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This is a space likely to have spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


  • Former Territories: Ueno Museum District, Shinjuku Capital Ward
  • Former Territories: Central Shitamachi, Keiyou Industrial District
  • Former Territories: Central Tama, Tama River, Chofu Suburban District
  • Former Territories: Central Yamanote, Shibuya Shopping Ward
  • Former Territories: Sharing with Mami Tomoe.


  • Kyubey, who wishes to save the universe from entropy.


  • Under construction, we should add the rest...
  • Izabel, who wished for art appreciation.
  • Michaela, who wished to be more than a piece of artwork.
  • Gertrud, who wished for flourishing roses.
  • Anthony, who wished for better landscaping tools.
  • Kirsten, who wished for memory preservation.
  • Daniyyel and Jennifer, who wished for a lighter load.
  • Charlotte, who wished for cheese.
  • Pyotr and Polina, who wished to find what they seek most.

Helpful Notes

  • Walpurgisnacht has occurred. There are no more time loops.
  • Due to Madoka's Wish, Wraiths, instead of Witches, are now the enemy of Puella Magi. Late nights remain the enemy of beauty.
  • Wraiths, Witches and Familiars are not Powers of Darkness. Horror is an appropriate reaction to their immunity to standard-issue lovebeams.
  • Southern Cross Island's banquet of Witches has become a thick miasma that often appears at night. This has not reduced the number of ghost stories at Ohtori Academy.
  • Grief Seeds have been replaced by Grief Cubes. Their ubiquity has made the concept of and competition over Grief Seed Territory a thing of the past. It is also easier than before for Puella Magi to recover from having their energy drained.
  • Grief Cubes, like Grief Seeds, can be handled by non-Puella Magi. They return to miasma after a while, though, and can't be stored for long.
  • Puella Magi all have the Hollow Body Ability as either a Master Trait or bought separately as a Henshin Ability in each of their forms. They are extraordinarily resistant to harm, especially physical harm, but vulnerable to critical hits.
  • The Incubators are NPCed by the player of Madoka Kaname. If you'd like a scene with them, just ask her!
  • Major plot revelations will be revealed at their own pace. Please discuss with the cast and confirm with the staff before dropping any bombshells.
  • There's a lot written about PMMM around the wiki already! For more information, please see: The PMMM Theme Primer, PMMM Theme Integration Details, History: The Dark Ages, History: Between The Lines

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