England along with Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon.

Dokidoki! Pretty Cure

  • The Fairies - All used for transformation.
  • Ai-chan - A baby.
  • Sebastian - Best NPCed by Alice Yotsuba's player.

Fresh Pretty Cure!

  • Mobius - Busy ruling Labyrinth, and soon, all the worlds!!
  • Kaoru-chan - Better off as an NPC serving donuts than an idol singer astronaut secret service PC.
  • Chiffon - Too young.
  • Klein - Too busy.

Futari wa Pretty Cure

  • The Dark King - About as primal a force of pure, elemental villainy as exists.
  • The Queen of Light - Same problem, inverse reason. Not really a person...
  • Hikari Kujou/Shiny Luminous - ...yet.
  • Mepple and Mipple (and Porun) - Better off controlled by their partners, due to their being attached literally at the hip (-slung cell phone holster)

Go! Princess Pretty Cure

  • Prince Kanata - On the run in Hope Kingdom. He'll open when he comes to Earth.

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

  • Blue: One of Earth's many guardian spirits empowered to recruit magical girls to the cause, he is busy doing so, when he isn't off sulking in a mirror somewhere. Some call him God, but there are many God figures in the Battle Fantasia universe, all of them powerful, none of them omniscient or omnipotent.
  • Deep Mirror: Hanging around, but not on camera. Mirage's player can emit his out-of-combat mysterious advice at her discretion.
  • International Pretty Cure: Currently nonexistent on BF; there is no legion of worldwide, NPC Pretty Cure. The action of the Phantom Empire's invasion (and Blue's recruitment of Precure defenders) thus far takes place wholly in Japan.

Heartcatch Pretty Cure

  • Lord Dune - He's still on Planet Castle, far from Earth.
  • Original Heartcatch Precure - The four from the show are the only four Heartcatch Precure, though entirely original Pretty Cure teams are very welcome.
  • Mysterious Hot Guy - Too busy being mysterious. And hot.

Kaitou Saint Tail

  • Ruby - Busy hedgehoging, which is now a verb, definitely.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

  • The Devil - NEWP.
  • God - NEWWWWWWP.
  • Finn Fish - Only with great discretion.

Little Witch Academia

  • Professor Ursula - Retired (from magical girldom). If you're dying to play her, please talk to the staff first.
  • Professor Woodward - Not around enough.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

  • Subaru, Teana, Erio and Caro - are also in THE FUTURE.
  • TSAB Agents - Inappable. The full details are available here.

Magic Knight Rayearth

  • Princess Emeraude - She's down, down, down in the dark dank dungeon...
  • Original Magic Knights - There can be only three. Original magical, butt-kicking Cephirans, or other ordinary citizens of Tokyo who get drawn into the conflict and become extraordinary through alternate means, are greatly encouraged.


  • Nagi Homura - Due to the high potential of his being a plot spoiler, Nagi is an NPC unless someone can convince us that they'll properly keep his secrets. If you want to hunt him down in his library lair (or have him taunt you from the treetops), just send a request to the staff!
  • The Obsidian Prince - His identity has yet to be OOCly defined. You can certainly app someone who turns out to be the Prince in canon, but they may or may not wind up the Prince on Battle Fantasia.

Oto x Maho

  • Konata Shirahime - On BF, she was one of Ala Rubra and is therefore too famous and powerful to have around all the time.

Princess Tutu

  • Drosselmeyer - He's dead. And an NPC. At the same time!
  • The Raven - Currently trapped.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  • Kyubey and the Incubators - NPCs, the lot of them, due to their scope of power and knowledge.
  • Yuma - Does not feature in this timeline. Someone who really wanted her would need to open a dialogue with Kyouko's player and the staff, but she's provisionally unplayable.
  • Nagisa Momoe - Inappable. May or may not become appable post-Walpurgisnacht, subject to other decisions made around that time.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

  • Dios - Yeah, no.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

  • Carol Malus Dienheim and the Autoscorers - Also not around quite yet.

Shugo Chara!

  • The Easter CEO - His true identity remains a mystery. (If you really want to play the CEO, we might be open to it, but it would require oaths sworn in blood to not be dropping hints.)

Smile! Pretty Cure

  • Pierrot - Forever sealed away. Pay no attention to the Doom Clock!
  • Royale Queen - A lovely statue, but not a great conversationalist.
  • Pop - The Jack Rakan of Precure mascots. Too busy on missions in Marchenland to be around all the time as a PC.
  • Original Smile Precure - This five girl band is full.

Steven Universe

  • Lion - The biggest pinkest mascot is NPCed by Steven's player once they meet up. Subject to change if he becomes less inscrutable.
  • Ruby or Sapphire individually - This should be obvious, but just in case.
  • Original Homeworld Gems - Not yet, but almost certainly eventually.
  • Original Crystal Gems - Maybe someday Steven will surpass his mother and be able to heal their shards, but not yet.

Suite Pretty Cure o/`

  • Noise - Little more than headphones at this point.
  • Crescendo Tone - In a box.
  • Fairy Tones - Saving the day with teamwork -- as NPCs.
  • Otokichi - Possibly appable with a blood oath to keep his secrets under wraps.
  • Original Suite Precure - They’ve already got the girls to soar across the entire octave.

For more information, please see: Rules