Kyouka Okazaki

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Kyouka Okazaki
IC Information
Full Name: Kyouka Okazaki
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 15 (April 7)
Height: 5'4"
Hair Colour: Dyed Black with Neon Purple Streaks (Normally Blond)
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Anything cooked fresh
Least Favorite Food: Frozen or prepacked foods, Fast food
Favorite Subject: Gym, World Cultures
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Organization: Unaffiliated
Position: N/A
School: Juuban Public School (Grade 10)
OOC Information
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (OC)
Player: Talnora
"My name is Kyouka Okazaki, and all I wanted was to be an ordinary 10th grader. But shortly after I moved to Japan, I rescued a purple gem named Strike Wolf, who helped show me that I actually have amazing magical powers deep inside me. I'm trying to return him to his creator, but that's proving difficult, and there's also a madman running around copying devices and attacking people with them. Luckily, I'm not alone--there's other people with magic just like me, and I'm trying my best to catch up to them and show that I can be relied on."

Kyouka Okazaki is a brash, stubborn, outspoken tomboy, who never backs down from a challenge, but also friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic when she lets her guard down. She's a recent arrival to Japan, thanks to her family moving, and is still trying to find her footing as a newly-enrolled student at Juuban high school. If learning how to adjust to a whole new culture and attending a real school for the first time in her life weren't bad enough, she also happens to have recently come into the possession of Strike Wolf, an Intelligent Device that has granted her the ability to turn into a magical girl. The only problem is, the device is incomplete and the creator is missing. So now as she learns the ins and outs of fighting evil, she's also searching for the missing inventor so she can return the device to its rightful owner.


"Hey! Are you gonna play nice, or do I have to knock some sense into you?"

Kyouka is not a girl of half measures: she studies and trains hard, but she also plays hard, too. She throws herself fully into everything she does.

By default, Kyouka is friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic, and almost always willing to try new experiences. Her travels have shown her so many different and interesting things that can come in the most unexpected ways. She views herself as an optimist, always wanting to see the best in other people.

On the other hand, her exposure to so many different parts of the world have shown her some of how the world really works, tempering her optimism with some sarcasm and cynicism. In particular, she was constantly looked down upon in each new place she moved for being 'the new kid', or worse, 'a girl'. These have driven an intense disdain of bullying or of anyone who would put down the value or worth of another person.

Taken together, this means she can see not just 'how the world really is' but also 'how the world could be', and her forceful personality means she will push back against any perceived wrong or injustice to correct it, which can earn her a reputation for being brash, stubborn, and outspoken. As she grew older, this in turn fostered a desire to protect people: when danger erupts, her first inclination is to run towards it, not away.

Because the way for her to prove herself so often involved physical feats (proving she could climb to the top of a tree; that she did, in fact, know how to hit a baseball; that she could sling a punch against a bully; among many, many others) she grew up taking on almost every sport or physical activity she encountered. It also didn't hurt that her father had a love of camping and fishing, which meant that she had something she could share with him on the all-too-infrequent occasions that they got to spend quality time together. Eventually, she embraced her tomboyish nature as a core part of herself.

Kyouka takes pride in her uniqueness and individuality, but does also harbor a lot of deep doubts. Despite pushing to be able to attend a normal high school upon moving to Japan, she worries about not fitting in for a number of reasons. She knows a lot of her interests may not be 'typical' for a girl her age, and she's also lacking experience in a lot of things a girl her age 'should' like or that her new peers may expect her to know about: skirts, makeup, pop culture, and so on (and those are just the things she knows she doesn't know about...) She also knows that culturally a certain amount of conformity is expected, and the conflicting desires to 'fit in' and 'be herself' weigh on her.

Current Events

First Steps

Without a guide, and a partner that was missing much in the way of explanations, Kyouka was left to try and figure out her next steps on her own. Initially, she thought to return Strike Wolf to his creator, but her searching of the city proved fruitless. And with her attempt to check up on Himeko backfiring so spectacularly, she had no idea where to go to ask for help.

Fortunately, one of her classmates and fellow track member, Setsuna Higash, heard the rumors and reached out to help. Upon sighting the Intelligent Device, Setsuna revealed her own magical girl status, and reassured her that she was not alone, and that there were many others. just like them.

And just like that, she started to meet others. The first was Fate Testarossa, so extraordinarily talented but with eyes far too hard for a girl her age. They had an initially tense misunderstanding due to her visor, but they worked it out, and Kyouka then learned of the threat that Jail Scaglietti posed. Fate offered to train her, and during their first training session Kyouka started to learn how to work with Strike Wolf properly.

After a false start meeting Endo Naoki, she was properly introduced to him after the ogre attack at the Dezome-shiki, where her initial efforts to work on her fundamentals (as suggested by Fate), paid off when she managed the rescue of a falling woman and then helped Endo, Fate, and Yumi Ohzora fight off the ogre. She was later introduced properly to Yumi Ohzora and through her, Eri Shimanouchi.

And then she received an invitation to go to the Dark Burger, and she met most of the Yagami family. Despite her general preference against fast food, the moment shared with so many others was... nice. And she dared hope that the new friends she had made were also magical, that she might have a place among them...

And then Shadow Stern attacked. She rose to fight alongside all of them, doing her best with the things she had newly learned through her training efforts with Fate. And when several of their allies had fallen, and Shadow Stern attempted to wipe them all out with his overwhelming power, she had found herself tapping into reserves of strength she hadn't even know about. Together with Fate and Endo, they seemingly pushed back the maelstrom of clashing energy... only to be overwhelemd in the end. Jail Scaglietti spoke through Shadow Stern's helpless bearer, but Hayate denied him his prize.

Later they recuperated at Yagami House, and Strike Wolf, damaged into an inoperational state during the melee, was repaired. But now Kyouka is left with even more questions than before, and a growing sense of unease after having witnessed the true power at play.


Early Childhood

Kyouka is the Japanese-American daughter of a military family, and has moved around far, far too many times for her liking. As a result she's been all over the place and seen far more of the world than most girls her age. She's officially a U.S. citizen born abroad, but has barely spent any time in her 'home' country.

While her father is the one in the armed services, her mother is a teacher, and as such Kyouka has never lacked for constant access to schooling no matter their posting. Her mother is a naturalized U.S. citizen originally from Japan, and has made sure that Kyouka is fluent in Japanese as well as English, as a way of providing a root to her heritage and culture. (Kyouka has also joked that she knows how to ask "Where is the bathroom?" in more languages than anyone else on Earth.)

Beginnings, Mundane and Magical

On their most recent posting, Kyouka convinced her parents to het her enroll in a regular high school, arguing that by the next time they moved she might have missed out entirely on the chance to have any kind of a normal childhood experience. They finally relented after Kyouka demonstrated that she could pass the entrance exams. Kyouka's mother pushed for her to attend Ohtori because of the prestige it would bring, but Kyouka pushed for Juuban and won out when she pointed out that the Sister Schools program would give her access to Ohtori (and the Infinity Institute.) Her mother has taken up residence off base with Kyouka in order to help support her.

One recommendation she did accept from her mother was to use her mother's maiden name of Okazaki rather than her father's last name of Channing, though begrudgingly. As much as it pains her to 'pretend', there's also a part of her desparate to fit in.

Her life took a much more complicated turn when she happened across a rank D mage terrorizing people in the street (including a classmate of hers, Himeko, who had formed an instant dislike of Kyouka and made no attempt to hide it.)

Or at least, attempting to terrorize people. The intelligent Device he was holding, Strike Wolf, refused to obey his commands. So distracted was he by the device's refusal to obey, that Kyouka was able to intervene, directly saving Himiko's life and drawing the mage's attention away from several others. Kyouka pressed her surprise advantage to startle the rogue mage into dropping the device, whereupon she snatched it and took off, looking for cover and to draw the mage away from the scene.

Strike Wolf revealed itself to her, deeming Kyouka worthy of wielding its power (thanks to her selflessness and willingness to endanger herself for the sake of others.) They formed a contract, and, newly empowered, Kyouka and Strike Wolf were able to quickly dispatch the mage.

Sadly, once Kyouka made the contract, Recognition Inhibition took hold, meaning that Himiko doesn't remember Kyouka's involvement let alone the event itselkf (much to the latter's annoyance), but Kyouka has much bigger problems on her plate now.

Strike Wolf's creator is missing, and neither she nor the device itself know where she is. Even worse, the device is incomplete, and lacking many functions that would be useful in protecting the streets or locating the creator. So, in addition to fitting in in a new place, she works to master her new powers, do her part to keep Tokyo safe, and searches for Strike Wolf's creator so that she may return the device to its rightful owner.

Skills and Abilities

"Hey, if it gets me outside and moving, I'm all in! And once we've worn ourselves out, I'll cook up a big ol' meal so we can recharge and go it again."

Being an avid fan of the outdoors and physical activities in general, Kyouka's dabbled in almost every sport that she's encountered, but her biggest loves are parkour and martial arts: two activities that don't require any equipment, just her own physical abilities, and that she can carry with her no matter where in the world she goes. Parkour helps her to always view the world in interesting ways, looking for new lines that she can use reach new places. Martial arts feeds into her love of learning about different cultures, and she's studied under everyone she could, preferring to mix and match the different things she knows rather than strictly sticking to a single style.

She calls on both of these abilities when transformed, using Strike Wolf's power to enhance her speed, power, agility, and mobility. When untransformed she's constantly on the move, and this is only more true in her magical girl form. She'll breeze in to deliver a hard and fast blow from up close with her enhanced strength and then dart out of the way of retaliatory attacks, running up and bouncing off of walls and other obstacles to make her position from any moment to the next difficult to predict. She hasn't quite mastered the art of using spells yet, but she has a wealth of fighting techniques to fall back on in the meantime.

Her other biggest love is food--both cooking and eating it. Again, having picked up food and recipes from all over the world, she loves experimenting with new styles and sampling local cuisine. And nothing beats being able to share what she makes with others.



Drew Channing
"That's my dad! He's pretty awesome. We love to go camping and fishing together. I just wish we got to spend more time together... His work keeps him busy."

Drew Channing is a member of the U.S. military, and his work has taken him literally around the world. Very loving, but also very busy. Gets to see his family less than usual since his most recent posting to Japan, as he's living on-base while his wife has taken up residence in Tokyo to give their daughter a chance to have some semblance of a normal childhood for a while.

Yuki Okazaki
"That's my mom. We haven't always gotten along, but... things are better than they used to be. She's done so much for me to be able to have a normal life in Japan... I don't know how I'll ever repay her."

A Japanese-born woman who emigrated to the U.S., then followed along with her husband around the world. Currently living in Tokyo with her daughter to support Kyouka's efforts to lead a normal life. They love each other, though there's often friction between them. They do both share a love of cooking and trying new cuisine, as well as exploring different cultures.

Yuki is a teacher, and was responsible for most of Kyouka's homeschooling until the latter enrolled in Juuban. Now she works as a substitute at Ohtori, filling in when needed and handling other miscellaneous tasks.

Kyouka's recently started to realize just what an enormous commitment her mother's made to support the life she wants to lead, and is starting to feel some guilt for putting her through so much. She's also harboring some growing guilt about lying about her magical girl activities.

"My best friend! We've been inseparable since I was 8. It's nice having someone who loves the outdoors as much as I do."

The family pet, a Siberian husky, who's the only being with as much energy and enthusiasm for the outdoors as Kyouka herself. Named by an 8-year-old Kyouka.


Strike Wolf
"Strike Wolf is my partner. I trust him with my life, and he trusts me with his. And after the fight at the Dark Burger... that's more true than ever. We're both still learning, but I know we can do amazing things together."

Kyouka's device and partner. An incomplete prototype Intelligent Device, who was stolen by a mage and then rescued by Kyouka. Strike Wolf allowed Kyouka to make a contract with him due to her selflessness and willingness to risk herself for others. Kyouka trusts him with her life (literally), and is dedicated to finding Strike Wolf's creator so he can be returned to his rightful owner. She proposed that they view each other as partners, instead of user and device, which Strike Wolf accepted.

Thanks to Fate's guidance, they're learning how to work together to unlock more of both of their potentials. They needed those lessons when Shadow Stern attacked the Dark Burger, where they reached previously unimaginable heights of power. Even though they lost that fight, Kyouka now has a much better grasp of that they may be capable of.

Magical Friends

Setsuna Higashi
"The first real friend I made here. She reached out to me when I was still freaking out about magic and let me know I wasn't alone. I owe her a lot for that."

A fellow magical girl, and a classmate of Kyouka's at Juuban, as well as a fellow track and field member. She heard the rumors Himeko was spreading about Kyouka and thought Kyouka must either be magical or in magical trouble, so she reached out to offer help. After recognizing Kyouka's device for what it was, she revealed her identity as Cure Passion and let Kyouka know she wasn't the only magical girl out there, and that she wasn't alone.

At the time Kyouka's decision to trust her was tentative, but it grew more firm as she met others. She was looking forward to extending a more earnest hand in friendship at the Dark Burger, but that time was sadly cut short by the arrival of Shadow Stern. After fighting together, she's even more determined to showing her appreciation to the other girl: even though they lost the battle, Kyouka would not have reached the heights she did if not for Setsuna's initial efforts to reach out.

Endo Naoki
"Damn. I've seen him and Fallen Stern fight twice now, and no matter what gets thrown at them they always power through. I hope that I can live up to that example. And that someday I can help them take down that blasted Shadow Stern."

A fellow device user, and a schoolmate at Juuban high. Endo followed up on the same rumors Setsuna had heard, but their initial meeting was awkwardly cut short. They made proper introductions after the Dezome-shiki parade, where they fought side-by-side against an ogre. They fought side-by-side again at the Dark Burger, wherein Kyouka got to see first hand the copy of Fallen Stern and its destructive might.

Kyouka respects Endo and Fallen Stern's grit and determination, especially after having stood side-by-side with him to try and finish Shadow Stern's final attack. They may have failed to repel the blow, but Kyouka is determined to help her new friend set things right to take out that blasted device once and for all.

Mikoto Minagi
"I've seen her both protecting innocent bystanders and fighting ferociously. I respect that. I want a chance to get to know her better."

A fellow magical girl. Kyouka hasn't had much of a chance to talk to her--the chance she might have had at the Dark Burger was cruelly cut short by the arrival of Shadow Stern. But they've had a chance to fight together, and she respects the other's ferocity in fighting, as well as her attempts to inspire her, Endo, and Fate in repelling the malevolent device's final attack. She wants a chance to get to know the other girl better.

Yumi Ohzora
"She's a pretty talented witch, but an even better friend. She helped me work through some issues when she really didn't have to, and then asked me to call her by her given name. If she ever needs anything, I'll be there in an instant."

A fellow magical girl. They first met, transformed, at the Dezome-shiki parade, where they fought an ogre together. Later they ran into each other untransformed. Kyouka was parkouring, jumping a cross a roof, and noticed Yumi watching from above on her broomstick. Yumi was curious about Kyouka's parkour (and her lack of reaction to seeing a witch on a broom), and approached to strike up a conversation. They quickly worked out each other's secret identities and then hit it off, conversing on a wide variety of things.

When Kyouka needed help finding a dress for a dinner she had to attend with her mother, she turned to Yumi to advice. The topic unintentionally veered into not just her insecurities about wearing a dress, but about everything she's been going through since moving to Japan. Yumi listened patiently, and even asked Kyouka to call her by her first name afterwards. Kyouka is moved by both acts, and intends to repay them back tenfold.

Eri Shimanouchi
"Oh! That's Yumi's friend. I met her while we were shopping. She was kind enough to take some time to help me, too. I'm not sure, but maybe she wanted to challenge or test me? I'm looking forward to getting to know her, in any case."

A fellow magical girl, though one she hasn't gotten to see in action yet. She was introduced through Yumi when they went shopping together. Yumi immediately told Eri to go easy on Kyouka, causing Kyouka to push back and insist that she could take care of herself. This caused Eri to declare her 'cheeky' and that she was 'going to be fun.'

That sounds like a challenge if Kyouka's ever heard one, and she's looking forward to seeing what Eri might have up her sleeve.

Fate Testarossa
"Damn. I knew that kid must've gone through some messed up shit, and I barely even have any of the picture, but just the tiny bit I've seen... And yet, there's still a terrific kid in there who can laugh and smile. I need to catch up to her so I can look out for her properly."

A fellow device user, and one she readily recognizes as being far more skilled than her. Though their initial meeting was rocky (Kyouka's visor made her look like the masked device users running around), they quickly cleared the air and Fate offered to help train Kyouka. During a training session together they were able to figure out how to ask Strike Wolf to solve various combat scenarios, and to develop new spells that way.

Kyouka knows something must have gone wrong to make a kid that young have eyes so hard and intense, which naturally ignites the part of her that wants to protect others. But she's also seen that Fate is concerned for the welfare of others, and an incredibly skilled mage, as well, capable of reading and evaluating others fairly and critically. Plus she takes her training seriously. All of these are things Kyouka likes.

While fighting side-by-side with Fate at the Dark Burger (and the more experienced mage took the time to look out for her even then), Kyouka discovered that the carrier of Shadow Stern was a seeming-identical but older version of Fate. She has no idea what it means yet, but she's starting to get hints of the picture that resulted in Fate being the way she is, and it's only made her more determined to look out for her.

Hayate Yagami
"Geeze. It seems like she stared Jail right in the eye and didn't even flinch. Who keeps messing with these kids like this to make them turn out this way? At least she's got her... kids? Family? for support? I'm still trying to figure that one out."

A fellow device user, that she met all too briefly at the Dark Burger. Another kid who seems like she's seen way too much for her age, like Fate. And it seems like she was being targeted by Shadow Stern. Even though they lost the fight Hayate managed to get the upper hand in the end.

Still... it's made Kyouka even more determined to catch up to everyone else so she can properly pull her weight, and not let that madman mess with any more kids.

Signum Yagami
"She's got a kind of old-timey knight vibe to her. I can dig it. And she extended her trust to me so readily, I want to show that I can earn that trust."

A fellow device user, and one of Hayate's... children? Kyouka is still trying to figure that out. Still, the knight entrusted her with 'comporting' herself well in the fight against Shadow Stern, despite them having barely met, and Kyouka doesn't treat the extension of that kind of trust lightly.


Lera Camry
"Setsuna's girlfriend! She seems really cool, and I'm looking forward to getting to see some of the cool hiking and camping spots from her. Plus, it's just awesome to meet a fellow American here in Japan. ... What's that look for?"

Kyouka ran into Lera when the latter was at Juuban returning something to a friend. They struck up a conversation, and Kyouka was really excited to find out Lera was from America like her. They bonded a little over the topic of being far from home, and Kyouka's looking forward to being shown some of the local camping and hiking spots from her.

Neither of them knows the other is a magical girl, currently.


Himiko Hasegawa
"Ugh. You'd think after saving someone's life they'd be grateful, but since it involved magic she doesn't remember a thing. I don't hate her or anything, but it'd be nice if she left me alone."

A classmate of Kyouka's. A few different students tried to haze or otherwise put down the new girl, but Kyouka proved difficult to pin anything to. That made most of them lose interest... except for Himiko. Kyouka plays it cool with Himiko, mostly because she knows that not reacting is actually geting under her skin far more than anything else she might do.

Kyouka saved Himiko's live during the same incident where she met Strike Wolf, but once Kyouka formed the contract, she became protected by Recognition Inhibition. Sadly, Kyouka was not fully aware of this fact when she went to check up on Himiko the next day, and accidentally said enough to give Himiko enough fodder to spread some rumors or gossip about her, such as "Hey, did you hear Okazaki telling tall tales about magic like it were a real thing?"