2013-10-07 - After School Blues

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After School Blues

Sometimes life after school just isn't all rainbows and sunshine.


Hotaka Domen, Usagi Tsukino, Sei Itazura, Madobe Kuroi


Juuban School Building, Outside

OOC - IC Date:

10/7/2013 - 9/30/2013

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Juuban Highschool was out and many students were either heading for their after school actives or were going to make their way with their friends to other locations. Different grades hung around one another. Laughing, giggling, talking away as they walked down the steps.

Hotaka Domen was one of these people, but he wasn't talking to anyone or even laughing. Instead the Juuban Highschooler had his school brief bag slung over his shoulder and his hand in his pocket as he walked down the steps. His blue eyes looking distant and ignorant to the world around him. Ignoring the conversations and the laughs.

There was also a strong chance that someone within this very school had blackmail material now on him and he wasn't sure how he was going to deal with that if it got out. What Alastor would do to correct the issue. That scared him the most.

A voice came up from behind him, one of his old childhood friends, they ran up to him asking him if he had any plans for the day and Hotaka had to wave them off. Telling them he just wasn't in the mood. This lead to a little heated discussion between the two that may catch some ears of those who would walk by.

"Hotaka! Come on! You become such a loner. What happened to the guy who use to laugh freely and just smile all the time? What has gotten into you huh?"

"I don't want to talk about it, alright? Just go hang out with the others and go do something else other then bother me."

"Hotaka.. No. Not this time." His friend reaches out of his arm, but Hotaka quickly shifts away and stares directly at them, which causes them to almost stagger back in some shock by the look they were given. "..why.. why have you become like this?"

"Just go away, alright!" Hotaka sneers out, before then storming off into the grass field, leaving his once childhood friend standing there in great confusion, before they too start to walk off with their head down low. As for Hotaka he hangs his head before leaning his shoulder against the old tree and just gritting his teeth as his eyes become hidden by his brown bangs. "..you know.. this is all your fault.."

'Mine? I didn't ask to be stuck with you. It is all part of the contract, so just deal with it already. You know what is at stake if even /think/ about trying to find away to undo it.'

"..yeah.. I know." Hotaka then leans his back against the tree watching the others laugh and talk. "My humanity." He whispers softly to himself.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:

Usagi casually walks out of her class, covering her mouth to stifle a yawn. Stretching her arms high above her head, she takes a deep breath and says, "Oh boy, what a great nap!"

Her exclaimation gets a few incredulous stares from other students. Well, it probably isn't very bright to just openly admit that you slept through an entire class lecture. Buuuut... that's Usagi for you.

Fortunately, Hotaka's heated discussion seems to draw any unwanted attention off of her. Overhearing the conversation, she hears about Hotaka becoming more and more withdrawn! Well, that can't be good.

Normally at this point, a person would just start ignoring it and tell themselves that it's not their business. Normally. If there's anything that one could notice about Usagi, it's that she isn't quite normal! Quietly, she follows after Hotaka, concern furrowing her brow. She knows that it isn't her business but... seeing him suffer, she just can't leave it alone!

She doesn't overhear that last bit, but she does see him lean against the tree. She shouldn't say anything. She shouldn't pry. She should just leave it alone. Instead, Usagi just does something she shouldn't do, "Hey, are you alright?" After a pause, she adds, "You know... I don't think she really deserved that. She was just trying to be your friend!"

Sei Itazura has posed:

Sei Itazura does not attend Juuban. In fact, she has never set foot on the campus before right now. It must be something pretty important which has brought here here, to the den of commoners, though whatever it may be is not apparent from glancing at her. She is walking up the front walkway towards the school, notable because she is moving in the opposite direction of most of the other students. She appears to be alone, and is wearing her Ohtori uniform- not super unusual, considering how the Sister Schools operate, but that combined with her pristine (if cool) beauty causes a lot of the Juubanite girls to whisper about 'pretty rich girls' as she passes, skillfully ignoring them. She arrives at the doors and stands frowning up at them for a moment.

"What a dump." She finally says, to herself. Probably because there isn't a porter to hold the door for her.

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Some people are meddlers, and others are complainers, but Madobe? She just wants to survive the day. She is walking through Juuban, and even outright just walks past Sei without saying anything, on her way towards escape. She even passes by Hotaka without saying anything. But once she hears Usagi chattering her up, she turns her head towards 'Meatball Head' and--of course--instantly recognizes her. She looks around a bit for a place to hide and ultimately ducks behind a vending machine to eper at her. Madobe does not appear to have told the student body that Hotaka was Satan but, to be fair, who would believe her if she did? Maybe she didn't remember due to recognition inhibition. She hasn't commented on it anyway.


Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka looks up about then as he hears the female voice. It takes him a moment to realize who it is. Being one of his underclassman, Usagi Tsukino. He blinks at the blonde headed girl and then sighs softly. "She also needs to learn when I tell her not now, then just-- not now." He rests his head back and closes his eyes. "I've known her form some time, she'll get over it and you shouldn't worry about it either."

'There is something about this girl... or something on her..'

"And, I'll be ok. Just been a rough year for me at home." Hotaka states softly as he then forces himself to stand straight. "Your name is-- Usagi Tsukino, right? I'm Hotaka Domen." He then bows gently to her in a polite fashion before trying to place on a smile, though it was rather lacking. "..and you really shouldn't worry about."

That is about then when he notices Sei and blinks his eye a few times. "..and why is she here.." He says softly and just stares at Sei.

'And the other interesting one also returns!'

Hotaka for a moment gets a dead pan face really wanting to remark back to Alastor on his odd ball interests. He continues to peer over at Sei unsure if he wants to yell over to get her attention or-- just play dumb, so he slowly peels his eyes away.

Thankfully, Madobe goes undetected for now.

Usagi Tsukino has posed:

Usagi furrows her brow. How can she just not worry about it? After seeing something like that... "Don't worry about it?" Even if he tells her that, and even if she doesn't have much to say in response, she is still going to be worried.

She tilts her head to the side, scratching her head, "Well, she's an old friend, then... isn't that all the more reason to...?" She immediately reconsiders what she's saying, and then holds up both hands defensively, one of them holding up her schoolbag. "N-never mind! Don't worry about it. Nevermind!"

Usagi is having trouble reading Hotaka's deadpan expression, probably because she's missing one half of the conversation. Well, belatedly, she bows a bit more deeply than Hotaka and says, "That's right, I'm Usagi Tsukino. Nice to meet you, Hotaka!"

Usagi hasn't yet noticed Madobe since... well... she's hiding. Sei Itazura does manage to get her attention, however, and she says, "Hey, this isn't a dump! This is a school! How could you ever think that this place was a dump?! Geeze!"

Sei Itazura has posed:

Sei is glancing around again.. searching for something, apparently. Her comment wasn't /to/ anyone in particular, but since Usagi happened to overhear and felt it was her place to respond, Sei turns to glance at her, one delicate brow arched over a pale blue eye. "It's no palace, either." Is her dry-humored response. "Perhaps I was a bit harsh. But it does lack a certain.. elegance I have come to expect from halls of learning."

She glances at Hotaka, under a tree nearby. She recognizes him, and inclines her head slightly though she doesn't offer a verbal greeting. She then looks back to Usagi. "Tell me, if you're so concerned with butting into my business. I'm looking for the High School Teacher's Office. I have a letter to deliver. Do you know where it is?"

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Urggh.... Sei's gotten involved. If she gets involved herself she can't complain about Sei mucking with her. Usagi too. Usagi is there too. Hmm... Last time she was with Usagi, she said 'hey lets go to the mall' and then basically immediately abandoned her. She needs to punish her, in the name of the moon! Or more accurately, her pride. But how? Satan-Senpai might try to eat her too if she's not careful. Hmm.

She looks into her bag for a moment and quietly rips free a piece of paper. She scribbles on it for a moment--then folds it into a paper airplane.

She rears back with her arm and flings it towards Usagi before ducking behind the vending machine again.

This is my declaration of war, Usagi!, Madobe thinks, as she quickly fills her bag back up.

Hotaka Domen has posed:

Hotaka doesn't really move, but he does not his head back to Sei. For the moment he seems content to just hang out at the tree, while Alastor gives Usagi the fifth degree look over. Though the paper airplane doesn't go unnoticed and his eyes slowly follow to maybe where it came from.

...was someone hiding?

Usagi Tsukino has posed:

Usagi is just sticking her nose everywhere! Having completely forgotten about the incident the other day, she can't even imagine that someone would have a problem with her. The paper airplane completely blindsides her, nailing the back of her head and causing her to eek in surprise.

She turns around and demands, "Hey! Who did that?" Finding and picking up the paper airplane, she unfolds it, determined to get to the bottom of this outrage! Her expression changes to fright as reads its dire contents:


Usagi stares. She just stares. "H-hey! Who... what the... but that's not funny!" She holds the paper up and waves it in the air, "Is this your idea of a joke?" After a while her face turns pale, looking at the paper and wondering if it's real. Her imagination takes over and she completely buys into it. She curls into a ball on the ground and sobs.

In response to Sei, Usagi simply points a finger down the hall. "It's that way." She returns to sobbing shortly after.

Sei Itazura has posed:

Sei watches as Usagi gets hit with a paper airplane. That makes her smirk, because people getting hit with things is funny. Then she watches Usagi's reaction to whatever is written on the paper airplane with growing incredulity. "Uhhh.." She glances around, wondering if anyone else finds it strange that this girl is sobbing on the ground. She walks over, despite having recieved her instructions, and picks up the crumpled airplane, reading it. "Are.. are you serious?" She asks, looking down at Usagi on the ground. "It's just a lame prank."

Madobe Kuroi has posed:

Madobe pokes her head out from the vending machine to glance over and catches sight of Satan-Senpai looking her way. She freezes, eyes wide, and then her gaze travels towards Usagi who has now slumped and started crying. W-woah...she didn't think Usagi would take it THAT hard. Honestly, it was a pretty lame prank. She just wanted to rattle her a bit, not get her to start bawling.

The thought of the pain she inflicted upon Usagi being far more than intended, she sniffles once--tears forming in her own eyes, and she ducks behind the vending machine so /she/ can cry in peace too.

Poor Usagi-Chan! She's going to miss her rambunctiousness! ... Wait ... it was a dumb prank anybody could tell it was fake why is Usagi so messed up by it arggghh she started to think it was real!

Madobe takes in a deep breath, and then another. And then rubs at her eyes again. She'll just...apologize! Or run away. Which to do...

Usagi Tsukino has posed:

"Are you sure?" Usagi asks, looking up at Sei. "Do you promise?" One might wonder why she'd even consider such a thing serious, but most probably don't know about her nightlife of fighting EVIL and the weird things she sees like every day. Most probably just brush it off as her being a crybaby, which... well... isn't really that far off the mark.

After Sei's reassurance, she stands up, suddenly all better. It just turns on and off like a switch with her, doesn't it? Taking the paper airplane, she scrunches it into a ball and throws it over her shoulder. Looking at her watch, she exclaims, "Oh shoot! I have to- um... be somewhere!"

Hastily she gives Sei directions to the office she's looking for. They are terrible, terrible directions and most of her advice, if taken, will be the long way around or will end up being some kind of massive detour. No, she's not doing that on purpose. This is the best she can do.

After that she simply waves and runs away, suddenly having SOMETHING IMPORTANT that she has to go do.

As for the letter, well, Madobe probably shouldn't worry about it too much. Usagi is just... like that.