2018-06-16 - LOTUS DREAMS: Eas Can Have Nice Things

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Title: Eas Can Have Nice Things

After their father heads to work, the children of Mobius enjoy a nice breakfast together.


Setsuna, Shun, Hayato


The Mysterious Mansion

OOC - IC Date:

06-16-2018 - ???

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Morning has come, a little earlier for some than for others--and a confused girl in white has just finished explaining something to her father, who has always been her father, talk of a strange, fading dream that they were from some other world. ...They did move here from elsewhere, of course, but hardly from another world, and there's no need for Setsuna to do any fighting. She has school to concern herself with.

Two of the four mugs are now in use; two remain. There's still enough coffee for everyone, of course. Usually she's not the one up the first...

But it's about time for everyone to wake up, isn't it? It's shaping up to be a bright day outside.

Setsuna's hat has made it to the old rack; this whole place retains a sort of antique charm.

There are, of course, two other people in the mansion...

<Pose Tracker> Shun Minami [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

And so Mobius finishes listening to his dear daughter's nightmare, nodding kindly, eyes gentle and attentive. He's not, perhaps, a handsome man--Setsuna surely takes after her mother in that regard--but he's always been loving and nurturing, encouraging his daughter and two sons to express their feelings and help each other and others around them. It's that nature of his that earned him the position of the leader of Labyrinth, a technological super-society out to gently encourage the growth of other worlds by watching over them warmly and giving them gentle pushes as needed, but otherwise allowing them to express themselves in their own unique ways. Mobius--or Mugen Higashi, as he's known on Earth--fathers his dear children in much the same way.

"That's quite the nightmare, my dear," he says sympathetically to Setsuna. "No wonder you were so out of sorts. But you of course realize that's all it was: a nightmare." He clasps a hand over hers and gives her a doting smile. "I would die before I'd ever put you and your brothers through such awful experiences. Ah--" His eyes widen. "Are you perhaps concerned I'll have less time for you now that I've found a boyfriend?" He chuckles indulgently. "Klein is very dear to me, but he'll never replace you in my heart... or your mother, Nayuta, rest her soul." His eyes are briefly pinched by an old, old sadness; then he smiles at her again. "You have nothing at all to worry about, Setsuna."

A grandfather clock chimes the hour then, and he looks towards it. "Goodness, is it that time already? If only we could stop time altogether..." Mobius pats Setsuna on the hand again and gives her another fond smile before finishing off his coffee and rising to his feet. "Well, it's off to work for me. I'll see you and your brothers again tonight."

It's at that moment that Shun pads into the room, holding his own mug of coffee. "Heading out, Father?"

"Indeed," Mobius says, donning his coat and hat and picking up his briefcase. "Take care of your younger siblings now, Shun."

"Always," he says, smiling. "Have a safe trip."

"You as well. I'll be back later," Mobius says fondly. He pauses long enough to hug Shun, Setsuna, and--if he's present yet--Hayato goodbye, then heads on out, where his ride--and boyfriend--await outside.

Shun takes his seat at the table, watching their father go with a fond smile. "Father's been much happier since he found love again, hasn't he?" he remarks. "It's all thanks to you, Setsuna. Even though you're the youngest, you're so reliable, he feels like he doesn't have to worry about us all the time." He sips his coffee, then sets the mug down. Then he glances at Setsuna herself, and his handsome expression tweaks with concern. "...Are you all right? You haven't touched your breakfast yet."

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

As the front door creaks closed, there's an abrupt thump from upstairs, as if something large has fallen a few feet. The thump is followed by a slightly louder series of thumps, and then some quiet grumbling.

This is fairly normal. It would be reliable as an alarm clock if it happened early enough...but it never is.

It's a minute or two before the sound of a bedroom door opening and closing can be heard, followed by heavy footfalls racing down the stairs. Finally, the towering figure of Hayato rounds the corner, beaming as brightly as ever...before his face falls, like some kind of sad puppy.

"Did I miss Dad again? I never seem to get up early enough..." Setsuna's other older brother runs a hand through his face, grumbling to himself as he walks over to the coffee pot. The sole remaining mug is his, after all, and a quick splash of milk tempers it to the kind of taste he can handle. A first sip, a quick glance at Setsuna's cup, and then he's heading over to the kitchen drawers.

As he puts on his yellow apron, Hayato off-handedly comments aloud. "Guess you got up extra early - everything okay? And anyone else want eggs, as long as I'm cooking?"

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

It seems strange of course, now that she's said it all. Sure, something lingers about it in her mind, but she can't assume her father would lie to her. "...Yes," she answers, and if she happens to shudder at the mention of her mother it just must obviously be that she's still sad that she's dead. "...All right," she says. "Maybe I do worry some, Father..."

"Oh! Yes, of course." Respectfully, Setsuna stands when her father moves to leave, and smiles back. "Take care," she chimes in after Shun.

Hugs! ...That feels a little strange, too, but she must just still be sleepy.

When Shun pads in, Setsuna glances his way. "Ah--"

She takes a seat again and looks to Shun wih a little surprise. "Ah--" She nods, after that, smiling. "...Yes, I can see the difference in him already..." Yes, that seems right. But--"T-to me?" she asks. "I... I do my best..." But what did she do? What--

There's Hayato, who never has loud alarms that wake everyone else up, ever. ...But there are the noises.

"...It's okay, he'll be back tonight," she offers to him, and then she lifts her mug. "Oh, ah..."

This is nice. "...Of course!" she says after that, "The usual way." She waits a beat, hesitates, and shakes her head. "...It's nothing. Just the dreams again. You don't need to worry."

<Pose Tracker> Shun Minami [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.
  • Thump*. "Ah," Shun says without looking up, "it seems Hayato's awake." A moment later, and Hayato rounds the corner, beaming... and then falling. A sad puppy indeed. "You did, but he sends his regards anyhow," he replies with a wry but affectionate smile, taking another sip of his coffee. "And if you're making eggs, I'll have one sunny-side-up on buttered toast, please."

After all, he hasn't actually fixed breakfast for himself yet. Shun never cooks. He's never had the knack for it. Good thing the middle sibling is a wizard when it comes to the stove. ...and that he's conveniently old enough for Setsuna to have benefited from his skills. Shun and Hayato are *awfully* close in age, not even a full year apart, after all. It's what allows them to be in the same grade despite being non-twin siblings.

Setsuna's hesitation, meanwhile, earns her a chuckle. "Oh? You aren't going to insist that you didn't do anything again, are you?" Shun says, tone lightly teasing. "You're too humble. Sometimes I think Father raised you *too* well. Of course--" He smirks. "Your oldest brother's good influence had something to do with it, too." Setsuna gives her order to Hayato, then mentions the dreams. Shun's smirk fades into something more serious. "Mmm... Those dreams again, hm." Then he shrugs nonchalantly, taking another sip of his black, black, completely unsugared coffee. "They're only dreams, Setsuna. You shouldn't let them get to you."

But then he smirks again and reaches over to pat her on the head and tousle her hair. "But then, I suppose you wouldn't be our baby sister if you didn't still have some baby-ish qualities," he teases.

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Hayato always does listen to his little sister's advice, after all. The sad puppy give a bit of a smile at the reminder. "Thanks, you two. Guess we'd better just get started on our day, after all!" He has his apron tied, frills and all, and salutes with his spatula.

He's quick to get to work, firing up the stove while his siblings have their chat. It's something he's always happy to do, stepping back and just offering what wisdom he can when he can. And in the meantime...

Two plates clatter on the table in very short order. One, in front of Shun, has the sunny-side up egg on toast as requested. The other contains a neatly divided piece of toast framing Setsuna's usual over-easy. Hayato gives the slightest flourish and bow, any solemnity utterly wrecked by a proud grin. "I dunno about that, Shun. Our little sister has some preeeetty big dreams - better watch out that they don't include outdoing you at exam time!"

He turns to take a sip of his coffee, then start his own usual vegetable-and-egg scramble. This step, as usual, involves some rummaging in the refrigerator, with...a bit more muttering than usual? "...oh, right, that reminds me!"

Hayato turns back to the table, hands with his ingredients. "I heard something from the farmers' market the other day - apparently there were some storms that might make some stuff harder to get. Looks like the year's crop of green peppers was completely wiped out - funny, huh?"

...and with that news, he goes back to cooking.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Shun and Hayato have always been close that way in age, right?

But Shun starts up first and Setsuna hesitates at first a little further--and then gives him a Look. "Yes, of course." She is, of course, still quiet; little is likely to change that about her. But--dreams...

"Well, I--"

Only dreams. That's right. She just happens to have a lot of bad dreams. Why? Well, she's not sure, but--

Shun tousles Setsuna hair and she frowns immediately, That from of the little sister. "Hey, my hair," she complains, and then rolls her eyes. "Hmph. I'm in high school, I'm not a /baby/."

It starts to feel less strange.

She sips her coffee, which is also black, and when Hayato comes in with the breakfast--"Ah," she says, looking impressed, "Thank you--" and then she starts laughing for a moment, having to look to the side to avoid being too overt about it. "Maybe I'm already planning that."

But... muttering? Setsuna blinks, looks over at Hayato, and then--he says--


Setsuna smiles wider thene. "How awful," she says, nodding firmly, quietly amused. ...And then gets to eating. Well, she gets to cutting eggs with her fork and then adds, "School's tomorrow, right...? It's Sunday here."

<Pose Tracker> Shun Minami [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Yes. For some reason.

Shun grins back at Setsuna. "You'll always be a baby compared to me," he teases. His smirk softens into an affectionate smile. "...But at least an adorable one."

Hayato arrives with breakfast for all three of them. Shun smiles at him, too. "Good work. Your meals are always delicious, Hayato. Thank you." He picks up a fork and knife to begin to cut pieces, then scoffs at Hayato's own teasing. "If my brilliant little sister couldn't at *least* match my grades, then what am I even a big brother for?"

He takes a bite, chewing carefully as Hayato shares his news about the farmer's market. The year's crop of green peppers, wiped out? "How terrible," he says with basic compassion and no more, because it's green peppers and who really cares. Then he nods to Setsuna. "Yes. It's a shame Father has to work overtime on what should be a day off, but..." He smiles. "I expect with Klein with him, he doesn't mind too much. Besides, he's always working hard for everyone's sakes. Not just ours, but Labyrinth's--and Earth's, too." His green eyes gentle. "...I'm proud to be able to call him Father."

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

"Well, my grades never did manage to catch up to yours, Shun, so what kind of big brother -does- that make you?" Grinning, Hayato takes a seat with his breakfast. He's clearly in a good mood this morning, in spite of missing his chance to catch up with their father - maybe it's just that Setsuna's cheer is infectious. "But I guess it doesn't matter - nothing stopping our sister from being adorable -and- brilliant!"

He's about to dig into his own meal, stops, and looks down at himself...then removes the apron he'd been wearing. "Yup, Sunday. Should be a great day - weather's supposed to be good, I'm planning on going for a run and then helping out in the market district. How about you? Got any fun things planned for the morning?" He starts eating, but pauses to tap his fork against his plate. "...yeah, Dad's always working hard. It's pretty hard to try to match that...but hey, we've gotta try, right?"

It's a beaming grin the goofy middle brother has.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

Setsuna sighs, a big teenage girl kind of sigh that comes with a little of a scoff. "I am not," she counters, but she's not really all that mad. "...H-hey..." Adorable. "Y-yes," she agrees after the talk of Hayato's cooking comes, "Thank you! You know I think I was pretty hungry..." It's true though. She at least has to match. Though--

"Haha," she agrees, a small laugh she can't quite suppress, "Good question," she agrees with Hayato, grinning Soular's way before she takes a bite.. and then proceeds to say nothing at all, somewhat red under the compliments.

It's sure terrible about the peppers. But.

"...Yeah," Setsuna agrees. "It's... nice." Proud. "...Yes..."

A look to Hayato, and a bright nod, eyes closed. "Right. We have to try. We can do it, too!"

Setsuna sits up a little straighter, and nods, brightly. "I, ah--Um, I'm not sure!" she answers. "It's so early that I think I forgot... I was thinking of going out for a walk, maybe." She brings a hand to the necklace she's wearing, the green clover, "...But that's later. Breakfast is nice now, right?"

<Pose Tracker> Shun Minami [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

"One with a muscle-headed younger brother," Shun shoots back at Hayato--but the ends of his lips curve up as he speaks. He laughs outright, but pleasantly so, as Setsuna gets embarrassed by being called adorable... and he takes getting laughed at himself in stride. It's pleasant, isn't it? The way the three of them can laugh together and gently jab at each other with no sense of competition, no sense of hostility. Just affection and a bit of sibling rivalry, but nothing so great it gets in the way of their filial happiness.

"The weather *did* look lovely from my window this morning," he remarks. "I believe I'll head to the library. I have that research paper I'm working on, and I stumbled across an interesting topic related to it that I want to delve into further. If it helps with my paper, so much the better, but I'm satisfied just with learning something new." He takes another bite of his toast, considering his siblings's remarks. "Then why don't we all walk into town together, once Hayato's back from his run? Hayato will be able to get to the farmer's market, I can head to the library, and Setsuna can have her walk. It's nice to enjoy each other's company, isn't it?"

Such as right now, over breakfast. Shun favors Setsuna with a smile and nod of agreement, then takes another sip of his coffee.

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

"Sounds like a great idea to me. Breakfast, that is!" Cheerfully, Hayato chows down - with more flair than actual haste, because letting a nice family breakfast last a while isn't a bad idea. They've got their food, they've got their coffee, they've got each other. He takes the jabs in stride, as he ever does.

After a few minutes, though - and one gulp of coffee - Hayato leans back. "Yeah, that sounds like a great plan. Family outing into town? Family outing into town. Just as long as Shun doesn't go studying the -whole- day away - maybe plan on that donut shack for lunch? Just a thought."

Maybe it's a plan. But Hayato's in no rush to go anywhere. Life is good-

"-dangit, I forgot to turn off the stove!" He stumbles to his feet, rushing to correct that error. Because Hayato.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

It /is/ nice. Pleasant. ...And of course, Setsuna shares her interest in athletics with Hayato just as much as academics with Shun. ....And, well, maybe a /little/ competition. But--

"Yes, I thought so," Setsuna says. "Hmm... Yes, of course, the paper..." She considers. She thinks she already did her homework for the weekend--last night, wouldn't it be? As she thinks about it she eats, too, more and more as she goes. It's nice.

"Yes, it's important not to overdo it," she agrees. "I'm interested in seeing it when you're done with it. I don't have that subject yet here, but I will eventually."

SSo they can all go together, and... "Yes," she says after a moment, "I think that sounds nice. I might want to go see my friends while we have the day off--"

Hayato rushes, and Setsuna giggles outright, covering her mouth with a hand, trading a look with Shin.

...Things are good the way they are. And for some reason she can't explain, Setsuna is struck by it for a moment, looks into nothing, and then sips at her coffee.

It's /really/ nice."...The donut shak for sure," she agrees. "...We'll have to make sure to get enough that there's some left for Hayato..."

<Pose Tracker> Shun Minami [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Breakfast passes pleasantly. "Thank you for the meal," Shun says as he finishes his with elegance and grace, wiping his mouth on a napkin, then settling in to relax. Except he's almost out of coffee, so-- "Would anyone like a refill?" he asks as he leans over to the coffee pot, resting on its corkboard on the table. He refills his own cup, and Hayato's and Setsuna's on request. He even hands the cream jar over to Hayato. What a thoughtful, conscientious older brother, the type who would never fail to protect his younger sister.

The two of them warn him not to study too hard. Shun chuckles wryly. "I'm sure between the two of you, I'll manage to peel myself away before I strain my back over the library desks," he says. He nods to Setsuna then. "I'll be sure to share it when you once it's complete."

Hayato rushes over to the kitchen to turn off the stove. Shun chuckles too, smiling at his back before trading that look with Setsuna. Hayato's always so earnest, that look says. "Agreed, about the donut shack," he says. "I hear the owner has come out with a new kind of donut with a heart-shaped center." He gives Setsuna a knowing look. "If your friends have plans, then perhaps your girlfriend would appreciate an invitation. Of course, Hayato and I will find a reason to respectfully bow out early if so."

<Pose Tracker> Hayato Nishi [Infinity Institute (U)] has posed.

Plans with family are great. Not burning down the kitchen is also great.

Hayato is busy in the kitchen for a minute, while his siblings scheme behind his back. As long as he's up, he starts cleaning up the morning's dishes, because he's the type of older brother who puts that extra bit of work into whatever chore he has to do.

"You'd better be careful, Shun - sounds like Setsuna's got the better plan today! And yeah, more coffee for me if there's any left." The clink of dishes in water soon takes over whatever mutterings he might have.

COIN FLIP: Setsuna Higashi flips a coin. It lands on heads!

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

"Yes," Setsuna agrees, and then looks to Shun, "Yes, I'd appreciate that." She offers over her mug since Shun has offered to refill it. It's getting easier to just accept it, too. Of course, a nice family breakfast is a good start--maybe when he gets back, their father can join them again...

"Okay," she says pleasantly, brightly to Shun, and then glances between the two of them for a moment. "That sound very good..." Then a beat, as she glances to the side, ducking her head a little. "Aah... W-well, I mean, it's nice to see you, too..." But maybe that's not a terrible thing, getting a little privacy. "Maybe I'll ask after lunch."

But then, of course, there's the matter of the coffee--and as a matter of fact, there /is/ enough for all three of them to have another cup.

<Pose Tracker> Setsuna Higashi [Juuban Public School (10)] has posed.

"Yes," Setsuna agrees, and then looks to Shun, "Yes, I'd appreciate that." She offers over her mug since Shun has offered to refill it. It's getting easier to just accept it, too. Of course, a nice family breakfast is a good start--maybe when he gets back, their father can join them again...

"Okay," she says pleasantly, brightly to Shun, and then glances between the two of them for a moment. "That sound very good..." Then a beat, as she glances to the side, ducking her head a little. "Aah... W-well, I mean, it's nice to see you, too..." But maybe that's not a terrible thing, getting a little privacy. "Maybe I'll ask after lunch."

But then, of course, there's the matter of the coffee--and as a matter of fact, there /is/ enough for all three of them to have another cup. But Setsuna, hearing the dishes...

"I think I'll go help," she says, and rises, moving to do just that. ...It's nice.

Okay maybe Hayato's got the last cup but that's fine, right?