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Traditionally, this file uses an actual MPAA rating to benchmark behavior on a MUSH. On BF, however, we recognize that our themes are from wildly divergent tones and tenors, from totally harmless adventure shows starring kids to cerebral teen dramas about grappling with coming of age. Any one rating would surely put something fully appable outside of its scope.

Therefore, the staff of Battle Fantasia asks simply that players adhere to good taste and good manners. This is shoujo; people have sometimes irrationally intense relationships, and occasionally creators put characters into adult situations well before they are, in the eyes of society, ready for them. We don't demand that you shy away from those things, but we do ask for appropriate dignity and taste.

In other words, if two very young characters are in a relationship, keep it chaste! Eight year olds can confess their undying, passionate love in this genre, but in practice that doesn't really move beyond holding hands. Similarly, please don't pose getting eviscerated or other excessively graphic sorts of violence.

In short, on BF we trust our players to know where the line is with regard to the young age of the average character, but we also know that when that line is crossed, it can be very unnerving. Please respect the comfort of others. In particular, we ask that genuinely sexual content be kept implicit, or at the very least strictly off-screen. This goes for all ages. This is not that game.

Failure to abide by these rules can and will result in prompt administrative action, up to and including dismissal from the game.

For more information, please see: Rules