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In Battle Fantasia, character sheets are created out of a master pool of Character Points. These points can be spent on stats (Might, Reflex, Vitality, Spirit; Composure does not cost Character Points), henshin abilities, and extra attack slots (a given henshin starts with two finishers and three specials by default). For each henshin form, one’s total Character Points are redistributed between stats, attack slots, and henshin abilities.

Might, Reflex, Vitality and Spirit are bought on a 1:1 basis. They start at 0 and can range as high as 100.

Every character gets 16 separate Master Trait points to be bought as they wish from the Abilities list, as well. At Master Rank B, this increases to 20 points; 26 at A, 30 at S. (Each time, they may reassign all the Master Trait Points as they wish.) Master traits are always the same, regardless of current transformation. No additional Character Points may be spent on Master Traits.

Henshin Abilities are attached to a given transformation, and are only applied when a character is using the transformation in question.

Additional finisher or special attack slots can be bought for 5 points apiece.

One’s initial pool of Character Points depends on one’s initial Master Rank, which is typically Rank B or C. It is possible to have henshin forms built on a higher Rank (and thus more Character Points), but this comes with a serious surcharge in Mana, applied once per combat round.

As of 09/26/22, per our annual Character Point normalization implemented per Advancement: all starting characters can be built on up to 404 points rather than 180. They can elect to start at Master Rank C or B as they prefer. Master Rank A still requires a minimum of twelve months of play.

Master Rank Starting Character Points Master Trait Points
F 60 16
E 80 16
D 130 16
C 180 16
B 265 20
A 370 26
S 460 30


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Stats - The five combat stats on Battle Fantasia: Might, Reflex, Vitality, Spirit and Composure.

Abilities - The (mostly) passive traits used to customize and specialize a character within the system.

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For more information, please see: Combat System