2014-05-25 - Arcade Beat 'Em Up Fun!

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Title: Arcade Beat 'Em Up Fun!

Ren is playing arcade games. Endo shows up and joins. They have fun.


Endo Naoki and Ren Aizawa


Game Center Crown

OOC - IC Date:

January 19th, 2014 - May 25th, 2014

Sunday-Funday! The arcade isn't a place Ren visits often but while out and about on this fine day off from scholarly obligations the vibrant atmosphere of the Game Center Crown Parlor has decidedly caught her eye. Right now she's playing a random beat 'em up game, concentrating hard on hitting the right button sequences so she can pull off the sickest combos. Yeah! Take that computerized buff guy! You thought you were going to beat up on the little computerized girl who is currently wiping the floor with you? Hah! That's right! Ren has a smile of glee on her face she she whittles down the last of his health, winning the match with not so much as a single scratch on her chosen character. "Alright!" She shouts, pumping her fists into the air despite any looks she may garner from the arcade's other patrons. There's no way a victory like this wouldn't call for such a display of excitement. Hoorah!

There's lots of bleeping and blooping in the arcade, moving stuff and other distractions. Endo is sort of moving through it all, not stopping for very long at anything. Like Ren, it isn't a place he visits frequently, but he must have some excuse today. He's looking for something with all the head-swiveling he's doing, craning and peeking here and there. It's on his quest that he notes Ren and her jubilation at being up pretend people, and it takes a second before he realizes that, wait, he knows that person. Kind of. "Hello." It's only polite to say in passing, after all. "You seem so excited. Did you win? Did you get a prize?"

"Huh?" Ren turns around to stare at Endo. Was he talking to her? Yes. All signs point to yes. And say, doesn't he look familiar! "Oh. I won, yeah." She grins sheepishly. "Didn't win any prizes though. These games don't give you anything." Except bragging rights that is. And that's enough of a reward for most. "Do... Do I know you?" She asks, facing him fully now as she tries to pick out his face.

"Oh. Isn't it boring playing by yourself? If you played some of the other things you could get tickets and buy a bear or something." Of course, bragging rights are probably better than a bear, but he's being facetious anyway. The boy's face takes on a pained expression at her question after, an almost immediate complaint coming to his lips: "Aaah, really? Ren Aizawa, didn't we have a class together?" If there did or not is irrelevant for Endo's purposes, of course. "What's with that, you don't even remember people who you used to go to school with? Are we all that far beneath your notice?" It might not be immediately apparent that he's teasing her, his gaze wide in mock incredulity as he stares at the girl.

A bear? She has tons of those at home. Why would she need another? Even if they /are/ pretty cute and cuddly. "Maybe." She shrugs, looking over at the prizes near the attendant counter. She really didn't feel like hauling something big and fluffy home today. Settling for fighting games and the like suits her just fine for now. Endo then says her name, which just so happens to jog her memory in regards to his identity. "Ah! Endo Naoki!" Yes. She remembers him now. Maybe not all the details but... He continues on, chastising her for now remembering him right away. Or... was he? She laughs a bit uneasily. "I'm sorry Endo-san... I was never quite talkative as you may remember."

"Yaa. You should be sorry." Endo's head nods somberly, to indicate this. Take that! Then he smiles, a bright, cheery gesture that dispels any hint of severity his face might have carried. He really was just trying to nettle her, it's what he does. "It isn't a big deal, we didn't talk much or anything. Like you said." His head cranes backward, peeking through the machines. Nope, nothing over there. So, back his gaze goes to Ren. "Can I play a game with you? I'm not really good at this stuff, but it's alright. I can probably learn it pretty quick."

His smile reveals the joke he's obviously playing on her. Ren sighs in relief, not wanting to seem like some kind of jerk who doesn't remember people she's gone to school with for the majority of her life. "You..." She says with a smile, pointing her finger at the boy. Hey, he's pretty funny, isn't he? Now she's starting to regret not talking to him much before. The perils of being a wallflower, ladies and gentleman. "You wanna play a game?" She responds to his query, smile never faltering. "Sure! That could be fun! Umm... what would you like to play?"

Endo is unashamed. At least she responded positively, because then he'd be the one that had to apologize, which would have been terrible. Not that thoughts like those have ever stopped him before. "This game?" He points. "Since this is the one you were playing. Did you want to play another one? We could do that. But not dancing ones." Dancing is off the table.

"This one's fine!" Mostly because she's quite good at it. Endo could be just as good, though. Which would be just fine. A challenge! She rubs her hands together as she turns around again to face the machine, moving to the side so that her new rival can squeeze in too. "Pick a character." She scrolls over to the one she had before, feeling confident that the petite little girl will net her yet another win.

Endo is not quite good. In fact, he's not good at all, which will soon become obvious. He scoots into the space allotted to him, offering another bright smile to Ren before he sets to selecting a character. He doesn't seem to give it a whole lot of though, his fingers rolling the control stick around until he finds the character with the biggest sword. THE BIGGEST. It's only once the match starts that he asks, "So. How do you play?" Ren's confidence is not misplaced.

He was picking /that/ character? Ren could very well have a fight on her hands! Though that thought lasted all of five seconds before Endo shattered it. "How do you play?" She repeats, blinking in confusion. "You hit the buttons... Try to get combos... Usually if you just button mash something fancy will happen." She offered with a giggle, watching as the stage booted up. As soon as the announcer said "FIGHT!" she sprung into action, manipulating the joystick and buttons to start laying down the hurt on Endo and his Big Sword Guy.

"Oh. Hit buttons." Well, he was hoping she'd go easy on him. Which doesn't seem to be the case! So, he just takes Ren's advice. Press all the buttons! His figure responds to all of it, doing a herky-jerky motion back and forth. Forward! Back! Punch! Some cool thing! Endo squints at the screen as he proceeds, tilting ever close to it. If this goes on long enough he might eventually be putting his nose through it. "Ah, so unfair," He complains, without much real spite behind it. It is a little fun, after all. Maybe.

"I'm not going to go easy on you, Endo-kun!" Ren says followed by a giggle, as if reading his mind. Though his strategy of hitting all the buttons seems to be working somewhat in his favor -- the sword wielding guy gets a few hits in on little kung-fu girl, causing Ren to grit her teeth. She wasn't going to lose! Doubling her efforts she starts pulling out the really flash moves on him, seeking to take him down before he can get lucky enough to do it to her beforehand.

"Well, you should." He notes this as he presses more buttons. Faster. That should help, right? At least, he hopes so until he finds that it doesn't. There's a little bit more moving of his computer guy, but he's not that lucky. Pretty soon his big sword man is a big dead man, and the screen is flashing lights and telling him how badly he lost. Which is Endo's cue to slide backward, making a puff of dismay at these results before he tilts to face Ren. "You're really good at this, Ren. Do you practice? I never really would have thought someone like you would be so vicious!" He beams.

A bit more. Yes... Yes... YES! Game over! Ren smiles, stepping away from the machine and turning to Endo. Oh great! He's not angry. She can remember the last time she challenged a guy to this game and how angry he got when she won. Apparently being beaten by a mere schoolgirl was way too shameful for him. Hmmph. "Oh gee, thanks. I do get some practice in here and there." She says, cheeks tinting red from the flattery. "But I wouldn't call myself vicious..."

He seems to have had a good time, despite being bad at video games. "Ah, really? Well, if you say so. Maybe you can teach me how to play better sometime." He nods affirmative, slashing another quick smile. "I shouldn't hang out here too long, though. I've got a shift at work pretty soon." On a Sunday, what a shame. Surely he'll complain about that later. "

"Oh. Sure." Ren agrees with an eager nod. Teaching someone how to do something isn't something she gets to do on the regular. If Endo wants to learn, she's willing to show him the ropes. She just hopes he doesn't flake out halfway through. What a waste that'd be! "Ahhh, you work?" Her family is comfortable enough to where she doesn't /have/ to hold down a part-time job. Still, the thought has crossed her mind. For the experience and responsibility, you know. "But to have to do it on Sunday.... Ehh, you're really dedicated, aren't you Endo-kun?" She giggles again, tilting her head so that her bangs fall into her eyes.

Endo doesn't look like he'd be the most dedicated video game pupil. But maybe he'll pick it up if he does it long enough. "I work," He affirms. He'd rather do that than place all of the strain on his parent. That, and he feels less bad about wasting money on things like beat-up simulators when he earned it himself. "Ah. Well. I just don't like to be a burden." He sounds almost sheepish about it, but there's a goofy sort of smile that goes with it. Apparently that's a good complement to use! "Anyway. I'll see you around, right?" And away he goes!