Sachiko Majime

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Sachiko Majime
IC Information
Full Name: Sachiko Majime
Aliases: Puella Magi Sachiko
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 14 (Dec. 10, 1999)
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Black (Bleach Blonde)
Eye Color: Orange
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Karaage
Least Favorite Food: Grapefruit
Favorite Subject: Softball Club
Least Favorite Subject: Everything Else
Club: Softball Club
School: Ohtori Academy (Grade 9)
OOC Information
Source: Puella Magi Madoka Magica (OC)
Player: Annaru

"We both dreamed of becoming stars, but now neither of us will be. So be it. There are other ways to shine."

There was always someone out there a little stronger, a little faster, and a little better than Sachiko Majime. But this did not discourage Sachiko from wanting to become the star of Ohtori's softball fields. For many years, Sachi did whatever she could to not get left behind by her peers; however, it was all for naught. She simply could not keep pace with her peers. And then one fateful night, everything changed when Sachiko Majime became Puella Magi Sachiko. Not a person to mince words or actions, Sachiko takes bold, deliberate strides to aggressively pursue her ambitions. This young Puella Magi can be overly aggressive at times and she is often brutally honest in telling others how she feels for about them. All of this reinforces the new words that Puella Magi Sachiko lives by; give her what she wants or get out of her way.

Colors of Her Heart

The people in Sachiko Majime's life ranges from the smoldering ember to the raging wildfire and everything in-between.


Red is the Color of Passion and also the Color of Anger. Those whom invoke these tempestuous emotions reside here.

Miyu Greer - "I don't believe for one moment that she's dead. She's out here and I am going to be the one that kills her.

Kozue Kaoru - "I would be lying to say that I'm not excited to see what happens next."


Orange may not invoke quite as strong emotions as Red, but those in this category invoke a lasting and pronounced response within her. It's also a favorite color of hers.

Eri Shimanouchi - "Why did you give me that grief seed? You want me to believe that it wasn't an act of charity, but that's what is still felt like. And for that, I want to hate you. But...I'm not sure I can."


Yellow is the color reserved for the ones that she has begun to care about whether they be an ally, a friend, or someone that she definitely tolerates.

Madoka Kaname - "I hate to admit it, but she's okay. That beach party she invited me to was pretty alright."

Fuu Hououji - "I helped her out in that fight and I she's pretty strong...I guess."

Homura Akemi - "Haven't seen much of her. But I can say one thing: she's a hell of a shot and has powers far beyond mine. I'll figure out how to even the score one day."

Ami Mizuno - "She seems hesitant to resort to violence, but she may still prove to be useful to me in the future."


Those she consider to be Blue make up the vast majority of her schoolmates and acquaintances. She either does not know enough to care about them or they truly do not invoke any strong emotion from her.

Sayaka Miki - "At least the girl can play ball."


The absence of color, black, is reserved for those who do not hold a place within her heart. This is a special place reserved for those whom are irredeemable and deserve to be destroyed.

Mami Tomoe - "She -will- kill me the next time we fight. I'll have to kill her first."


The presence of all colors marks someone whom Sachiko cannot categorize in any one category. Her heat beats nearly as fast when they are around as her emotions change about this person.

Yume Kohana (NPC) - "..."