Sakura Kinomoto

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Sakura Kinomoto
IC Information
Full Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Aliases: Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura-kaiju
Gender: Female
Age/Birthdate: 10 (April 1, 2004)
Height: 4'10" / 148 cm
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Rice Omelet, Noodles
Least Favorite Food: Taro Root, Konnyaku
Favorite Subject: Physical Education, Music
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Organization: None
Position: Elementary School Student
School: School: Juuban Public School (4)
Club(s): Track & Field, Cheerleading
OOC Information
Source: Cardcaptor Sakura (FC)
Player: Wolfenbraue

Sakura Kinomoto is a sweet, clumsy, and optimistic elementary school student at Juuban Public School. During the day, she is a friendly member of the Track & Field and Cheerleading teams, at night, she is the hand-picked successor to Clow Reed and the Mistress of the Clow Cards, doing all she can to capture them all!


"Everything will surely be all right."


Sakura is a gentle and kind, athletic, typical ten year old. Her excitement over certain things (e.g. penguins, the ocean, etc.) can seem childish, but she is an upbeat and optimistic girl. Even if she has some initial doubts over becoming a Cardcaptor, she certainly won't be backing down on her promise to Kero-chan and will follow through on capturing all of the Clow Cards. Responsibility is an important characteristic of hers; when she was younger, after her mother died, she and her brother made a promise to avoid burdening their father and took up tasks most children are not expected to do, and certainly not without complaint (of which she rarely has, except for when she forgets).

While she is not terribly perceptive, she can be made to believe almost anything. You have a bridge you are selling? How can you sell a bridge?! As a result of this trait, when someone she does not know particularly well acts discouraging towards her, she can sometimes take it personally and tends to take them at face value. However, with a bit of time and some help from her friends, she is resilient and bounces back to her peppy, perky self.

Clow Cards

These are the cards currently in Sakura's possession. With the exception of Windy and Fly, any captured cards will have a log associated with them available in the Logs section. If she does not have the card, she is unable to use the ability of the card in question. (So, if Sakura does not have The Mist card, she cannot create a mist just because she wants to.)

Windy: This is the first card in her possession and what started her on the path to becoming a Cardcaptor. After accidentally saying its name and releasing a gust of wind, she managed to scatter the cards on accident. Windy can be used as a gust of wind (both offensively and defensively), for binding purposes, and for cushioning a blow.

Fly: The second card Sakura ever managed to capture. Upon using this card, Sakura changes the appearance of the sealing wand so that it grows wings on the side, allowing her to fly and use it similarly to a witch on a broomstick.

Flower: Sakura caught this during a race which almost drowned the runners! It is used to create flowers and can be used to make a very thin "shield," but it is not a very effective one. It is not a card designed for combat.

Watery: The card that tore up Verone Aquarium, Watery is one of the most aggressive and powerful Clow Cards. Its abilities include strong tidal waves and whirlpools and creating bubbles to allow her to breath under water (per the manga).



Fujitaka Kinomoto: Sakura's father. He is an archaeology professor at the local Juuban-associated university. While he is fairly busy, he does take time to spend with his children during important events. In return, both Sakura and Touya made promises when they were young so as to avoid burdening him whenever possible. He is very gentle, but because he is so busy, she actually does not know that much about her father beyond their interactions as he is quiet about his past.

Touya Kinomoto: Sakura's older brother. While he can be a huge jerk, she still loves her brother immensely. Touya was the one responsible for helping grow up and avoid burdening their father, a promise they made to each other when they were very young shortly after their mother died when Sakura was 3. They have a very close and healthy sibling relationship, him sometimes being very protective towards her. His ability to see ghosts has scarred her for life and instilled a very healthy sense of fear towards ghosts.

Yukito Tsukishiro: While Yukito is Touya's best friend, he is also her crush. Almost anything he says to her gets a blush in return. He is very gentle and kind, a stark contrast to her brother! It also does not strike her as even sort of questionable that anyone can eat a steak, bowl of rice, salad, pickles, desserts, and tea without even feeling full--it's totally healthy!

Tomoyo Daidouji: Tomoyo is Sakura's best friend since 3rd grade when the two had their first class together. Sakura loaned her a bunny eraser and since then, they have been inseparable. Sakura loves Tomoyo in a platonic sense and is completely unaware of Tomoyo's feelings towards her. Regardless of this, the two have a strong relationship where Sakura knows she can rely on Tomoyo for anything, including alibis and help in sealing the Clow Cards. Her costumes are very helpful, comfy, and cute too!

Kero-chan (Keroberos): The Beast of the Clow. Keroberos, or better known as Kero-chan, is the stuffed lion that often accompanies her while sealing Clow Cards to provide advice or if something looks particularly promising in terms of fun or food. The two have a relationship where she respects him and takes his advice seriously, even if he can sometimes be silly or childish. She trusts him enough to leave her in her room unattended to play video games or watch TV during the day.

Syaoran Li: Syaoran is one of Sakura's classmates who had transferred from Hong Kong, who happens to know about the Clow Cards?! They are just getting to know each other at this point and while he seems particularly aggressive towards her, she trusts his intellect and takes his guidance, knowing he is better versed in magical aspects than herself at this point. Even if he can be somewhat cold, she thinks deep down he is very nice, especially if he's giving her help!

Meiling Li: Meiling is Syaoran's fiancee?! She does not know very much about her beyond that she is very protective towards Syaoran and pretty competitive. Again, Sakura treats her with respect and civility.



Fuu Hououji: Sakura has run into Fuu several times both in her secret identity and as non-magical Fuu Hououji, though she does not know Fuu as a magical girl, Green-san (her nickname) as Fuu. Sakura thinks Fuu is very kind and polite, definitely someone she considers an ally! Fuu has healed her in battle and the two have combined magic to make super-powered wind attacks.

Fate Testarossa: Fate-chan is a homeschooled girl with some magical abilities?! She is very confused as to that part, but considering she wants to keep her identity a secret, she does not mention it. She is trying to teach Fate about cheerleading and other things, and maybe one day they'll have dinner together!

Reiko Touyama: Reiko and Sakura have spent time together in the Juuban yard and she finds her drawings to be really impressive! Sakura does not know her secret identity.

Nori Ankou: Sakura has met Nori several times, once in civilian form and several times as La Sirene du Nord, though she does not know they are one and the same. Each time, they haven't said very much, but they have been on the same side enough that Sakura thinks of her as an ally.