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Not every antagonist on Battle Fantasia is a Power of Darkness, but many are. Powers of Darkness are susceptible to Purify- and Banish-flagged attacks (eg, lovebeams), but their henshin forms are built on more points, in return. They also get access to an expanded list of Flags for Free Attacks. Thematically, a Power of Darkness is either possessed by or (sometimes voluntarily!) suffused with a fundamentally evil force. There are a variety of logistically distinct examples of this:

A: Youma that possess a person or object, turning them into a big monster. Judicious application of lovebeams returns the original target unharmed, banishing the youma (into nothingness, generally; if the youma ITSELF was good originally but got corrupted into what it is, it might now be back to normal, like a person's Heart Flower in Heartcatch Precure).

B: Brainwashed and crazy Lieutenants, who are in part so dark and evil because of the application of an external force that has perverted their bodies, minds, or spirits. Judicious application of lovebeams often causes the external hold to weaken, and the lieutenant to become confused and retreat. Lovebeams alone aren't usually enough to return someone to normal this way (that's what relationships are for!), but this example does demand some kind of normal to return TO.

C: Beings born entirely from fundamentally dark and evil forces, to which judicious application of lovebeams can start opening their hearts to the possibility that they can be more than what they were born to be. Again, no quantity of Moon Healing Escalations to the face can substitute for actual heartfelt interactions with others, but it can be a plot reason to open the door.

PoD examples: Most of the Dark Fall faction, Sailor Moon and Precure villains collectively, normal people possessed by their X Eggs from Shugo Chara (and usually, normal people possessed by most anything)

Notable non-PoDs: Witches from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Orphans from Mai-HiME, much of the Ends of the World faction

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