Application: Master Rank Advancement

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This is the application to advance your character's Master Rank. Please send it to Please review Advancement before writing your application.

0. What is your current, pre-advancement Master Rank?

1. How long has it been since your last rank up, or since you made the character? If applicable, are you invoking a Team Rank Clock?

2. What is the value of your Total Character Points (listed in +cp on the game)?

3. What plot have you done to justify this advancement? How is your master rank advancement reflected in the story? Ideally, please link us the logs of this plot; the plot must be run before the application is submitted.

4. (If applicable) Is the rest of your team ready to advance? If not, why should we make an exception?

5. Please break down any Character Point Expenditures, Henshin Rank increases, entirely new Henshin Forms or other combat system consequences that you would like to fold into this big, dramatic moment for your character. If you would like the staff to do your stats for you, please describe the aesthetics of what you're looking for, including attack names.

For more information, please see: Rules, Combat System