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Free-tier attacks (as opposed to Specials and Finishers) can be created freely, on the fly. They represent improvisation, and other minor attacks unworthy of Character Point investment for a permanent Special or Finisher slot in a given henshin form’s +attacks.

In exchange for their versatility, they suffer a number of limitations.

  • Free attacks can be any type and range, but only go up to Power Level 3.
  • Free attacks can only have one flag.
  • Free attacks can only select flags from the following list: Penetrating, Defense Breaking, Homing, Accurate, Overpower, Disengage, Stagger, Tangle, Exhausted, Diversion, Taunt, Cheer, Psych, Quip, Barrage, Item Grab, Reinforce, Area, Rush1-5, Charge1-5
  • Characters with the Power of Darkness Ability may also select flags from the following list: Trap, Stun, Cripple, Blind, Vampiric, Mana Attack, Energy Drain

The Improvisationalist Ability adds 1 point to the pool of Attack Points Free attacks are built upon.

Free Attack Commands

The following commands are used to add and remove Free attacks from one’s currently equipped henshin form:

  • +freeattack/set: allows a player to set a free attack on their current henshin, under certain limitations: only one flag allowed, only a limited selection of flags allowed, attack is made on a limited number of points as defined by their Master Rank and the Improvisationalist ability, if applicable.
Syntax: +freeattack/set Name|Free|PL|Type|Range|Flag
  • +freeattack/del: Allows players to delete Free-tier attacks off their current henshin.
Syntax: +freeattack/del <attack name>
  • +freeattack/wipe: Allows players to wipe all Free-tier attacks off their current henshin at once. Can only be used if no nearby players have an attack from the user in their queue (ergo, best used out of combat, or when it's not your turn).
Syntax: +freeattack/wipe

For more information, please see: Attacks, Chargen, Powers of Darkness