MUSH Survival Guide

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Welcome to our MUSH Survival Guide! People totally new to MUSHing should start at the top; otherwise, it's pretty safe to start at chapter three, Apping, though there is BF-specific information in all sections.

MUSH Survival Guide: About MUSHing - What is a MUSH, and how do I log in?

MUSH Survival Guide: MUSH Basics - Once I'm logged in, how do I interact?

MUSH Survival Guide: Apping - Once I can interact, how do I get a character?

MUSH Survival Guide: Statting - Once I'm applying for a character, how do I do her stats?

MUSH Survival Guide: Roleplaying - Once I have a character, how do I interact as her instead of me?

Special thanks to Alice and Trish of Persona MUSH for this guide!

For more information, please see: Tutorials