2022-08-13 - Clubs, Uninterrupted

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Clubs, (Un)interrupted

After school at Juuban, a spontaneous runway event is held by the Fashion Club, with special guests from AoAka!


Yumi Ohzora, Mikoto Minagi, Kozue Kaoru, Utena Tenjou, Tsuru, Nori Ankou


Club Rooms

OOC - IC Date:

8/13/2022 - 9/04/2016

*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Club Rooms +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+
  In truth, every classroom hosts a school club, but there's a particular row   
  of classrooms on the third floor that are especially well-suited for this.    
  They are specialty classrooms, with equipment and layout to assist in         
  teaching subjects that don't rely on pencils and books. During the day, they  
  host students taking elective courses, and afterschool, they host clubs       
  related to each room's function.                                              
  The home economics room, for instance, uses its stainless steel counters,     
  sinks, and ovens to host the cooking club. The computer lab, with its aging   
  equipment and grey nylon carpet, hosts the technology club. The art club      
  uses the easels, clay, and pigments of the art room, of course, and likewise  
  the music club makes use of the music room's instruments, tiered seating,     
  and black aluminum music stands. When not found practicing in the theatre,    
  the drama club uses the open space of their eponymous room to rehearse and    
  Juuban has many other clubs, of course, some of which may share these rooms,  
  others preferring more standard classrooms.                                   
<Pose Tracker> Pink Moon Stick [Admin] has posed.
<SoundTracker> School - BSSM OST - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61fTo9cb5kg

It's the first week back at school after the holiday break. Always a tough transition at the best of times, it's particularly challenging for ninth-graders, who are about to take their high school entrance exams. But this year it seems hard on everyone. Such a long winter, and it's only January... maybe it's the weather? It is crappy, for lack of a better word. Chilly enough to be uncomfortable, but not enough to be interesting. Wet, too. This afternoon features a monotonous drizzle that isn't even PRETENDING to threaten to turn into snow. And while wind would make things worse rather than better, at least it would relieve the endless pressure of the perfectly vertical rain. It's like the whole world is being pancaked, slowly and steadily, by a giant gray palm in the sky. A sky getting closer and closer to the ground all the time, as rain and mist become indistinguishable from one another.

Amid this gloom, Juuban High School, with its well-loved but inevitably dingy concrete walls, doesn't exactly feel like a beacon of excitement and warmth. Or it wouldn't, if it wasn't for the students inside.

CLUBS being back in session for the first time in a couple weeks is cause for celebration, at least among the extracurricular-minded. This weather is no good for most sports -- and anyway many of the sports clubs don't meet winter term, though one need look no further than basketball and volleyball for counterexamples -- and there seems to be a certain informal, unspoken competition for new members, even temporary ones, going on among the various culture clubs.

Which is probably why there are INCREDIBLE smells pouring out of the Home Ec room (cooking club) -- definitely something fried. Why those smells compete with some kind of rich, pungent tea wafting out of the art club's classroom, helped along by summertime box fans pointing outwards, rather than inwards, the better to spread their caffeine-addict-attractant. Why there's a signup sheet outside the literature club's room for help crafting love letters -- Valentine's Day IS barely over a month a way. Everyone knows the drama club is putting on a play this season and even recruiting from the other Sister Schools for its large cast, and cackling can be heard from within its practice room. The fashion club meanwhile seems determined to use the main hallway as its runway this afternoon, with anyone who walks by offered the opportunity to model.

The air all but crackles with enthusiasm.

Maybe it isn't so bad, school being back in session.

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Yumi Ohzora is used to being chilly, which means she's extra chilly with all this cold and wet. It sucks!! It's not great at all! And it's all rainy which makes her colder still. At least she's got a heater back in her room, but...

Yumi is here at Juuban instead. Juuban, and definitely staying inside, hoping the rain calms down. She doesn't even want to fly back, favoring less-chilly trains. But that's for later! Maybe the rain will sop after all. And now...

She was, admittedly, tempted by the literature club's offerings. Love letters are fun. She is always tempted by the fried foods. She is a member of Infinity's Art Club, and she has friends in that room already. But the main hallway, the fashion club's outing...

Well. Currently she's snapping photos of a special Valentine's look on a student. "Yeah!" Yumi says. "Great! It really works for you--oh, but give me a look from the side, OK?"

She's helping! And soon, another turn is coming up...!

...It's a lot more fun when she can encourage someone else at it, anyway.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Mikoto Minagi has a sacred mission on behalf of the Animal Care Club: acclimatise Princess Einherjar, their resident corgi, to long-distance travel.

The Princess's pink harness is studded with stones -- surely they're FAKE gems, they must be fake gems, not even Ohtori would be so ostentatious, oh no they're real aren't they why is the academy like this -- and the lead Mikoto is holding is one of those fancy ones with a variable length inside its handle. Unlike her charge, Mikoto is still just dressed in her school uniform, blazer pulled tight around her against the cold, black case as ever on one shoulder.

She certainly isn't going to win any fashion contests. But then, she's not the one competing. Because as soon as Mikoto brought a corgi to Juuban to investigate all the scents and noises of clubs being back in session here...

Princess Einherjar struts her stuff down the hallway catwalk (dogwalk?), having been immediately equipped with a corgi-sized cape, a tiny little crown, and four little dog booties on her pawsies.

... and Mikoto kind of ambles on behind her, eminently unfashionable. She looks a little baffled, but pleased that everyone is being nice to the dog she's dogsitting.

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

As part of this event and in collaboration with other Sister School's fashion clubs, Kozue's here. She's in a casual pose, leaning against one of the club tables right in front of the hallway catwalk, wearing a blue bomber jacket that's only got the first few buttons fastened, causing it to part in an upside down midriff baring V.

Underneath it, it shows a hint of a tight black crop sweater for those layers the line is known for. Her jeans are dark, accented with blue kimono cloth patches, with small tasteful rips along the knees, and one small asymmetrical along the thigh. The samples don't show the rips, strangely these seem naturally done?

Her famous scarf is around her neck, and the way it lists in the air conditioned breeze seems strangely exaggerated. She's accessorized with a pair of stylish sunglasses, though she doesn't have them fully on, because they're indoors. Instead they're nestled against her hair, angled upwards. Her makeup is impeccably done.

And right now she's watching Mikoto and a Corgi walk across the catwalk. One would wonder if she's displeased by the face she makes, she's certainly not smiling. Then with a pause, that seems pregnant, she takes her sunglasses from their resting place, and walks up to Mikoto as she adds in the grave tone of a fashion critic.

"If you're going to be in charge of security for royalty, we can't have you looking like that."

Kozue takes the sunglasses from their resting place, turns them around and promptly puts them on Mikoto's face. As her fingertip trails down from the nose guard, to rest on the tip of her nose.


<Pose Tracker> Utena Tenjou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Utena is here today because there's a practice Ohtori/Juuban boys' basketball practice game going on in the gym. To call her a ringer is sort of misstating the case, since informally speaking she might as well be the basketball captain over at Ohtori. But it is informal, and somewhat to her surprise she's been benched in favor of letting the two official teams compete against each other.

So, she bailed to see what else there is to do around Juuban this afternoon. This was after warm-ups, so she's nicely aglow, but not so sweaty as to be too gross to have put her black jacket back on. As far as fashion goes, she may need a mom more than a consultant; someone needs to tell her that it's January and that red gym shorts might not be quite warm enough. Flush with recent calisthenics, though, there are no signs of goosebumps on her bare legs, which eat up more than their share of 'runway' before realizing that there's something actually going on.

Forgive her. Utena wins prizes for sportsball, not perceptiveness.

She stops dead, totally in Mikoto's way. Her long pink hair takes a half second or so to also stop, glistening all the while.

She is saved from a moment of total mortification by the presence of a Princess. Utena always knows what to do when there's one of those around, and this one she even knows from school. She kneels, and reaches out a hand for the corgi to sniff or shake, as she so chooses.

"Yo, Einherjar-hime-sama," she intones most formally. "You look extra cute today."

Looking up just in time to see Kozue accessorize Mikoto, she winks by way of greeting. One is enough to nail them both.

"Better be careful, Mikoto-chan," she kids. "Or hime-sama will get jealous of your new look..." Not that anything can outclass booties on a corgi. She's unassailably cool now.

<Pose Tracker> Tsuru [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

AoAka really blew up in a way that has made Infinity Fashion Club Member Tsuru have an awkward relationship with her roots at times. The only person who never seems to feel that awkwardness is Tsuru herself, who shows up as usual, when she can, even to Sister-School fashion club activities that Infinity Fashion Club could be excused for skipping. In the same day she placed her seal on the proposed design for a new billboard featuring Nori Ankou, she folded some AoAka clothing herself, placed it in a wheeled suitcase, and rode the train with her club members to support Juuban's activity.

That suitcase is now resting on a long table in the hallway, and along with the designs of aspiring Juuban fashion designers, its contents are free to try on for those passing by. Many, many students are either Aohime or Akai Mirai members, since they do not need to pay the membership fee. But few of those students recognize the designs here; they have not been released yet.

Tsuru sits in a chair next to her table. She tends to catch her breath after walking a while. Her eyes follow Princess Einherjar when they are not otherwise occupied, not adoring her in the way she deserves, but not seeming fearful either. Just watchful. Unlike her two top models, Tsuru herself is just wearing her school uniform, her parchment skin and inksplash hair making it look old-fashioned, even though it is the same uniform all the other Infinity High School girls are wearing.

Though she remains seated for now, Tsuru's straight-backed perch is welcoming in the manner of a stallkeeper at market. She assents and encourages those shy students who remain uncertain, lilting a pale wrist to invite them to try the wares on display. Taking a moment while the most recent student looks over the clothing, she lifts her chin to peer over the student's shoulder, seeming contented by Yumi and Kozue's enthusiasm.

Turning her head, she looks up at Nori. Sliding her eye contact away rather than breaking it, she guides Nori's gaze to Utena Tenjou. Then, delicately, she tilts her forehead in that direction.

Go on. Don't let her run off.

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Winter is a long time - even if you are well attuned to the cold and the wind, and can tolerate that bleaky mood which can fill the air. Is it crappy and wet? Definitely. But it can be nostalgiac...

... if you have weird tastes...

But whatever tastes she holds in the season and the weather, Nori Ankou, the face of AkaMira, does not let them impact herself when she is ON: And right now, she is so. Her hair, long and black and glossy, is worn loose; a rounded cap of quilted material, nonetheless a flat black with only a small marque towards the front, hugs the top of her head for warmth.

A long coat - velvety cloth, violet in a way that suggests a sunrise with accents of white which do not breach the line's taboo despite the evocation of frost, cut in a way to be excellent when worn indoors over the shoulder - rests on Nori's shoulders; below is a "relatively modest" form-hutting wine-red sweater and ash-gray pleated skirt, with matching leggings (tragically not HeatTech but not far short of that holy, sorcerous garb).

Prompted from reverie of a New Year's dream, Nori startles. A soft nod to Tsuru, and then with a sweep of cloth, moves towards Utena. Along the way she sweeps down into a deep bow, addressing with a murmured "himesama" their canine overlady -

And coming up beside Utena with a slightly dreaming smile. "Happy new year, Tenjou-san," Nori says. Before pausing. Her voice lowers. Her eyes widen slightly. "I didn't tell you that already, did I...??"

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Yumi immediately when her current subject is done turns the camera on Princess Einherjar. "Oooh. I love the crown!!" Snap. Snap. Then Mikoto gets the sunglasses, and she gets a snap too. But Yumi is likewise in uniform; she isn't really trying on a ton of special clothes herself because she's a lot more comfortable behind the camera. Like now! Buuuut...

"I like the shades, Mikoto-chan," Yumi says, and grins at Kozue. Utena happens, though, and Yumi brightens. She gets a good shot of Utena with the princesses, and beams.

"Tell her to look over here," Yumi suggests of the bootied Princess.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.
<SoundTracker> Seatbelts - Cat Blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8mC0Qsvt_U

A wild Utena appears! Stars appear in Mikoto's eyes just the same, though the admiration she regards her with is far more in the sense of wanting to be her than some of the other students here. She stops in the path, and the Princess dutifully stops just the same (she's a very well-mannered, VERY rich pooch). "Utena! Utena!" Mikoto chirps, as Princess Einherjar sniff-sniffs, and extends her bootied paw for a dainty shake.

The Princess says, "ruff!" And manages to sound very proud about it.

Mikoto turns in the middle of witnessing this meeting of Prince and Princess, as Kozue approaches -- a little tilt of her head to the side, a little wordless grunt of prompting. She can taste the tension in the air, certainly; she doesn't know what to expect, from her approach.

Whatever she could have expected, it certainly wasn't --

"Huh?" Mikoto blinks, but her too-gold eyes are now veiled by the classical dark sunglasses of ROYAL SECURITY. It's quite a strange experience, being on this side of them, looking out rather than in. If she were a more reflective person, she might remark on that.

But Mikoto takes things as they are, and when Kozue declares that her ouevre is better, Mikoto grins brightly. "Yeah!" She agrees, with a nod which sets those little braids at either side of her head a-bouncing. Luckily, Kozue is very good at seating sunglasses, so they don't fall off.

Of course, she's now wearing sunglasses inside. The blues playing from a nearby clubroom is probably coincidental.

Princess Einherjar, of course, is gracious enough to receive all attention, with a cheerful little wag of her tiny bitty tail. She's very photogenic! Mikoto is, too, but that might be entirely on accident -- she just happens to look at Yumi as the photographs start clicking out. She encourages her, when she realises: "Yumi, Yumi! Look at Nori and Kozue and Tsuru! Take their photos!"

She grins to Yumi, just the same. "Mm-hmm!" She agrees, cheerfully. And just for Yumi, she leans down, a little -- she's short, she doesn't have to go far -- to click her fingers and call: "Princess, Princess!"

Princess Einherjar faithfully looks in that direction, with big, round eyes.

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Kozue just gives Mikoto a grave nod, as if deciding that's much better. She may be a fashion disaster, but she at least looks much cooler next to a Corgi Princess.

Utena walks up, and that's the first time she smiles, the corner of her lips turning up. "Utena." Her tone turns a touch wry, "Which athletic club has you today? All of them?" She asks with a light tease, not seeming the least bit fazed by Utena's red shorts. This is normal for her after all. Besides there are worse sights to look at than Utena's legs.

Her head tilts as Nori walks up, and her smile becomes more subdued as Nori seems uncertain of whether she's greeted her before for the New Year. Kozue turns, and whispers by Akamira's ear, so close that the tiny hair fuzz sways from her breath. "Even if it's for the clubs. We're on today. Show a little more confidence."

And as she draws herself back, she's smiling again at Mikoto calling for Yumi to take their photos. "Maybe one at a time. All three of us at once might be too much for her."

As Kozue gives a brief wink, before striding back over beside Tsuru, as if she were a part of the market stall. Leaning on the edge of the table, and looking to the students, as if her mere presence offers them encouragement to try more of her wares.

"Hmm." With a hum, she casts her eyes askance at Tsuru and her Infinity Uniform, "Maybe we should find you a nametag. Might amp up enthusiasm if they all knew who you were." A light tease, she certainly knows it's not her way to stand out, but she says it anyway.

<Pose Tracker> Utena Tenjou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

It's true -- Utena is SURROUNDED by princesses. Yumi's picture of her kneeling near Mikoto, Kozue and Einherjar contains three. (Or four, depending on who you ask, but Utena self-identifies as a prince and therefore could not possibly be a princess by any metric... right?) She's naturally photogenic (maybe not as much as the dog, but still pretty good) and happened to give Yumi a great shot of her not looking straight at the camera but rather glowing happily at Kozue's seeming good mood, something she probably appreciates extra for its rarity.

"I wasn't enough of a boy to play today I guess," she answers Kozue with a shrug. She doesn't seem too bothered, though. Any feelings about playing or not playing ball can be easily subordinated to the magic of the moment:

From her expression of adoration, she will keep the experience of getting to shake the paw of such a fine doggo close to her heart until she dies. Get yourself someone who looks at you like Utena looked at Einherjar, and you'll be doing very well.

(She doesn't KISS the dog's paw. That would be gross. But she does handle it with the care deserving the very finest fairy appendage. Which it most certainly is.)

Standing up gracefully in a single, unfurling motion, she throws up a quick V for Yumi's picture with the dog actually looking at her, then gives Nori the attention she deserves: full, and friendly. "'Sup Ankou," she replies casually, maybe not quite getting that her friend and battlemate is in Professional Mode. She DEFINITELY didn't notice Kozue dropping some advice in her ear.

"Hey, you can never have too many New Years greetings," Utena adds in a neither-confirm-nor-deny sort of way that does a poor job of disguising that she has no idea whether or not they've already exchanged them. "Happy New Year! You make any resolutions?"

<Pose Tracker> Tsuru [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Tsuru does not look up at Kozue as Blue Princess returns to her side. They are too familiar for her to have to. The model proposes a nametag.

"That is what you are for," Tsuru says. They are familiar enough for Kozue to recognize the rare, unheralded presence of a Tsuru joke.

Bringing her indoor shoes together, her palms resting atop her knees without pushing off them, Tsuru rises. Leaving her palms crossed in front of her, she watches Yumi and Mikoto, gently amused by the latter insisting on photographing the club members. "Would you like pictures of us?" she asks, curious. "We do not mind, but those you care about may prefer a picture of you."

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Blue lips whisper into a red ear. To some lengths, Nori still feels a certain tear-tugging delight whenever she hears Kozue's voice; but it is not as strong as it had been, and it means she is willing and able to give the blue princess a momentary pout. She does, even so, take in a deep breath through her nose and smile at Utena.

"Happy new year," she says, because you can't say it enough; "And yes, I have. But it's something I'd rather keep more private, for now... unless, of course, our highness should render her royal command."

Nori slides the coat she had been wearing cape-fashion back onto her arms, revealing that the sleeves are deceptively voluminous. She descends to rest on one knee, so that she is nearer to the corgi's eyeline; and her eyes lower and turn to the left, with her best and most gently enigmatic smile resting on rosewood-reddened lips.

After the photograph is taken, and clarified to be so, Nori rises again. "I would love to share and share alike," she tells Yumi and Mikoto. "Shall I send them to you, when I do?"

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Is Mikoto on a mission from God?

"Totally," Yumi answers Mikoto about the photos. "I'll be sure to get them, too!" Then--Kozue teases her. "The last time was low blood sugar!" she complains, but she doesn't dwell on it that much. She siiiighs theatrically instead. "But it's easier to focus on each of you at a time..."

"Aaaah!" she says then, as Utena shakes the Princess's paw and gives her a V. It's perfect!

But then Yumi will the photo of Nori first, with the corgi. Because of course! "Oh, this one of Mikoto-chan's really good, too. I'll definitely make some copies. The shades make it." A beat, "But I think it'd be nice to get you too," she says to Tsuru. "We don't get to see you as much..." Then she beams at Nori.

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

In a manner of speaking, that is where Mikoto's mission came from, yes.

"All of them!" The hime called Mikoto echoes Kozue, eagerly, and it's difficult to say whether she finds the idea of helping all the athletics clubs exciting or whether she agrees that Utena definitely would get caught up in them all.

(It's both, naturally. She's economical with her words.)

Her head cants, though, as Utena supposes she wasn't enough of a boy to play; her nose wrinkles, and her lips scrunch up. "Weird." Mikoto doesn't really think of kicking a ball as a particularly gendered activity; she is blessedly removed from so many of those Academic foibles, even now.

Her bafflement doesn't last, though, because Prince Utena (surely a prince) is very good with Princess Einherjar (definitely a real princess -- actually, it's a funny story, the heiress who owns her had her sourced from a particular pack of corgis in England...). That perfect, careful doggy shake is utterly captivating. Mikoto beams.

"It's okay," Mikoto assures Nori. "Princess Einherjar is good at secrets." Whether this is simply because she can't talk like a human (to anyone without the means to hear her, at least) is anyone's guess. Whether this is encouragement for her to share or keep her own New Year's secrets is, too, anyone's guess.

Princess sees Nori's gaze turning, and her head turns, mirroring this human who has sought her audience. Her ears flick, with curiosity. It's a very photogenic moment -- though surely the model is helping there.

"Yeah!" Mikoto agrees, when Nori asks if she should send the photos. And she looks over to Yumi, and looks to Tsuru, and looks back to Yumi and back to Tsuru and -- "Let's take photos of everyone!" She decides, in an instant, as if that solves the problem of who they should be taking photos of.

Infinite supply would satisfy demand, and -- honestly, that's as far as Mikoto can get with that thought, she fell asleep in econ class. She's pretty sure cameras don't have limited film these days, though. She thinks she remembers Yumi saying something like that.

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

'All of them!' Kozue actually grins over the echo, 'I wasn't enough of a boy to play today I guess,' Kozue lofts a single eyebrow at Utena. "Whoever turned you away must have never seen one of your pickup games."

She doesn't sound indignant or outraged, just amused as if to say 'They don't know what they're missing.' Kozue registers Nori's pout, though she doesn't smile, she's more got this sense of mild confusion perhaps.

"Was it?" She replies to Yumi with a sense of feigned solemnity, "Maybe give Utena a kiss first, just to be sure it's up there before you start snapping."

Again though she sideeyes Tsuru, and while it was a tease before, now it's sort of this affectionate eyeroll, "Oh please, we're doing this for the fashion clubs. Most of the members are just as interested about the design side of things - if not moreso."

It may be her way, it's just that she feels like this is the day to make an exception.

"If there was any day to hog a little more of the spotlight, it's this one."

<Pose Tracker> Utena Tenjou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

The world gets a little bit bluer as Utena's eyes widen in innocent wonder at the reveal of Nori's sleeves being not what they seemed, then a little bit redder as her hair swirls around her hand. She has twisted a hank, then tossed it behind her, at Red Future's setting of boundaries; a guilty gesture, slightly embarrassed, as though she said something wrong.

"Never mind then, Ankou," she hastens to reply, and even when Mikoto tries to make it better on the dog's behalf, she shakes her head so firmly that a wave travels all the way from her crown to her thighs. "It's okay, Mikoto... 'a secret is a girl's most valuable possession.'" Or so she's been told by her roommate. She definitely sounds like she's quoting SOMEONE, and this is so.

Stepping back a little as the topic of photography gets a little thick and fast, she watches Yumi and Mikoto's enthusiasm with a slight smile, and tries not to let the brooding set off by Tsuru's reminder of FAMILY pictures (for that is where Utena's mind went) show, with some success. Still, nothing can fully hide that her mind is miles away, and getting moreso by the second.

"Uh, what?" She heard her name, but isn't sure in what context.

<Pose Tracker> Tsuru [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Ohzora-san has a sensitive disposition," Tsuru amends Kozue's teasing, as if she feels it is what Kozue really meant. "We must be certain not to lose her talents to the poetry club."

Wandering forward, Tsuru rests her hands on Yumi's shoulders, as though she were an older sister. "Kozue was suggesting that Ohzora-san would most like to take your picture if you were wearing something new," Tsuru says. A kiss from Yumi certainly would have been something new. "And I share her feelings," she tells Mikoto. "Is there a color here that makes you happy? Or a design you understand?"

Removing a hand from Yumi's shoulder, she extends it to the table, whereupon lie the designs that she and the various Juuban fashion designers have created, many of them with the innocent sense of romance that comes with a youthful Valentine.

COIN FLIP: Nori Ankou flips a coin. It lands on heads!
<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Nori brings out her phone, taking - almost without looking - a picture of Yumi and Mikoto, from the hip as it were; she winks at them as she does, before bringing it up to take several more shots. The phone is even brought round to point towards Utena -

"Smile," Nori says to Utena in a low and languid tone.


After this, she tells Mikoto, "Oh, those who know, know; I just feel embarrassed about it, honestly. Do you think it's greedy if you have more than one New Year's wish? I had a hard time deciding, so I will admit that I muddled some of them together."

She steps aside so that Tsuru may present the fruits of design, her own and those of the seamstresses of Juuban. This places her nearer to Utena, to whom she asks, "How do things fare in the dorms? I miss them, sometimes."

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"H-huh?" Yumi starts, and blinks twice at Kozue. "That's--I mean--you--" Tsuru amends Kozue's teasing, and Yumi blinks, immediately calming with Tsuru's hands on her shoulders. When Tsuru says it it sounds so very reasonable, and also mentions her talents, which is nice. Yumi smiles, after a moment. "...Yeah," she says. "That's--exactly it!"

She beams at Mikoto, suddenly energized. But Yumi has like, a million more photos available on this memory card, so it's super fine. Super fine! Yumi probably even said so at one point!

"I think..."

She doesn't notice Nori taking a picture of her and Mikoto until after the second, and she smiles at one of the next, shyly. She is more comfortable being behind the camera... but it's nice to be noticed, too. But then--

She finishes her sentence, and Yumi picks up a bold print with dramatic lines, lifting it lightly to offer it. "I think this one is nice," she suggests.

...Wishes? Wellllll those can be a secret...

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

"Huh," Mikoto blinks, when Utena quotes that wisdom at her. "Okay!" This, too, she accepts with ease and cheer.

She looks from Kozue to Yumi, and puffs out a breath, a little haplessly. "Don't pick on Yumi," she scolds her, though her tone remains light. She heard what Kozue said.

Mikoto and Yumi are surely very photogenic together! Entirely on accident, in Mikoto's case. She takes a moment to ponder Nori's question, and answers, seriously: "Nope. We get lots of wishes now."

A world defined by girl's single wishes is something she leaves to implication.

But Tsuru asks what colour makes her happy, and Mikoto answers, immediately: "Orange!!" She doesn't even have to think about it, and helpfully points to the fabric with the exact shade she's thinking of.

Mikoto beams, to Yumi, and bobs her head in another eager nod. "Yup!" She agrees, cheerfully, to her choice of dramatic lines.

Of course, Yumi may know from past experience that Mikoto will cheerfully agree to every fashion choice she puts to her. This may or may not diminish the weight of her enthusiasm for her choices.

Princess Einherjar sits, and carefully minds everyone's untold secrets in her dainty little pawsies.

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Kozue looks smugly mischievous as Yumi stutters. Before she gives Mikoto this sharp look as she scolds her and looks about to chew her out ... but then Tsuru amends her teasing. Kozue's not actually certain if Tsuru 'got' the joke she was making. It's so flowery cute what she says though that she doesn't correct her. After all, she doesn't really want their photographer to pass out from a wink again.

... even if it'd be great advertising...

Yumi though gets bailed out by Tsuru in older sister mode, and she crosses her arms, watching them from afar...

... and perhaps wondering if this was Tsuru's way to hog the spotlight.

However after a moment, Kozue walks up to Mikoto, and... "Maybe you should hand off security detail to Utena for a bit." Kozue offers to her, "I don't think we're nearly finished with you looking the part yet."

With a snap of her fingers, several Infinity fashion club members just show up as if they were always there. And assuming Mikoto doesn't resist, proceed to abscond with her. "Be back in a bit." She says playfully.

If she can't pick on Yumi, then as far as she's concerned, Mikoto just volunteered to be a target.

<Pose Tracker> Utena Tenjou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Utena blinks at Tsuru, not getting it at all. "Um..." But the fashionista has moved on to Mikoto, and meanwhile Nori has commanded her to smile. Obedient to the wishes of princesses, no matter how many or how few, she does so automatically and beautifully.


Her smile turns just a little bit sad at Mikoto's opinion, after, and she sets herself the task of answering Nori's question instead. That's a lot more manageable than thinking about clothes. Or kisses. For some reason she feels like kisses became relevant to this conversation but she isn't sure when or why...

"Oh, you know," she opines, and of course Nori does know, before Utena ever finishes the sentence. Because there's only ever one true answer when it comes to Ohtori Academy: "The same as ever."

A lissome shrug, dismissing normal as normal. "I bet it's a lot more exciting living in... it's Shibuya, ne? It sounds so glamorous." A Prince wouldn't try to invite herself over to someone's house so she doesn't ask, but the curiosity, tinged with a hint of romanticized yearning, is a clear and present danger in her eyes.

<Pose Tracker> Tsuru [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Tsuru is fluent in languages unspoken. When Utena gets that look in her eyes, Tsuru looks to Nori, considers, and bobs a tiny, encouraging nod. Permission would have been a simple inclination of the head; the extra motion afterwards is meant to say Nori did not need it.

Still, Kozue and Nori might notice she thought about it.

"There are more possibilities, in Shibuya. And for me it is helpful to have Nori so close," she says. She has such a familiar way of referring to her models, this one who is so formal with all other address. "I am grateful to her. Perhaps there is something you feel you must stay close to, at Ohtori." There is a note of understanding in her tone, and she did not go out of her way to pretend that she considered Ohtori was just as good as Shibuya. To those that know Tsuru best, it's a remarkable absence of politeness. But on its own merits, her speech is quite gentle and kind.

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

We get lots of wishes now. Nori smiles obscurely at the idea, and her arms fold before her, her phone cradled in her loose hand as her attention rests momentarily on the Princess.

Kozue is encouraging the handing of a burden of guardianship to Utena, which Nori glances at her about. And then there's an answer - The same as ever.

Nori reflects to herself for a moment. Yes. That always did seem to be the same, didn't it? Aloud, she says, "It's perhaps not QUITE as exciting as you're thinking... but perhaps it is only that I see the district now when it isn't at its peak. Is that the right way to see it? Sleepy, sometimes; not always at its beautiful speed. I have to do my own shopping at least some of the time; I have to take the train, and there's always walking... up high as much as I am, there's no balcony, it wouldn't be safe, the windows just open a bit of the ways..."

"I love it," Nori says. "Do you want to come and see?" she asks Utena, turning to look at the athlete's eyes for a moment.

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Yumi would thank Mikoto for defending her, but Tsuru has already calmed her down, so she doesn't really get a chance. She does give a small smile to Mikoto to suggest 'it's OK' though. ...She probably wouldn't faint as easily as she did the first while, though. Probably. Building up tolerance is a real thing!

But suddenly... mikoto is Absconded with, and Yumi blinks--but then, she pretty much trusts the fashion club... Right? "Make sure you let her try what I suggested!" Yumi says to them, a little bolder than she once was. And then, she looks at Utena and Nori for a moment... Shibuya. It's pretty glamorous, that's true. But Yumi is part of making that glamour happen; it's a little different from how it once was.

SHe doesn't interfere in that conversation though; she knows all about important things to stay close to...

So Yumi steps back and takes another couple photos of people, before stepping over to the clothes again. She's going to encourage more people to try them, now that Tsuru's busy talking!

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

It is a little sad, but Mikoto thinks it's important, anyway.

She blinks, behind her sunglasses, as Kozue suggests handing her security detail off. "Oh... okay! Utena's good with Princess," Mikoto decides, and doesn't entirely realise just how correct her statement is, corrected for grammar a little. She offers Utena Einherjar's lead (the royal pup has laid down on the catwalk while everyone stands around; she's no trouble, she's already had a run-around and a subsequent bath today), and turns to Kozue. "'Kay."

Snap! "Huh? Everyone?" Mikoto asks, as an entire gang of fashion students appear at Kozue's beck and call. "How'd -- wah!!"

Mikoto is thusly escorted away, never to be seen again. After all, she volunteered.


Well, technically speaking, Mikoto doesn't step back into the hall. This... is Security Detail One. In a dark blue suit -- of course, it was Kozue's makeover -- with dramatic lines very much like the idea Yumi suggested, all in blazing orange about her lapels and her tie, she's sharp. And, SHOCKINGLY! Shockingly! Mikoto has combed hair. It's parted instead of all stuck up like a startled hedgehog. Her braids have been hooked back and pinned behind her ears, all supported by those dark sunglasses.

(The black case is still there. She insisted.)

This, conveniently, means she misses entirely the conversation on dorms versus Shibuya, and the world is spared Mikoto's thesis on why the dorms are better because Mai is there.

Or is everyone really spared? That shade of orange is particularly evocative, after all.

<Pose Tracker> Kozue Kaoru [Infinity Institute (9)] has posed.

Aohime returns behind 'Security Detail One' and adds the final touch. An earpiece behind her left ear. "Now, now... she's ready."

A trio of Infinity fashion club members are in the background as several praise their enthusiasm.

Before Kozue leans in and says quietly, "Don't get confused about who you're here to protect."

Security for a Princess - that is also a Princess - protecting a Witch???


<Pose Tracker> Utena Tenjou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

Utena isn't even all that fluent in spoken language, let alone greater subtleties. Even she is struck by the casual way that this interesting person addresses her friend, though. She doesn't perceive any particular slight against the island, or else doesn't care to defend it. After all, she herself just opined that Shibuya was exciting in comparison.

She glances at the white and pink signet ring on her, strong, long-fingered athlete's hand, when Tsuru mentions something close. She is not thinking of Duels. She is not thinking of Anthy. She is definitely only thinking of her Prince. Definitely.

"I'm glad you have her, er, each other," she says, of Tsuru and Nori, and after a quick hiccup, Nori and Tsuru. She makes for an agreeably credulous audience for Red Future's description, and much like a child, seems very struck indeed by this 'off-peak' Shibuya painted in her mind, so much so that for a moment it seems to reflect in her eyes, the tower and the window, the balcony that isn't.

"Yes, very much," she agrees honestly, and in that moment of openness, vulnerability, she hardly seems cool at all.

Mikoto and Kozue return; Einherjar has been in safe, if distracted hands, throughout, and she retains the dog for now so that Mikoto can be photographed solo.

"Wow!" Two thumbs up for Mikoto, or maybe one and a half, as she holds on to the lead. She grins, a little relieved to no longer be the center of attention again. "Definitely we need to immortalize this, Yumi." Tsuru isn't the only overfamiliar one, though their lenses couldn't be more different -- her omission of keigo is an affectionate disrespect for etiquette itself. Putting casual on a pedastal. It's impossible for her to say anyone's name, though, without them feeling a little bit like the pedastal's for them, too. And in most cases, it's even true.

"'Goot jobbuh,' Kozue," she adds, shifting up-thumb to forefinger to give Aohime the OK symbol, coupled with some mangled English, for her job as fairy princess godmother.

<Pose Tracker> Tsuru [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Tsuru looks over at Nori, her large eyes unblinking, evincing surprise primarily by virtue of looking at her rather than their guest. She tilts a tiny bit forward, a homeopathic little bow, barely noticeable.

"You like your new apartment very much," she observes.

Mikoto returns, and Tsuru's lips lift slightly. She turns towards Mikoto, bending at the waist carefully to get a better look at the diminuitive, dapper little creature. "Blue Princess. It's perfect."

Straightening, she soothes her uniform skirt with her hands preemptively. "All right then. I hoped to see what Tenjou-san would pick, but..." She regards Utena, a brightness in her eyes despite the gaze coming from their corners, and beneath long lashes. "That can be your valuable possession, today."

Tsuru's posture is always so conscious and immaculate that she has little in the way of setting her shoulders or straightening her spine to do. She just sets her feet at an easy right angle, her balletic ankles finding it comfortable, and looks at Yumi, hands still folded on the standing lap of her skirt, fine jaw placid, eyes expectant as she waits for the others to get in place.

<Pose Tracker> Nori Ankou [Ohtori Academy (10)] has posed.

"If you're ever in the neighborhood, drop by for some coffee, too," Nori tells Yumi; "but of course, you know where everything is..." Her arms fold loosely, the sleeves of the coat draping with a deceptive flutter, revealing panels of lush and thick fabric, or at least, granting a peek.

"Ah... an orange guardian," Nori says. "Will you be joining us in the presentations? But it's very bright and I think that it suits you, Mikoto..."

Nori taps her nose with two fingers, looking at Utena. It's a strange feeling; a surreal one; not least when Nori realizes she is not looking at Utena in the *same way* - because, subtly, she has grown, and perhaps grown in other ways. "Then just text me, whenever you like," Nori says.

She thinks back, though; to Utena's courage and determination, even in the face of a blade in the guts. Is she more wan now? Uncertain? Perhaps it's just fatigue, Nori thinks... though the thought rests in the back of her mind, a grit fragment of some sort of irritant in the sieve of her mind. But there are always some such things.

Nori offers a hand to Utena, then; to lead her to where she will stand, to stand together when the picture is taken. Perhaps it won't be perfect symmetrical balance of tall and small, but that just makes the picture more interesting in the end, doesn't it?

(... at least, to how Nori thinks.)

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Niiiiice," Yumi says of the suit, looking her over. Kozue handles the last detail, and Yumi... well. Yumi wonders for a moment of the idea as Mikoto as bodyguard. Nah, it's nothing. She focuses on Utena for the moment instead. She notices that uncool moment of vulnerability... and indeed, feels more for Utena than she ever did just watching her play basketball from across the court.

She takes some photos of Mikoto first, and laughs, smiling at Utena. "We super do," she agrees, without even flinching at the familiarity--Utena just displayed a little vulnerability of her own... and of course, Yumi's used to Mikoto. But more than that, it does make Yumi feel special, the awkward girl sharing in the glory of the Prince for a little moment.

Yumi beams at Tsuru, in the meanwhile. "I got it," she says to her. "...And thanks."

Then she moves back, and looks over Nori for a moment. "I do!" she says cheerfully, and Nori's seemingly effortless glamour always makes her feel good, too--in a different way than Kozue.

But she steps further back, to get her camera up to get the group together. "Okay," she says, "Now... Look at me, and..."


Yumi thinks this one will be worth remembering.