2014-08-21 - Westar Can't Have Nice Things (Part Four Of Infinity)

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Title: Westar Can't Have Nice Things (Part Four Of Infinity)

Labyrinth meets to discuss their impending infiltration scheme, and more importantly ensuring they have a consistent backstory. Dark Mercury, their Earth-born member, is able to offer valuable insight.

Also everyone stole Westar's pizza. But he managed to embarrass Soular along the way, so it's not all bad.


Soular, Westar, Eas, Dark Mercury


Desolate Mansion

OOC - IC Date:

2 March 2014 - 8/21/2014

<Pose Tracker> Soular [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

There is an open pizza box on the center table of the common room in the Fortune-Telling Mansion. Soular, upon entering, eyes it briefly, assumes that Westar left it there (because who /else/ keeps leaving food out?), and helps himself to a slice even though it doesn't look especially appetizing. Possibly there are others already eating other slices, but this particular bacon-and-banana slice is his. Superior height and reach is an advantage; if anyone is in the way, he just reaches over them.

"So, Eas," he says conversationally to the one Labyrinth executive who is definitely already in the room, as though he isn't just diving directly into a topic that they've been neglecting to discuss for a while. They haven't exactly seen much of each other since then, despite living in the same house. "'Cousins,' was it? Cure Berry didn't seem entirely convinced." He takes a bite of his slice--actually not that bad, weirdly enough--and takes his time to chew and swallow. When he does, he adds, "I don't suppose you've managed to smooth that over with her yet?"

<Pose Tracker> Eas [None] has posed.

Eas, too, is here in the mansion: she is standing, rather than sitting, leaned with her back against the doorframe and her arms crossed. She looks out at apparently nothing in particular, her red eyes pointing to one of the dividers in the bookshelf across the room. To all accounts she isn't paying any attention to anything else going on in the room, given how little she moves even in the face of the noise.

...But then, being isolated and also in a group is something of a normal habit for denizens of Labyrinth.

The white-haired girl picks up the conversation like it was just a moment ago. "Cousins," she confirms. "Works well as anything." Beat, and a hake of her head. "Berry is less trusting than Peach, more suspicious. She had a lot more questions the next time we spoke."

She sees the insult, and finally glances up Soular's way. "I've convinced her to hold off for at least a while on them. She asked what my 'parents' do, and I'd told her I never knew them."

...Which is almost true, in its way. Mobius-sama is the only parent Eas has ever known.

<Pose Tracker> Dark Mercury [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

Having human obligations makes it a little harder to just hang around the fortune-telling mansion all the time, as much as Ami would absolutely /love/ to do so. It has people in it! Ever! That makes it /way/ better than home! Oh yes. /Much/ better.

As a result, she's a little late to the conversation; she doesn't arrive until Eas is explaining 'cousins,' and stays silent, instead heading toward the pizza first, carefully slipping past Eas in the doorframe. Picking up a slice, Mercury looks up toward Eas, saying, "It's possible she's just interested in your family, Eas-chan... but either way, you should make your story more believable."

She purses her lips, slightly, adding, "It's -- you're saying /you/ two are cousins, right?" She needs to get a sense of the story herself before she offers any of the thoughts she's already having. ... she also needs to get a sense of pizza. Mmmm. Pizza.

<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Yet another door into the common room opens abruptly - flung wide open to crash into the wall. Westar, arms full with an empty garbage can, makes his way into the room. "There! Garbage taken out, are you happy now?" Muttering under his breath, he turns back to his corner of the room to set down the metal receptacle near the weight bench.

When he turns around, though, he's grinning. "Soular! Dark Mercury! Did Eas tell you about how things went today?" It's clear from his stance - prouder than usual - that he actually has success to report. After a moment, though, he seems to clue in to the fact that there's another conversation going on. "Never mind, that can wait - what are you three discussing?"

The pizza box's lid is wide open - and from Westar's end of the room, where he's stooping to pick up a dumbbell, he can't see what contents remain.

<Pose Tracker> Soular [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"What made you decide on a family unit as opposed to, say, coworkers?" Soular asks, tone still unpleasantly pleasant, when Eas declares that cousins work as well as anything. "It's not as though she's unaware you 'work' as a fortune-teller."

The rest of Eas's statement at least is an improvement on the situation. Neither of them had planned on running into each other at that museum, but it happened, and they have to deal with it now. "Hmmm," he murmurs, considering that aspect of the story. "That should be a simple enough story to play-act." After all, Mobius-sama is the only parent Soular's ever known, either. Questioning Fate on what it's like to have parents was singularly unhelpful, and while he's done his research on family units, there are so many conflicting accounts.

So when the newest Labyrinth executive arrives, and remarks that the story of being cousins is somehow not believable, he glances her way. He hadn't intended on asking her about how family units are meant to function, but since she's here anyway, he may as well. "...Correct," he replies, aware that her statements were probably meant for Eas and Eas alone. "What would you suggest, Mercury?"

He takes another bite of pizza when Westar enters. They certainly did all come in all in a row, didn't they? Soular doesn't turn around at the other executive's grumbling, instead opting to enjoy his food for a given value of 'enjoy.' He doesn't respond until after he's swallowed, at which point he remarks, "I take it today's increase in the Sorrow Gauge is thanks to you, then."

Of course Soular checks the Sorrow Gauge before heading to the common room. Why wouldn't he?

As for the matter of what they're discussing--he leaves that one up to Eas. It was her idea, after all.

<Pose Tracker> Eas [None] has posed.

Eas, of course, completely ignores Westar's return with the empty can. But then, she is a little busy with Soular's question, which has no particular impact on her visually save to prompt her to keep looking almost boredly his way.

...But, it's actually a good question. Why /did/ she go for the family unit when pressed to come up with an answer immediately, rather than co-worker, or something otherwise more sterile and appropriate? Why add the extra entanglement?

"...Humans place an increased emphasis on family units," she begins, barely a moment later. She inclines her head Dark Mercury's way though she isn't quite addressing all that yet. "Besides, their laws function differently. It's apparently unusual for someone my age to be working rather than still attending school, in this society. If we emphasize that aspect, it's more suspicious, not less."

Then she looks back to Ami, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Hmph. Why would she be interested except to find a weakness? It doesn't make sense. She may not suspect, but I doubt it's that simple."

She likewise ignores the implication of Soular's '...correct', and certainly doesn't ask for more suggestions.

It's a good thing she doesn't care about the pizza, though, considering the state of the box.

The grinning Westar doesn't get so much as a glance, however. She can tell how proud he is. And, "No," she answers simply, about whether or not she'd mentioned anything about earlier.

Because obviously. "But that's correct. We're cousins, Soular attends Infinity Institute, and I go to a smaller school in the city."

<Pose Tracker> Dark Mercury [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

"No, but I heard about your debacle at the cram school," Ami says, turning a withering stare at Westar for just a moment. The urge to rib him, however, seems to pass quickly and cleanly; she finishes with a quick, somewhat sharp, "I hope you did better this time," then returns her attention to the pizza, taking a second slice. She's /really/ hungry -- it's so bad for her but it's /so delicious/.

Finishing off the first as Eas and Soular explain their situation, she notes, "Sometimes, humans are just interested in each other..." She thinks about how sad Eas's existence must be if she's really that closed -- no, she reflects, it's fine. If that's the way she can best serve Mobius-sama, it's okay.

"Hmmm..." She walks off with her slice of pizza, noting, "You two should come up with some shared family memories. Events that happened in the past that brought you closer together." She resists the urge to gag, before continuing, "... and maybe figure out how you're taking care of yourself, Eas-" She cuts herself off before the honorific this time, turning her attention back to Soular. "The more details you have, the more believable you can make your story."

<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

It's not difficult to walk and lift weights if you're built like a brick house, and Westar certainly qualifies. Heading towards the other, his pride in his accomplishments - sufficiently so that Soular even noticed them - is abruptly deflated by Dark Mercury's comment about his previous exploits. "That...that counted as gathering misery! Everyone there was already miserable, because that cram school was a terrible place with nothing but books and more books!" He turns with a huff, and focuses on the weights for a moment. "Anyway, this one went well. Panic and misery, and my Nakewameke even took down one of the Midchildan mages who attacked - so there was extra sorrow from her friend." Also terrifying vengeance, but there's no need to bring that up.

Westar is getting the gist of the rest of the conversation, and turns to the others. "So, we're discussing what to tell normal people who ask about us? Huh." He scratches his head with one of his dumbbells. "...so, should I also say I'm a 'cousin' of you guys? We are from the same place, after all."

He's getting a bit hungry, but there should still be pizza left - he wasn't looking for any of the other pieces being taken, and there were leftovers after the battle...

<Pose Tracker> Soular [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Hmmm," Soular breathes, listening politely as Eas explains her motives. It seems like he'll leave it that for a moment, until: "So that's your reason."

He shuts his eyes and smiles at her.

As for the talk of what Miki Aono's interest would be, Soular simply listens as Eas and Mercury discuss that. He's inclined to agree with Eas, which is /why/ he simply listens, but Mercury's experience with this world shouldn't be dismissed. He also doesn't interrupt Eas's interruption of their 'family unit'--though Westar brings up a good point. Since he's also infiltrated that educational institution, it's inevitable that he'll happen across the three of them. However: "Doesn't it seem unlikely that the three of us would just happen to have three sets of parents who happen to be siblings? I understand Japan's population is on the decline," he remarks. "Particularly if two of us already have parents who are no longer part of our lives."

Not that Soular actually committed to that story on /his/ end, but he's not inclined to follow a narrative that forces him to pretend to have an emotional connection he can barely conceive of. In the same vein, when Mercury suggests that they come up with some 'shared memories' that 'brought them closer together,' he just gives her a long, inscrutable, slightly narrow-eyed stare. This is followed up by turning that stare on Eas. ...What Mercury says makes sense, but he can't even imagine what kind of 'shared experience' he might have had with his fellow executive. This is another matter he lets Eas field.

However, when Mercury looks back at him, he meets her gaze, considering her advice as he takes another bite of his slice. When he finishes chewing and swallows, he wonders, "I see your logic. But wouldn't too many details carry a risk of the story falling apart? Particularly if Westar's involved." Soular is sure /he/ can keep track of details, but Westar's another story--and if one of them tells Pretty Cure something, then doesn't update the others before another tells them something conflicting... They are not, after all, a particularly communicative crew.

<Pose Tracker> Eas [None] has posed.

Eas frowns.

She continues frowning with Soular smiles at her.

But she does glance between Westar and Dark Mercury after that, noting the reaction on the older executive's part and looking back to Ami with something almost like approval. ...Well, approval for Eas, which really just means that for a moment she is scowling slightly less in Ami's vague direction.

This changes when Ami mentions her thoughts about humans, her lips curling once again in disdain. "Ridiculous," she insists. "Pretty Cure is too strong to be that naive. I'll find their real weaknesses, not wastes of time like that."

"Just make sure you keep that up, Westar. Mobius-sama doesn't have time for us to fail."

Her almost encouraging(?) statement aside, she considers again the matter of the story. "Cousin can apparently describe a number of relationships. Besides, if we don't draw attention to it, it doesn't matter so muh that it's unlikely."

Shared... Memories? And--ah. Taking care of herself. There would have to be a means for that. "I said I moved here recently, to anyone who asked. So far this has been fine. The 'family' story means we can claim this place is owned by a relative. Maybe..." Hmmmm. "Missing parents aren't that unusual," she reflects. "Cure Berry lives with only her mother. One of us will need to have some sort of authority figure we can ensure no one meets."

"But Dark Mercury is right, Soular. Too many detail and Westar will forget them and ruin our cover, but not enough and we won't be able to stay consistent."

<Pose Tracker> Dark Mercury [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

"There are some people who like studying," Ami points out to Westar, even as she reclines with her delicious pizza in her mouth. "And -- no! No. Too many cousins hanging out all the time is going to seem strange... you'll introduce some more questioning about your family, and that'll start to get complicated... You may want to be a friend, or... something."

This is already a mess, Mercury reflects -- and it's one that she feels like /she/ has to clean up. "There is a risk of the story falling apart if you bring in too many details... it's more about having the right ones, and about keeping each other updated. You should really have a document somewhere to update..."

Turning the idea over in her head, Dark Mercury adds, "One of you could have parents who are always out of town who own this place... Not Eas-chan anymore, evidently, but..."

<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

The pose of the thinker is not one Westar commonly uses it - and this is not the day for it. Instead, he focuses his thoughts by setting his body to repetitive strength-building, doing arm curls with heavy dumbbells. None of the trio had 'parents' in the first place, so that absurd coincidence actually happens to be true...

And then both of them make the same comment, and Westar practically squawks in protest. "I'm not that bad! If you guys would just be straightforward and tell me what's going on-" And then Mercury brings up the idea of a document, and Westar just knows all is lost. 'Friend' might work, and Westar glances from Soular to Eas as the word is mentioned. Whatever might they think of the idea? He looks back to Ami, about to answer-

- and then realizes she has a slice of pizza -

- and Westar rushes to check inside the box. The now-empty box. "What- what happened to my pizza?! That was spoils of war from today's battle!"

<Pose Tracker> Soular [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Eas frowning means that Soular just continues to smile at her. This lasts only until she glances away, though, at which point Soular starts in on the crust of his pizza slice. He's not a particularly quick eater, but he is thorough.

It's almost amusing to Soular how Eas agrees with Mercury against him, and then Mercury immediately disagrees with both Eas and Westar to agree with him. The discussion between Eas and Mercury, though, triggers a thought. Mercury would understand the local humans better than anyone here, having been born and raised on this planet, in this country, so her assessments shouldn't be disregarded. However, if that's true, then Eas's own assessment, that they must be strong due to something other than sentimentality, must be false. Which would mean that that sentimentality itself is a source of strength for them, and since they share several characteristics with other local magical girls, with many others. A strength that the three of them don't have and cannot understand...

But that's nonsense. Mobius-sama is the way; obeying him without fail is the only way to have a truly harmonious society. Ergo whatever strength they have, it must be false, and Mercury's assessment is merely a reflection like that. ...And that's how Soular reflexively shuts down on a line of thought that could have been disastrous for his conditioning.

On the outside, expression having only changed slightly with furrowed brows and a slight frown, he takes another bite of pizza.

"I suppose that may as well be me, then," Soular remarks to Mercury. "I haven't specified the fate of my would-be parents. A shared document is a good idea; it would be a simple enough matter to leave notes to keep the others updated."

The idea of calling Westar a 'friend,' though... Soular side-eyes him just as he's protesting about not being THAT bad. He keeps side-eyeing him when he rushes over to the empty pizza box.

"Oh, was it?" he says, popping the last bite of crust into his mouth. He chews. He swallows. He remarks dismissively, "You should have said."

'Friends' is probably way too big of a stretch by any measure.

<Pose Tracker> Eas [None] has posed.

Eas doesn't mind studying. Obviously she doesn't /enjoy/ it, that would be ridiculous. She doesn't have time for such things. But it's useful and not actively troublesome to engage. But, she doesn't share this, obviously.

"We're telling you what's going on right now," Eas points out to Westar instead, and looks thoughtfully at Ami over the matter of a document, something to pin down. Keeping each other updated... She certainly doesn't /like/ the idea. But, they have to do that for their operations in any case, which makes it part of their orders. So obviously that's fine.

The pizza drama, for the moment, seems not to even register for her. Instead, she answers Dark Mercury, "No, not me--which is just as well. If it were my parents Pretty Cure might ask to meet them. Berry seems very focused on things like that."

A glance to Soular, finally, as he wrecks Westar's pizza hopes.

Whatever. With a haughty sniff, she finally moves things back on topic (as far as she's concerned), "Then fine. Soular, your parents own the mansion, and moved us here for... your school, Infinity Institute. It's very famous. Westar is your old friend who also got in, that's why he lives with us. I'm your cousin, but I'm carrying on our fortune telling traditions. Your parents are usually gone for work."

"Am I missing any important elements of Earth living arrangements?" she asks Dark Mercury, red eyes slowly settling on their newest executive.

<Pose Tracker> Dark Mercury [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

"We ate it," Ami says, with a big smile on her face; his despair at both documents /and/ lack of pizza is delicious. She almost wants to needle him a little harder about it... but, she reminds herself, Westar is the one person here she can actually count on to want to be friends intermittently. She elects to lay off.

Soular seems to be drawing less attention than Eas, Ami thinks to herself; it's probably best if their resources do indeed hinge on him. Fewer questions. She listens to Eas lay out the basic spread of their relationships, and after a few seconds, says, "Those would be the basics... you may want to figure out what Soular's parents do. If you'd like, I can collect a list of jobs with frequent travel..."

Finishing off her own second slice of pizza, she adds, "Fortunately, high-travel jobs often justify lavish living arrangements... so the mansion itself shouldn't be so difficult to explain..."

<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Soular has finished off a slice. Eas might have taken some while he was out. Dark Mercury is at least honest about having ruined all his hopes and dreams. Clearly, there is no one here Westar can trust with his pizza.

Not that it matters, because it's all gone, but it's the principle of the thing. Westar manages to muster his composure once more, though his neat folding up of the empty pizza box for disposal is at least a little ferocious. Still, at least Eas is being up front with him. For once. "That works for me. So, I'm staying with Soular because we're friends?"

Spurred on by spite and what he has seen wandering around Tokyo, Westar gets an idea. He steps around the table, over to Soular, and throws an arm around the other Executive's shoulders. "Right, then, 'buddy' - let's make sure to hang out more often!"

And now he's grinning. Broadly grinning, like he and Soular are really the best of friends - except that that arm has a grip just solid enough to make sure Westar's 'friend' can't escape so easily.

<Pose Tracker> Soular [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"Berry certainly is nosy," Soular notes, mostly to Eas but also to the room in general. "She was very inquisitive the first time that we met, too, though I didn't get the impression from her that she thought that there was something off about me." He gives Eas a faint smile that, like all his smiles, doesn't reach his eyes. "I suppose that will change henceforth, 'cousin.'"

The summary is a good one. Too bad it won't work. Soular shakes his head. "Unfortunately, when I first met Cure Berry as Shun Minami, it was before Westar and I received orders to infiltrate Infinity Institute, and whether I was going to be entering school there was one of the things that she asked. I later told her that I was sent a letter after I visited; you may remember this." It was, after all, at the museum. "Absent parents are a good idea, however. I'd appreciate such a list, Mercury. If they already own this mansion, then perhaps we were sent here because it was convenient for them?"

Westar then does the unthinkable: he gives /Soular/ shit, by taking advantage of a situation where he cannot really tell him no, slinging an arm around his shoulders, and telling him they'll have to spend a lot of time together.

There is a moment of silence.


"Everything for Mobius-sama," he intones. Then he smiles back at Westar, green eyes locking onto blue. You could keep a gallon of ice cream nice and frosty with that smile. "Yes, let's, 'friend.'"

<Pose Tracker> Eas [None] has posed.

Perhaps luckily, Eas does not seem to notice Ami's /moment of weaknes/ as regards Westar. ...Maybe because that isn't actually a real thing, other than by some very specific metrics.

Eas didn't actually take any pizza for herself in this case. But she /could/ have. And she doesn't at all feel the need to actually reassure Westar about it.

Eas nods to Westar at his question, red eyes flicking back to Ami as she mentions the next step. ...And a bit more thought on the matter. "Good," she says.

This is about as high praise as she tends to give anything, of course. Higher, even. "Hmph. This is why you should avoid Pretty Cure. But fine, some other reason. Convenience, whatever. There are a lot of things in this area that they find important or excellent."

And then, the surprise hits.

Eas sees Westar throw an arm around Soular and win points. He is grinning. Soular clearly can't move. There is silence.

Soular's recovery doesn't matter, it is a distinct effort for Eas not to let out a weird spasm in her chest that is like a cough, but different. Instead, sh rolls her eyes, turning her face away from the group.

...This makes it less obvious that she is smirking like a cat who just caught a bird.

<Pose Tracker> Dark Mercury [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

The faux-camaraderie-that-is-actually-probably-very-real-camaraderie coming out of Westar gives Ami cause to giggle; it's a genuine laugh, something that's been rare for her for months now. She takes a moment to bask in it, even -- barely even registering that she's been asked a question by Soular until she's taken a good few moments to appreciate what's happening to him.

Evidently, she isn't quite so stellar at hiding herself as is Eas.

Eventually, though, she has to answer -- and answer she does. "That... seems reasonable, for the moment," she says, still trying to compose herself. "It's possible it's been in the family for a few generations, if it's something they own but aren't using..."

That's all she can muster, though, because it's /really/ hard not to just burst out laughing.

<Pose Tracker> Westar [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Westar stares down Soular for a long while, broad grin opposing cold smile. Whatever the mission, everything for Mobius-sama. But Westar has been saying that they're working together, and now the mission actually requires that. For once, he's in the right, and he knows it.

Dark Mercury giggles, and more shockingly, Eas seems to be reacting to something he said. Whatever the reason, the moment has been interrupted - and so Westar releases that grip.

Taking a step back and folding his arms, he nods to the group. "Okay, so this is easy for me. I don't talk to Pretty Cure unless I can avoid it, anyone who asks gets told that I'm old friends with my buddy Shun Minami, that we live together because of something or other with his parents that I'll tell them I don't remember, and that he has the details. See? Not hard."

He grins again, but less mockingly - okay, Eas is turned away from him, and Soular is probably just shy of murderous right now, but Dark Mercury was amused. And more importantly - today actually went well for him. For once.

Except for the pizza. The pizza can never be recovered.

<Pose Tracker> Soular [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

"I didn't precisely seek her out," Soular points out with faint wryness, but that's as much as he says in regard to Miki, given that he hardly rejected her company, either. The idea of being led through the strange Library Island where Infinity might be hiding itself by a Pretty Cure was too tempting. What's done is done, though, and there's no way to change that now. A pity it had to happen with Miki, but they'll figure out another scenario with Mercury's input and adjust accordingly.

Then Westar happens; Mercury outright giggles, and even Eas very nearly manages to laugh. To say that Soular is offended is putting it lightly. He's not the most expressive of people at the best of times, but the tightness of his smile makes it clear he does NOT appreciate being the butt of the joke. It might make what happens next a bit curious: he shuts his eyes, breathes in, and sighs. Like that, it's like all the emotion leaves him with that breath. When his eyes open again, his expression has settled into one of aloof indifference. It doesn't change when Westar removes his arm, nor when Mercury struggles to keep her laughter under control. It's an expression of perfect professionalism, Labyrinth-style.

"In that case, we could have been sent here at least in part to be taught responsibility. I understand humans around our age in this world still have difficulty with the concept," he replies, regarding Mercury with implacable calm. "The basic concept remains sound. We may have been intended for a smaller school in the Tokyo region at first, before Shun Minami happened to catch Infinity Institute's eye during a visit and brought Hayato along with him."

A beat. He stands up and regards Westar, expression still inscrutable. "Incidentally, if you're a 'friend' as opposed to a 'relative,' that means you have your own unique family situation, Westar. Whatever that would be is likelier to be the reason why you're here than whatever Setsuna and Shun's situation is. Perhaps an unpleasant divorce?"

Mercury would be able to give /all kinds/ of advice on that mark--not that Soular knows about it. But it was a part of Soular's research, and if the theoretical mother and father are having a bad enough time of it, it seems a plausible enough reason why a child might be living with a friend rather than his own set of parents.

Of course, there's an implication there that /neither/ parent wanted Hayato, but Soular won't go out of his way to point that out.

<Pose Tracker> Eas [None] has posed.

Eas has just had more practice as regards concealing things.

...But perhaps worse for Soular, she doesn't bother to call Ami out for laughing this time, either. Maybe another time. Instead, she nods along. It seems reasonable, Dark Mercury says, and Eas is inclined to agree. And Westar...

Eas sighs slightly, a quick thing that nevertheless has the force of all her usual intensity in it. Westar has a fine enough plan, but it's so...


"I'm sure we can speculate indefinitely on it. But we have a basic idea. It's going to be simple enough to keep track of it."

Soular regards Westar, and offers his advice... and actually, by the end of it, Eas is frowning again, as is more usual. "Let Dark Mercury come up with it. Unless you'd like to start taking on all of Westar's tasks while you're at it, Soular? Since we're such a good 'team' that way."

Rolling her eyes, she finally pushes off from the wall and storms, click click click heels against the wooden floors, towards the exit closest to the front of the mansion.

A cup on the table sways as she passes, and falls.

<Pose Tracker> Dark Mercury [Juuban Public School (8)] has posed.

"That's... well, that'll work," Ami says to Westar, genuinely surprised; he seems quicker on the uptake than they give him credit for -- even if he has to be engaged in a certain way to manage it. There are details they can /refine/, certainly -- but that can happen another time, she figures; don't want to overwhelm the poor guy.

Besides, Eas... appears to be headed out. "I'll help you further define things as needed over the next few days. Try to avoid contacting any Pretty Cure until then... both of you." She glances back toward Eas's former spot, frowning slightly.

The mention of a divorce gets no overt, specific comment one way or the other. It'd be... unprofessional, after all. She can save those thoughts for when she is alone.

<Pose Tracker> Soular [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Soular slides green eyes Eas' way when she insults/criticizes him, then turns to leave. Before she has quite gone out the door, he shrugs broadly. "How childish," he remarks, tone mild. "How does she think she can serve Mobius-sama if she can't keep her bad moods in check?" An indifferent shrug follows, as if it really isn't of any real importance. "Nonetheless, at this point, I see no reason to stay either."

He doesn't need to be told twice to avoid contact with Pretty Cure; he understands how important it is to get their story straight first. To that end: "Very well. I'll leave consolidation of these matters up to you, Dark Mercury."

He exits then, turning a different direction from Eas, without so much as bidding Westar good night.

Childish indeed.