Application: Character Point Expenditures

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To spend Character Points, please submit this application to Please allow one week for processing before contacting the staff. Please remember that you cannot spend more than the maximum number of CP on a given Henshin, based on its Henshin Rank; for more information, please see: Advancement. Once you're at that point, you're probably ready to be looking at the requirements in Application: Master Rank Advancement.

1. Which henshin(s) are you modifying?

2. What are you buying on them? For Stats, list the new values. For Abilities, name your buys. For new Attacks, give us their name and basic description (if you want the staff to make their stats) or else their name, tier, power level, type, range, Flags, and attack point cost breakdown.

3. How many Character Points does it cost? Break it down for us.

4. Give us a simple IC explanation of the lessons learned in battle, or other circumstances, that caused your character to grow in this way.

That's it! You're done.

For more information, please see: Rules, Combat System