2021-03-07 - Ogres and Onis! When Careful's Full Of Caring, Can We Really Cut Straight To The Point?

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Title: Ogres and Onis! When Careful's Full Of Caring, Can We Really Cut Straight To The Point?

Mikoto and Miroku have a special relationship which worries Yumi Ohzora -- because now she knows that the sword is also a massive oni, she can't help but see the similarities between it and the Ogres she's destined to fight. The two of them have very different approaches, but Mikoto wants to set her mind at ease, regardless.


Mikoto Minagi, Yumi Ohzora


Ohtori Academy - Dormitories

OOC - IC Date:

2021-03-07 - 2015-11-07

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.


There's a nice red pillow complete with yellow tassels on the ground by the coat-rack, where a black case is still propped; but there's no sword in that case, right now. This is because of Mikoto, carefully slipping a cotton sleeve over her blade and setting it down horizontal on the pillow. (She has to be careful; Miroku is very sharp.)

It's just like Miroku's bed way back, she thinks, deliberately, patting down a cotton crease. Aren't you happy about that, Miroku? Ren thought of you, too...

And in her begrudging joy she finds that thread which is not hers, which does not match her effusive experience, and in it finds the pressure Miroku exudes. (She can feel it, when she listens close; it is always there, alongside her.) Not entirely unhappy, she shakes her head, smiling.

Miroku and my friends both want me to be safe... I'm protected! It's a telling thing to tell herself, even if she's not just telling herself; still, she's happy too, to know that her Child was willing to reveal itself and defend her.

The thread of jealousy plucked in the wake of it strums through her heart, and she smiles, a quiet hush through her lips. It's okay, Miroku, she thinks her assurance, because that feeling is one she hasn't needed any help to feel, many times. We share the same heart... Miroku's a good Child.

That tense moment of silence may have seemed uncertain on the outside, but Mikoto has no such doubt about its intentions.

She knows Miroku didn't do anything... because it was listening to what she really wanted to do.

Mikoto has a lot of questions, but at least she knows one thing: Miroku is with her.


And they have, just, so much homework.

Mikoto has henceforth invited Yumi over to their dorm, this Saturday; Mai is out doing something, which leaves the two of them to pour over the couch with all their print-outs. The living space is of course in view of the entryway, with its shoes neatly lined up, its coat rack, its...

... deeply ominous sword, just sort of lying there in a cotton sleeve, resting on a fancy pillow.

You know. Normal things one has on hand when exiting or entering one's living space.

The shorter of the two grasps a printout of an English poem with one hand, and the side of her head with the other, hair ever-messy beneath her fingers. "I don't get it!" She cries, waving the paper. "What's <killing care>? That don't make sense! And why's <did> in the wrong spot?! They said that's wrong! How's it right now?!" She throws down the Shakespearian printout, and it flutters down onto her lap, refusing to even give her the satisfaction of being thrown right. "English class is too hard...!"

So much like Orpheus she looks beside her to find Yumi, clearly dismayed. She has been stuck on this reading comprehension test for the past hour. It is not going well.

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Yumi Ohzora had a lot of feelings and thoughts about what happened on Mikoto's birthday. She's glad it all seemed to turn out fine and all, but it was a little weird... A little weird that...

Well. Regardless! Today is today. There is a lot of homework to be doing. And Yumi has had a few things on her mind, one of which comes up again immediately because she sees Miroku just hanging out on a fancy pillow. "Oh!" She pauses. She stops just short of greeting the sword verbally, giving a small smile in that direction, and then sat down, because frankly--wandering around Ohtori's campus is hard work and she is glad to be sitting down for a bit. ...Sitting down with Mikoto! Her friend! As they work on homework. Yumi herself is still in unifom, having come right over from class, so she's got her feet out and a book in her lap and then--

"Hm?" Yumi asks, and then tilts her head at her. "Well..."

Yumi points at the paper and it floats through the air towards her. She takes it in her hand once it's close enough to read and eyes it thoughtfully. She can read it, but it is a little different; she has to think about it...

"It's hard," she agrees. "It's OK for it to be hard!" A beat, "English is kind of a weird language. Like it's got all this specific stuff that you have to keep track of and the rules change..."

She brightens, "But it's okay! It's doing a sort of figurative thing. Like... It seems like it's--" Pause. "OK you know when people say 'oh my god, that's so good, I'm gonna die'. Right? They don't really think they're going to die. But it's like that!"

"And the reason the -did- is OK there is that back when Shakespeare was around English was a little different. ...Either that or they let him break the rules because he's important. But I think the former one."

"But there's no need to despair ogre it! You're doing good!"

She does not realize that she didn't say 'over it.'

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

The sword does not smile back. But then, a sword's face isn't very expressive. (Unless you count the... eyes... but there aren't any sigils on it, right now. It's not in Mikoto's hands! Besides, it's covered in a cotton cosy.)

Ohtori's campus isn't the most accessible place, but Mikoto, at least, accompanied Yumi along the boring normal path instead of climbing up the side of the building and hopping in the window. The window is, of course, open, with respect to all the times Mikoto does that exact thing, but she restrained herself this time. For Yumi's sake!!

Of course, they both have their talents, Mikoto's parkour and Yumi's casual ability to make things float that never gets old. Mikoto's eyes go real big by that principle as Yumi magics the paper over to her hand, distracted from her pique by the display.

She hums affirmation as Yumi tells her it's okay for it to be hard, head bobbing up and down with an attentive nod. "... changing rules," she echoes, nose scrunching up. Rules, Mikoto thinks, aren't supposed to change. That's why they're rules.

Luckily, Yumi explains. Mikoto blinks, and after a moment, nods again, humming brightly. Nod, nod -- and then she shakes her head, without missing a beat. Mikoto understands..!!! NOTHING AT ALL, as it turns out.

But Yumi tells her not to despair, and --

All of Mikoto kind of cants to the side, only missing the creak of a door hinge; her head flops to one shoulder, braids bounce-flopping down and collecting there at the white of her uniform sleeve. She fixes Yumi with a quizzical expression, lip all scrunched to one side, brow knit, nostrils pinched.

"... ogre..."

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Yumi would be more concerned if the sword smiled back. Miroku smiling just seems like it implies a lot of violence.

Yumi could've flown in the window!! ...But she doesn't tend to do that in crowded areas during the day. For obvious reasons. But it's less of a problem to do little witchy things alone with Mikoto, like the paper. But she notices Mikoto's nose scrunching, and maybe her explanation will help! ...Ah. No. No it will not. Yumi opens her mouth and closes it, looking at Mikoto after she finishes talking, and then--

Sssssideways look. Braidflop. Scrunch. "Huh? I--Oh."

Pause. Mikoto's body language tells her to go over what she just said and as she does, she recognizes the slip. "Oh, ha ha," Yumi says, letting the paper float vaguely away with whatever air currents come in through the window. "Ha ha. Yes. That's funny! Because why would I say 'ogre' instead of 'over'? Right? Super funny."

Yumi is all gathered up tall-like and not tense so much as a little twisted up. "Ha... ha."

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Mikoto doesn't really get how someone would say they're about to die if they're not about to die. That seems like a weird thing to lie about. Dying is a big deal!

She doesn't keep thinking about that, though, because she's found a new thing to puzzle over. The paper flutters off, but Mikoto doesn't pay much attention to it, because her head just keeps tilting in examination of one Yumi Ohzora. Tilt. Tiiiilt.


That's the sound of gravity playing favourites on Mikoto, and her extreme cant finally leading her to just thud into Yumi's side in a headbutt which is not at all graceful. "Yumiii," Mikoto whines, slightly muffled.

She puts a hand on the couch and straightens up, at least to the point that she's leaning on her arm instead of unbalancing wildly. "Uh-uh," she shakes her head, still with that concern flavoured by scepticism. She frowns, bottom lip pouting out. "Yumi, I want to know, too!"

It's something of a truncated version of Yumi's more eloquent approach, but there is enough of her desire to know what was bothering Mikoto in the shorter girl's own reference. How Yumi feels... Mikoto cares about that, too.

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Yumi doesn't make the joke so much because, like Mikoto, she has actually had to think about it more often than never.

But the puzzlement Mikoto has... Yumi was going to play it off, but she isn't actually very good at playing that kind of thing off, and Mikoto either doesn't pick up on or ignores (probably doesn't pick up on) the hint that she doesn't want to say the thing. ...And then thud. Yumi shakes a little, tilting to the side slightly too before she evens out, not quite tipping over like a tree. "Mikotooo..."

Concern. Skepticism. Pouting. All the worst things.

"Oh, okay, okay," Yumi says, lifting a hand as if to give over for the moment. She reaches up and adjusts her glasses, mostly for a moment to think about what she's going to say, and then...

"I was just pretty surprised by how Miroku looks, that's all. But it's just appearances. It's probably a coincidence, you know?"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Mikoto is very perceptive in some ways, and utterly oblivious in others. She notices something is wrong, and when someone is trying to hide something wrong, that usually means it's very, very wrong. Like when cats get sick, and go and hide. That's very bad!

She waits for Yumi to gather her thoughts, at least, all leant on her arm as she looks up at her. She blinks, when Yumi finally comes to her words; and here Mikoto straightens up, hands to her knees, leaning back against the couch. Her gaze tilts up to the ceiling, with a thoughtful noise.

"It's okay for it to be scary," she says, in distant echo of Yumi's own reassurance. There's a smile on her face - small, but present - as she looks back to Yumi, hands pulling back to rest on her lap, instead. "... I know I don't look like it no more, but we did come from Dark Fall. So it'd be surprising... that's normal. I'm happy Yumi was surprised! 'Cause it's hard to think of us that way, right?" Her smile broadens, as she connects her points up to a positive outlook.

She blinks, tapping a finger to her lip. "... what's it remind Yumi of?" Because if it's a coincidence... doesn't that mean there's something else?

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

It is very bad, but Yumi at least doesn't seem sicker than usual at the moment. Well, not just now, she did have a little of a coughing fit earlier before they got on the train, but she was fine after that!

Yumi says her words, though, and Mikoto makes a sound... Hmm. A small smile. Yumi looks a little relieved and then surprised, because, "Oh yeah, I... Didn't even make that connection. Of course he'd look scary, you both came from Dark Fall. You're right, I don't really think of you that way."

Yumi brings up a hand to brush some hair out of her face, slouching a little like she often does. What's it remind her of? Well...

She hedges a moment, but then decides it's fine. "Well," she says, "He kinda looks like an Ogre. Like not exactly, but there's some who sort of resemble him, even if he's bigger. So it was... surprising."

"But they're from Dark Fall too, I think, so... it makes more sense now?"

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Yumi is always a little sick, but Mikoto tries not to think about that too much, because it makes her really sad. At least she's not really sick. Not right now!

She nods, with an affirmative and encouraging noise, as Yumi puts the pieces together. Mikoto looks quite cheerful to hear that Yumi doesn't think of her that way; she was already happy to make the assumption, but she's doubly glad to hear it confirmed.

Mikoto listens, attentive, as Yumi decides to share. Like an Ogre, with that particular enunciation... "Oh!" She realises, all a sudden, remembering back to those frustrating monsters she could never quite manage to stab to death.

"Yumi, it's okay," Mikoto assures her, reaching out to grab one of Yumi's hands in both of hers. "Miroku's a Child, so it's different! 'Sides," she adds, "Miroku's an oni Child."

Which is, apparently, entirely different to an ogre.

Her fingers curl in over Yumi's hand, in a subtle little indication of her own hedging, as she examines Yumi's face with a level of scrutiny as outrageous as her yobisute address. She was worried, Mikoto thinks. Yumi was worried...

"It's different," she repeats, after that moment of silence, and so is her tone, dropping down a few levels to something more serious. "... Ogres need special magic to defeat them, but if you stabbed Miroku enough times --" here a dip in her speech, like she was just about to say something and thought better of it. "We can be defeated if something's strong enough," she euphemises, instead, and now it's Mikoto's turn to look a touch uncomfortable.

Mikoto shakes her head, with a long blink. "That's why Miroku stays hidden. Together, we're really, really, really powerful... but it's risky, too. Miroku helps me a lot... but it stays underground, where it's safe." If Miroku were defeated...

Well, Mikoto remembers Kozue dying. She's seen what happens when a Child dies. ... she's quite sure of that.

<Pose Tracker> Yumi Ohzora [Infinity Institute (11)] has posed.

Yumi is happy to see Mikoto more cheerful. But she does make that particular way of saying Ogre, and she watches Mikoto get it, and... take her hand. Yumi's hand is a little cold, though not that much more than usual. But it's... different, apparently. Well, of course it's different--he couldn't literally be some sealed spirit of the earth animated to the the bidding of a dark monarch. Obviously.

Yumi was worried, though. That much she can't deny. "Yeah," she answers after a moment, "Looking alike doesn't mean they're the same."

It's more serious... and here--Mikoto euphemizes, and Yumi looks carefully at Mikoto as she does, and not in the sense that she is being careful so much as that she is full of care. She does not particularly want to see Mikoto defeated, even if talking death doesn't make her as uncomfortable in the same way.

"...Yeah," Yumi says. "That totally makes sense. It's OK, you're right--it is different. Different magic. It's..."

Hmm. How to put it? "Well, you're doing pretty well so far," she decides instead. "So that's working for you. ...You're my friend, and Miroku keeps you safe. So, it's fine anyway. Not all of my magic is very nice, either. ...You wouldn't expect a sword or a giant to be gentle and cuddly." She uses the different word, 'giant', instead of 'ogre' this time. "...Well, unless the sword is very well-dressed," she says with a little smile at that particular gift.

"Sorry to worry you. I just... Get a lot of time to think, and sometimes it takes me places."

<Pose Tracker> Mikoto Minagi [Ohtori Academy (11)] has posed.

Mikoto's hand is warm, but they both know she's an engine of energy, overclocked to constant enthusiasm. That's why she's always so hungry!

(Obviously, that's not what Miroku is, because Miroku is a Child. A Child who came from... well, Mikoto doesn't bring that part up again, right now, when she's trying to reassure Yumi. The pieces lie uncollected like homework paper on the floor.)

Rather she nods, to Yumi's conclusions. And as much as Mikoto invades Yumi's intimacies there is something just as private to her own shadowed eyes, to speak on Miroku's defeat; a conflict written in the light crease of her brow, the thin line of her lips. It's complicated. She was supposed to keep Miroku safe. She swore...

... but, she swore those promises in the shadow of Dark Fall, where they grew up.

But... but...

Mikoto blinks the depth of her uncertainties away, and smiles, when Yumi decides she's right. A little squeeze of her hand, head tilting as her smile grows bigger. "Right!" She affirms, brightly. "Miroku's mean, but it still cares about me. If it destroys lots... it's just 'cause something was upsetting me lots!"

Here she does not say the whole truth, does not speak to Miroku's bloodlust or its own violent drive, but Mikoto isn't omitting the truth on purpose. What she said, she thinks, is the best description of Miroku's virtues.

(Miroku is not very virtuous.)

But if it cares about her, it can't very well be a monster, can it?

Mikoto shakes her head, smiling to Yumi. "It's okay," she says, and it is the obvious honesty she always uses at her best. "Thinking too much is hard and scary."

Hard... and scary..?

Rather than explain why quiet reflection has those associations, Mikoto instead releases Yumi's hand and twists herself about to flop against her side. "So let's do stuff instead!"

Mikoto doesn't quite realise she has set herself up for the greatest tragedy: doing more homework.