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Participating in a scene or plot with important elements from an unfamiliar theme? Keep calm and educate yourself! These summaries exist to give a quick primer to players who have never seen a given theme before, and also to fill theme-familiar players in on any notable integration changes specific to the Battle Fantasia setting. Many themes have additional information on their cast pages and in the integration guides; these give only the nutshell.

If there's a magical girl theme you'd like to see integrated that isn't on this list, please inquire with the staff!


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Theme Info: The Silver Millennium -- the secret past age of the world, an age of magic and wonder -- had the heart of its rulers close to this world, on the Moon, in the days before that satellite was a barren, quiet land. There reigned Queen Serenity, her daughter attended by luminaries from far and wide, but none so close as from the planets within the Sun's orbit. When the tragic war came that ended that kingdom, the Queen gave her life not only to banish the enemy, but also to plant the seeds of a new future. Now, that enemy is stirring once more, as the ruler of the Dark Kingdom has awakened and seeks the Silver Crystal -- her foes' sacred artifact -- to resurrect their Great Ruler. Already her generals have searched most of the world, leaving only the small nation of Japan. Not all is so grim, however; as the Dark Kingdom awakens, reincarnated warriors of that same Silver Millennium begin to find one another, and are set on the path to regaining their memories--and their power. But more than just these two sides are after the Silver Crystal, and the entire search remains shrouded in mystery and half-remembered dreams.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Sailor Moon pantheon of enemies are all in Dark Fall, while the girls themselves are mostly unaffiliated, with a few recruits in the Magic Association or Tuners. The Silver Crystal and other artifacts of import are of interest to all factions.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Transformation Brooch/Wand), Legacy (Reincarnated planetary princesses), often Contract (with guardian cat, to fight for love and justice)

Cardcaptor Sakura

Theme Info: The legendary World-Smashing Genius, Clow Reed, is widely considered to be the greatest mage since the Silver Millennium. He is responsible for reactivating the multiverse-spanning Gateports, but in so doing, repealing one of Queen Serenity's Three Wishes, destroying the seals that had protected the Earth from the uncountable scions of darkness since her death. He also famously created two magical beasts, representing the sun and moon, and 52 Clow Cards, each of which represented a power of the universe, like Wind, or Dream, or Bubbles. Recently, Sakura Kinomoto accidentally allowed the Clow Cards to escape into the world, where they are causing all manner of trouble. It's up to her, with help from the Beast of the Seal, Kero-chan, to capture all the Cards before anyone gets hurt, but she's not the only one after them! Another heir of the Clow Reed line, Syaoran Li, has been raised from birth expecting to inherit his legacy, and he's not going to be passed over without a fight.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Magic Association considers Clow Reed their most illustrious ancestor, and his heir one of theirs by default. The power of the Clow Cards are of interest to all, however.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Sealing Rod), Legacy (The Heir of Clow Reed), Contract (With Keroberos, to capture the Clow Cards)

Cooking With Mascot

Theme Info: The magic that comes when food is touched with heat is no less precious than any other. The Blue Ribbon Society, an order of culinary magicians, guards and cultivates this magic, sworn to bring joy and pleasure to the world through cuisine. Armed with the sorcerous Mise-en-place that turns a magically inclined cook into a movable feast, the chefs of this order cultivate the subtle energy of flavor and place known as "Terroir" to evoke and power their arts. However, the Mise-en-place has been duplicated and stolen by the unscrupulous, and the Blue Ribbon's members stand, if fractiously, against those who would divert, subvert, pervert, desert or revert the secrets of Terroir to wicked ends.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Blue Ribbon Society as a bloc is affiliated with the Magic Association. Individual chefs may make their own paths, however, and those who feed their families or friends alone are no less honored as Society members. There are also other organizations and lone madmen seeking to twist the culinary magic of Terroir to their own ends, who could be in cahoots with any sort of wickedness.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (The Mise-en-place, which takes the form of a chef's apron of some kind), Legacy (a combination of magical and culinary talent).

Devil Hunter Yohko

Theme Info: For as long as light has shined forth from the hearts of humanity, there has been darkness, hungry to consume it. Demons, some born from Earth's mystical environment and others invading from distant, darker dimensions, have long dogged the shadows of humankind, eager to prey upon the weak and become stronger themselves. But the people do not go unprotected; since time immemorial, the Mano tribe of demon slayers has opposed their sworn enemies at every turn, fighting with strength of heart, sword, and sorcery. The demons dared to hope that the 107th Devil Hunter would be the last of the line, as Madoka Mano's daughter failed to take up the banner, but of late Madoka's granddaughter, Yohko Mano, has joined the fight as the 108th. With the support of her family and friends, Yohko faces a brave new world of excitement and danger -- but though she fights for humanity's survival and her own, she hasn't lost sight of what's most important to her: enjoying her youth as a high school student!

Theme Organizational Connections: The Mano family has been extremely active in the Magic Association for centuries, with Madoka Mano currently a leader of the Japanese branch, but Chikako Ogawa may be pushing for Yohko to join the Tuners, what with her efforts to promote her as a professional demon slayer. Their demonic enemies are all part of Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Mano Family Ring), Legacy (Mano Devil Hunter)

Dokidoki! Pretty Cure

Theme Info: The otherworld Trump Kingdom was once a lush and beautiful land, ruled by a royal family and protected by its own Pretty Cure. Everything changed when Dark Fall attacked. Now the castle is in ruins, the people have been changed into monstrous Lesser Egos, the Princess is missing, and the Pretty Cure has escaped to Earth to find her. The forces of King Ego, leader of the invasion, have been sent after them to bring down the last remains of the Trump Kingdom--but not all is lost. Several Precure fairies also survived and are on the search for new Pretty Cures to stand against them, protect the Earth, and restore the Trump Kingdom to its former glory. They'll find a busybody student council member, her exasperated right-hand woman, and a laconic rich girl to add to the forces of light, along with the Trump Kingdom Pretty Cure who now works as a popular idol to spread her image and draw her Princess out of hiding. Once the four of them team up, they'll be able to beat back King Ego and the Greater Egos for sure!

Theme Organizational Connections: Tuner Organization (Cure Sword), Dark Fall (King Ego)

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifacts (Cure Loveads, Lovely Communes), Contracts (Fairy Partners)

Fresh Pretty Cure!

Theme Info: When danger threatens not just one world, but all parallel worlds, old magic and new miracles are the best hope of stopping it. Labyrinth, led by its Supreme Ruler Mobius, has already isolated what it needs to control every world: Infinity, the endless memory. Having tracked it to Earth, his operatives now spread misery and sorrow in order to force Infinity to show itself. To stop this threat to everything, the Sweets Kingdom has dispatched a cute, cute fairy named Tarte and his teddy-bear-like charge, the young Chiffon, to find and unite the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. Now, a merry matchmaker, a future veterinarian, and an aspiring model defend the happiness of all people, working together for love, faith, and hope as Fresh Pretty Cure -- when they're not busy practicing as the dance team Clover! But their lives are more than just fighting; balancing their dreams, their friends, their families, and their dance would be hard enough on its own, even without the denizens of Labyrinth always seeming to be closer than should be possible -- and the fourth Fresh Pretty Cure still nowhere to be found.

Theme Organizational Connections: Dark Fall (Labyrinth)

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Linkrun), Contract (with Chiffon and the Pickruns)

Futari wa Pretty Cure

Theme Info: The idyllic Garden of Light was the first of the Fairy Worlds targeted by Dark Fall. Severely damaged, its total destruction was averted solely by the escape of two tiny fairies: Mepple, the Chosen Hero, and Mipple, the Princess of Hope. They traveled to Earth to seek the Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure, to wield and defend the Power of Light as its Emissaries. Five of the Prism Stones that, when combined, can summon the primal power of all Creation, fell into the hands of the anthropomorphic personification of Destruction, the Dark King, and his lieutenants, who will stop at nothing to collect all seven. Mepple and Mipple have the other two, and they quickly found exactly the girls they needed to act as equal parts bodyguards and tactical strike team: the unlikely pair of a shy jock and a friendly geek, who have discovered common ground in their mutual courage and compassion, as they combat darkness side by side (and, in fact, they cannot henshin alone, for to tap into the Power of Light requires more strength than any single heart could provide). Together, they are Pretty Cure, and there is nothing Cure Black and Cure White cannot face together, hand in hand. They fight just as fiercely to balance the duties of being Precure with their daily trials and triumphs in and out of Juuban Public School; having to do so with two fairies that range from 'self-absorbed' to 'insanely obnoxious' in tow is often more of a challenge than the battles themselves.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Dark King and his lieutenants are Dark Fall. As every world in the multiverse would be unmade if he consumes the Power of Light, the fate of the Prism Stones is of interest to everyone who learns about them.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Card Communes), Contract (With Fairies, to restore and protect the Garden and Power of Light)

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

Theme Info: The Land of Fountains is the mystical domain of the World Tree, a tremendous magical tree which gifts magic energy to all the worlds. The World Tree is in turn nourished by seven Sacred Fountains, six clustered at its roots in the Land of Fountains and one other, far away in the Land of Greenery. But when Dark Fall struck, the minions of Akudaikan released the awesome might of the Power of Destruction on the Land of Fountains, and laid claim to all six! Now, all that stands between the World Tree and death for all things are the two small fairies, one of Birds and one of Flowers, that bravely threw themselves into the Land of Greenery to seek legendary warriors who could fight off Akudaikan's henchmen, reclaim the lost Fountains, and most of all, ensure that the Fountain of the Sun was protected! They found just the two girls in Saki Hyuuga, the daughter of two world-class bakers and the bright-eyed ace of the softball diamond, and Mai Mishou, the daughter of an entire family of academics, but more interested in recording the world through art than charts. Together, as Cure Bloom and Cure Egret, Mai and Saki work to restore the fountains, protect the Fountain of the Sun, and save their new friends' home from Akudaikan and his minions! There's just one problem: Neither their new fairy friends nor apparently anyone else seems to know where the Fountain of the Sun actually is, and Akudaikan's minions are willing to hurt anyone they have to to find out!

Theme Organizational Connections: Akudaikan and his minions are part of Dark Fall. Five of the seven Sacred Fountains correspond to the elements of Chinese mysticism - Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, and Metal - and the Land of Fountains connects to the Land of Greenery/Earth via a portal within the Tama World Tree; between these two things, the Magic Association has reason to be concerned. More than that, though, if all seven Fountains fall, all the worlds of the multiverse will fall into destruction, and so reclaiming the ones held by Akudaikan and protecting the Fountain of the Sun is everyone's problem! If only anyone had a clue where the Fountain of the Sun was...

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Mix Commune), Contract (With fairies, to restore the Sacred Fountains and protect the Fountain of the Sun and the World Tree.)

Go! Princess Pretty Cure

Theme Info: Hope Kingdom, a magical world entrusted with the power of dreams, has been conquered by the evil Queen Dyspear and her armies, and has fallen into shadow. But two fairy refugees, Pafu the puppy and Aroma the bird, have fled (monsters hot on their heels and wingtips respectively) to find the legendary Princess Pretty Cure, prophesied to save Hope Kingdom, and everyone's dreams, in their hour of greatest need. Three girls at Ohtori Academy, each with a big dream of their own, had no idea that they had such an exciting (and royal) destiny in store, a destiny that will grant them the greatest gift of all: a lasting and loving friendship. Now they must transform and stop the forces of DysDark from subjugating Earth, and retake Hope Kingdom! What does it mean to be a Grand Princess? How can they find out, while balancing these battles with their everyday responsibilities -- and the pursuit of their own, personal dreams?

Theme Organizational Connections: DysDark is, predictably, Dark Fall, and Prince Kanata, were he to create official relations between Hope Kingdom and Earth, would do so through the Magic Association. The Princess Pretty Cure could wind up amongst either the Magic Association or Tuners, or simply remain Unaffiliated.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Princess Perfume), Contract (With Aroma and Pafu, to restore Hope Kingdom and protect everyone's dreams), Legacy (Previous Princess Pretty Cure)

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

Theme Info: Released from their seal by a young girl's sympathy, the Phantom Empire now fights to destroy love everywhere -- starting with the magical Blue Sky Kingdom, and now Earth. They summon armies of humanoid Kindabads, but their true threat lies in the Terribads, horrible monsters formed by stealing a person's happiness. Their stated enemy is Blue, a powerful guardian spirit of Earth, but he is recruiting Pretty Cure to stop them and save the world. Cure Lovely, Cure Princess, Cure Honey and Cure Fortune will have to overcome their differences and unite as friends in order to protect everything they love -- but this is harder than it sounds, with shyness, selfishness and anger standing between them.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Phantom Empire is part of Dark Fall. The Blue Sky Kingdom's embassy on Earth has relations with the Magic Association, while experienced and ruthless girls might have joined up with the Tuner Organization.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (PreChanMirror), Contract (With Blue and their Fairy Partners, to protect the Earth from the Phantom Empire)

Heartcatch Pretty Cure

Theme Info: High above Earth floats the hidden Tree of Hearts, which is intrinsically connected to the Heart Flowers of all humanity. When a person's Heart Flower wilts, the Tree of Hearts is weakened, but together, they both bloom in full splendor. If the Tree of Hearts were to be destroyed completely, Earth would turn into a desert, both emotionally and literally. That nearly happened last year, when its primary protector and her fairy were defeated, but now, a new generation of Pretty Cure have risen to the challenge of revitalizing the wilted Tree of Hearts by protecting and nurturing everyone's hearts, and fighting Lord Dune and his Desertrians, who are determined to desertify the world, one heart at a time.

Theme Organizational Connections: Lord Dune and the Desertrians are part of Dark Fall. Heartcatch Precure are traditionally given support by the Magic Association, who have a stake in protecting the Tree of Hearts. The other factions have reasons to care about it as well, of course.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Heart Seed, Fairy), Contract (With Fairy, to protect the Tree of Hearts)

Kaitou Saint Tail

Theme Info: The shocking thefts of the mysterious phantom thief Saint Tail have been the talk of Tokyo! No one knows why she goes after specific targets, but her thefts always strike at those who have done wrong. The police have never been able to catch her, and the only one to ever got close to her is Daiki Asuka, Junior, who was recently placed in charge of catching Saint Tail by the mayor. Even he, however, does not know that the mysterious and beautiful thief is, in reality, his very own classmate, Meimi Haneoka, who was chosen by God to go out and steal back what was stolen!

Theme Organizational Connections: None.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Haneoka's pendant (Artifact), the agreement to right wrongs and steal back what was taken (Contract)

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Theme Info: Since time immemorial, primeval forces of light and darkness that some refer to as 'God' and 'Devil' have been locked in an eternal stalemate. However, in recent times, the light has become severely weakened, giving the darkness a unique opportunity for a decisive victory. By possessing objects of beauty, demons are capable of possessing the humans that admire them, and steal the beauty of their hearts, the source of God's power. Servants of both light and darkness are scrambling to locate destined souls immune to demonic possession capable of sealing these demons, to enlist their aid or remove them from the equation by any means necessary. If champions of God seal the demons, the light will regain strength, but if champions of the Devil do so, the darkness will consume the demon, taking all of its syphoned power in the process. The first of these champions, claiming to be the reincarnation of Jeanne D'Arc (Joan of Arc), has become known as the phantom thief Kaitou Jeanne, as her actions to seal demons cause the artwork to disappear. But she may not be the only Kaitou out there...

Theme Organizational Connections: Thieves are free spirits, they go where they like! Demons come from Dark Fall, though where there's a spiritual chess match for the fate of the world going on, machinations by Ends of the World are almost certainly involved somehow.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Religious symbolism), Legacy (Reincarnations of historical figures that are now phantom thieves for some reason), Contract (With an Angel, possibly a Demon if you're on the opposite side)

Knights of the Round Table Reborn!

Theme Info: Once upon a time, King Arthur ruled from Camelot with the help of the Wizard Merlin and his Knights of the Round Table. A time of myth? Yes... until today. Morgana Le Fay, come back from death, is searching for the Holy Grail that she was denied so long ago. To this end she has caused the spirits of the Knights of the Round Table, even Arthur himself, to be released back into the mortal world. Because, you see, she needs them to get what she wants: Morgana cannot grasp the Grail herself; Arthur, and the hands of at least one of his Knights, are required. And she remembers well how loyal some of them turned out to be... But for all her scheming, she did not count on Merlin. Sensing Morgana's spirit stirring in the world once again, he emerged from his prison to counteract her, lest her wishes be made real. He came back in the form closest to where his physical body still lies trapped in a deep forest: a rabbit. Undeterred, he made his way with the magics available to him in that weakened form to Japan, where he searches for the Magical Knights Reborn, hoping to find them before Morgana, and keep them from falling into her clutches. Reborn in the modern era, the Arthurians nearly all have a fresh start. The only question is, will Morgana get her hands on them and turn them into the monster of the week?

Theme Organizational Connections: The Magical Knights of the Round Table Reborn have no Organizational connections at this time. Morgana and her ilk could wind up with Ends or Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Magical Pendant, Magical Bracelet, Magical Earrings...) Contract (With Merlin: Knight's Oath of Chivalry), Legacy (They're Knights. Of the Round Table. Reborn. 'Nuff said, really.)

Little Witch Academia

Theme Info: Even magic can become humdrum and everyday, in the small, secretive communities built around its practice. The students at Infinity Institute's magic program learn how to transform lead into gold, conjure clouds and fly broomsticks, but many of the older magical bloodlines feel that magic can only best be used in the service of the common good by being used very quietly; they tend to dismiss flashy and showy magic as gauche legerdemain. The rising popularity of magical girls is even seen by some as a threat to the safety of the community -- how long will it be until the pitchforks and torches come out again? Even so, some remain inspired by the legends of the past... and even want to forge new ones in the future. Akko Kagari is one such Witch-In-Training; a rare outsider to the magical studies program who was neither born into the magical community nor recruited to it after discovering some rare power, her raw passion for working wonders, her love of magic itself -- and, not incidentally, magical girls like Shiny Chariot -- first made her an outcast, but has now given her a shining future of her very own. With friends and foes working together to protect magic from those who would do it harm, while discovering the secret strengths that lie within their own hearts, things couldn't look brighter for the little witches studying at Infinity Institute.

Theme Organizational Connections: Akko and her classmates are all affiliated with the Magic Association, which runs their magic program at Infinity Institute.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Shiny Rod), Legacy (Shiny Chariot). Akko's classmates, though talented students in their own right, will need to find alternative Paths to Power to be able to fight on the level of true magical girls.

Lost Inheritor Yumi

Theme Info: Family is important for witches, too. There are teachings in the magical world that are handed down from mother to daughter, across generations. But not all magic is like this. Yumi Ohzora comes from a noted line of mages, but the magic that would change her life wasn't something she expected. In saving Tama, the cat who kept the ancient Staff of Lost Ivy, Yumi met her first Ogre, a kind of monster summoned up from hidden places all over Earth. These monsters seek to eat human hearts for nourishment--and to pass the energy within them along to their master, a woman known as the Hungry Queen. The Hungry Queen is gathering artifacts, spellbooks, and hearts in order to bring about the return of an ancient evil that could unleash a thousand years of darkness on the world, aided by those willing to betray humanity for temporal wealth, power, or fame. But this being has been sealed before; the Green Sorceress, wielder of Lost Ivy before Yumi, left her staff in the care of a familiar and is said to have hid her spellbooks. Now, it's a matter of time until someone reunites them all--either to unleash this monstrosity, or to finally put it away for good. But Yumi has no idea of the real story, and her real connection to this war she seems to have inherited--and ignorance is dangerous in matters of magic and the heart.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Hungry Queen and her forces are affiliated with Dark Fall; Yumi herself is affiliated with the Magic Association, as would likely but not necessarily be other Inheritors.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Staff of <X>, belonging originally to one of the Green Sorceress's Coven), Legacy (Magical Bloodline, dating back to same--though it may be dormant), Contract (With the staff's Keeper, a cat, to protect the staff and combat the entity), Contract (with the Hungry Queen, to do her bidding in return for some temporal gain), Artifact (Cursed Necklace, a token given by the Hungry Queen to her favored servants)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Theme Info: From the distant world of Midchilda come the wondrous magical artifacts known as Devices, semi-sentient creations that can unlock the magical potential of their owner if they find them worthy. Whether someone is an exchange student from another world, an adventurer, or simply an ordinary kid, they might happen upon a Device, forge a relationship with it, and find themselves thrust into the greater conflicts of the world. Of particular interest to many Device-wielding mages are relics known as Lost Logia, dangerous and twisted creations of legendary, lost civilizations that grasped too far for power and ended up destroying themselves. Wherever one appears, destruction is certain to follow in their wake, and so many have made it their personal calling to locate and seal them away. Others however wish to seize their power for their own personal gain, and still others hope to unlock that forbidden for the sake of someone precious to them. The battle for their fate, and for the future of those lives entwined within their destiny, continues. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's is starting!

Theme Organizational Connections: The Magic Association runs an exchange program at the Infinity Institute for budding mages from Midchilda. Many Midchildan mages have joined the Tuners under Lindy Harlaown. The Ends of the World are currently in contact with the Wolkenritter who are using them to achieve them mysterious aims. The death of Precia Testarossa has left a void within Dark Fall that could be filled by anyone with enough ambition or power. The power of the Lost Logia is of interest to all organizations.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Magical Device), Contract (with Device, to seal Lost Logia).

Magic Knight Rayearth

Theme Info: In the magical world of Cephiro, will is power. And the strongest will in Cephiro is that of its Pillar, Princess Emeraude, whose prayers for the magical world's safety has ensured it, for as long as anyone can remember. But recently, she was captured by Zagato, the high priest sworn to protect the Pillar, and he and his allies seem to be determined to keep her from doing her job at any cost. Thus Cephiro is already beginning to fall into chaos, and that chaos is spilling into Tokyo, in no small part because of the Princess' final prayer: she prayed for the summoning of Cephiro's three prophesized Magic Knights. According to the prophecy, these three people from another world are the only ones who can save Cephiro from destruction. And that other world is ours, of course: Eighth-graders Fuu, Umi, and Hikaru were briefly whisked off to Cephiro by Emeraude's prayer, then told of their destiny and returned to Tokyo by a friendly Cephiran sorcerer named Clef. He ordered the girls to save Cephiro first by honing their newfound magical powers, as well as visiting Cephiro periodically to quest for artifacts related to their mission, such as the Escudo Element and the Rune-Gods. But Zagato won't take this twist lying down; his agents pursue the girls relentlessly across Cephiro and Tokyo, determined to end the legend of the Magic Knights before it starts.

Theme Organizational Connections: Zagato and his ilk are members of Dark Fall. The Magic Knights, and other Cephirans who have followed the fight to Tokyo, could easily find support from the Magic Association, Tuners, or even Ends of the World, if they're desperate enough.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Contract (With Princess Emeraude, to become a Magic Knight and Save Cephiro), Artifact (Clef's Glove Jewels)


Theme Info: Southern Cross Island, home of Ohtori Academy, has an older name: the ancient, cursed land of Fuuka. There, the HiME Festival has been taking place every three hundred years since time immemorial, whenever the mysterious, tiny red HiME Star in the sky converges with the Moon; the winner is said to obtain immense power. One such winner, during the Silver Millennium, made a wish that accidentally precipitated that era's demise. HiME stands for Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment, and refers both to the Elements, weapons that appear out of thin air, and to the Children, summoned creatures that seem both magical and mechanical in nature, as well as to their wielders, women branded with a tiny red birthmark on a part of their bodies corresponding to their zodiac sign. HiME are warned, usually by a mysterious, pale boy, Nagi Homura, that to fully accept and come into their powers means putting the one thing most important to them on the line, implied to be their own lives. In the last few months, HiME have converged on Ohtori Academy, many attracted by Kazehana Scholarships funded by an organization known only as District 1; their apparent fated enemies, the monstrous Orphans, have been attacking more and more regularly as well. Additionally, an ancient secret society in modern guise, the Searrs Foundation, has created artificial HiME called PRInCESSes, and are using them to make their play to win the HiME Festival as well...

Theme Organizational Connections: The Searrs Foundation is part of Ends of the World. District 1 has a very secret but vital connection to Dark Fall. Both the Magic Association and Tuners recruit HiME.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Contract (with Nagi, accepting the power of their ‘guardian angel' Child, in exchange for risking their most important thing, or with Searrs, loyalty for power), Artifact (Child), Legacy (destiny symbolized by HiME birthmark; PRInCESSes have Artifact (HiME Earring) instead)

Miraculous Ladybug

Theme Info: The Miraculous are a set of powerful magical Artifacts that, in conjunction with their associated fairies, called Kwamis, have been empowering heroes to protect the world for at least the last five thousand years. But now, a Miraculous has fallen into evil hands, and from that cocoon of power, Le Papillon has emerged. He has the power to send out Akumas, butterflies that are imbued with his darkness, and in turn both infect and empower people when they're experiencing powerful negative emotions, granting them supervillainous powers in exchange for their service. His goal is to seize the two most powerful Miraculouses, the Ladybug Miraculous (which contains the power of Creation), and the Black Cat Miraculous (which contains the power of Destruction), and take over the world with the power they'd bestow upon him in combination. Unfortunately for him, they're in the hands of a pair of brave and compassionate teenagers -- Marinette and Adrien, also known as Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir, aren't going to let him get away with his evil schemes!

Theme Organizational Connections: The Magic Association in particular has longstanding relationships with users of the Miraculous, and has worked together with them over many centuries, though not all Miraculous-users are members. Papillon's dreams of world domination align well with Ends of the World.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Miraculous, such as Ladybug's earrings or Chat Noir's ring), Contract (with a Miraculous' Kwami, to protect the world from the misuse of magic), Legacy (Miraculous Ladybugs and Chat Noirs, among other Miraculous-users, have occurred throughout history).

Oto x Maho

Theme Info: Some fight for the money, some fight for love, yet others literally stumbled into the business. Whatever their intentions or background, if they have a will to fight and rid the world of the monstrosities known as Noise, there is a place for them in the Tuner Organization. Each subscriber must sign a Contract, entitling them to the many facilities that the Organization has to offer in exchange for their service, but there is far more to it than that: Each signed Contract is a magically binding document, which forms the basis for their transformative and magical powers, and rumored to have drastic consequences if it is unilaterally broken. The job pays well, as the Tuners lay their lives on the line as a matter of course, and the support network has a global reach. It is said that the enemies of the Tuners, the Noise, arise from the negative emotions of humans in an area, and in today's world there's regretfully a large supply. Left unchecked and festering, Noise can develop into the far more dangerous Discord, so prompt extermination is the only answer to the threat they pose.

Theme Organizational Connections: Almost all of this theme's magical girls are Tuners with the Tuner Organization, though their reasons for enlisting are as varied as the powers they wield in its name. There exist a few Tuner-like characters that operate independently of the organization, but they tend to be antagonistic elements, or former Tuners themselves. The majority of the monsters, the Noise, are of sub-sentient functional intelligence, and are Unaffiliated. However, extremely strong Noise, called Discords, possess enough awareness that they could conceivably join a faction, most likely Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Contract (Tuner Organization), Artifact (Origin Key)

Pretear - the New Legend of Snow White

Theme Info: The energy of life takes many forms. One such form is known as "leafe," which flows from the hidden magical world of Leafenia. Leafe exists in wind and water, light and sound, heat and cold, and in all living, growing things, and it and Leafenia are guarded and protected by seven young men known as the Leafe Knights. Of course, this power also has its dark side, embodied by Fenrir, the devourer of leafe. Whenever Fenrir emerges and the red snow of disaster begins to fall on the world, the Leafe Knights seek out the Pretear, a girl with the power to create leafe, and join their power with hers to stop Fenrir before it snuffs out all life on Earth.

Theme Organizational Connections: As one of the myriad life energies of the world, leafe is undoubtedly known to the mages of the Magic Association (whether by that name or another) since the fall of the barriers blocking access to Leafenia of from Earth at the least. Once travel between the two worlds was once again opened to those with the ability to find it, the Leafe Knights formed something of an agreement with the Magic Association: the mages would respect the Knights' guardianship of Leafenia, and the Knights would not interfere with Association mages' possible research into and manipulation of the leafe on Earth. This agreement is very much contingent on neither side doing anything that would endanger the other, but it's held up so far.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Legacy and Artifact (as a Leafe Knight); Contract (with the Leafe Knights as a Pretear or, on the opposing side, with Fenrir).

Princess Tutu

Theme Info: Once upon a time, an old man died and left his story unfinished. A prince and a raven escaped from the story, and the prince shattered his heart using a forbidden spell. Only Princess Tutu could restore the shards of the prince's heart, but Princess Tutu is an ordinary girl named Duck. And Duck is actually a duck in truth. There is something truly peculiar about Gold Crown Town, a little German village nestled on the 13th floor of Infinity Academy that appeared around the same time Tomoe Laboratories suffered an explosive accident. It is a place ruled by fairy tales, where talking animals are commonplace, and the town seems to exist outside of the modern day. To most students, however, it all seems normal enough while one is there, a pleasant indoor village surrounding an art and dance academy. The prince's Heart Shards will latch onto anyone who shares the emotion they represent and magnify it greatly. Even the Infinity Institute researchers will admit when no one else is around that they don't quite understand Gold Crown Town, or the curious manifestations of an old man's ghost.

Theme Organizational Connections: The elevator to Gold Crown Town is in Infinity Institute, which is being secretly fought over by Dark Fall and the Magic Association; either might seek to turn Gold Crown's power to their use.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Magical Pendant, magical book, magical sword...), Contract (With Drosselmeyer, to take part in his story), Legacy (spoilers)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Theme Info: If you could have one wish -- any wish in the world, no matter how impossible -- would you take on a destiny of battle to achieve it? Throughout the history of mankind there have been remarkable young women whose stories of courage and sacrifice have cast long shadows down through the ages, and whose wishes -- and subsequent battles -- were often the pivots that turned civilization itself. Today, reality warping monsters known as Witches haunt the darker places of Tokyo, but especially Southern Cross Island, drawn towards Ohtori Academy like a lodestone. With a single bite, their victims are driven to madness and suicide; these psychic monsters spread despair as inexorably as the wish-granted warriors spread hope. As before, so it is now: Recruited by the cute mascot Kyubey, Puella Magi agree to fight the Witches in exchange for the fulfillment of any single wish. Their destinies of battle are further complicated by the fact that their magic is finite; without the Grief Seeds, or Witch's Eggs, that appear when a Witch is defeated, the symbols of their magic, their Soul Gems, will surely blacken, and then they will die. Faced with the myriad terrors of the night beyond their personal nemeses, the question of great power and great responsibility becomes poignant indeed. With wishes and lives on the line, and never enough Grief Seeds to go around, they often are forced to fight one another for survival.

Theme Organizational Connections: Puella Magi's wishes have surely affected all of the Organizations at one time or another. In the modern day, the Tuners are full of them; they were always among the founding girls, but individuals rarely hold positions of power simply because they don't live long enough to get them. Desperate Puella Magi could, conceivably, turn to Ends of the World or even Dark Fall for aid...

Example Theme Paths to Power: The Soul Gem is the artifact of power for all Puella Magi, brought into being when they form their contracts with Kyubey. Each is personal to the girl in question, as are the weapons and other wish-related magical powers they wield -- and they are all girls, as for some reason, Kyubey only contracts with adolescent female humans. Even older teenagers are rare.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Theme Info: In the forests of Southern Cross Island, on the outskirts of Ohtori Academy, is a twisting, towering spire. At its pinnacle is the Dueling Arena, from which it is possible to see a spectacular, upside-down castle, shimmering in the sky. There, students of Ohtori Academy marked with rose signet rings (most of whom received them from an organization, Ends of the World, that only contacts them by snail mail) duel each other for "the power to grant world revolution," also called the Power of Dios. What this means exactly is unclear, but it's definitely true that the current Champion of the duels retains a girl called the Rose Bride, who officiates the duels and will summon the Sword of Dios from her chest for their use. She also submits to their every demand. There are also other, lesser duels over everything from settling scores to determining the bracket for who has the right to be the next challenger of the Champion. On Battle Fantasia, every marked Duelist inherits immense powers by default, fighting with magically enhanced speed and strength -- they are far more than a bunch of kids with swords, and how they choose to respond to the apparent inundation of monstrous activity around them is their choice alone. Most of the Ohtori Student Council (on the middle and high school levels, separate from the elementary school Guardians) are Duelists, but they can be found elsewhere. The only apparent requirement is to have something to fight for... though the Ends of the World does not take kindly to Duelists who choose to ignore their written instructions.

Theme Organizational Connections: Most Duelists occasionally receive orders from Ends of the World. The Power of Dios is attractive to all factions.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Rose Signet Ring), Contract (With Ends of the World, to participate in the Duels)

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Theme Info: Throughout history, rare and wondrous young women whose voices contain the mystical Power of Song have invoked the might of Symphogear Relics, ancient artifacts which bestow magical armament upon their wielders. These Candidates are sorely needed as the exterminators of the deadly and monstrous Noise. But not everyone studies the Relics in order to make the world a better place; powers both ancient and modern are all too eager to wield the strength of Symphogear and Noise alike for their own gain. Saving everyone will take far more than just the spectacular violence that Symphogear enables; it requires trust, compassion, and a warmly extended hand.

Theme Organizational Connections: The paramilitary/national military supporting the Symphogear-users has been replaced with the Tuner Organization. Fine and her followers are members of Ends of the World (who sponsor Relic research teams around the world), though their ultimate goal is somewhat more Dark Fall aligned, which may eventually lead to some friction.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Symphogear Relic), Contract (with the Tuners or Fine)

Shugo Chara!

Theme Info: All kids hold an egg in their soul; the egg of their hearts, containing their as yet unseen would-be selves, the person they most want to be. As they grow up, some kids achieve their dreams without ever realizing they held such nascent power within them, while far more put aside their childish ambitions, defeated by cynicism and banality disguised as maturity. A few, however, find their eggs in bed one morning, and these eggs hatch into Shugo Chara, "guardian characters," who embody their future ideal selves while empowering their Chara-bearers to fight for their dreams. The Guardians, nominally the elementary school-level student council of Ohtori Academy, are made up of Chara-bearers, and it is their mission to protect the dreams of children everywhere from those who would destroy them. The Easter Corporation seems determined to do just that, using a variety of means to extract eggs from children, in order to find an egg of ultimate power called the Embryo; such a forcibly extracted egg immediately becomes a black X Egg, which hatches a monstrous X Chara who will go on a rampage if unchecked, leaving shattered eggs, and shattered dreams, in its wake.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Guardians are loosely affiliated with the Magic Association, through the King's and Queen's Chairs. The Easter Corporation has a seat in Ends of the World board meetings.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Shugo Chara Egg/Fairy), Contract (With Shugo Chara Fairy, to become the person they want to be)

Sirens of Sorrow's Sea

Theme Info: Joy and happiness have their realms - so too does sorrow, a far-away Sea of Tears where craggy islands stand against eternal storms, where strange creatures and stranger peoples live and love, in their way. This land is ruled by a queen - a descendant of the Mother of Sorrows, the patroness of this realm since time immemorial! And soon a new one will be chosen from among the Sirens - young women given gifts by the Mother and sent out to "gather the sorrows of the world"... in whatever form they choose, and under the mysterious eye of that ancient mother.

Theme Organizational Connections: Sirens walk their own paths, with no pre-destined affiliation. The Mother of Sorrows has no stated opinion on the matter, and does not interfere in their contests, save to collect the vanquished to herself: if she doesn't let them mess up, how will they ever learn?

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (the Black Mirrors), Legacy (descent, however distant, from the Mother of Sorrows)

Smile! Pretty Cure

Theme Info: Among the countless fairy worlds known and unknown, there exists one named Marchenland, where many characters from fairy tale and fantasy stories live in actuality. It is happy, bright place of wonder and magic, usually. Recently, the threat of a neighboring kingdom that lurks in its darker corner, The Bad End Kingdom, has been spreading around sadness and discontent. The Bad End Kingdom won't be happy until they can bring about The Worst Ending for all worlds it can touch. To make matters worse, the queen of Marchenland, Royale Queen, recently had been sent into an endless sleep in a successful attempt by the Bad End Kingdom and its emperor, Pierrot, to steal the powerful Cure Decor, the artifacts that give Marchenland its happiness, Things are looking terribly bleak. Marchenland could very well be overrun at this rate!

But all is not lost! Five legendary warriors, Pretty Cure have surfaced, with help of the young, inexperienced bunny-fairy Candy from Marchenland- and her more experienced brother, a young lion-fairy named Pop, They have been sent on a quest to collect the Cure Decor, find out what happened to Royale Queen, and defeat the Bad End Kingdom before they can bring the Worst Ending to Marchenland and Earth.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Smile! Pretty Cures are associates of the Magic Association (who know about Marchenland and its importance). The Bad End Kingdom Commanders and Denizens are standing members of Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Contract (The promise to collect the missing Cure Decor, bring happiness back to Marchenland and defeat the Bad End Kingdom), Artifact (Smile Pact), Artifact (Cure Decor)

Star Driver

Theme Info: Southern Cross Island is a land of many secrets be they floating castles or a very special festival. One of these secrets, however, is the existence of Cybodies. Cybodies are wondrous machines that for all intents and purposes are magic in mechanical form. They share intense bonds with creatures that possess their marks and feed them the power of passion -- and when used by someone strong and true of heart, with soul and resolve aligned to a pure purpose, a Cybody is virtually unstoppable. This more than any other feature is what made them such terrors during the Belkan Wars. Built by the Entropeople to fight in such ancient wars, these Cybodies were so powerful that one accident left the Entropeople's magical world entirely devoid of life. The few that had been away quickly sealed their weapons, and sought a place to hide them and reinforce the seals.

Thus, the Entropeople came to Earth and found a land naturally tuned to the sealing of great power. In the Land of Fuuka, they marked 22 families to help maintain the seals. Four produced maidens, each of whom represented the four seals that locked the dread weapons away. Many generations passed, and the marks changed hands many times. Most of those that bore the mark, or knew the history, began to wonder why they did not use the power instead of sealing it away. With such thoughts was born Glittering Crux, an organization whose sole desire is the release the seals and use the Cybodies as they please, but the maidens held true, until the first fell...

Theme Organizational Connections: Ends of the World, via the subgroup Glittering Crux, want to free the Cybodies, while Takuto, Sugata, and the Maidens are mostly unaffiliated; some might have ties to the Magic Association. Anyone might be interested in the Cybodies themselves, especially freed from Zero Time, as they are immensely powerful magical weapons.

Example Theme Paths to Power: For those defending the seals: Artifact (Cybody), Legacy (Marked of Cybody). For those not: Contract (with Glittering Crux to free the Cybodies from Zero Time) and Artifact (Cybody and Glittering Crux Mask)

Steven Universe

Theme Info: Throughout history, Earth has been threatened by interdimensional invaders known as Gems who seek to drain the life of the planet to propagate their own kind. But the Crystal Gems -- rebels against their Homeworld, fighting for freedom, for love, for life itself -- always save the day. Recently, their leader has reincarnated in the form of young Steven Universe, whose compassion is far more extraordinary than any of his magical powers. Along with his friends, young and old alike, they face a journey of self-discovery that spans millennia, one that may determine the fate not only of this world, but all worlds.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Crystal Gems are Unaffiliated, though they've been operating for long enough that they've made contact with both the Magic Association and Tuner Organization. Homeworld Gems align their interests (destroying Earth for their own gain) with Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Gem, eventually Connie with Rose Quartz's Sword), Contract (Garnet's long-term Fusion), Legacy (Steven's, from Rose Quartz)

Suite Pretty Cure o/`

Theme Info: A shadow has fallen over Major Land, the Fairy World dedicated to the love of music. Mephisto of Minor Land has stolen the Score, and the notes of the Melody of Happiness have spread all over Earth. If Minor Land is able to collect all of the Notes, they'll use them to complete the Melody of Sorrow, a song which brings despair to the hearts of all who hear it. A Song Fairy named Hummy has come to Earth to recruit two best friends to fight for Earth and Major Land as the legendary Precures, and to help collect the Notes to repair the Melody of Happiness. In order for the two to fight at their best, they must learn how to understand one another and achieve harmony. Unfortunately, they've squabbled since they were little kids and often have trouble seeing eye to eye on anything. Their mission is complicated by the treasonous, shape-shifting song fairy Siren, Mephisto's three singing lackeys who call themselves Trio the Minor, and by the appearance of a mysterious Cure who may be friend or foe but claims to fight with no one.

Theme Organizational Connections: Mephisto has aligned himself with Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Cure Module and Fairy Tone), Contract (with Fairy Tones, to help collect the Notes)

Tokyo Mew Mew

Theme Info: Tokyo Mew Mew revolves around the adventures of unique magical girls whose DNA has been infused with that of endangered species. Each mew mew girl is chosen specifically for their unique DNA which is compatible with specific animal DNA. Endangered species were chosen because it's believed they would fight the hardest to save their race. Mew Mews were created by the combined efforts of Ryou Shirogane and Keiichiro Akasaka in order to combat the alien threat, the Chimera Anima which are normal animals that have been infected by infusors that mutate them into monsters. Working behind the scenes are alien invaders, Cyniclons, intent on wiping out the human race with chimera animas, so that they can 'reclaim' the planet as their own and resettle on earth. Mew Mews are not just limited to the five original team members. There is another group that had ties with Keiichiro's father who has also created Mew mews of their own..

Theme Organizational Connections: Shirogane, Keiichiro's father, originally worked on the Mew Mew project with Dr. Tomoe at Infinity Institute, with the Magic Association. The Mew Mews themselves are Tuners; the Cyniclons are Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Transformation Pendant), Legacy (Red Data Compatible DNA)

Yuna Yuki Is A Hero

Theme Info: For the last 133 years, the Shinjuu, or World Tree, has been regularly under attack by extradimensional monsters called the Vertex. These events create an effect called Forestization, which beautifully -- if temporarily -- covers the land with spectacular flora. Were a single Vertex to touch the Shinjuu's trunk, the world would end. To prevent this, the powers of the Shinjuu can be granted to girls through a program called the Hero System, allowing them to transform into spectacular magical warriors and granting them a fairy partner; an organization called Taisha oversees their operations from a distance and provides support where they can. While this is a dream come true for would-be do-gooders, their power comes at a price, and girls in the Hero System are not shown the fine print before they sign. Are they really the Shinjuu's protectors? Or are they the Shinjuu's sacrifices?

Theme Organizational Connections: The Taisha Organization is a branch of Ends of the World, and girls in the Hero System who are particularly close to the Taisha can be inducted as well. Taisha's financial and logistical support tends to obviate the benefits that the Tuners or Magic Association can offer their girls, but it occasionally happens. The Vertex are too unknowable to work with an organization, but Dark Fall considers them useful shock troops whose destructive interests are aligned, and sometimes plans operations around their incursions.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Hero System Cell Phone Application), Contract (To defend the Shinjuu from the Vertex)

Inactive Themes

The following themes, though fondly remembered, are no longer played, and are not accepting applications at this time.

Akuma no Senshi

Theme Info: Long ago on another world, high atop a mountain in the clouds, there was a place known as the Kingdom of the Seasons. The Grove of Seasons, a mystical place at the heart of that land, was home to four Crystal Flowers, each harboring the spirit of one of the seasons. These flowers chose guardians of these spirits from among the land's peoples, who became known as the Solstice Angels. This peaceful land was blind to darkness growing beyond its borders, unaware of the corruption of the Demon Lord Equinox as he slowly began to steal away the Solstice Angels, transforming them into his own Demon Warriors in mockery of their former roles. Eventually the corruption overtook the Kingdom, and the Demon Lord turned his attention outwards, to other lands, seeking to force the same fate upon them. On Earth, he imbued specific family lines with a contract, making the firstborn of each generation a host to one of his Demon Warriors, his eternal army born anew to spread his corruption. However, hope springs eternal, and there is always a dawn at the end of even the longest night.

Theme Organization Connections: Demon Lord Equinox has sworn loyalty to Dark Fall. However, like all such beings, his loyalty is out of personal motivation rather than belief in any common cause. He views Dark Fall as convinient allies in order to spread his vision of corruption and darkness across the universe. As such, he lends the assistance of his Demon Warriors to the other members of Dark Fall, and requests assistance in kind when he needs it. While Equinox himself plays his own games, the Demon Warriors have proven to be capable and loyal servants to those Equinox directs them to assist. When not under specific orders from him directly, the Demon Warriors have standing orders to assist Dark Fall however they see fit.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Transformation Jewelry), Legacy (Family Lineage), Contract (Demonic Pact)

Anemoi Flight Ala Mode!

Theme Info: Reborn throughout the centuries to combat the demon Arpía Luta and her acolytes whenever they rise, the Anemoi Flight are four guardians of justice and hope! Each of the Flight represents one of the four great winds, and is accompanied by their companion spirit, the four Avatars of the Seasons. They are the winged guardians of hopes and dreams, reborn now in the present day on the planet Earth! They hail originally from the world of Aquiellan, where they were chosen by the goddess Pia Reina to combat a demon and her Acolytes in times long past. Though they sealed the demon, they could not vanquish her in times past, and so whenever the demon reappears, the Anemoi are called again into service to battle and re-seal her. Thus, the Anemoi Flight Ala Mode protect the Wings of the Heart of innocent civilians! They work tirelessly to keep the demon Arpía Luta’s plans of corrupting the reborn sorceress Amada from ever reaching fruition—but first, they have to find her!

Theme Organizational Connections: Ends of the World is an organizational affiliation for the Acolytes and Arpía Luta, via the subgroup Phoenix Rising are searching for the reborn sorceress Amada, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. They know that Amada is probably nearing adulthood and have been looking for years, but have not yet narrowed it down to a specific person. Anemoi Flight is not inherently affiliated with anyone, though they might forge a connection with the Mages’ Association, if said association turns out to have one or more of the seasonal bracelets in storage somewhere.

Example Paths to Power: Through accepting a Contract with one of the remaining Artifacts (Summer, Autumn and Winter Bracelets) of the Flight; the four Flight members are also a Legacy, they are reincarnations of past lives.

Arcane Engineer Dynamo

Theme Info: In the earlier half of the Twentieth Century, rapid scientific progress resulted in monsters known as Gremlins possessing machines and attacking people. To combat this -- or, perhaps, capitalize upon it -- famous inventors and scientists began to delve into the forces of magic and combine it with science. Their scientific prowess combined with intense emotions, which allowed those who unlocked artifacts made by famed scientists and inventors to tap into incredible magical powers. Nikola Tesla was the first of them, who created a golden puzzle box containing his ingenuity, his pride, and his determination. Whoever unlocked this puzzle box was transformed into the Arcane Engineer Dynamo. Now, the puzzle box and other inventors' artifacts have found their ways into the hands of young women across the globe. Their timing couldn't be better, because the Gremlins are also coming back.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Magic Association, due to connections between Tesla and Clow Reed, is aware of the puzzle box and other inventions. However, by and large, the Arcane Engineers are independent people who can venture wherever they like.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Every inventor who passed his powers down did so by locking them within some sort of artifact, which often acts as a test for whoever would want to unlock them. In addition, the artifacts could be considered a legacy, given that they contain and represent the engineering and scientific prowess of their makers, plus some of their strongest emotions.

Cocytus Angel Lux Lapsa

Theme Info: There are born on Earth those called the Nephilim--inheritors of the essence of a creature born both of and outside Heaven. The Nephilim essence is passed on through the soul, via bonds of love to the youngest bond available, and those who inherit them begin to exhibit strange and unusual powers, sometimes helpful, sometimes frightening, always dangerous. Heaven wants to seal them away before their powers are used for evil; Hell wants exactly what Heaven is trying to prevent. Angels thus seek out the Nephilim by offering consensual contracts called Holy Oaths to mortals in order to become Lux Angeli and use their bodies to interact with the Earth, while demons lure targets in with an Infernal Vow to become a Nox Daemonis if they don't forcibly possess their targets outright. In the middle are the fallen angels, most of whom are fully on the side of Hell, but a scant few of whom have approached Heaven seeking a second chance. For those four, Heaven has agreed in return for stripping them of their True Names, placing them under the jurisdiction of the four Archangels, and tasking them to find the Nephilim. But how many of them truly want redemption? Is this a sincere effort to make amends--or a calculated risk in the name of vengeance?

Theme Organizational Connections: Angels/Lux Angeli may have covert connections to the Magic Association. Violent demons/Nox Daemonis ally openly with Dark Fall, while ones more inclined towards cunning and deception integrate themselves into Ends of the World. Fallen angels, who can become either Lux Angeli or Nox Daemonis depending on whether or not they sacrificed their True Names to Heaven for a second chance, can be potentially anywhere, including unaffiliated; the Nephilim are the similar, though they're likely to start unaffiliated.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Fallen Rosary), Legacy (the Nephilim, not necessarily a bloodline), Contract (a Holy Oath with an angel or demon to become a Lux Angeli/Nox Daemonis)

Crash! Mesozoic Maiden

Theme Info: In a world called Pangaea, humans roam the land alongside the dinosaurs. Legend speaks of a brave woman who, on a harsh winter, journeyed beneath the earth to plead with the goddess Terra to save her tribe. Moved by her courage, the divinity bestowed upon her the Stone of Ages, an artifact, passed down from one generation to another, which allows the bravest girl in the tribe to turn into the magical Mesozoic Maiden! Each Maiden is given a mission called a Trial, in which she is given a glimpse of a future catastrophe and must then work to avert it. When one is tasked with the impossible Trial of saving another world, she journeys to Earth... and brings with her a conflict that began eons ago.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Magic Association is interested in studying the Stone of Ages and finding out more about ancient magic history, and as such has taken an interest in the Mesozoic Maiden. Sealed ancient evils, as is their habit, may likely throw in their lot with Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (The light from the Rock of Ages), Legacy (member or descendent of the Terra Tribe), Contract (the Trial, vow to guide the tribe towards a better tomorrow)

Curse Hunters

Theme Info: Wherever there is good fortune and misfortune, there will be blessings and curses; such is the nature of fortune. And wherever there are blessings and curses, there will be people seeking to influence them; such is the nature of people. The Curse Hunter tradition stems from those who seek to defeat strong curses - those that simple blessings are unable to overcome. With near-countless methods and specialties, plus the diverse nature of curses themselves, Curse Hunters can be found nearly anywhere, breaking curses one misfortune at a time.

Theme Organizational Connections: Not all curses have their origins with Dark Fall,but it's not uncommon for either a member of Dark Fall to create a curse or for a cursed entity to join Dark Fall. Ends of the World might give a recruit a cursed artifact to both empower them and keep them in line. Any curse that involves monsters might draw the attention of the Tuner Organization, for obvious reasons.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Items linked to a curse, if not cursed itself), Legacy (Descendant of a cursed person, or long-term resident of a cursed area), Contract (With entity linked to the curse related to the Artifact).

Distortion Warrior Errata

Theme Info: The late 19th century was a time of great magical advancement as titans such as Clow Reed walked the earth, but there were other, less well known mages who also did revolutionary work in the field of magic. One such man was Heihachiru Tedara, who over the course of his life created complex magical 'programs' known as the Light and Dark Codes with far reaching power. Heihachiru's spiteful son Kojuro however stole the Dark Code for himself and used it to evil ends before being stopped by his sister Kayoko, then was sealed away using 13 Access Keys. Fearing that one day the Dark Code might be unleashed again, Heihachiru created the Code Beasts to watch over the opposing Codes. Now, over a century later, Kojuro has been reawakened by the Dark Fall, seeking out the inheritor of the Light Code and the 13 Access Keys so that he may obtain the power of both Codes. Opposing him is a computer program made manifest as a human girl by the power of a Contract known as Distortion Warrior Errata, and those chosen by the Code Beasts. But the powers of darkness aren't the only challenge Errata must face, as she has been mistaken for the girl who made the Contract, Miyu Oyanagi, and now finds herself living in another person's shoes as she struggles with the trials of being human.

Theme Organizational Connections: Viral Soldiers are part of the Dark Fall, Errata and those chosen by the Code Beasts are independent. The Light and Dark Code are of interest to all four organizations, but primarily the Magic Association and the Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Virtualizer), Contract (With Code Beasts, to protect the Light Code and reseal the Dark Code)

Dragon Saint Kaleidragoon

Theme Info: Long ago, in a world where dragons and humans coexisted in harmony, a dark god descended and made all living beings suffer. A young girl, turned into an exalted human by the blood of a dragon, stood against this god and freed her people from its iron-fisted rule, ushering a golden age of prosperity and peace together with six other heroines. However, this peace was not to last. When the Belkans came to try and conquer all worlds and become the ruling power in the multiverse, young Queen Io was betrayed and murdered by the person she thought loved her above everything else, and her kingdom was invaded. Even though the invasion was miraculously repelled, the heroines fell in battle, and the world was left in ruins. But even then, people did not lose hope, and had faith in that, one day, their saviors would return. Queen Io's crown, the Prismatic Infinity Carat, became a legendary artifact through that faith, one that many would covet zealously. The servants of the darkness wished to obtain it to resurrect their god with its power. In order to protect it, the crown's guardians cast its fragments into the immensity of space, together with dragon eggs from which, hopefully, new guardians would rise to protect the crown from evil. The crown and the eggs drifted among the universe until they ended up on Earth, and even now the eggs are bonding with strong-hearted humans willing to rise up to defend the world from the forces of chaos and destruction.

Theme Organization Connections: Uraut and her lackeys are allied with Dark Fall. Mayuko is unaffiliated. If news of the Prismatic Infinity Carat's arrival to Earth were to be passed among the factions, they would probably show great interest in obtaining it.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Dragon Brooch), Contract (With a dragon, to recover, reforge and protect the Prismatic Infinity Carat and defend the innocent from the forces of darkness)

Everlasting Light Maiden Hope

Theme Info: During the Edo Period, one of the many Magical Girl sisterhoods operating within Japan were the Light Maidens. Of these, Light Maiden Hope was the strongest, as hope springs eternal. But the era of the Light Maidens reached an untimely end following Light Maiden Hope's defeat and the Fall of Edo. Not a single Light Maiden had been seen in generations -- until the tenacious Light Maiden Hope made her grand return to the battlefield, prepared to fight the enduring enemies of humanity, putting her resolve to the test. But is the tenacity of a single shattered spirit enough to bring light to the lurking darkness, or will Light Maiden Hope fall once more to the shadows?

Theme Organizational Connections: Light Maidens are known to the Magic Association, probably spoken about in a dusty tome in a stuffy library somewhere.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Light Maidens unlock their destiny by obtaining a ceramic mask in the visage of a mythical being from Japanese lore. These masks were usually distributed by a mysterious travelling mask salesman, the nature of whom was never fully uncovered. Should the salesman still exist today, a contract could be struck with him in exchange for such a mask. Otherwise, as Light Maiden Hope has shown, under special circumstances a contract can also be struck with an existing Light Maiden should she be unable to fulfill her duties on her own.

Fantastic Idols Raven Squad

Theme Info: Fantastic Idols Raven Squad! Four women out to earn a yen, and fight off some monsters. All before going on stage. That and make it back home in time to do homework. For the most part, these four women use gems from the Tuner Organization that only they can use. Soon, they will learn the origins of their magical armors, and the powers that they were given. Will learning the truth help the squad survive, or will the curtain fall before the final notes have been sung?

Theme Organizational Connections: Raven Squad is affilated with the Tuner Organization, while the Nameless are a part of Dark Fall.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Gems)

Guardian Princess Runealy

Theme Info: On the feudal world of Waldia, the royal family's women maintain a barrier that seals away an ancient demon horde. When Queen Lene was murdered by a monster just before a ritual to reinforce the Barrier, Princess Runealy wasn't ready to take her place. With time running out to prevent a demon apocalypse, her friends convinced Runealy to mount an expedition to Earth and revive the ancient order of the Guardian Knights so they could accompany her. Originally draining magic from Tokyo's heroes in a desperate attempt to save their own world, they were later persuaded to stop these attacks and seek help. This decision proved vital, as it was widespread cooperation rather than drained energy that set things right! Grateful for a second chance on Earth, the princess and her friends have returned to atone for their misdeeds. Yet history provides the basis for a new conflict… old enemies of the Crown have come to Earth to pursue power, justice… or vengeance.

Theme Organizational Connections: Runealy and the Guardian Knights are Unaffiliated at time of writing, though individual members may join the Magic Association. Various demons and scheming nobles fit best in Dark Fall, where they plan to seek allies.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Magical Transformation Item), Contract (Guardian Knight Oath), Legacy (Waldian Royal Line). Villains might have a demonic Legacy, or be empowered by a dark ritual (Artifact + Contract). The overwhelming majority of villains from this setting are Powers of Darkness.

Mahou Sensei Negima!

Theme Info: For centuries, mages have quietly worked alongside mankind. They use their magic to spread good spirits and happiness to all the corners of the world; and, occasionally, to do battle against dark powers and evil men who would abuse the innocent. To help them in both, the mages developed Pactio, a magical ritual allowing them to forge an unbreakable bond between spirits and hearts; and if that bond is mighty enough, if the hearts involved are close enough, that bond creates a strength unrivaled by those without the heart to match it. Twenty years ago, a band of powerful warriors adventured across Earth and the magic worlds, saving people from strife and defusing terrible magical wars; their leader was Nagi Springfield, soon to be called the Thousand Master, after his famed mastery of a thousand spells (or perhaps it was bonds to a thousand partners...). Fifteen years ago, the Thousand Master vanished without trace, and his allies scattered to the winds. But now, his nine-year-old son Negi has appeared on the world scene, graduating from the magic academy in Wales, and advancing to his next stage of mage training....which is, much to his surprise, apparently to teach a middle school class in Tokyo's Infinity Institute! Many eyes are on the Thousand Master's young heir, and not all of them friendly; one little boy is no match for those expectations, no matter his pedigree. The question is, can he forge the bonds he needs to make it through?

Theme Organizational Connections: Negima-esque wizards and Pactio partners - either whimsical young mages helping the innocent or bands of roving monster-fighters - are a major Magic Association demographic and the Magic Association's established central headquarters is in the magical country Mundus Magicus. Pactio partners ("minister" for the boys, "ministra" for the girls) are therefore also pretty likely to be or become Magic Association, as most wizards willing to share their hearts in this way are going to already be in the Magic Association. Negima wizards and ministrae often consider it their chief duty to directly oppose Dark Fall's monsters, but some unscrupulous may find that the temptation of Dark Fall's power is too great to resist; mages bartering away their souls to demons is no uncommon tale, after all, and Dark Fall occasionally finds itself mage allies in this way. Ends of the World has a tight grip, on the upper levels of wizard leadership, and it's not unlikely that a high-ranking mage may have gotten there with debts to pay to the World's Edge.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Legacy (Great Wizard), Artifact (Great Wizard Inheritance Item, Pactio Card), Contract (Pactio)

Marked Cards

Theme Info: In the 18th century, the dark force known only as the House began its terrible game, the Dead Man's Hand. Releasing monsters in the world, it gave powerful cards to chosen, marked souls. These allowed them to use superhuman powers to fight the monsters, and to battle over the cards that created them. Whichever group completed the set would be granted their wishes. Now, the souls of the Marked Cards are reincarnating, no longer in the American West, but in modern-day Japan! The Aces High and the Wild Bunch compete once more to gather the cards let loose by the Hands of the House, the Jokers, whether to protect the people of Japan or to serve their own selfish desires.

Theme Organizational Connections: Some of the original Aces High belonged to the very early Tuners. However, their reincarnations have not made contact. The Wild Bunch, on the other hand, have fallen easily in with the Ends of the World, much as the original Wild Bunch did. The House is a quiet but potent organization within Dark Fall. As far as anyone can tell, no one involved in the Dead Man's Hand has ever even found out the Magic Association existed.

Example Theme Paths to Power: The Marked Cards (Artifact), the reincarnation of a famous cowboy (Legacy), the agreement to play the Dead Man's Hand (Contract)

Midnight Investigation Night Tales

Theme Info: Long ago, there were beings called the Outsiders, who came to Earth to partake in human emotion and energy. Sealed away since the Silver Millenium with little except the occasional occult text to remember them by, the Outsiders' seals were weakened by Clow Reed's miracle. Now, the Outsiders can once again touch Earth - but then as now, there are magicians and investigators to stand against them - the magical Midnight Investigators!

Theme Organizational Connections: The Midnight Investigators are part of the Midnight Investigation Agency, a school club with a secret, and also tend to be associated with the Magic Association. On the other hand, the cultists, wizards, and assorted Outsider-friendly beings are perfectly happy to work with Dark Fall, as they share similar goals.

Example Paths to Power: The Midnight Investigators have all made a Contract with the single Outsider who helps humanity stand vigilant against the other Outsiders, and many of them also have a Heritage associated with either a great detective or a great wizard. Outsiders forces also make Contracts with other Outsiders, and may be granted artifacts in their service.

Minsteru Project, or: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Make Some Noise

Theme Info: In early Feudal Japan, the Emperor had three minstrels that he deemed timeless—and with help from the court’s wizard, he made their spirits and talents timeless in every sense of the word. Since then, the spirits have reincarnated countless times across Japan, spreading music and song as well as fighting the good fight against the various evils that plague the world. But in the modern day, the spirits have separated and weakened—in fact, generations have passed since any of the Minsteru Spirits rose up to do battle. But all of that is destined to change when one of the spirits reunites with their instrument once again.

Theme Organizational Connections: The three Minsteru Spirits have been honorary members of The Magic Association for centuries, membership being born into each new host body. However, due to the fact that the spirits’ magical forms had been in hibernation for generations, many forget the last time they ever showed up.

Example Theme Paths to Power: The reincarnation of a Minsteru Spirit is necessary—but even that isn’t enough to awaken the magical form. A reincarnated Minsteru Spirit will have an overwhelming need to make noise and music, and if that urge is repressed or ignored, it will result in extreme strain on both the mind and body. Any release of these pent up energies will be enough to keep the spirit in check—however, it will manifest itself in no more than exceptional musical talent. If presented with their corresponding Minsteru Instrument, however, the true power of the Minsteru Spirit will awaken. Once the individual rediscovers the Metamorphosis Sonata, their powers and memories will flood them once again.


Theme Info: The power of the Mirare is born from a secret wish, some fundamental aspect of themselves that they hide from the world. The Perfect Mirror Guardian grants them one of the shards of the Perfect Mirror, which reflects their truth, and grows stronger as they come closer to realizing it. The Perfect Mirror Guardian also sets before them a task: they must stop the the King of Three Shadows, whose Shadow Mirror was fractured and sealed away a millenium ago by Lady Isumi, the holder of the Perfect Mirror before it was shattered. The King's Three Shadows, Doubt, Grief and Betrayal, through summoning the youma Mirror Demons and Mirror Goblins, intend to revive their master so that he can spread his despair across the entire world, so that all hearts shall be dark and empty like his. The Mirare must face themselves and accept their own truths if they are to gain the power to hold back the darkness.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Shadows are loyal first and foremost to their King, but while they can find common cause with Dark Fall and the Ends of the World both are more likely to find a long-term alliance with Dark Fall to work out for them. The Mirare, meanwhile, are a new element in the magical world, albeit one with a thousand-year-old origin, but would probably gain benefit from working with the Magic Association's understanding of magical history: somewhere in their accumulated lore may be the information they need to deal with the King.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (True Heart Mirror), Contract (With the Perfect Mirror Guardian, or possibly with the Shadows)

Muses of Inspiration

Theme Info: The Grey are beings that drain humans of creativity, inspiration, and similar, turning them into 'grey' people. Long ago they were defeated and forced into hiding, but as of late they have started to return. In response the Muses of Inspiration, or at least their powers, have begun to return Magical Girls to the world to ensure humanity does not lose its metaphorical soul.

Theme Organizational Connections: None, though they have worked with magicans in the far past. Perhaps too long for most to remember.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Muses receive their powers from ancient gems enchanted with magic to find their suitable Magical Girls when the creatures rise again. These gems are not sentient, and while they can sometimes speak it is less like talking to a person and more talking to someone on a tape-recorder. Because of this the magical girl might not really know more than the very basics of what is going on - and only if she is very lucky might she even know the name of any of the others!

Open Heart Guardians

Theme Info: Mysterious, semi-sentient artifacts seek out and find their way into the hands of girls with deep potential in their hearts, allowing them transformations based on the hearts of the users. If their hearts are closed off, it gives them a superficial form their 'outer heart'. Only by understanding their hearts, opening them, and letting them grow, can they reach their true selves and true forms. The artifacts were created by an ancient lost civilization that knew the power of the heart, but had closed theirs off and put a metaphorical mask on, so in using the artifacts eventually turned into monsters known as Masques - and if the girls who received the artifacts keep using them recklessly without looking inwards, if they neglect their civilian selves and ignore friendship, romance, and learning who they are - they may fall to the same fate. The ancient Masques have been sleeping, but the chaos of this new age has awoken them once more, and they have returned to wreak havoc, with the Emperor Masque creating Shadow Minions to attack those that have 'his' artifacts.

Theme Organizational Connections: The girls with the artifacts do not belong to any one organization as a whole. The Masques would join Dark Fall, but neither the Emperor Masque nor the others would trust them, seeing the other members of Dark Fall as tools rather than allies.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Heart Awakener, each one shaped uniquely to the one it seeks out)

O Starry Knight

Theme Info: Once, in the middle ages, an elite military order known as the Knights Templar became the stuff of legends before their candle violently burnt out. The shamed survivors scattered throughout the world, bringing with them holy artifacts of great power. Handing the relics down from generation to generation, the remaining Templars taught their children to protect them from evil, and entire family lines dedicated themselves to the task. A prophecy foretold that when the time was right, the relics would react to pure hearts that saw "through the eyes of a child". Now, as the surviving families gather in Japan, the Templars turn their eyes towards the new generation, anxiously awaiting the pure hearts of prophecy, and hoping that the light of their love can wash away the sins of their fathers.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Order is no longer large or widespread enough to be more than a blip on most magical organizations' radar. That being said, the artifacts that some of their members guard would certainly be of interest to demons and wizards alike.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Legacy (Descendant of The Knights Templar), Artifact (Holy Relics of the Church)

Powerpuff Girls Z

Theme Info: In the future city of Japans-ville (surely a ward of Tokyo), the son of a talented scientist develops a chemical that was based on his father’s own, creating CHEMICAL Z! In order to help prevent a natural disaster involving a glacier, the chemical was applied and while it worked, if sent out rays of black and white light, transforming three unassuming school girls into the POWERPUFF GIRLS ... Z! However, not all is right as multiple others have been inflicted with the boon and curse of being able to wield the strength of their hearts, some of them using their powers for good, others for bad, and some JUST USING THEM!

Theme Organizational Connections: The Powerpuff Girls might be with a group of some sort, since they are all about helping others instead of being mean. Villains like Him are probably with Dark Fall; the most subtle might be used by Ends as blunt instruments.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Rings and Transformation Lockets/Belt Buckles), Legacy (Chemical Z)

Perfume Splash!

Theme Info: Perfume Splash Girls control the essence of fragrance to save the world from the evils of those who would use the power of scent in twisted ways. Scent is tied to memory, and the Perfume Splash Girls must protect the memories and the scent essences of people throughout the world. To do this they transform using Magical Body Splash, which can be found anywhere the essences of magic and memory gather. Their powers come from their connections to the Perfume Kingdom, an extradimensional kingdom whose true secrets are lost to time. But the dark forces of the Apothecary also want those powers. Lead by the corrupt Dark Kiss and her reincarnated soliders, they seek to alter the memories and hearts of people for their own twisted gains in the world now. Through the power of perfume the Perfume Warriors must unlock the memories of the past, and make the world safe for everyone.

Theme Organizational Connections: Ends of the World - villains only. The core team is part of the Tuner Organization, though not every Perfumer need be.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Transformation Body Splash), Legacy (Past Life Memories of the Perfume Kingdom)

Prism Aegis

Theme Info: The Prism Keepers -- as well as the villains they are destined to fight -- have not always been a part of reality. They do not come from a great kingdom, long destroyed; or a cosmic feud that spans millennia. In fact, not so long ago, the Prism Keepers were simply the fantasy of a young girl and her friends. It would have remained that way, were it not for the darkness that forced her fantasy to become reality. In short, each Prism Keeper is a girl from the ages of eight to twelve who possesses the power of a certain color of the rainbow -- in addition to pink, which was added in by Mei only because her mother forced her to let her little sister Momo play with her. Together, they must stop the forces that seek to drain all color and life from the world.

Theme Organizational Connections: Because the Prism Keepers and their villains are brand spankin’ new, they have no particular ties at this point in time. Griselda and the Monochrome Duo, in addition to any original and future villains, are likely to join Dark Fall eventually.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Each Prism Keeper is chosen by a Chroma Crystal. Mei initially listed a person or a set of traits associated with a particular Crystal, but for the sake of apping, these can be backwards compatible. The only ‘specifically’ named people right now are Momo (Mei’s sister) for Pink, and Mei’s best friend (any name) for Orange.)

Sealed Dimension Cheer Eater

Theme Info: At the fall of the Silver Milennium, Queen Serenity’s wish sealed away a great many evils. One of them was the Darkness of Despair, a world inhabited by parasitic demons who fed on the hope and joy of innocent people. In the centuries since its sealing, the lords of the Darkness have schemed against each other, hoping to build up their power for an eventual return to Earth. Unbeknownst to them, many of their lessers have already escaped, hiding amongst humanity and growing stronger off their hope. But Earth is not without its defenders--the young exorcists of the Order of Endless Heart, sworn to defend people’s happiness and drive the demons back.

Theme Organizational Connections: Possible bargains with the Magic Association, or manipulation games with Ends of the World.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Emotional Pocketwatch (Artifact), Demon From Another Dimension (Legacy)

Shining Rune Maiden Akemi

Theme Info: When Japanese civiliation started to develop, the balance of nature began to shift towards humanity's advantage, causing once peaceful kami of nature to become wraithful demons. Mediators were needed, and one brave young woman unwittingly answered the call. Using a mystical lotus tattoo of holy power as a conduct, she allowed her body to become a seal for a dangerous demon, allowing peace for her village, even if it came at the cost of being cast out. Sharing the now purfied kami's pain allowed the maiden to realize the scope of the problem, and, using the kami as a guide and eventually as a source of power, she and her family line set out attempting to mediate the balance between nature and humanity, as well as protecting both sides from the evil that came from beyond and within. No longer would the forces of evil be fed by forgotten spirits of nature; someone was willing to walk between worlds, spreading a message of hope, love, and light.

The founding Tsukiyama family line seemed to end with the disappearance of the no-nonsense Katsumi Tsukiyama in 1958, perhaps for the better. In these modern times, wouldn't taking on such a naive role be ultimately useless? One young girl will find out...

Theme Organizational Connections: The Tsukiyama line has worked alongside the Magic Association and the Tuners, though playing host to a rumored 'demon' as well as the maidens' efforts to rehabilitate certain demons have called their allegiances into question at times. Dark Fall hates the maidens for denying them potential recruits, though some may be curious as to the effects playing host to a kami could have on a human family line, as will some in the Ends of the World. As for separate or distant family lines of Rune Maidens, their ties may be another matter...

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Lotus Tattoo), Contract (a sealed kami, after a period of time), Legacy (descendants have a chance to gain certain attributes & sync with their family's kami better)

Star ☆ Crossed

Theme Info: It’s said that if you make a wish on a shooting star, it will come true. Throughout the world’s history, two forces have emerged and disappeared in a cross-generational battle over the fate of those wishes: the Star Lion, who wishes to steal the power of wishes for his own conquest, and the Soldier Angel, guardian of the shooting stars. Their battle continues today in the heart of Tokyo. The only problem is, the Star Lion and the Soldier Angel are best friends!

Theme Organizational Connections: The dynasty of the Star Lion has belonged to Dark Fall for as long as it has existed, though the Star Lions of history haven’t typically been leaders.

Example Theme Paths to Power: The Star Lion’s bloodline (Legacy), the black pearl ring that seals the original Star Lion’s power (Artifact), a wish on a shooting star (Contract), the Soldier Angel’s star-given white pearl ring (Artifact)

Starlight Dreamers

Theme Info: Sometimes when you wish upon a star, dreams come true. Though it's rare, sometimes spirits will grant the wish of a pure-hearted soul - not for a thing they could achieve under their own power, but for impossible dreams and hopes. The exchange, though, puts /them/ in charge of defending everyone's dreams and fighting off the Nightmares, monsters formed of negative thoughts and emotions.

Theme Organizational Connections: None, though some people from Ends of the World and Dark Fall are capable of making monsters that would count as Nightmares. The Star Dreamers - if multiple even exist - are not organized, though both the Magic Association and the Tuners know the power of an impossible wish.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Dreamstone), Contract (with the spirit of the shooting star, to protect dreams and banish Nightmares)

Stars of the Silver Night

Theme Info: A battle for the night has begun in the heart of Tokyo. Awakened after centuries trapped within a magical urn, an ancient spirit known as the Night Lord seeks to cover the entire Earth in darkness, and its servants - vampires and the undead - prowl the hours when the sun has fallen, converting more and more into vampires like them. The only thing standing between the cabal known as the Midnight Circle and the innocents who sleep ignorant at night are a handful of girls, each born at a precise moment of power beneath the passage of a silver shooting star on July 7, 1997, at 6:07 a.m. Armed with a centuries-old series of magical masks passed down from those who sealed the spirit away before, these girls rise as the Soeurs of the Star, wielding the powers of blessings and sacred fury in their fight to make the night safe for humanity.

Theme Organizational Connections: The Soeurs of the Star and Augustine the Heretic are with the Magic Association but will lend their powers to fighting all manner of demons. The Midnight Circle is aligned with Dark Fall but don't so much want to end the world as invert its natural order - they want to create a new world where all worship the demon, referred to simply as the Night Lord.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Blessed Masque of _____), Legacy (Born under the silver star's path on July 7, 1997, at 6:07 a.m), Contract (With Augustine the badass turtledove, to cleanse the night of demons and evil)

Suzi-chan: Ten Seeds of Lulafein

Theme Info: There is a parallel world called Lulafein in which the magical energy of flowers and plants is vital to all life, and children grow from seeds. When the seeds of the Ten Flowers of Lulafein, which guarantee the land's prosperity, fell through a tiny portal to Earth, the only way to get them back was to send the seed of the newest princess of the realm through the portal. The seed would become a girl named Suzi, who would take up magical powers and the mission to collect the seeds and help them grow, which would open the way back to Lulafein. However, creatures from another world called Nilasein, similar but opposite to Lulafein, have begun to seek the seeds for themselves- and Suzi, who once thought she could use her magic only for innocent, peaceful purposes, would have to learn to fight the growing darkness, and decide her place in a world that is her own and yet not her own.

Theme Organizational Connections: While Nilasein initially sends only mindless monsters to Earth, it does in fact have leaders who are more intelligent and capable of planning and tactics. They are likely aligned with Dark Fall. Heroic characters can have any affiliation, though will mostly be unaffiliated or in the Magic Association.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Artifact (Suzi's Lulafein Necklace and Lorfae Wand), Legacy (Lulafein's royal bloodline). It's possible that other Lulafeinans who are highly trusted by the Royal Family might gain access to the portal to Earth and thus have their own children born on the other side- and they might grant them powers of their own.

Ultimate Warrior Total Divas

Theme Info: For as long as there has been gladiatorial combat, The Corporation has existed in some form. Throughout history, however, none have been able to agree on what exactly it is; organization or being, god or devil. But all can agree on one thing: the greatest men and women in the history of bloodsport, from Spartacus to James Hellwig, have been empowered with the might of the Corporation, all striving to become the Ultimate Warrior. And these days the need for an Ultimate Warrior is greater than ever: the legendary Eater of Worlds has reawoken, and new Warriors are flooding the ranks of the Corporation, eager to test the strength of their hearts.

Theme Organizational Connections: There are none; the Corporation exists outside of the organizational framework.

Example Theme Paths to Power: Initially, a Warrior receives their power by making a contract with the Corporation; they do not rise to true power, however, until they become strong enough within that framework to acquire a Championship, of which only a limited number exist at any one time.

For more information, please see: Theme, Theme Guides: Character Integrations, Cast Pages, Organizations, Paths to Power, Guide: Monsters Of The Day