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This is a space likely to have spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


  • Territories: Ueno Museum District, Shinjuku Capital Ward
  • Territories: Central Shitamachi, Keiyou Industrial District
  • Territories: Central Tama, Tama River, Chofu Suburban District
  • Territories: Central Yamanote, Shibuya Shopping Ward
  • Territories: Sharing with Mami Tomoe.


  • Kyubey, who wishes to save the universe from entropy.
  • Izabel, who wishes for art appreciation.
  • Michaela, who wishes to be more than a piece of artwork.
  • Gertrud, who wishes for flourishing roses.
  • Anthony, who wishes for better landscaping tools.
  • Kirsten, who wishes for memory preservation.
  • Daniyyel and Jennifer, who wish for a lighter load.
  • Charlotte, who wishes for cheese.
  • Pyotr and Polina, who wish to find what they seek most.

Helpful Notes

  • Major plot revelations will be revealed at their own pace. Please discuss with the cast and confirm with the staff before dropping any bombshells.
  • Witches and Familiars are not Powers of Darkness. Horror is an appropriate reaction to their immunity to standard-issue lovebeams.
  • Puella Magi all have the Hollow Body Ability as either a Master Trait or bought separately as a Henshin Ability in each of their forms. They are extraordinarily resistant to harm, especially physical harm, but vulnerable to critical hits.
  • Puella Magi's energy can be drained by any of the myriad genre techniques just like anyone else, but with far more significant personal consequences if very much at all is taken (given the relative paucity of Grief Seeds).
  • On a similar note, Grief Seeds can be handled by non-Puella Magi, but non-Puella Magi can't store them safely for more than a few days because of their proclivity to hatch. (They also tend to attract a plague of angry, vengeful, or simply desperate Puella Magi.)
  • The Incubators are NPCed by the player of Madoka Kaname. If you'd like a scene with them, just ask her!
  • The concept of Puella Magi hunting territory is a part of our theme, with our cast's Grief Seed Territory page here! Notably, Southern Cross Island's banquet of Witches is a free-for-all, seemingly impossible to be held by any one Magi or even any one (usually temporary) group.
  • There's a lot written about PMMM around the wiki already! For more information, please see: The PMMM Theme Primer, PMMM Theme Integration Details, History: The Dark Ages, History: Between The Lines

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