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IC Information
Full Name: Zoisite (ゾイサイト)
Aliases: Professor Junko Izuno, Zoë Palissandre, Izou Saitou, Kaoru Murasakiishi
Gender: Male
Age/Birthdate: 17 (14 February 1996)
Height: 175.3 cm (5'7")
Hair Colour: Strawberry blond
Eye Colour: Green
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Crêpes, tiramisu, anything spicy
Least Favorite Food: Uni, umeboshi
Organization: Dark Fall
Position: Heavenly King of Europe
School: Infinity Institute (Staff)
OOC Information
Source: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (FC)
Player: Lux

Of asphodel, that greeny flower,

               like a buttercup

                              upon its branching stem—

save that it's green and wooden—

               I come, my sweet,

                              to sing to you.

We lived long together

               a life filled,

                              if you will,

with flowers. So that

               I was cheered

                              when I came first to know

that there were flowers also

               in hell.

—William Carlos Williams, "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower," 1955

Profile and Skills

Profile: Zoisite, the youngest of the Shitennou, is beautiful enough to be mistaken for a woman, and his favourite fighting techniques feature delicate-looking but deadly flower petals. This is fitting; even if he appears delicate himself, Zoisite is one of the most cunning and treacherous of the Four Kings. Although he offers absolute loyalty to his mentor and lover Kunzite, he holds his other colleagues in disdain, and is perfectly willing to backstab them if it will keep him in favour. He has little interest in elaborate energy-gathering techniques, as he's been assigned primarily to the task of searching for the Silver Crystal; to this end, he spends much of his time in Tokyo, where he's infiltrated the Sister Schools under his various cover identities.

Skills: Dude Looks Like A Lady, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Executive Transvestite, Heart Of Stone, Sweet Tooth, Tickling The Ivories, Why Did It Have To Be Rats, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Killer Queen, There Are Flowers Also In Hell


Thousands of years ago, a glimmering kingdom spread like molten silver over the Moon, filling in particular Mare Serenitatis, the Sea of Serenity, with its capital: a city that could be glimpsed from Earth, a city that adorned the heavenly body almost as though it were a celestial beauty mark. A great queen dwelt there, and she ruled her dominion wisely and judiciously, supported by her vassals – who also played the role of guardians to the young crown princess, a slip of a girl with little interest in the tedium of study and the fae intrigues of courtly life.

This story is not about her.

Rather, this story is about the greater body that held – still holds – the Moon in its orbit, that blue jewel called Earth, and about its own glittering auric kingdom.

About a boy, and about the four generals who attended him.

~~<~@ [#] @~>~~

He earned his place through cunning, through strategic acumen and a ruthless political savvy that prefigured Machiavelli by millennia. Oh, magicks he had, and some martial ability too – he was trained, after all – but they paled in comparison to the mind that won him that coveted cloak. Even in that aureate age, prodigies were not so common as might be thought; there were leaders and followers both at the dawn of humanity, and a breadth of skill to suit every need. And yet— Sixteen! Sixteen and a general, promoted to the right hand of the Crown Prince himself – the youngest in history, they said, because it boots nothing to compare the youth to figures whose threads in the skein were woven so far back as to be more legend than anything. Give him something to work toward, they whispered at his promotion ceremony, nodding their sagacious heads. Encourage, ah, a touch of humility. Yes. Perhaps he should be reminded – gently, of course – every so often. Just to discourage his pride from growing any further.

They whispered, thinking the clatter of porcelain and the laughter of the court’s ladies would cover such benignly uncharitable gossip, but he heard. He always heard.

One day, those whispers would be the ruin of two kingdoms.

~~<~@ [#] @~>~~

Though he loved the cloak, loved the weight of it and the way its plush golden-brown velvet slid so smoothly between his fingers, Zoisite did his best work without it. His natural talents lent themselves perfectly to spycraft and espionage; his natural beauty doubled his potential covers. Why trust to a courtesan what you could retrieve yourself? Maintaining the safety and peace of the Golden Kingdom – protecting Prince Endymion – was well worth the occasional minor inconvenience that came of such activities. After all, to the Shitennou, the Prince was simply Endymion: The five of them were close as brothers! Of course, they quarreled at times, as brothers do, but theirs was a bond carved in stone.

Their brotherhood assuaged, if insufficiently, the sting of that insecurity inculcated by the most well-meant compliments, the mildest of critiques. Damned by faint praise he was not, yet in Zoisite’s opinion that the court could say nothing positive to or about him that did not come packaged with some sort of mitigation tainted the former, souring its taste. What was intended to keep him humble instead made him bitter, self-conscious, overcritical; setbacks and failures he’d have smoothly dealt with during his rise through the ranks now stood a chance of paralyzing his judgment in a perfect storm of perfectionism colliding with manufactured self-doubt. Hiding it in public was – usually – simple, but those closest to him often felt the lash of his anxious tongue afterward. Ironically, the disillusionment fostered by the masquerade made it the easier to pretend; a cavalier sort of hauteur sharpened that tongue of his, and who would dare backsass one of the Four? It became almost a game, a way to ‘win’ when they started in on him with their backhanded compliments and their ‘sage advice.’

What made it all worse was the knowledge, the niggling feeling beneath the layers of bitter lacquer, that he was being silly, paranoid, childish. He was in reality well-respected, appreciated, and indispensable, and he knew it – yet a thing known academically is not always a thing obvious to the emotions. Instead, shame and self-recrimination simply reinforced the Shitennou’s original insecurities. The clash of his two mutually exclusive perspectives kept Zoisite up at night, fretting and anxious; dealing with it all eroded both his fortitude and his once-vibrant optimism.

By the time he turned seventeen, Zoisite was jaded far beyond his years.

~~<~@ [#] @~>~~

It was thus around this time that a particular strategy occurred to the youngest Shitennou, one of which he was perhaps excessively proud: Add another, more intimate dimension to his continued training under Kunzite, the eldest and most respected of the Four. If it worked, Kunzite would be a powerful ally in the event someone – anyone – tried to argue for Zoisite’s dismissal. (Never mind that he was indispensable, never mind that he knew too much, never mind that only the Prince himself could have issued such an order and would only have done so in unthinkable exigency.)

He began edging further into Kunzite’s personal space, letting contact linger, layering subtle flatteries into his speech the way a painter brushes light and shadow onto flat canvas. All of Zoisite’s arts – and, more frustratingly, all of his patience – went into this endeavor; and, in the end, his skills did not fail him. If Kunzite knew all along, or if he admired Zoisite’s beauty as well as his brains and was simply waiting to be approached lest it seem as though he were taking advantage of the younger man, well, who can say?

What can be said is that the two Shitennou’s relationship was well-received, for such liaisons in the military were believed to increase camaraderie and solidarity, and that nothing between the five of them changed – save an added target for fraternal ribbing, that is. It was a flawless plan flawlessly executed, acquiring for Zoisite a handsome and considerate lover and protection against the imagined slings and arrows in one fell swoop. This done, the youngest General recommitted himself to his work, secure in the knowledge that he could continue ensuring the weal of the Golden Kingdom without distraction.

Until, that is, the morning he woke up and realized he’d fallen in love. Ah, what to do? Love was verboten for a spymaster such as he; yet if the forbidden were to seep through the minute seams in Zoisite’s careful architecture, who better to carry with it than Kunzite?

In those golden days, clarity was not yet lost to him. Though shadow may have been eclipsing his light, at that time Zoisite remained able to make use of the abilities that had won him his exalted seat; thus, reason and adaptability won out. With a shrug and a quiet smile, the youngest Shitennou resigned himself to his fate, quelling a measure of his insecurities – and, in so doing, earned himself a reprieve from his growing darkness.

~~<~@ [#] @~>~~

Unbeknownst to Zoisite and his comrades, however, his was not the only heart in which the fires of love were kindling. The four Shitennou, while well-occupied by their various duties to the realm, could not fail to note Endymion’s secret liaisons with a certain Moon Princess. Perhaps it wasn’t precisely wise, given that commerce between the Earth and Moon was forbidden, but the Shitennou – and their counterparts in the Sailor Senshi – loved their Prince and Princess, and indulgence is the prerogative of siblings. Nights spent moongazing went without comment, and stealing away to the lush Eden embowering the palace for hours on end was a regular occurrence, interrupted only by the gentle intrusion of a couple of the royal lovers’ respective retainers: one to tug Endymion back to the palace and one to shepherd Serenity back to the Moon.

The love betwixt Endymion and Serenity was not the love the Shitennou overlooked.

That dubious honour belonged to an Earth witch by the name of Beryl.

No, where Beryl came from wasn’t important, nor did it matter what minor magicks she had from her mother (or whomever trained her) or what profit she made from them. Her one object, the love of Prince Endymion, was beyond her powers – and what use were they if they could not grant her wish? All she could do was trail behind, warding herself from watchful eyes, and look on with longing and envy as Endymion courted his lunar lover. Love’s persistence became obsession’s intransigence, and envy soon followed, turning to invidiousness and hate with the roiling diffusion of ink spilt into water. Desperate, she cast bones and gutted birds, read the stars and begged bronze and basin for a glimpse of—something.

That summer, Beryl’s something fell with the Perseids, dropping from the sun – the sun! – like sweat from a rotting apple. Newborn, it called to the darkness in her heart, and the witch was compelled with a lodestone’s precision to the cold dark place where it lay coiled in its shadowy, plasmatic afterbirth.

It spoke; it offered her a path to power.

She took it.

~~<~@ [#] @~>~~

Sowing the seeds of insurrection is easy with the resources of a demigod at one’s disposal. Dark miracles won peasants, merchants, and nobles to Beryl’s cause; mistrust and suspicion of the Moon Kingdom kept them there. Every Earth child knew the silver orb was in truth a nest of vipers, just waiting to strike! What kept the brave golden race from making a preemptive strike, smashing the cocoon, and – ah! glory! – taking the Silver Imperium Crystal for themselves?

Thus they believed, and thronged around the witch whose feet were still bare; but Beryl knew (perhaps because she was told) that to have the best chance of toppling their lunar keepers, she would need to win Prince Endymion to her side as well. He was held in such high esteem, so loved and so respected by the people of Earth, that his collusion with the rebellion would lift it from a grassroots conspiracy to a legitimate revolutionary movement. The question was how…

The Shitennou…use them. He will heed his brothers.

So spake Metallia, in tones like the closing of a mausoleum door.

How she turned his comrades is not known, a shameful memory lost to the appetite of shadowy millennia. If Zoisite could recall, he could recount that against him Beryl leveraged not only the intelligence he’d collected time and again from the Moon Kingdom, making him complicit in Endymion’s treason, but also his bond with Kunzite. What would he do if Kunzite accepted and he didn’t? Could he fight – kill? – the man he loved? And could he do it with a clear conscience, knowing what he did about the Moon Kingdom?

And what of those who have taken you and your work for granted? whispered a voice in his mind. What about the ones who said you were too proud, who intended to teach you your place and then chain you there?

Do they not deserve to know how it feels, Zoisite?

Crushed between the two arguments, the Shitennou spymaster buckled – and gave in to the darkness.

~~<~@ [#] @~>~~

The War that followed was brutal, exploding across the Golden Kingdom with the voracious destructiveness of black powder. The men and women of Earth ascended the Silver Ladder to take the fight to the lunar tyrants’ doorstep; and, to the last, their leaders attempted to persuade Prince Endymion to join them. Touched by the darkness, blackmailed and deceived, the Shitennou nevertheless loved their Prince…

…and mourned when he died.

Endymion’s death shook them back to themselves, if briefly; however, it was long enough to seal their fates. Wracked with despair and unable to bear the weight of what he and his comrades had done, Zoisite borrowed a page from Princess Serenity’s book and took his own life.

~~<~@ [#] @~>~~

Fast-forward to present-day Japan. Zoisite and his brothers-in-arms have been reborn, as their counterparts have been reborn, to seek their leader and once more enter his service as the Shitennou. Unlike the Sailor Senshi, however, Endymion’s Four have once again fallen prey to Beryl – now Queen Beryl – and the umbral magicks of her godly mistress. Properly turned, they serve and they bicker, all memory of their bonds and their mission purged.

It remains to be seen whether Zoisite and his comrades can be roused from this state – or, if necessary, roused instead from stony sleep – and restored to their original glory…

…and, if so, if it can be done before tragedy strikes a second time.


Zoisite was once a proud, sensitive youth – but his pride and sensitivity did not override his good heart, his sense of duty, his love for his prince and his comrades. He was fire and he was gold and he could charm water from stones, melt even the most ancient ice. He fought, for fight had been instilled in him by his instructors…and he feared, for fear had been inculcated in him by well-meaning elders. The kernel of insecurity the latter crowd’s criticism sowed made Zoisite’s heart fertile ground for darkness to take root. It grew as ivy grows, clinging and climbing until it chokes the life out of its host; thus were his light and purpose strangled, and released only when having them back would cause him the greatest pain – burned by that fiery depth of emotion Kunzite so loved. He’d hoped to prove his detractors (real and imagined) wrong, dreamed of a life spent serving the realm and his Prince alongside his lover, but both were pulled down by that evil vine as surely as all the rest.

Now, much of what was good about Zoisite has been heavily overlaid with darkness; what people see when they interact with him is largely his negative qualities, which stand out quite stark against that thick black lacquer. They’re also, naturally, amplified by the darkness, so all Zoisite’s jealousy, insecurity, hauteur, ruthlessness, and instability have reached heights the character flaws possessed by the velvet-cloaked General of the Golden Kingdom could never have dreamt. Worse, he has developed a sadistic streak -- and has no qualms about exercising it. If and when he comes back to himself, Zoisite will be deeply embarrassed, if not outright ashamed...but, for now, he’s quite happy to be a spiteful ojou-laughing schemer.

Of course these days Zoisite succeeds less often than he really should, and it's all thanks to his newfound and highly inconvenient addiction to hanging around after he’s accomplished his goal in order to taunt magical girls and their allies. It’s a habit that gives his foes plenty of opportunity to knock hostages, MacGuffins such as Rainbow Crystals, and those really nice crêpes from that one stand in the shopping district (you know the one) out of his manicured hands, leaving him in the unenviable position of having to fight them for it lest he run back to Queen Beryl literally empty-handed. His former self would cringe at how blatantly Zoisite compromises his missions in this way, but who cares what dead guys think?

Further differentiating Endymion’s Zoisite and the brainwashed agent of the Dark Kingdom is, perhaps surprisingly, how strictly he cultivates and maintains his image. Oh, this is not to say he didn’t do so in days past – certainly not. However, the fervor with which he does so now speaks to the void behind the elegant, effete façade: the classic desperation that spurs and saturates attempts to define oneself through one’s appearance. Zoisite deliberately speaks in a smooth, feminine manner, pitching his voice higher than that of many of his female colleagues; languid, half-closed eyes and hands kept near the face reinforce this soft affect. Much of it is for show, though, as anger reveals: poison-green eyes widen and those careful courtesan’s tones desert in favour of ones strident, sharply articulated, and just a touch lower in pitch. Remember the old saying about roses and thorns?

Unsurprisingly, given this firebrand temper of his, he is the most direct of his colleagues; quickest to turn to violence, likeliest to eschew elaborate energy-gathering plans in favour of simple brutality. Nor, despite his fussy nature, does he cringe from dirty work. Oh, he'll complain...but if his target has escaped into the sewers, you can bet Zoisite will be on their tail with a vengeance. Uniforms can be replaced, whether they're covered in blood or filth. What matters is results...and his pride.


Now with 300% more rumours for your RP convenience!

Junko Izono (井園盾子): Zoisite's Infinity Institute cover, and the one he considers his primary alter ego. Renowned as much for her beauty as for her expertise, Professor Izono lectures in geology and many of its major subdisciplines. Though primarily a member of the university faculty, she does occasionally teach at the lower levels, where she is known to be just as strict as she is with her post-secondary pupils. It’s a very handy position from whence to entice recruits, keep an eye on known magical dissidents, and back certain crystal-centric PR moves. Her entirely manufactured first name combines the masculine 'shield' (or 'pretext') with the feminine -ko suffix; her surname means 'community garden'.

  • Common Knowledge:
    • Professor Izono is young for such an accomplished academic.
    • Professor Izono's classes are hard, man; she really seems to enjoy having power over people, and her standards are super-high.
  • Hearsay:
    • "Dude, Professor Izono's totally afraid of rats! One escaped from the lab down the hall and just hearing that it might be in our lecture hall had her on a chair screaming!" (True, embarrassingly.)
    • "She's not a real Ph.D or whatever, you know. She's like one of those TV psychics, they're just on because they're pretty! She probably cribs off Wikipedia for her lectures, too." (Mostly untrue. While it is true that Zoisite doesn't actually hold a doctorate in geology, he might as well.)
    • "Oh yeah, she's constantly checking guys out in her classes. I heard she'll go easy on you if you're, you know, in for a little quid pro quo... What? She's not married, and ladies have needs too!" (Untrue; Zoi only has eyes for Kunzite. He doesn't bother discouraging this sort of talk, though, since people who are willing to resort to illicit behaviour to get ahead are often susceptible to Dark Fall's sales pitch.)
  • Supernatural Babble:
    • ZOMG PROFESSOR IZONO IS A WIZARD/DEMON/ALIEN FROM ALPHA CENTAURI!! (True-ish, though to be fair they say that about most of Infinity's faculty.)

Zoë Palissandre: Zoi's Ohtori Academy cover. Nominally an 11th grader, Zoë recently transferred from Paris and shows up to class when she feels like it. As might be expected, she is not a very nice person. She is, however, very fashionable, even in uniform. As above, Zoisite uses this cover to eyeball civilians and known enemies of the state, as well as the Ends of the World. Her name comes from the French name for the genus of tropical trees from which rosewood is harvested, and Zoisite's stewardship of Europe is the reason she's French in the first place.

  • Common Knowledge:
    • Zoë is French. Her Japanese is oddly good.
    • Zoë is one of the most gorgeous girls at Ohtori, rivalling legendary beauties like Juri Arisugawa in sheer loveliness and in total immunity to love letters. Seriously, don't even bother.
    • Zoë is kiiiiiiiiind of mean. (Definitely one of the reasons you shouldn't bother sending her a love letter, as she'll tack them up for public view à la Saionji-senpai.)
    • Zoë is a shockingly good pianist, rarely skipping music class despite how often she's truant for everything else.
  • Hearsay:
    • "I've got it! Palissandre-san is absent so much because she's secretly out saving the world! You know, like Sailor Moon!" (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)
    • "Uh, no, she's absent a lot because she's actually a really good person and is, like, taking care of her sick mom or something." (That's cute.)
    • "You're both wrong. It's her who's sick! She doesn't come to school often because she's always in the hospital, but she comes to music class no matter what because she loves to play piano and you can't get a piano in a hospital ward." (NEWP)
  • Supernatural Babble:
    • "You know, I was at the arcade the day Kaoru-san was attacked, and the guy -- I think he was a guy? -- who did it looked a lot like Palissandre-san...but that's probably just a coincidence, right?" (No, no it isn't.)

Izou Saitou (再当 偉造) : A newer cover for Infinity. Izou serves on the Institute's Student Council as third-year Treasurer, and works as a model for what is almost certainly a Dark Kingdom modeling agency. There may not be much more to him than that, really. His name is just as slapdash: it's an anagram of 'Zoisite,' spelled in such a way as to read 'me again' + 'excellent creation.'

  • Common Knowledge:
    • Izou is a model and a Student Council member.
    • ...Do we know anything else about him?
  • Hearsay
    • "He's in the Cooking Club!" (He isn't, but he was present for a certain event...)
    • "His girlfriend is [insert famous supermodel here]!! (Yeah, no.)
  • Supernatural Babble
    • "He's never in class, so he must've used mind control to win the election!" (This one might have a grain of truth to it, but probably not.)

Kaoru Murasakiishi (紫石薫): Zoi's Juuban cover, sort of. She subs whenever Juuban’s piano teacher is out, but mostly she plays on select nights at a fancy Tokyo restaurant called Rain Tree. Her name means 'fragrance' and 'violet stone,' the latter referencing tanzanite.

  • Common Knowledge:
    • Murasakiishi-san doesn't play at the Rain Tree very often, but when she does? Forget getting a table unless you're a VIP or something, 'cause the place will be totally packed.
    • She's a really harsh teacher, but if you can deal with that you'll learn a lot from her.
  • Hearsay:
    • "She doesn't actually play, you know. It's a recording! Rain Tree's owners only hired her because she's beautiful." (Untrue, of course.)
  • Supernatural Babble:
    • "She's a witch -- she hypnotises people with her playing!" (Broadly true.)



  • Jadeite: In the Golden Age, these two Shitennou trusted one another implicitly. These days, however, they’re engaged in a petty, catty feud. He’s just so irritating… Jadeite's dead. Ha ha!
  • Nephrite: Before, Zoisite valued the stoic calm and occult knowledge of his brother-in-arms. Now, taunting Nephrite is one of Zoisite’s most favourite hobbies. Driving Neph to consternation is just so much fun!
  • Kunzite: Zoisite's mentor, and his lover. The umbral haze currently bewitching their senses has turned what was once a strong and deeply affectionate relationship into one plagued by jealousy, insecurity, and co-dependency. It’s proof positive that the Darkness can taint even – perhaps especially – love.
  • Queen Beryl: She holds Zoisite’s loyalty, but none of his love. Rather, he is wary of her, a wariness that might be attributed to egotism or jealousy. In this fallen age, he remembers nothing of the tricks she played to win the Shitennou to her cause, none of the suspicion with which he once regarded her; yet the scars of betrayal and tragedy run deep.
  • Metallia: Aside from that whole “born on Baekdu Mountain heralded by a swallow and honoured in the heavens by a double rainbow and a new star, and there was also a unicorn probably” thing, Zoisite knows very little about his boss’ boss. Doubtless Beryl and Metallia want it that way.
  • Erythrite: Good lieutenant, best lackey. Zoisite takes a certain pleasure in acting as the youth's superior, given that he's older than Erythrite by exactly one day, and likes to offer him (usually unsolicited) advice on energy collection despite that critical task not being in the youngest Shitennou's personal wheelhouse.


  • Sailor Senshi: In the olden days Zoisite maintained civil if not cordial relations with his opposite numbers in the Silver Millennium, and might be seen playing chess with Princess Mercury now and again in one of his various guises. Umpty-thousand years later, of course, the Senshi are a plague on the level of cockroaches, or possibly a really bad rash. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY HIT HIM IN THE FACE
  • Miki Kaoru: In what is probably the most tragic example of Zoisite's penchant for lashing out at those who disturb the beehive of his insecurities, the youngest member of Ohtori's infamous Student Council has paid for his crime of 'offering to help Zoë with her piano studies' (the compliments and assurances that she really is quite good earned him precisely zero credit) with his right hand: Zoisite attacked him on campus, in broad daylight, for the sole purpose of maiming the Duelist so badly he'd never play piano again. So far, the Shitennou's cruelly petty revenge has been entirely successful.
  • Kozue Kaoru: The other Kaoru twin attacked Zoisite in her infamous fashion (she shoved Zoe down the stairs), and the two had it out shortly thereafter. Zoisite isn't sure Nephrite didn't put her up to it, as he hasn't bothered to find out that Kozuë is Miki's sister.


  • Honoka Yukishiro: A lovely girl who has, through the magic of kindness and crêpes, made a tiny crack in Zoisite's assiduously-maintained shell. An irritating little brat who should stay out of other people's business!!
  • Prince Endymion: Zoisite’s brother and his prince, for whom he would have given his life without hesitation…before Beryl got her hairtacles on him, anyway. His lackluster devotion to Endymion’s bootylicious replacement would be cold comfort, in all likelihood, given that he is nevertheless trying to foil and/or kill Tuxedo Mask whenever he gets a chance.
  • Princess Serenity: Sweet girl, if naïve; but then, love makes fools of us all. Zoisite’s approval of her relationship with his prince was quiet, but a spy’s silence speaks volumes. Now? He’d strangle Sailor Moon with his bare hands if he knew he could do so without breaking a nail.


  • Zoisite is a fairly common silicate mineral that comes in several different colours depending upon where it is mined. The variety associated with the youngest Shitennou is a rare one, discovered in 1967 and to this day found only in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro; unlike the more common green zoisite, it turns a glimmering blue-violet when exposed to heat. As it was thought that the jewel’s initial name of "blue zoisite" might be pronounced like "blue suicide" and thus unlikely to attract sales, it was marketed by Tiffany & Co. as tanzanite, in homage to its origin country of Tanzania.
  • The Heavenly King with which Zoisite is associated is Vaiśravaṇa (Sanskrit वैश्रवण, "he who hears all") who, as Zoisite is head of the Dark Kingdom’s European Division, stewards the Northern direction. Vaiśravaṇa’s colour is saffron yellow, his symbol is the parasol he carries to denote his sovereignty, and his attendants are the nature spirits called the yakṣa. In Hinduism, Vaiśravaṇa bears the name Kuvera; in Japan he is known as Bishamonten.
  • Zoisite hates rats. Whether this is new or a holdover from his previous life is unknown.
  • Professor Izono's Infinity Twitter handle is @theyremineralsmarie, referring to tanzanite (and Breaking Bad, because the North Pole gets cable, apparently).


  • E.S. Posthumus, Kuvera
    • Instrumental Track