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A single long Timeline file would not particularly serve Battle Fantasia, a patchwork universe of many influences in many places. Therefore, the history of the universe will be relayed in a series of brief summary stories. More of these may be added as inspiration strikes! For the most part, only the files on Modern Times are important for every player to know. The others represent theme-important but optional reading.


History: The Silver Millennium - A retelling of the events that led to the fall of the Silver Millenium and the transformation of the world by three dying wishes.

History: The Dark Ages - The story of the dark age between the fall of the Silver Millenium and the magical renaissance beginning in the 1800s.

History: The Other Worlds - A brief accounting of the struggles of the Mystic Realms following their expulsion from the Earth.

History: Clow Reed - The story of Clow Reed, who set the stage for the modern world.

History: Modern Times - The story of how we came to the present moment, including the battle against Lord Dune, the Bellum Scismatica, and the modern magical girl renaissance.

History: Infinity Institute - The story of Infinity Institute.

History: Ohtori Academy - The story of Ohtori Academy.

History: Juuban Public School - The (short) story of Juuban Public School.

History: The Tuner Organization - The story of the Tuner Organization.

History: The Magic Association - The story of the Magic Association.

History: Dark Fall - The story of Dark Fall.

History: Ends of the World - The story of the Ends of the World.

History: Between The Lines - The story of the story.

For more information, please see: Theme